Parenthood Playland @ The Parenthood : Happening Banana a.k.a. Minion Theme Birthday Party !

The Parenthood entrance

Mouse mommy bring along MR to attend aunt Jane's children birthday party at a place called "Where I Learn & Play" Parenthood Playland @ The Parenthood. MR was so exciting and wake up in the early morning and told mouse mommy that let's go to attend Banana a.k.a. Minion Theme Birthday Party! Hehe! MR was little fans of Minions. 

Lovely Minion Theme Birthday Party

When we are arrived, we are impressed of the decoration, design, food and beverages and of course the playland. The Minion Theme Birthday Party was so colourful and superb cutie! Mouse mommy was asked about the birthday package details. The Parenthood Playland Theme Party could organise customised party such as Minion, Frozen, Princess, Superhero and Pikachu that cost from RM1,200 and above depends on requirements. This is sounds cool! Other than that, food cooked and prepared by the playland cafe - Lillipilli together with the theme party decorations. Lillipilli cafe also provides food catering services for birthday, wedding and functions. Lillipilli can be contactable with Andy Lam at his mobile 016-205 4048 or by email 

Birthday Party Package [min.15 kids]:
Kingston Party (Weekdays) RM38/pax : Unlimited playtime for playland + 2 hours party room 
Queency Party (Weekends) RM48/pax : Unlimited playtime for playland + 2 hours party room 

Children Meal Set [min.15 kids]:
Set A : RM20/pax : Nuggets + Cocktail Sausages + French Fries + Egg Sandwiches + Ribena
Set B : RM25/pax : Nuggets + Cocktail Sausages + French Fries + Cheese and Ham Sandwiches + Mini cupcakes + Ribena

Adult Meal Set [min.15 adults]:
Local cuisine : RM30/pax : Nasi Lemak + Fried Mee Hoon + Nyonya Kuih + Rendang Chicken + Mixed vegetables + Syrup + Fruits
Western cuisine : RM35/pax : Spaghetti Bolognese + Grill Chicken Chop + Chicken and Egg Sandwiches + Salad + Pastries + Orange Squash + Fruits

Wow! Party time ! Everyone enjoying delicious foodies. The party room can accommodate up to 60 children at a time.  

"Curi-curi makan" chocolate football sweets. Mouse mommy paparazi noted lah! 

MR : Mouse mommy, how come Banana a.k.a. Minion sticker stick on the real banana? Hehe!

Lillipilli cafe just at the side of the birthday party room. 

Comfortable seats with playland in-house CCTV security services provided. 

Delicious moist chocolate Minion theme birthday cake

Happening and colourful design and decorations of Minion theme birthday party

The mascot for each theme is optional and upon request. Mascot theme was available at Dream World Costume. Normally mouse mommy was quite skeptical on those cartoon deco cake, thought of only nice in physical appearance, but the taste was out. But, mouse mommy was wrong on this time. Catherine Cakery's Minion theme moist chocolate birthday cake was delicious, soft and moist. Next time mouse mommy wanted to order birthday cake from Catherine Cakery too at 012-392 1217. 

Nerf Gun game in action !

While we enjoying yummy foodies at birthday party, we do enjoy the Parenthood nerf gun activities at RM7/pax. Mouse mommy personally think that this is a wonderful place for adults and children having playtime and enjoying together....... Hang on... let me play nerf gun with friends first. 

After awhile, MR was urged mouse mommy to play together at the Parenthood Playland. No more waiting and we are heading to the playland. Many fun learning activities available in the playland such as wall climbing, PS4 game zone, spider tower, transparent spiral slide, mini trampoline, multiple slides, ball pitt, tunnels and bridges, flying fox and so on. Wow! we love the slide, the only playland that allow mouse mommy can play slide together-gather with MR (Adult and children have fun together!). Check out our lovely bonding moments  at this video - Parenthood slide. Parenthood playland also concerned on the children safety issue by provided security coded wristband, CCTV and non slip foam mat to make sure children's safety. Children safe, mommy happy :) 

Parenthood playland play rates at RM35 per child for weekdays and RM45 per child for weekends/ Public holidays/ School holidays. Please make sure you bring over socks to play at playland. 

Children favourite ball pitt and slide

MR was drowned in ball pitt !

You jump, I jump !

PS4 Game Zone

Interactive moments between mouse mommy and MR - Let's wefie together, mom!

The kids were enjoyed jumping at the mini trampoline. 

Tunnels and bridges - good training for motor and balancing. 

MR takes the challenge!

Wall climbing - here I come !

Climbing with skills.

Lots of cool activities and contest held at the Parenthood Playland @ The Parenthood , Sunway Putra Mall. Stay tune updates from Parenthood Playland Facebook. Currently, Merdeka Day Craft Space Contest ongoing for 4 to 10 years old kids on 31st August 2016. Cool prizes await for your kids !

The Parenthood Playland 
Address    : Level 2, Sunway Putra Mall, No.100, Jalan Putra, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel           : +603-4051 3805
Email       :

Special Thanks to Jane and Fraser.

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