Innovative | Intellectual | Infinity | Inaugural Award Ceremony Recognizes Innovative SME In ASEAN !

The Malaysia Global Chamber of Commerce will be organizing the 1st ASEAN IN Award 2017 in December and in the co-operation of Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia and Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia.

The event started with a welcome note presented by Dato' Sri Dr. Alex Ong, President of Malaysia Global Chamber of Commerce emphasized on the objectives to enhance the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) and Startups branding and credibility.

Furthermore, the winners will receive mentorship to expand businesses to other ASEAN countries. There are three categories in the Award competition namely Top IN Personality Award, Top IN Entrepreneur Award, Top IN Corporate Award. The organizer is expecting approximately 50 brands to participate in this Award.

The event co-organizer Emage by Evelyn Ch’ng also shared with us the vision and mission and its foundation for The ASEAN IN Award 2017. The co-founder also highlighted that the future to award less fortunate with disability entrepreneurs and it is part of the organizer contribution to the society. 

Further, the Award illustrated on the implications of this opportunity when it opens the market to more than 626 million people and the younger generation that need to be aware of the importance of bridging and networking in ASEAN.

Alongside with the organizers are Professor Dr. Gan from Genesis Academy had shared the importance of continuous learning as an entrepreneur and Dr. Janson Ang, The & Janson Group talked about the three key pillars of Innovative, Intellectual, and Infinity. Mouse mommy was happy that the awareness of intellectual property was being emphasize and appreciate.  

This Award is set to be the platform for thought leadership and experience on the trends and business opportunities for upcoming Entrepreneurs by established entrepreneurs who have managed to break the boundaries in ASEAN.

The ambassadors and partners who will be supporting and mentoring these award winners are Dr Ng (Association of International certified aesthetician), Dr. Janson Ang (The & Janson Group), Mr. Soo Hoo (Malaysia Association of Professional Trainers and Coaches (MAPTAC), Ms. Isabelle Liow (Mrs Malaysia Globe), Ms. Yudi Yap (Musician andCultural Entreprenuer), Celest Yeo (Syn Consulting), Alicia Bon (LeBon, Jason Chan,Strategic Alliance Event S/B), Ben Tan (Mad Agency), Edward (Get Discovered Media PLT), Joecess Lim (CelmonzeAesthetic Academy).

The ASEAN IN Award 2017 is set up to groom and to bridge boundaries and barriers for ASEAN youth of innovative market. The organizers emphasized to create more awareness among entrepreneurs and upcoming entrepreneurs about The ASEAN IN Award. The Award will encourage and promote further business opportunities among ASEAN Entrepreneurs from fellow ASEAN countries. 

If you would like to nominate someone that deserve for the awards, you may nominate them for the awards. Welcome to contact 019-7199696 for any enquiry regarding The ASEAN IN Award. 

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Get The Right Cup | Right Size | Right Fit Daily Basis Bra At Neubodi, The Bra Fitting Specialist!

Fitting the right bra is very important for every women. Founded in 2008, Neubodi is a lingerie brand dedicated to providing the right fit of beauty and confidence for every modern woman today. It is a brand passionate to inspire a new attitude among women; that a bra is not simply a piece of cloth that covers the breasts, but rather a daily essential needed to achieve beautiful and healthier looking breasts.

Built upon a strong foundation and commitment of creating high quality intimate apparels, Neubodi further couples this strength with the art of holistic fitting to emerge as the leading expert in designing and selecting the right size, cup and style that fits for all women.

“Every Woman Deserves the Right Bra” conveys the philosophy and passion behind the creation of the Neubodi brand. To us, design starts with the desire to allow every woman to afford a beautiful, high quality quality without having to compromise for fit. We devote 100% to ensure our collections are made from high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. This is why every piece of Neubodi bra requires a far greater proportion of manual work --- from crafting, cutting, stitching, testing to fitting, each bra goes through at least 45 stages of assembly with over 60 different parts of materials to create the impeccable fit.” --- Anne Tan, Managing Director & Founder of Neubodi.

Frankly speaking that mouse mommy facing the same problem whenever want to get a new bra as in the bras come in different size, measurement, cutting, design and brand. It is not an easy task and time consuming to get my right fit bra.

Mouse mommy was blessed to have a bra fitting session at Neubodi store and get the right cup, right size, right fit daily basis bra. Most important point is comfortable and no more shoulder or scapulae pain. Just got to know that we might get back pain if do not wear the right fit daily bra, as in unable to support the bra weight and body imbalance.

All Neubodi collections are hand cut and hand sewn. We undertake extensive research and design efforts to implement a three dimensional (3D) way of sculpting, cutting and hand-tailoring every piece to meet the demands of different women with varying breasts size and body shape. Attention is paid to even the smallest detail as our designers ensure that every new design is tried and tested on a group of women which represents our actual customers. Only the best fitting designs will go into our collections, and no bra is launched until our wide range of fitting models are satisfied.

Neubodi was grounded as the first ever Bra Fitting Specialist in Malaysia, with the emphasis of giving our customers a professional fitting experience upon every lingerie purchase. We ensure all our bra-fitting professionals are impeccable at providing a warm personalised fitting solution that includes choosing and sharing the methods of wearing a right-fitted bra, as well as the concept of proper brassiere care. On top of statistical measurements, Neubodi practices a holistic fitting method --- an impeccable fitting technique using the earseyes and touch. This means that in addition to listening to customers’ personal preferences and expectations, we would  also identify  their  height, built and posture, hence using a unique hand measuring technique to help them find the right bra that is best suited to their shape.

All Neubodi stores provide a pleasant, inviting ambience to ensure that every customer feels at home while being personally fitted by our bra-fitting professionals. From lightings to furniture arrangement, we have placed a great attention to detail to enhance an intimate customer experience.

The Bra Fitting Specialist, Ms Estee Ong was professional, friendly and happy to share us the importance of getting the right fitting daily bra for us. Mouse mommy really can see the difference once getting the right bra fit in with correct technique of wearing bra. 

No more flabby fat pad at the scapulae region, all been pushed towards anterior side. Hmm... according to my boobies size, it's weight estimate about a total of 2kg. Getting the right daily fitting bra to fully support my breasts is so much of important to avoid backache and imbalance.   

Ms Estee Ong also showed us the washing tips on how to wash our bras in proper way in order to take care the bras shape. 

Besides that, the bras need to be hang upside down to dry after wash too. More photos can be click here to view

The Neubodi stores are available in Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama Shopping Centre, Bangsar Village II, Encorp Strand (High Street), Empire Shopping Gallery, Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Mall, Imago Shopping Mall, Vivacity Shopping Mall and Suria Sabah Mall.

Neubodi having Donate. Support. Recycle Bra Drive campaign for sports bras, daily wear bras, nursing bras and mastectomy bras! Wash it, check it, bin it! The bras in good condition will be donated to underprivileged women to start a second hand trading business. The bras in poor condition will be recycled by LIFE LINE CLOTHING MALAYSIA into bio-fuel to power machineries in factories.  

“Neubodi was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award in May 2011 -- marking a testament in being a distinguished brassiere label for everyday comfort.”

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Ayam Brand™ Showcases Sustainable 10-Year Community Care Campaign That Coincides with Its 125th Anniversary

Ayam Brand™ is setting major milestones as it celebrates its 125th anniversary, the tenth consecutive year of the Ayam Brand™ Community Care campaign and being named as the leading brand in the region for sustainable palm oil usage by the World Wide Fund for Nature. 

This household favorite famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products, is defining what it means to be sustainable in its longevity, innovation, eco-consciousness and as a committed and caring contributor, and enabler of community initiative such as its 10-year strong CSR program.

The theme for its 125th anniversary celebration and for the Ayam Brand™ Community Care Campaign is We Care, We Are Family.

Over ten years the Ayam Brand™ Charity Campaign has benefitted close to 18,000 people from 421 charity organizations - providing them with 3,234,600 healthy meals as part of the brand’s effort to provide long-term, sustainable and tangible care to those in need through the contribution of healthy food and enrichment activities aimed at developing life-skills.

This year’s charity campaign reached 59 charity homes in 10 locations in Malaysia, and also in Brunei, providing 381,960 healthy meals for those in need with recipients from participating homes receiving Ayam Brand™ products sufficient for three daily meals over two months.

The campaign included the popular Ayam Brand™ Junior Chef competition which aims to teach children the important life-skill of cooking, and to inculcate the habit of making healthier food choices. More photos can be view, click here. 

In Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, the recipients include Rumah Kasih, Rumah Solehah, Pertubuhan Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Home of Peace KL, San Pedro Orphanage Home, Rumah Kebajikan Anak Yatim & Miskin Al-Munirah, Persatuan Rumah KIDS, and Trinity Children Centre.

Ayam Brand™ emphasizes the contribution of its sardines, mackerel and tuna products as many charity homes lack regular access to a good source of Omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid that our body cannot produce. Omega-3 may help to prevent coronary heart disease, promote healthy nerve activity, improve vitamin absorption, maintain a healthy immune system and promote cell development. Omega 3 is also important in the development of vision and brain among children.

The Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign is in-line with the Ministry of Health Malaysia’s efforts to fight obesity by educating and encouraging children to make informed food choices.

According to Ayam Brand Chairman, Yang Mulia Tunku Dato’ Mu’tamir Bin Tunku Tan Sri Mohamed, the brand is delighted to see how far, and how far-reaching this community care campaign has become since it began.

We are delighted that our annual charity campaign has provided more than one million meals to people at 421 organizations in Malaysia and Brunei since its inception, providing them with healthy, nutritious food that is quick and easy to prepare,” Tunku Dato’ Mu’tamir said.

Each year, we plan activities for the children, most often related to cooking and good nutrition, so that they can learn this important life-skill, increase self-confidence and become more independent,” said Tunku Dato’ Mu’tamir.

All Ayam Brand™ products are free from added MSG and preservatives, ready to eat straight from the can, and are certified Halal, suitable for consumption by Muslims.

Mr Moses Lim, 22, formerly from Rapha Children’s Home in Kuantan, Pahang remembers the Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign and Junior Chef competition with fondness as he participated in it as a teenager. It motivated him to pursue his interest in cooking. Moses who recently completed a Diploma in Civil Engineering at Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, is working as a cook at a popular restaurant chain in Singapore to save up to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering.

“From the time I started practicing for the Ayam Brand™ Junior Chef competition, my interest in cooking was stoked. We won the Pahang competition that year, and I just continued cooking, picking up more skills from my seniors and experimenting with different cuisines. Thanks to that early inspiration, I have a skill that is marketable and can help me achieve my dreams,” Moses said via a video message.

The winning dish, Tuna Wrap, by children from Rumah Solehah for the Ayam Brand Junior Chef competition.
Ms Justine Morais, Founder of Home of Peace Charity, spoke on behalf of all the recipient homes in Klang Valley said that the contribution from Ayam Brand™ was valuable as it extended the variety of the residents’ regular diet, and was fast and convenient to prepare.

“The children enjoy Ayam Brand™ products as they view it as a treat. We appreciate it as it is healthy and convenient to prepare. The Junior Chef competition is a highlight as it has a simple goal – make outstanding food that is tasty and healthy. Our thanks to Ayam Brand for their long-term, sustained contribution to so many Malaysian children over the past 10 years,” said Ms Justine.

Joining the children at the event were popular television host and actress Ms Nina Nadira, and established blogger and entrepreneur, Ms Sue Lynn who shared their Ayam Brand™ experience.

“Ayam Brand products especially the sardines in tomato sauce has been part of my family for as long as I can remember. I can recall having them at my grandparents’ home. Sardine sandwiches were a staple at every picnic and birthday party when I was growing up. We had sardine masak kicap, and sardine curry, too. I associate so many great memories with Ayam Brand, that now when I open a can it is not just the taste that makes me happy, but the wonderful memories that come flooding back. I did not realize that Ayam Brand is 125 years old, but yes, it has that classic taste we always come back for,” said Ms Nina during her sharing session.

Ms Sue Lynn shared on turning to Ayam Brand products to complement her busy lifestyle and her desire to eat healthier, organic food. “My daily schedule is packed but I make it a point to use more organic products in my meals because taste, health and quality are important to me. Dinner might be a salad, to which I add a protein such as Ayam Brand’s latest tuna range in organic olive oil and organic vegetable broth. It is simple – just pull the tab, add to salad, and dinner is done. For days when I want a nourishing pick-me-up, I’ve discovered NutriSUP by Ayam Brand. It is as good as mum’s recipe! Ayam Brand’s preservatives free and no added MSG products are perfect for me.”

YM Tunku Dato’ Mu’tamir, Mr. Ting Seng Hee and Nira Nadira were impressed with the children from Rumah Solehah’s creativity.
Recently, Ayam Brand has been recognised as a leader by the World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF) in its Palm Oil Buyers’ Scorecard – Malaysia and Singapore 2017 for usage of certified sustainable palm oil. The brand switched to sustainable palm oil in 2010, and became one of the few local companies to make this commitment.

The company has numerous on-going sustainability initiatives to become environmentally greener and cleaner towards providing healthier and more responsibly sourced canned food choices to its consumers including pledging to have all buildings and factories Green Mark certified before 2030; and reducing of energy consumption by 25 to 33 percent with the installation of 1.4 Megawatt solar panels on the roofs of six of its Malaysian facilities. State-of-the-art sensors and software will allow the monitoring and control of energy consumption in real-time at these office and production facilities.

Ayam Brand™ is all about sustainability. We’re in it for the long-haul, be it in innovation and longevity, community care, going green and customer satisfaction,” said Tunku Dato’ Mutamir in closing.

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Lets' Support Super Preemies' Run For The Premature Babies!

November is prematurity awareness month. Did you know that in Worldwide, 1 in every 10 babies are born too soon… premature birth kills 1 birth every 30 seconds.
In conjunction of World Prematurity Day, UMMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) team would like to welcome all to join Super Preemies’ Run on 19 November 2017 at UM Arena, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lets’ join the Super Preemies’ Run and make a difference! #hugs4preemies  #iamPreemie

There are fun games, kids concert, food truck and lucky draw happening on the event day for all participants. 
Three category of Super Preemies’ Run,
5km Fit Run (Individual) : RM 50
1.4km Fun Run (Individual) : RM 50
1.4km Family Fun Run (2 adults and 2 kids ) : RM 80  
Registration and payment enquiry can contact SN Hasimah via phone at 603-7949 2575 / 018-203 6881 , email at and Pn Noraini via phone at 017-660 6350, email at .
All runners will be entitled runners kit of shirt, bib, certificate and vouchers. Remember to hashtag #hugs4preemies #iamPreemie whenever you shared photos in order to support this premature awareness movement!  

Runners kit collection will be on 15 November and 16 November 2017 (24 hours) at ICU Ward, Level 1, Kompleks Kesihatan Wanta dan Kanak-kanak, University Malaya Medical Centre.
This year marks the 7th annual World Prematurity Day. In 2014, more than 200 countries participated in activities, and more than 60 countries planned special events. An estimated 1.6 billion people around the globe were reached.

November 17th is a day where the world pauses for a moment to think about the reality of premature births, how to prevent them and how to best help the preemies who enter our world far too early.

The objective of Super Preemies’ Run is aims to raise an awareness of prematurity and the concerns of preterm babies and their families worldwide because infants born preterm represent the largest child patient group, how to prevent them, complications that need to bear by the premature babies and the high medical cost that need to bear by the parents.

Mouse mommy just got to know that premature baby required 5 injection doses of SYNAGIS to helps protect high-risk baby from severe Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) disease. Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-Shull) virus, or RSV is a common virus that many parents may not have heard of. Like the flu, RSV is a seasonal virus that is easily spread. In fact, most children will get RSV by the age of 2. RSV begins with cold-like symptoms but can spread to the lungs.1 For babies with certain health conditions, RSV can be very serious. This SYNAGIS cost about RM3,200 per injection dose and premature babies were required 5 injection.

Most frequent causes of premature births are due to vaginal infections are responsible for about 50 per cent of premature births. They progress up the vagina and trigger contractions which cannot be stopped; smoking, diet, alcohol and stress can likewise be causes; elderly prima gravida (mother carrying her first child is older than 35 years); mother with high blood pressure and/or heart disease; multiple births, also as a result of fertility treatments. 2

Please participate in our Preemies campaign by take a picture of someone or anything that related to premature births with the following placards and tag it with hashtags #Hugs4Preemies #IamPreemie .

Light up and decorate your building, home or garden in purple to remember the lives lost due to preterm births. Share this page and invite your friends to join!

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