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California Raisins | A Healthy and Tasty Evening with World Class Chefs, Chef Emmanuel Stroobant !

Mouse mommy has a nice dining experience with the goodness of California Raisins. As we know, California Raisins are all naturally sweet without added sugar, a good source of fibre, potassium, cholesterol-free and low in sodium
Great as healthy snacks and as well as sugar replacement for many recipes in cooking and baking.

The Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC) ushered in the auspicious new year with a sweet repertoire of specially-crafted delicious recipes using California Raisins at the Samplings On the Fourteen Restaurant at Berjaya University College.

All of the KOLs were pleasantly thrilled as we “eat close and personal with the chefs” - watching them demonstrate on the versatile California Raisins in a four-course dinner. 

The culinary gourmet recipes as prepared by the respective chefs:

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant (3 recipes)
1.    California Raisins, Crab & Cauliflower
2.    California Raisin Pasta With Fennel & Prawns
3.    California Raisins With Beef Short Ribs & Winter Fruits

Chef Erich Anton Roos (Dessert)
4.    Symphony of California Raisins consisting of :
·      California Raisin muffin with cream
·      California Raisin cinnamon ice cream
·      Apple puff

Mouse mommy was enjoying the dining moments with California Raisins. Creative recipes with nice combination of food served.

The California Raisins, Crab and Cauliflower is delicious and suits my tastebuds. Each bite of it was feeling satisfied. Well-blend and rich in food ingredients.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant needs no introduction as the Belgian’s 2-star Michelin celebrity chef had his first brush with culinary business when he started working as a kitchen help as young as 16 years and worked his way in the culinary world within a span of a decade, notably hosting the AFC channel for many years and opening his first restaurant in Singapore called Saint Pierre.

Chef Erich Anton Roos, a Swiss national with 40 years of culinary and international  working experience which covers many Western and Asian countries. Currently based in Bangkok, his role are focused in consultancy and strategic planning for kitchen training needs in international hotel chains.

RAC’s Trade Promotions Director for Malaysia, Mr Richard Lieu says for most consumers, especially children, California Raisins are a healthy snack compared with other snack foods, as they are naturally sweet and do not contain any added sugar. California Raisins are also a very versatile ingredient and can inspire a wide repertoire of dishes—from appetisers and main dishes to desserts and beverages—especially as consumers are becoming more health conscious and more adventurous in their culinary endeavours. “We are very honoured and delighted to work with Chef Emmanuel and Chef Erich to create scrumptious recipes and amazing tastes using California Raisins this time to celebrate the start of 2020 with Malaysian influencers,” enthused Richard. 

More than just an appetising delight, raisins are a great source of nutrition which is  suitable to incorporate into meals amidst rising health issues due to unhealthy diets.

Richard adds that raisins are ideal for any occasion, as they are ready-to-eat, tasty and healthy. A package of California Raisins fits perfectly in a purse or briefcase They also conveniently fit in lunch boxes, gym bags, and in your desk drawer. California Raisins are also economical, do not bruise and are easy to use straight out of the box— no washing, peeling or chopping required—so one can create a simple meal.

Ms Tan Yen Sing, a certified clinical dietitian also was present to share on the goodness and benefits of California Raisins.

Ms Tan said studies have shown that increased consumption of fruits & vegetables more than 5 servings a day is related to a 17% reduction in coronary heart disease.
“Good nutrition is the best approach for preventing diseases and being healthy. Raisins, high level of polyphenol antioxidants containing about 3,037 ORAC units (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity – a method in measuring antioxidants in food) in about 2/3 cup. This essential substance are vital for protection against oxidative stress which is related to aging and disease,” said Tan.  

Raisins, though small, must not be underestimated for their health benefits. Tan explained raisins containing 35% fructose and 35% glucose are natural fruit sugar which is a good source of energy and has no fat & no cholesterol.  It is a healthy snack and is also a sugar replacement for many recipes in cooking and baking.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that adults consume 1½ to 2 cups of fruit per day. A portable, readily available fruit, such as California Raisins, is ideal to help fulfill this quota. In fact, it only takes ½ cup of raisins to equal a whole fruit serving vs 1 full cup of fresh fruit.

There are many benefits of California Raisins. Naturally sweet, do not contain added sugar and great source of fibre. 

It is also a source of potassium (an important electrolyte that aids in muscle, cardiovascular and nervous system function), cholesterol-free and naturally low in sodium. Suitable to eat as snacks or for cooking purpose.

California Raisins also known to contain phytonutrients that suppress the growth of oral bacteria associated with cavities and gum disease. Good for children and adults.

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SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE Skincare | Whitening | Youthful | Saffron Gold | Beetox | Lipo Vit-C

SAFI New anti-aging series of SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE whitening range that combines Saffron Gold Technology with the benefits of premium Saffron Extract, Nano Gold, Beetox and Lipo Vit-C in its products. 

SAFI Research Institute, the world’s most advanced Halal Skincare has developed SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE range to address specific Asian skin issues. By combining the power of science and technology, your skin can be restored to its natural best. This product is dermatologically tested and does not contains mineral oils, paraben and alcohol. No animal testing.
Mouse mommy was happy to try out this SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE whitening range and get attracted by its Saffron Gold inside the ingredients!


SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE ANTI-AGING & WHITENING ESSENCE is enriched with 24K Nano Gold with the powerful premium ingredient of Saffron Extract, Beetox and Lipo Vit-C. This water based formulation has Hyaluronic Acid that helps to lock in moisture up to 24 hours and has powerful moisturising and antioxidant agents that restore skin suppleness, softness and hydration. It prepares the skin for better absorption of the next product in our skincare regimen.Clinically proven at Safi Research Institute to brighten and moisturise skin and give it that youthful bounce. 

Such a premium ingredients combination! Saffron Extract works as potent antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. Improves and brightens skin complexion. Lipo Vitamin C is function as potent antioxidant. Proven skin lightening benefits. Fights free radicals and skin damage from UV and pollutant exposure. Hyaluronic Acid is super moisturising agent that hydrates & locks skin moisture up to 24 hours. With all the ingredients combination, it able to provides 3 times of antioxidant power and 6 times of moisture power that gives us instant hydration up to 130%.

Mouse mommy was wash my hands and pour the right amount of SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE ANTI-AGING & WHITENING ESSENCE solution and spread evenly on my palms. After that, apply and pat the solution evenly on face. Gently massage in circular motion until fully absorbed into the skin will be good!

SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE SERUM INFUSED MOISTURISER penetrates deeper to treat and moisturize your skin in one application. Formulated at Safi Research Institute, the cream gel transforms into moisture water droplets upon application to provide soft, moisturized and velvety smooth skin.

It contains a combination of premium ingredients Saffron Extract for potent antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. Improves and brightens skin complexion. Lipo Vitamin C works for potent antioxidant. Proven skin lightening benefits. Fights free radicals and skin damage from UV and pollutant exposure. Vita-B3 is effective skin restoring active that improves uneven skin tone, fine lines & dullness.

Clinical tested via in-vitro test that showed it gives 92.5% stronger skin barrier and 72 hours moisture retention.
Mouse mommy was pump 1 to 2 times SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE SERUM INFUSED MOISTURISER onto my palm. After apply SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE ANTI-AGING & WHITENING ESSENCE solution, then follow by apply SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE SERUM INFUSED MOISTURISER onto face and neck. Gently massage in circular motion until it forms into water droplets. Continue to massage until fully absorbed into skin. 

SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE is available in WATSONS, GUARDIAN and AEON WELLNESS nationwide. #SAFIYouthRadiance #RadiateYouth

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