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Wonda Coffee’s Latest 10th Anniversary | Wonderful 5 Senses Look, Smell, Redeem Coffee On LRT Kelana Jaya Line


Wonda Coffee has done it again! In conjunction with their 10th anniversary, they are back at it again! Recently, coffee brand Wonda Coffee launched a new immersive experience on the LRT Kelana Jaya line – Malaysians are truly impressed and in love with it!

Several LRT Kelana Jaya riders recently shared about the coffee brand’s marketing campaign to promote their repackaged canned coffee range.

What Malaysians can see or hear (or even smell) on the train!

1. Wonda Coffee-themed train that is set to tickle your 5 senses! Starting with Wonda Coffee imagery throughout the train.

2. You can also smell freshly brewed coffee - a wake-up call, especially in the morning when you are off to work.

3. The train has an automatic fragrance dispenser fitted to spray coffee scents that fill the entire coach with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

4. Wonda Coffee's automated fragrance dispensers have been strategically placed along the route to enhance your journey with sensory stimulation, providing a unique and memorable commuting experience.

5. Throughout the train ride, Malaysians can hear the well-known, familiar Wonda Coffee jingle before arriving at each stop. It sure makes you want to grab a can of Wonda Coffee.

6. You can get a can of Wonda. How? Look at the handrails, you're holding onto on the train.

7. Simply scan the QR code onboard to redeem your free coffee, allowing you to savor the rich flavour of Wonda Coffee after you disembark from the train!

The whole experience of riding the Wonda Coffee train has certainly made Malaysians crave a good can of Wonda Coffee drink! Thankfully, Wonda Coffee also thought about that because they’re also giving free coffees so LRT riders can get a taste of their products.

Riders who scanned QR codes available on the overhead handrails within the LRT train coach can use them to redeem a free can of Wonda coffee.

Experience the magic of WondaRide on the selected LRT Kelana Jaya line today and make your commute memorable. The selected Wonda 5 Senses Train are as follows:

● Masjid Jamek

● Wangsa Maju

● Ampang Park

● Taman Jaya

● Ara Damansara

If you want to experience this coffee train, you’ll want to look out for the Set 60 train on the LRT Kelana Jaya line – and don’t forget to redeem your free coffee!

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