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Live Healthier Lives With Sun Life Malaysia | Financial | Physical | Mental | Spiritual

To celebrate World Health Day, Sun Life Malaysia is pleased to collaborate with The KettleBowl to reinvent the way we celebrate fitness.

Mouse mommy was so excited to join this Fitness party in conjunction of The Kettlebowl’s 3rd Birthday celebration!

A special Yoga Gathering among the yogees to have yoga together, Release : Rise As One. Yoga is a good streching workout for our muscle and joints.

Mouse mommy can feels the pain relieve on my shoulder and pelvis region through the Yoga workout together.

Sun Life Malaysia is committed to empowering Malaysians to live healthier lives through a variety of outreach initiatives.

From children to the elderly, we have engaged with Malaysians from all walks of life to build awareness on healthy living and to encourage more active and balanced lifestyles that will benefit long-term health.

Sun Life Malaysia’s efforts on this front cut across all forms of health – financial, physical, mental and spiritual.

This is so true that a holistic wellness of oneself must be financially fab, Physically strong, Mentally fit and holy spiritually. In order to has a healthy lifestyle!

Sun Life Malaysia is proud to be a part of a first of its kind fitness event with a stellar line-up of instructors, each class presenting a unique workout experience as we synergize different fitness principles into one massive fitness party.

As for the Sun Life Malaysia insurance holders, you may download the SUNACTIV app via App Store or Google Play. It is a walking steps tracker that tracking our steps in daily basis. Rewards will be granted at the end of the month as encouragement.

In line with Sun Life Malaysia’s vision for a healthier Malaysia on all fronts – we are proud to be collaborating with Biji-Biji, a social enterprise dedicated to sharing progressive ideas with everyone,  to build greater awareness on energy consumption and further promote green energy.

To demonstrate the power of each individual in the communal effort to go green and reduce energy consumption – Sun Life Malaysia together with Biji-biji is introducing the Brighter Lives Bike.

Here participants can ride on the Bike pedalling to their hearts content to build up a sweat and get in some great holistic exercise.

The riders will also be helping the less privileged, as the kinetic energy built up will be converted into electrical energy that will power a portale battery which will subsequently be donated to communities with restricted or minimal access to electricity - to give them Brighter Lives. More photos can click here to view

Such a meaningful go green ideas, at the same time doing charity work too to give back to the less privileged community! Mouse mommy also take action to support this kind movement by joining the cycling to contribute!

Over the course of the year, the Brighter Lives Bike will be taken on the road together with the Sun Life Malaysia team as they reach out to communities across the country championing healthier living to all Malaysians.

At the same time the initiative will continue to generate power in the batteries that will substantially benefit communities in need.

Great effort, good cause! Life is Brighter under the Sun!

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