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Kids-Friendly Bata Kids Store At Sunway Pyramid!

Bata Malaysia has proven its keen initiative of expanding its business by unveiling a brand new concept store, Bata Kids that located at First Floor, Lot F1-58, Sunway Pyramid that solely focusing on the kids segment of the consumers, Bata Kids is the first of its kind in Asia.

Many colourful and interesting kids shoe available in store! Mouse mommy also gets attracted. 

Mickey Mouse is one of the favorite cartoon characters for MH while MR fancy Thomas and Friends!

Bata Kids carries the finest collection of children’s footwear and accessories from brands such as Bubble Gummers, Disney’s Marvel, Hello Kitty, Barbie, My Little Pony, Skechers Kids, Nike and Puma.

In terms of the age range, Bata Kids caters for infants all the way up to 15-year-old children. Aside footwear, the store also carries a few selections of stationary sets as well as school bags.

The flagship store has been carefully constructed to be fun and colourful in order to be appealing to the kids. This extends to the store’s design as well as the visual merchandising. So thoughtful!

Making kids the focal point of the business, the Bata Kids store has a designated area where children can unleash their creativity through colouring along with a variety of toys to keep them entertained. So much fun for kids! Mouse mommy was sure MR and MH will love it!

Bata Malaysia’s Country Manager Mr Ajay Ramachandran reiterated, “Bata Kids brings the best of all Bata’s children offerings under one roof. We are proud to bring this first-of-its-kind store to the country.”

“We believe this concept store will be well-received by the public as it stands as a far more convenient option for parents. Despite the digital shift in the retail industry, traditional retail is still a lucrative venture in Malaysia and children consist of a vital part of retail sales,” added Mr Ramachandran.

Parents and kids can visit to this new concept of Bata Kids store when shopping at Sunway Pyramid, First Floor, Lot F1-58 !

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White Shoe OR Black Shoe For Students In Year 2019?

MR is going to standard one next year in 2019! Mouse mommy is start preparing all the school necessary items for him such as school bag, stationery, school shoe, school uniform, water bottle and so on.

Should I buy white or black school shoe for MR? Mouse mommy was wondering as in got parents told mouse mommy that still can wear white shoe, some parents told me that is already practice to wear black shoe.

Mouse mommy go figure out which one is the correct info. As a result, black school shoe will only be enforced in the beginning of year 2021. 

Great! Then mouse mommy can buy white school shoe for MR! As in no matter white or black school shoe, mouse mommy do prefer white school shoe for kids.

The reason behind of it is mouse mommy found that black school shoe would be very difficult to detect the dirt level. Therefore, children tend to overlook the personal hygiene issue and might results in skin disease for long term. 

To be truth that even mouse mommy will less clean up my black shoe compare with lighter colour shoe that I can “see” the dirt level.

Those days my childhood schooling time, my mom bought me Pallas white school shoe and mouse mommy got to wash, clean up, put instant shoe white around the shoe and dry it under the sun. 

This is part of my weekly chores that I take charge and responsible to it.

Besides that, white shoe also good in heat dispersion especially suitable to wear in our hot and humid weather in Malaysia. Hehe…, it also reduce the possibilities attack by mosquito bites.

Mouse mommy is searching via online and found that Pallas also got online shop with proper foot measurement. Quite surprised that nowadays Pallas got so many design of school shoes available for students! 

Those day my time only got a few designs, but the Pallas school shoe really long lasting and comfortable to wear and taking care of my feet throughout my schooling time. 

MR is an active boy and loves to join outdoor activities. Mouse mommy has surf through the list and likes the Pallas Jazz Single Velcro Strap 205-0181 with Velcro strap design that easy for MR to wear his own shoe. 

Love this white school shoe with “superlight” weight feature and allow MR to move around easily!

The unique mesh design of the school shoe promotes good ventilation, quick dry and give cooling effect to the student’s feet. Ventilation system that able to keeps children’s feet breathing during their prolonged hours in school. 

Cool invention and research to improve the student school shoe features!  

Glad that MR loves his new Pallas Jazz school shoe! Mouse mommy is also happy that the foam lining around the Pallas shoe able to protect MR’s feet and comfortable for him. More photos can click here to view.

Happy schooling MR! 

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