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Yves N Scent 100% Lemongrass Natural Mosquito Repellent Designed For Family With Kids !

Recently raining days, many mosquitoes are around especially during night time. As a mom, we always try to look for natural and chemical-free products to be used in our house that safe for kids as well.

Mouse mommy found this Yves N Scent Natural Mosquito Repellent that 100% made of Lemongrass - mosquito repellent. The natural lemongrass smell is light and calming.

Known as stress reducer too that can used to balance our mind and emotions. Revitalizes the overall body and minds. 

Especially good for us nowadays that have many stress and pressure in our lifestyle. A good night sleep will able to recharge and refresh our body and mindset. Safe Zone for family and kids.

Mouse mommy love the plug design that able to twist and turn into different angle that suit our electrical plug. Just Plug & Play without having to worry to cause any fire. The effective treating range up to 200 sqft and can last for 30 days of usage. More details at

Mouse mommy has used it for 15 days in our bedroom. 

So far so good that we adults and kids also sleep soundly throughout the night. Mouse mommy especially loves the natural 100% lemongrass scent that really make me feel calm, relaxing with therapeutic effects.

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Besides being the most effective and safest mosquito repeller. It is also compact in size, easy-to-use and stylish device which will look great in every corner of your house-while it works to keep pesky mosquitoes from biting and bothering our guests.

Comparable with others mosquito repellent, Yves Nature Scents Safe Zone can offers better that is no spray and no mess, no harsh smells, no chemicals (Natural), no open flame, no smoky candles, compact and stylish design, ideal use for better sleep with aromatherapeutic (Relaxing).

Lemongrass’ essential oil is the key component when it comes to deterring mosquitoes from biting. While this hasn’t been attributed to a single compound, general consensus states that this property can be attributed to its “lemony” scent (which can be directly experienced when smelling the oil or boiling lemongrass leaves to make a tea). This scent then overpowers a mosquito’s olfactory nerves, causing the scent to “camouflage” your presence from the mosquito’s perspective.

Best and healthiest mosquito repeller alternative for family with babies and kids. There is nothing as powerful as mother’s Love for kids.

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Forest Beauty Award Winning Hydrating and Treatment Masks From Taiwan Is Here in Malaysia!

Taiwanese mask brand called Forest Beauty, which was selected as Taiwan's Watsons Health, Wellness & Beauty Award. Forest Beauty has been consistently ranked as one of the top 3 “Authentic Word of Mouth” brands on URCosme’s popularity list. 

Furthermore, 5 Forest Beauty masks were nominated for the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020, also known as the Global Beauty "Oscars". Forest Beauty's Pore Minimizing & Oil Control Mask won the Best Skin Treatment category Forest Beauty is endorsed by more than a 100 celebrities, actors, actresses, and Beauty Experts of Taiwan. They recognize the effectiveness, results and quality of Forest Beauty skin care products, leading to thousands of positive recommendations through their Instagram and Facebook.

Now, Forest Beauty is bringing their products to Malaysia! Mouse mommy is also exciting to try out the Forest Beauty masks! Click HERE to enjoy Special Forest Beauty PROMO Code with 5% Discount for readers : FORESTB5

Forest Beauty with nearly 100 years experience in producing high quality paper, because it’s mother companyShihlin Paper Co., Ltdwas Founded in 1918. It was the first paper mill in Taiwan.

All “Forest Beauty” products are produced by ISO & GMP certified factory in Taiwan. With our team of professionals and the advanced biotechnology research lab, we are here to offer you the best, most effective beauty products.

Sunnyfield Shihlin Corporation holds a team with the most qualified dermatologists and professors of Cosmetic formulation to lead the progress of “Forest Beauty” products and ideals.

There are Seven Series of Forest Beauty masks available, included Natural Botanical Series, Mask sheet – Tencel & Formula – Plant extract, Nano Gold Foil Series, Bio Cellulose Series, Daniel Wang Series and Eye Mask.

Edelweiss Long-lasting Hydrating Mask that having unique formula created with plant concentrations, ceramides, 3D preventative protection shield and peptides. Fights against wrinkles and offers long-lasting hydrating effect to make skin glow all day long. Additionally, this mask optimizes the lasting of makeup.

Patented process to improve the softness and smoothness of the mask. Environmentally friendly, made of natural plant fiber, certified by Ecocert ERTS. Products marked with the ECOCERT logo indicate that they consistently meet these stringent requirements, from raw materials, production processes, distribution and sales to the end of the product life cycle.

Innovative "Swiss Ice Wine Extract" Mask is derived from premium Swiss Ice Wine produced from naturally frozen ripe grapes. The partially fermented grapes have higher concentrations of juice ingredients that delivers astringent properties to the skin and have an instant lifting and long-lasting moisturizing effect on the skin.

The Ginseng and Honey are nourishes and balances to soothe and refresh dry or sensitive skin. Organic Sugarcane Squalane (Japan) is to prevents moisture loss while restoring the skin's suppleness and flexibility. Swiss Alp Rose is rejuvenates & gives your skin a radiant glow. Swiss Organic Cactus able to soothes and hydrates skin. Click HERE to enjoy Special Forest Beauty PROMO Code with 5% Discount for readers : FORESTB5

Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask is a 2 pieces mask that give me warm sensation when mouse mommy apply it. It allows to boost the capability of skin absorbing serum with Hydrated, Repairing, Elasticity and Glowing functions.

Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask contains 3 layers,
Layer 1 - Luxurious Silver Foil that locking in moisture.
Layer 2 - Circulation Heating System to enhance skin absorption.
Layer 3 - Advanced Conduction Mask that effectively conveying active ingredients into the skin.

Forest Beauty 24K Gold & Collagen Wrinkless Foil Eye Mask is able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crow's feet and signs of ageing for firmer looking skin and a more even contour. Our eyes have the thinnest skin, Melanin is easy to present. In order to fit everyone's face. 

So near the eyes, the foil eye mask sheet is bigger in size with formula of Gold Leaf, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. It can soften and moisturize the skin around eyes, gives an instantly lift and firm especially for eye dark circle or puffy eyes.

Three Forest Beauty New Products that contains Lime Pearl AF and U-ferment SVB and made with 100% Korea Non-Bleached Cotton that is a treatment mask that launch in year 2020.

◉  Daniel Wong Series
◉Forest Beauty Pore Minimizing & Oil Control Mask
◉Forest Beauty Renewing & Oxygen Refreshing Mask

Click HERE to enjoy Special Forest Beauty PROMO Code with 5% Discount for readers : FORESTB5

Mouse mommy is happy Forest Beauty masks range and notified that the mask ingredients are different from the normal mask that I am apply on. It is not only hydrating, it is a treatment masks with many natural plants extracts as well such as Lime Pearl AF that is natural AHAs from the Australian rainforests. 

U-ferment SVB that is high concentration of patented vitamin B5 complex with renewing and rapairing capabilities. Miniporyl that is incorporated with red clover flower extract to improve skin health, maintains oil and water balance and tightens pores of skin to bring a smoother and brighter skin.

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Nuvit Instant Restoring and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask with Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Skin hydration is important to keep our skin healthy and keep moist always. Nuvit Instant Restoring and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask with Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum is one of the face sheet mask that can give “instant” and fast hydration effect on my skin right after apply it.

Face sheet mask is one of my favourite item to have in my skincare routine. Nuvit 2-Step Treatment Mask that comes with Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum and also Bio-Cellulose Mask that is ideal for all skin types. 

As so many sheet masks that mouse mommy has tried. This one is definitely one of the best mask I've tried.

Nuvit 2-Step Treatment Mask comes with Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum for step 1, apply it as hydrating and restoring purpose. 

After that, apply Instant Restoring and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask with advanced formulation as step 2, the microbial cellulose consisting of ultra-fine micro-fibres allowing the serum effectively penetrate the skin.

Direction of use :
1.    Clean and dry your face before using the mask.
2.    Open and gently remove the top and bottom mesh layers.

3.    Apply and smoothen the mask so that it seals evenly to the skin.
4.    De-stress for 20 to 30 minutes and let the serum to be absorbed into your skin.
5.    Remove the mask and gently massage, allowing the excess serum to be absorbed into the skin. Do not rinse face.

It’s very convenient, suitable to all skin types and easy to use. And the most important thing is it is paraben free, fragrance free and alcohol free.

What makes mouse mommy totally in love with this product is the fast absorption of its serum and the bio-cellulose mask texture that is ultra-fine with high penetration and stick to my skin effortlessly. It is transfer 90% of active ingredients deep into my skin in just 10 minutes. Immediately locks the finer effect on my skin for a healthier, brighter and nourished skin.

Nuvit Instant Restoring and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask with Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum is made in Taiwan with 100% natural mask designed in the laboratory using a unique bacteria strain. 

Bio-cellulose has an ultra-fine and highly pure fiber network structure, with each fiber being 2000x thinner than a strand of hair at 20 to 50nm, giving it unique properties such as higher affinity, higher absorbency and higher penetration rate compared to other common commercially available materials such as fabric masks, allowing it to deliver nutrients 8 – 15x deeper into the skin.

NUViT Bio-Cellulose Mask is available at

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Buy 1 Case (with 3pcs) FREE 1 pcs of NUViT Bio-Cellulose Mask with ONLY RM65.90 from 4th till 12th of June 2020, total RSP worth of RM108.00

Get Yours Today !!

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BookXcess @ Wolf House | BookXcess Launches Online Meets Offline Concept Bookstore

BookXcess, a home-grown brand that is widely known for its unique concept bookstore in Malaysia and affordable books at 50% to 80% off recommended retail price all year launched its 10th bookstore located at its Headquarters at Wolf House, 5, Jalan Trompet 33/8 ( BookXcess @ Wolf House will be opened from 10am to 8pm.

Transforming the headquarters and warehouse lobby to a unique and compact bookstore, BookXcess also launched a 2-hour self pick-up service for their online users. 

Exclusive for BookXcess @ Wolf House, customers will be able to purchase books via from home and collect it at BookXcess @ Wolf House in just 2-hour with no additional fees.

At BookXcess @ Wolf House, visitors can expect to find books from a wide variety of genres such as science-fiction, thriller, literature, young adult titles, business books, cookbooks, art and design books, children’s books and many other sought-after books.

“The whole pandemic has changed the landscape of businesses and we have to adapt to the new normal in this new world. We understand the need to access affordable books during this trying time for many reasons. Kids are still not allowed to go to school and parents will constantly need to think of activities for their kids.

Now parents do not need to wait to receive their kids’ activity books but can just purchase it and pick it up in the next 2-hour. There are many Malaysians who are still worried to visit the retail scene and this has pushed us to come up with the idea of marrying online and offline store in order to allow people to shop for books with an ease of mind. 

The demand for books has increased tremendously during these trying times and we are allowing multiple platform access for customers to receive their books as fast as we could serve.

We are also launching a 48-hour delivery to Klang Valley for customers who purchase books from BookXcess Online,” said Andrew Yap, Co- Founder of BookXcess.

For its opening weekend, customers can enjoy 20% off titles storewide on top of the discounted books and first 25 customers every day gets an RM20 voucher from 30 May - 2 June 2020. For the 9 other BookXcess stores, customers can enjoy 10% off storewide.

Visitors to any BookXcess bookstores can be rest assured that due to COVID-19, safety precautions are in place such as limited entry for each store, temperature scanning will be conducted upon entry, hand sanitisers are strategically placed around each store, and compulsory contact tracing procedure.

Customers are encouraged to stay updated to find out more on BookXcess’ latest books, updates and promotions via BookXcess and Big Bad Wolf Books’ social media sites. #BXWOLFHOUSE

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Nestlé Continues Innovation Streak With Launch of Starbucks® Premium Instant/Soluble Coffee !

#StayAtHome with Starbucks Premium Instant Soluble Coffee. No coffee machine required. Nestlé Malaysia is introducing another compelling segment with the launch of Starbucks®Premium Instant (Soluble) coffee. 

The new range consists of Medium Roast and Dark Roast coffees, as well as a variety of coffee beverages. Available in multi-serve tins and single-serve formats, the products combine the unrivaled expertise and heritage of Nestlé in the instant coffee segment with the unique signature premium taste of Starbucks®.  

From April 2020, consumers will be able to enjoy high quality Starbucks®coffees in a convenient instant/soluble format, at home. This comes after Nestlé Malaysia introduced Malaysians to the exciting ‘Starbucks® at Home’ coffee last September 2019

The range was made up of 11 products, including whole bean and roast and ground packaged coffees, as well as the first-ever Starbucks® capsules developed using Nescafé Dolce Gustoproprietary coffee and system technologies. The products were the first innovation jointly developed by Nestlé andStarbucks® after the two companies formally created a global alliance allowing Nestlé to expand its coffee portfolio, beyond Nescafé and Nespresso, adding another iconic brand, Starbucks®.

Mouse mommy and MR love the richness and creamy chocolatey taste of Starbucks Caffè Mocha.

Starbucks Caramel Latte also taste smooth and caramelly sweet that will be a good treats of the day!

Mouse mommy loves this new range of Starbucks Premium Instant Soluble Coffees that convenient, time-saving and of course premium taste of the coffee! Real exciting ‘Starbucks® at Home’!

Medium Roast is a smooth and balanced Latin American coffee with creamy notes of milk chocolate and nuts, while the Dark Roast is a fuller-bodied, bold Latin American coffee with a sweet roast flavor and notes of delicious dark chocolate. 

The new coffee beverages are directly inspired by signature Starbucks® beverages, available in Cappuccino, Caffè Latte, Caffè Mocha and Caramel Latte.

Mr Othman Chraibi, Business Executive Officer, Beverages Unit, Nestlé Malaysia Bhd,said, "The continued strong collaboration between Starbucks® and Nestlé enabled us to move at speed and to expand the Starbucks®brand into the instant/soluble coffee segment, which consumers in Malaysia know and love. 

We are delighted to keep leveraging on our coffee expertise to create new coffee premium experiences for consumers to enjoy conveniently in the comfort of their homes.

We are very excited to introduce our high-quality Starbucks® premium instant coffee range, as it is a great solution to recreate the signatureStarbucks®beverage with no preparation hassle. It has never been easier to be your own Barista.”

All products are crafted with the same high-quality, ethically sourced C.A.F.E. Practices Arabica beans that are served in Starbucks® coffeehouses around the world.

The Starbucks®at Home’ Premium Instant (Soluble) coffee range will be available on Lazada and Shopee as well as selected retailers and supermarkets.

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