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Happy New Year 2020 Celebration at MDCC!

Happy 2020! Joyous Start to a New Decade at MDCC! The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation for the new decade at Mutiara Damansara Commercial Centre’s (MDCC) annual New Year Countdown party

MDCC which comprises three malls – the Curve, eCurve and IPC Shopping Centre, hosted A NYE 2020 Countdown, a spectacular, music-filled celebration with revellers from all walks of life.

Thousands of party-goers thronged their way to Mutiara Damansara hours before the countdown to await the star-studded line-up of local musical acts, which included Manbai, Geraldine Gan and Syafeek Ikhwan. Phat Fabes, who was the emcee for the night, entertained the audience with his signature gusto and flair.

Opening the concert was local band The Colours, followed by Anak Seni Warisan who performed feel good and upbeat tunes to get the crowd on their feet.

The second half of the night saw fans of singer and Champion of i-Sing World 2018, Syafeek Ikhwan sing and dance along to songs including his latest single Suratan Ketentuan and others such as Jampi, You’re the Reason, Ragaman along with various other 90s medleys. The audience was full of energy by the time the next performers got up on stage. Asia’s Got Talent season three finalists, NAMA, blew the crowd away with their show-stopping performance!

With her charming façade, singer, actress, and former champion of Astro Star Quest, Geraldine Gan then wooed the crowd as she performed her hit single, One Step Along.

As the clock counted down to the final minutes of the year, popular rock singer of yesteryears, Man Bai, closed off a spectacular night with his soulful tunes. His powerful performance had the audience singing along to every lyric, including his iconic 1995 hit song, Kau Ilhamku.

At the end of the concert, the audience eagerly awaited the dazzling fireworks display. When the clock struck midnight, the MDCC skies lit up with vivid colours and everyone cheered for 2020, marking the start of the brand-new decade. All those present were thrilled by the dazzling display of fireworks, which was indeed a mesmerising sight. Friends, family and loved ones also took this time to exchange well wishes.

Jazmi Kamarudin, Senior General Manager of the Curve, said, “2019 has truly been an eventful and exciting year for us all. The annual countdown party is always the perfect end to the year where families can begin anew together, along with great music and of course, fireworks. Looking forward to 2020, we already have many plans ahead to delight our beloved patrons. On behalf of the Curve, we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!”

“We are honoured to host yet another memorable New Year’s celebration for everyone! The performances tonight were not only entertaining, but they also displayed great talent. We are pleased to be able to provide a platform for these local, rising performers to showcase their music.  On behalf of eCurve, we wish all our patrons a fantastic 2020 ahead!” commented Gina Long Ahmad, Acting Centre Manager.

Karyn Lim, Centre Manager of IPC Shopping Centre, added, “Given that this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration is a particularly special one, we were determined to bring the best concert yet for all our party-goers to countdown the new year. We hope that all our visitors had a great time with us tonight and here’s to a bright New Year!”

Mouse mommy and Sherry Go wish you a Happy New Year 2020! Cheers! 

Interested to get more information about MDCC, can contact Customer Care Officers at,
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IPC Shopping Centre : 03-7730 0333

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Celebrate Happy New Year 2019 With MDCC!

Happy New Year 2019! The air was filled with excitement and merriment at Mutiara Damansara Commercial Centre (MDCC), as revellers gathered together to celebrate the end of yet another year and countdown the final hours to usher year 2019!

MDCC, which includes the Curve, eCurve and IPC Shopping Centre, held its annual New Year’s Eve fete, The Final Countdown 2019! 

A throng of participants and merrymakers from all walks of life participated in the various festivities, which started in the afternoon and lasted well into the night.

Mouse mommy and buddies also have a great NYE celebration and have fun with the crowd!

The celebrations started off with a Fitness Fiesta session led by prominent fitness celebrities, Hansen Lee, Nana Al Haleq and Lee Yvonne. Sports enthusiasts worked up a sweat with the Movement Training and High Intensity Interval Training, while others rocked out to popular tunes with Zumba.

Kids also had their share of fun as they cheerfully bounced on an inflatable playground! While waiting for the main festivities to start, children and parents enjoyed an evening full of fun and laughter and even made new friends along the way! 

Others visited the shopping malls in the area for last minute shopping and even had the chance to explore and enjoy the plethora of dining options available.

Moving on to the highly anticipated event of the night, families, friends and loved ones convened at the Countdown Concert as Phat Fabes and Lee Yvonne kicked-off the fiesta with their signature charm and flair. There was much to look forward to as local celebrities Aizat Amdan, Ruffedge, Elvira Arul, Talitha Tan and Orange Tan wowed the audience with much-loved songs.

There was something in store for all music lovers, the young as well as the young at heart. Locally grown band, Ruffedge, evoked nostalgic memories with their timeless performances of Bila Rindu, Khayalan and Lemas. Through her energetic and powerful renditions of hit single Titanium by Sia as well as This is Me from the beloved film The Greatest Showman, Elvira Arul had the audience on their feet and singing along with delight.

Another popular name in the local scene, Aizat Amdan, who first gained fame as a contestant during Akademi Fantasia, wowed his fans with his most famed single, Hanya Kau Yang Mampu. 

As a surprise, Aizat performed a beautiful medley of Hero and You Are The Reason, which had the audience cheering and dancing along. As Orange Tan took the stage, the crowd was elated and sang their hearts out as she performed favourite Mandarin and English tunes.

Another homegrown talent, Talitha Tan, who first gained Malaysians’ hearts with her chart-topping single Okay, took the stage with passion and brought the party to full swing. 

She drew a loud applause from the crowd with her soulful music style as she performed her well loved songs such as Girls, Fooled Me and even an impressive cover of current hit single, Without Me by Halsey.  

When the clock struck midnight, the audience was captivated as the sky exploded into a brilliant display of colour and sparkle, staying true to its reputation of being the largest and longest fireworks display in Mutiara Damansara

The partygoers then welcomed the New Year with well wishes and blessings to their loved ones and friends. Happy New Year Sherry!  

Jazmi Kamarudin, Senior General Manager of the Curve, added, “What better way to end the year than with our loyal patrons!” Our annual countdown event is a much anticipated event by all our shoppers and residents in the neighborhood. We hope that they enjoyed this special night and here’s to another fantastic year ahead!”

“Tonight’s festivities were indeed marvelous and it was heartening to see the crowd enjoy themselves. There is no greater joy than to celebrate the start of a New Year with family and loved ones. We hope that 2019 brings happiness and joy to all!” commented Gina Long Ahmad, Assistant General Manager, Leasing and A&P.

Karyn Lim, Centre Manager of IPC Shopping Centre, said, “Ringing in the New Year’s at IPC Shopping Centre and the neighborhood is a favourite for our patrons. Be it shopping or dining and of course the annual New Year’s Eve Countdown, there are a variety of options for them to choose from. We do hope that our shoppers enjoyed a grand celebration with us and created priceless memories for years to come. We at IPC Shopping Centre wish all our shoppers a very happy New Year!”

Happy New Year 2019! More photos can click here to view

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