Gentle Reminder : Don't Miss Out this Cool Offer at LAZADA Online Revolution!!!

Lazada Malaysia unveils the biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia, Online Revolution, with participation of more than 1,000 brands and 55,000 international and local merchants. This month-long event, which takes place from 11 November 2016 to 14 December 2016, is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its inaugural launch in 2012.

The theme for this year’s Online Revolution is“Brands for All”, and marks Lazada’s evolution into a one-stop shop for Malaysian’s favorite brands. Participating brands in this year’s OnlineRevolution include Drypers, L'oreal, Nestlé, Samsung as well as Prodiet, Microsoft, ZTE, Goon, Bosch, Tesco, Mattel, Sports Direct and many more.

Mouse mommy was found many many great promotion including Buy 1 Free 1 in the products of Lazada Box of Joy. Wow! Is time to stock up!!! There are Mamypoko products, Nestle Maggi, Nescafe White Coffee, Loreal Mythic Oil, Tefal manual chopper, Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 and Logitech Wireless Speaker x100.    

Hans-Peter Ressel, CEO of Lazada Malaysia said, “At Lazada Malaysia, we are committed to offering Malaysians access to millions of choices. 81% of our shoppers reside outside of KL, with limited access to quality branded products and shopping malls. Online Revolution 2016, themed “Brands for All” is about bridging the gap between brands and consumers. We offer brands unparalleled access to consumers outside of metropolitan cities while we empower consumers to gain access to more than 1,000 brands they love”.

“Today we have a consumer demographic that is older, more diverse, and more sub-urban. We are conscious of consumers evolving demands, and aim to serve the needs of every Malaysian. That’s why we offer unparalleled choice - a catalogue of over 7 million products across 17 product categories; with our fastest moving products being diapers, groceries and small kitchen appliances”, concluded Mr. Ressel.

During the event, shoppers can expect to discover more than 500,000 deals, including jaw-dropping offers from international and local brands, as well as exclusive launches of branded items. Lazada Malaysia will also feature promotions from various marketing partners – customers will stand a chance to win free flights from AirAsia Big, as well as special offers from DiGi, Maxis, Domino’s Malaysia, Caltex, HSBC, CIMB, TGV Cinemas and Maybank during the 2016 Online Revolution.

Mommies, Grab the Really Worthy Offers before too late as in till this 14 December 2016 only!! Nestle Buy 1 Free 1 - Lazada Here I come !! Free Shipping for over RM50 too! 
Get RM50 off with minimum purchase of RM150 with Code : NESTLE50R , only from 12 December till 14 December 2016. 

Check out the LAZADA Online Revolution now at

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Personalized I Practical I Perfect Gift Ideas - 16 useful designs of Button Badges that EveryOne will Love it !

Happy New Year 2017 with practical and useful file up button badges! Personalized colourful button badges!
Easy to file up and segregate!

File up accordingly without mix up issue!

Button badge use to be our childhood favorite badge that parents and teachers love to use it as a rewards system for us. Right now, Button Badge has revolution to an advance level that can be a corporate events, personalized name tag, wedding ceremony, fundraising opportunities, product launching and so on. Does it sounds cool? Gen-Z even can use their imagination and creativity to modified and generate a button badge with different function and practical in life! Mouse mommy always support go green. By create a multiple function and/or practical daily use button badge surely benefits to more people and do not turn into rubbish after the events or ceremony. 

Personalised Event Button Badges
Personalised Name Tag Button Badges
Some sweet ideas of 16 designs of Button Badges from Malaysia Button badge supplier Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. that mouse mommy would like to share with you. It can be a great personalized gift ideas too.

Personalized sharpener was a great open school gift for the children. Mouse mommy no need to headache to keep on replacing the sharpener for the kids due to mix up or lost issue. Now, the children know which one is belongs to them :) Thumbs up!
MR was happily using his new button badge sharpener! Front photo, sharpener with cover lid so that the shave wood would not mess up, back with mirror. Mouse mommy simply love it! 
Surprisingly Button Badge Production was a cost-effective method for events. Well! Mouse mommy was just thinking want to put in conference budget for this as a personalized name tag button badge because of, 
  1. Inexpensive to produce - with cost as low as RM0.40 each (included printing cost).
  2. Various different types of finishing for different usage / application - magnetic to be placed on fridge, pin it on hat, turn in into a hook and many more different usages.
  3. Able to reach a wider audience for a long term result - Because of the low cost to produce, businesses can produce in bulk and with its durability, it can be used for a long time.
  4. Able to tailor to individual marketing needs - Can be used for brand awareness, product launch, corporate identity or personalized gift ideas.
Liberty Printing was offer 16 designs of Button Badge with different sizes on your requirements. All button badges are made of high quality metal, very durable and practical for daily use. The image / design of your choice can be printed on high quality glossy paper, no limitation of colours. Love it! Liberty Printing do offer most competitive packages.

Let's get to know the mommy production of the button badge machine. 

Personalized keychain with mirror. Great helper and handy for busy mommies and make up purpose :)
Button Badges are produced using an easy to use button badge machine. The machine can be used for the production of various button badges, pins, keychains and fridge magnets. The investment cost for the machine and material is minimal while it can generate up to 5X profit. Ideal for any businesses such as fast print shop, event companies, gift shops, photography studios, souvenir shops to expand their product offerings.
Some inspirational usage of the button badges include a personalized fridge magnet with family photo, corporate button badge for company event, door gifts for wedding dinner, button badge with names for sales assistant in retail outlets.

Main features of Liberty Button Badge Machine:

  • Small size, light weight
  • No power supply required
  • Simple to install and operate, user-friendly
  • Fast production, high profit margin
  • Secure and durable, low failure rate
  • No maintenance required
  • Extensive application

Liberty Button Badge Package

Best of quality – Liberty Button Badge Machine (body) is made by aluminum while the button badge mould is made of chrome plated steel and rust-resistant surface finishing that allows frequent usage of up to 5 to 10 years.
  1. Aluminum button badge machine
  2. Chrome Plated Steel button badge mould (choose from one of these sizes: 75mm, 58mm, 44mm, 32mm or 25mm)
  3. Button Badge Die Cutter (worth RM400)
  4. 100 pcs of high quality button badge material (metal front, plastic pin back and mylar – the clear plastic cover)
  5. 100 sheets of Inkjet Paper
  6. Complimentary 1-on-1 Training
  7. Complimentary design template in CD format
Aside from the above mentioned, you can also enjoy 1 year warranty and technical support provided by our professional technical team.
Interested to know more about button badge printing?

Fast delivery service with lovely packaging and my button badges were handle with care with bubbles wraps.
Two Thumbs up!

Kindly email or call, 
Contact Number: 019-9858151 (Ms. Elaine) or 019-3231515 (Mr. Steven)
Address: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang.

Business hours: Monday to Saturday (9am to 6pm)


Wish Everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2017! with my magnetic button badges that tag with white board.

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Explore I Experiment I Experience Mom and Child Life Moments with Friso Gold

Motherhood was a challenging job that mouse mommy always wants to keep the children in healthy condition. Mouse mommy can explore, experiment and experience every single precious moments with MR without worry with Friso Gold. My boy MR drink Friso Gold milk three times a day that provide him adequate nutrients to build up strong body. 

Pluck our own sweet corn !
We love to go outing together! We go to the sweet corn farm at Jabatan Pertanian, Serdang. MR was happily get the know how's the growth of sweet corn, the colour and shape of the sweet corn trees, learn the correct way to pluck sweet corn. MR was plucking his own sweet corn and asked mouse mommy to go home and cook our own sweet corn soup. :)

Thanks to the nutrients in Friso Gold milk that is crucial to my boy growth that help him to build muscles, skin, bones and tissue, it also works to enhance body resistance against illnesses that act as body guard ! Mouse mommy always want MR to eat well, able to absorb all good nutrients and build up a strong and healthy physical body and mindset for his daily learning. Mouse mommy happy to know that Friso Gold take the challenge to improve the formulation latest LocNutri technology to ensure that children can easily digest food especially milk and absorbs as much as they can. Sounds great that mouse mommy knows that MR was getting optimum nutrients that meet his daily requirements. 

Friso Gold is imported directly from HollandFriso Gold’s milk comes from Friso own farms. At over 19,000 farms, over 140 years of our dairy expertise is used to create the ideal nourishing environment for producing high quality milk. High quality milk is the starting point to produce nutrient rich powder milk. It able to provides nutrition that my child require in daily basis.
Mud Play happily :)
Another activity is mud play. MR was happily use his hand and foot in mud play and great for the gross sensory and balancing. Everywhere will be a playground for an active boy MR, creative child will find their way to enjoy and experience their life moments. As a mom, I feel thankful and lovely.   

Other than that, Friso Gold also reveals technology behind newly improved formulation that preserves nutrient for easy digestion called LocNutri Technology. LocNutri is a manufacturing innovation that ensures the nutrient in milk is not overheated during processing. Therefor, it is preserved in its natural and easily digestible structures and particles. 
Friso Gold 4
Mouse mommy truly understanding that child with good digestive health with able to boost up their immune system and my child's body resistance towards bacteria and virus will be improve. When my boy MR is stronger from the gut health and he will be happily enjoy every single precious moments and challenge with mouse mommy!  

Handmade Own Natural Soap by MR !

Christmas is coming soon. MR was happily DIY his own natural soap as personalised Christmas gifts. So sweet of my little boy! Mouse mommy was exciting too and we are learning the process to DIY our natural soap. At first, we put in the colouring, essential oil and coconut oil and stir it evenly. After that, put into the mold and waited about 15 minutes to be done. Mouse mommy and MR has choose pink and green colouring and tea tree essential oil soap and put into the Christmas tree and flower shape mold. MR was patiently waited for 15 minutes and remove the DIY natural soap from the mold. Mouse mommy was proud of you! Great job boy. The most sweetest part was MR directly presents a set of his own handmade soap for mouse mommy on the spot. Love you my boy! :) :) 

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