Firefly Airlines Appreciate Passengers With ‘Everyone Gets A Prize’ Campaign!

Firefly Airlines is once again extending its greatest appreciation to passengers with not one, but three different prizes; this time by making sure everyone who makes a booking with Firefly receives a gift through ‘Everyone Gets A Prize’ campaign. 

‘Everyone Gets A Prize’ campaign which starts today, leaves no one behind as every ticket purchase made via Firefly website will get a chance to randomly click open a virtual gift box and receive prizes like a FREE one-way flight ticket, RM50 E-wallet voucher, RM50 Firefly online store voucher or Firefly Holiday online voucher. Having just launched FY is For You earlier this morning, this campaign falls under FY Appreciates You which ends on 31 March 2018.       

There are no restrictions on how many times a person can win and be provided with an opportunity to enter ‘Everyone Gets A Prize’ campaign. To know about the steps, visit Everyone gets a prize! By – step on YouTube Every booking made will be entitled for a gift. In order to be eligible, passenger must be a Firefly member. If you are not a member, you can register at
It’s always a good time to appreciate our passengers. We want them to know that FY is always For You. We are not only about travelling, but we go beyond that to keep our passengers happy and we want them to look forward to new experiences when flying with Firefly. As I always say, we aim to provide a seamless travel experience throughout the journey; from booking, to checking-in, to boarding the aircraft and we strive in making every journey more enjoyable and helping our passengers achieve their personal travel aspirations,” said Ignatius Ong, Chief Executive Officer of Firefly Airlines.  

Traveling aside, Firefly is an airline that is all about being there for passengers. With that, FY is For You will be the main pillar and marketing direction for 2018. This will carry substantial segment marketing such as FY Convenience, FY Benefit, FY Opportunity covering Business To Business (B2B) and FY Action, Enjoyment, FY Engagement, FY Info covering Business To Consumer (B2C).

B2B’s main focus will be on aircraft advertising, C-wallet corporate packages, partnerships and collaborations. Whereas, B2C will focus on campaigns & promotions, value added services, viral videos on social media, contest and media releases. The main idea of FY is For You is to better serve the customers’ needs, improve the airlines competitive position, increase sales, improve market shares and to enhance Firefly’s image. As partnership is key to provide a maximum customer’s experience and satisfaction, there will also be as series of B2B for B2C such as a partnership between Firefly and another business for all the consumers out there.

A series of B2B and B2C campaigns will be rolled out to keep all enticed such as the ‘Everyone Gets A Prize’ campaign which starts today. This campaign leaves no one behind as every customer who books a ticket via Firefly website will get a chance to click open a gift box and receive prizes like a one-way flight ticket, RM50 E-wallet voucher, RM50 Firefly online store voucher or Firefly Holiday online voucher. This campaign falls under FY Appreciates You which ends on 31 March 2018.        

Another segment which is currently running is the FY Smart Traveller where Firefly once again has collaborated with Grab Malaysia (formerly known as MyTeksi) and passengers that purchase return flight tickets would get a FREE unique Grab voucher code valued at RM10 which can be used to and from domestic airports in which Firefly operates at.

FY is For You is a priority to us as it brings two key meanings that explain how important our customers are to us, beyond words. The two are FY stands “For You” and it means Firefly is always there For You.   The airline anticipates to bring to light the simplest pleasures in life that makes each and every moment special when flying with Firefly. 

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Gong Xi Fa Cai with Lunar New Year Run 2018!

One of our fitness mission accomplished – Lunar New Year Run 2018 organized by Pacers Sport at Urban Park Setia Alam. Mouse mommy loves to bring along family to join fun run. This time, MR was special request to join CNY run to kick-start the Lunar Chinese New Year! Awesome idea! 

A good mission and mouse mommy happily participate together with MR. All the runners start with a warm up group exercise before we start to run. 

The organizer was really pay efforts in CNY set up and decoration. All was in “ang ang” red colours including our running t-shirts, backdrop, stage design, activities, games and not forget the background CNY songs. 

Yes! We are starting to run together! Many family also bring along children to run together. A healthy run activity that able to encourage family bonding moments and detox too! 

Happy smiles and fun filled along the running tracks. MR was even sang me CNY songs. So cheerful my little boy! 

We do stop few stations for some rest as in MR said that no more energy. Haha! But, MR was able to recharge in speed mode and continue the journey with mouse mommy. Never give up. Give you a big thumb up, MR!

A surprise that mouse mommy received from sweet little MR was he gifted me 2 units of yellow wild flowers that he spotted and picked from the roadside. Mouse mommy feels so touching and lovely! Every moment that we spent together was keep recorded in our memories. 

After we reached the finishing line, we are collected our medals and enjoy light breakfast, fruits and drinks by the organizer. MR loves the banana and 100plus drink so much!

There are many lucky runners bring home with lucky draw prizes too! We are joining the CNY stage activities games and won a ang pau from the organizer and share among our team. Everyone was winner and enjoying the game. More exciting photos can click here to view

Mouse mommy really enjoying this fun-filled fun run with MR ! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Huat! 

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Children Guard With THYMOS Anti HFMD/FLU Spray

Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) always has outbreak in kindergarten and school in Malaysia. Kids love to learn, play and interact with each other. Everyday MR and baby MH were exposing to environment that might be in contact with deadly virus and bacteria that might harm them.

Mouse mommy was glad to have found this THYMOS Anti HFMD/FLU Spray at Guardian Malaysia that is specifically designed to help mommies provide an all-round total defense for our kids by eliminating 99.99% of even the smallest and deadliest pathogens such as the HFMD and Influenza A H1N1 viruses.

THYMOS is a high-powered disinfectant which was clinically tested and proven. Besides that, it is also alcohol free, no toxic chemicals, no steroids, fragrances, and is Ph5.5 which is safe for skin. With 1 spray of THYMOS, it can provide shield protection that lasts for 10 days with its patented “Self-Sanitizing™” Technology contains high-quality activated minerals 100,000 times smaller than human hair, which generates powerful bacteriostatic electrons to form an invisible, odourless and colourless shield on treated surfaces. 

It instantly kills the pathogens and supercharges immunities. This unique technology from the UK enables the active minerals to recharge by itself whenever it comes to contact with air molecules, ensuring long lasting protection.

HFMD is a common infectious disease of infants and kids. It is characterized by fever, painful sores in the mouth and a rash with blisters on hands, feet and also buttocks.

When MR was a 4 years old boy in 2 years ago, mouse mommy personally feels the pain of Hand Food Mouth Disease (HFMD) when doctor diagnosed MR with HFMD. MR was having red dots around the hand and foot with ulcers inside the mouth that he was having difficulty to chew and swallow.

MR was very cranky and have to be quarantined at home for one week plus. Mouse mommy had to take leave to take care of MR during this critical period. Some tips for mummies: Ice cream or cold milk might help kids eat as in able to soothe the ulcer inside the month and avoid hot food.

For the next task, we had to completely cleanse our house with antiseptic. As HFMD is a contagious disease spread by the contacting of body secretion or feces, mouse mommy clean and wipe his toys, floor, furniture and wall with antiseptic in daily basis during the HFMD outbreak. It is really a taxing and painful experience.

With THYMOS, mouse mommy can worry free and let my boys MR and baby MH to explore, and discover the world happily!

The usage of THYMOS is also simple, spray 3 to 4 pumps on gadget or toys, after that just gently rub evenly with cloth will do. It can provide up to 10 days protection. 

As a mom, mouse mommy always wishes to give MR and baby MH the best protection as I can. Mouse mommy loves you always!

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Money Saving Tips For Mummies In Parenting!

Mouse mommy was found an interesting place to shop for preloved mom and baby necessary items at One City USJ called Jalan Jalan Japan. The store was huge with two levels. Mouse mommy not only able to find the mom and baby preloved products, I can get baby car seats, household, clothes, toys, shoes, bags, kitchenware, hobbies, sports, stationery and music instruments as well.   

As a mom, mouse mommy always think on baby safety first. Baby car seat is very important to safeguard our babies and keep them on seated while mommy driving. A baby car seat with safety features will cost range about RM 500 to RM1,500 which is quite expensive and not every family afford to buy one for their baby. Mouse mommy found a decent preloved combi baby car seat that can get in Jalan Jalan Japan for RM80. Great deal! If mommy’s baby car seat padding or cushion was torn and unusable, no worries, you can get it here with range about RM 5 to RM 15 with multiple designs of paddings.   

Babywearing is also important for mouse mommy to bring along baby MH when we go for shopping. I bought a ring sling baby wearing with RM 180 when I give birth to MR 6 years ago which it very useful and convenient, but quite cozy. Mouse mommy found many types of Japan preloved baby carriers such as ring sling and soft structured that cost about RM 10 – RM 15. Practical tool for mommy!

Potty train also can found here with multiple designs that mommies want. Baby MH was attracted by a Fisher Price yellow colour potty that comes with alphabets and numbers which cost RM50. 

Preloved Bright Star baby play mat cost about RM10 with attractive colours and multiple activities for babies.  

Music instruments such as guitar, flute, drum and digital pianos available too with cost range about RM10 - RM200. The flute was useful for primary school students.

Many children toys and games available too. MR was spotted a basket ball cost RM 6 and two sets of blue and green buses with RM 3 for each sets of 2 units buses. Really a Japan preloved toys paradises for kids.   

MR and baby MH were happily have fun with the interactive toys too. The Japanese toys also come with the features of hand eyes coordination, sensory cultivation and encourage motor movement which is good for baby and toddlers to explore, experiment and experience themselves. The price range from RM 10 to RM 50.

MR was found a play gym and his loves it so much! The play gym which cost RM15 was allow kids to climb with encourage motor movement training. MR and baby MH were enjoying their new toys!

Hmmm… then we decided to bought them a mini indoor playland which allow MR and baby MH to climb, slide and swing at home. Try to make a guess how much it cost? A brand new set of Anpanman indoor playland cost about 14,999 Yen in Japan, convert to Ringgit Malaysia about RM570 to RM650. Mouse mommy was bought it with RM120 at Jalan Jalan Japan. Worthy! As in kids grow up very fast and we can save money while buying preloved kids items, go green for greener world too! More photos can click here to view

We cannot read the Japanese words on the mini toddler indoor playland, but the simple and convenient design and structure of the indoor playland was easy to build up eventhough just visually see the image via indoor playland box set. Mouse papa was team up with MR and baby MH to build up their playland. It is a compact and solid indoor playland that support children weight till 25kg. 

Mouse mommy was happy with this fruitful trip to Jalan Jalan Japan as in able to bring home a quality and nice Japan preloved mini indoor playland for kids with worthy price. Hope that MR and baby MH can have a sweet playtime together! At the same time, cultivate their go green recycle culture for a greener world as we practice in our family! Can click here to view video. 

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Celebrate Spring Festival With Joys At IOI City Mall!

IOI City Mall Putrajaya Welcomes this Chinese New Year with the Splendours of Spring ushering in the Lunar New Year of the Earth Dog. Inspired by the multicolours of Spring and the many facets of life these colours represent, IOI City Mall brought to life a giant kaleidoscope in a shape of a tunnel for all to walk through to experience first-hand its breath-taking prism of colours reflective of the joys and celebration of the Lunar New Year.

This prism like installation uses sheets of mirrors to create the effect of being inside a giant kaleidoscope. Together with our Kaleidoscope Tunnel is our Tree of Life in celebration of life on this beautiful land of abundance. This Tree of Life rotates 360° on its axis to celebrate Growth and Prosperity.

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, IOI City Mall recently hosted an outing for 33 seniors age ranged from 50 to 80 years old together with their 9 guardians from Rumah Amal Murni Kajang and Little Sister of The Poor.

Brought in by Asian Overland Services Convention and Exhibition(AOSCE) in their tour bus. The group was treated with a movie “Bleeding Steel” starring Jackie Chan at Golden Screen Cinema. The seniors comprise of both able and physically challenged were given personalised attention throughout their visit by their guardians and the mall’s team. Treated as VIP’s they enjoyed live performance of Acrobatic Lion Dance by Kwong Ngai Lion Dance Group from Kuala Lumpur at Lower Ground Floor Centre Court.

After the nearly half and hour performance they were presented Ang Paos individually by the mall’s General Manager, Mr. Chris Chong followed by bags of gifts by HomePro and Tesco, presented by their General Manager Madam Shirley Tham and Store Manager Madam Nita respectively.

The guest were then escorted for a Chinese New Year 6 course reunion dinner at Le Mei Chinese Restaurant hosted by Le Meridian Hotel. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the scrumptious meal which started with the auspicious Salmon Yee Sang. The Managing Director of AOSCE & AOSTT Mr. Andrew Wong and Ms Yap Sook Ling were in attendance.

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