Don't Miss The Chance To Join Educational Kidzathon - A Walk Through Our Culture For Parents And Kids!

Mouse mommy and kids are looking forward to join Kidzathon - A Walk Through Our Culture this 11 November 2018, Sunday at Desa ParkCity. Kidzathon is a family walkathon event that encourage family participation and bonding via outdoor activities. We are joining Kidzathon - Heroes In The City last year (click here to view). Such a fun-filled and educational walkathon that not to be missed!

This year's Kidzathon objective is to educate children on the different cultures in Malaysia and promote unity. Many Malaysians are not entirely aware of the different cultures such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and Kadazan cultures in Malaysia.

Kidzathon aims to bring the cultural diversity of Malaysia to an established neighbourhood in Desa City Park. There will be fun-filled activities and a cultural show for participants.

Year 2017 - Kidzathon - Heroes In The City
On the walkathon route, parents and kids will walk through various stations at which, there will be performances and games related to the different cultures. Participants will get to experience all these diverse cultures.

Kidzathon - A Walk Through Our Culture
Date : 11 November 2018, Sunday
Time : 07:00am - 11:00am
Venue : Desa ParkCity

Parents and kids can register as, 1 Adult + 1 Kid for RM95 or 2 Adults + 1 Kid for RM130 to join Kidzathon 2km family walkathon.

Upon registration, walkers’ are entitled to have running t-shirt (Adult + Kid), goodies bag, unique combination medal (Adult + Kid) and activity book. 

The medal is so special that one Koby medal combine with the rotated Wau medal! Love it!

Hurry Up! Last 100 pairs available. The Kidzathon 2018 will be a wonderful way for all the little ones and their families to spend some quality time together. So grab your family and head for an exciting fun-filled day at Kidzathon 2018!

This is the special of Kidzathon walkathon that cannot found in others family run. Mouse mommy and family especially MR and MH are exciting looking forward to it! See you!

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Fond Memories Of Ayam Brand Since Year 1892 In Malaysia

Ayam Brand is rooted in Malaysia from colonial times, with products that have been a well-loved household staple for five generations or more. Most Malaysians have fond memories of the brand, summing it up as I grew up with it”.

Mouse mommy and family will prepare high calcium breakfast with Ayam Brand sardines in tomato sauce, bread, lettuce, cheese and tartar sauce to kick start our morning during weekend. Sometimes, MR and MH will helping mouse mommy to prepare the mixture of the sardines with tartar sauce. Yummy! Adults and kids like it too!

Ayam Brand was founded in Malaya in 1892 as a trading business for luxury products imported from France. The now iconic logo featured a rooster and the name of the founder, Alfred Clouet. Locals simply called it ‘Ayam Brand’ or ‘Cap Ayam’ from the image of the rooster. The local nickname stuck and a few decades later the Alfred Clouet brand was officially renamed Ayam Brand, that has grown into a global brand with a pronounced Malaysian character.

At the time of Malaysian independence, the name of the company, “Clouet Malaya” ceased to exist. A new company called A.Clouet and Co.(KL) Sdn Bhd was established in 1957 in Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur. A member of the Negeri Sembilan royal family, the late Tunku Tan Sri Mohamed Tunku Besar Burhanuddin was originally one of the main shareholders.  Today, his son Dato Mu'tamir Bin Tunku Tan Sri Mohamed is still one of the the main shareholders of the company, very much in keeping with Ayam Brand’s values of heritage and continuity.

While the Ayam rooster has barely changed over the years, the story behind the iconic red and yellow colours of Ayam Brand sardines and mackerel in tomato sauce are known to very few.  These colours were introduced in 1960 to highlight the products’ superior quality, as Ayam Brand began to source premium sardines from Japan. The packaging became a symbol of the region with consumers identifying Ayam Brand Sardines by the brand’s colours of red and yellow.

When I am in sick, my mom will cooks porridge that served together with Ayam Brand sardines in tomato sauce for me. That's my family memories that keep in my mind. As for now, mouse mommy also practice it for my kids. Thank You Mom. 

Beginning in 1975, Ayam Brand began implementing more stringent controls on the product quality of its sardines, investing in a factory in Taiping, Perak. Today, with 1,200 Malaysian employees it is the biggest sardine cannery in South East Asia. All Ayam Brand sardines that are available in more than 30 countries internationally are proudly canned in Taiping.

Ayam Brand factories hold the highest certification with respect to quality, cleanliness and hygiene. The brand is among a select few to be authorized to export to the United States of America and Europe. One of the most important in Malaysia is JAKIM certification, which covers not only religious requirements but also certifies the quality and hygiene of production. Ayam Brand features on JAKIM’s ‘white list’ of the most reliable food companies.

Ayam Brand is renowned for its quality. The production processes are still very manual as special care is required. Besides stringent fish selection, more than 1,000 qualified Malaysian workers cut, gut and wash the sardines by hand. The sardines are also gently placed in cans by hand so that the fish remains in perfect condition. Quality is the basis for all Ayam Brand products, with 120 staff employedin the quality department to ensure that the highest standards are not only maintained but constantly improved.

Besides that, mouse mommy also loves to prepare spaghetti with Ayam Brand sweet corns and sardines for family. As in, MR and MH loves to drink sweet corn soup too.  

Ayam Brand sardines originate from cold seas. They differ from local sardines in that they are fattier, juicer and therefore tastier.

Despite being a staple, Ayam Brand sardines are perceived to be higher priced compared to fresh fish. The truth is that after fresh fish is prepared (gut head and tail removed), it loses close to half its weight, which will then be further reduced by an additional 10 to 20% while cooking. 

Compare this to quality canned sardines where the full weight of the fish can be consumed, quickly and conveniently with no mess in the kitchen, and no clean up after. This explains why canned sardines remain an affordable source of fish meat.

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Giant | Comfort | High Quality Babyshop For Parents and Children

Babyshop, the largest children’s retailer in the Middle East and the leading Omni-channel kids’ retailer, part of Landmark Group, today officially launched its entry into Malaysia at its flagship location in popular retail and lifestyle destination The Curve. 

Spread across 8,500 sq ft, this is the brand’s fifth location in Malaysia after opening its first at MyTOWN Shopping Centre and IOI City Mall just six months ago. Congratulations!

Mouse mommy likes the soft and good quality of the fabric when I touch on it. So cute that the sport range of football theme children outfits are attached together with a complimentary football keychain gift for the kids.

Mouse mommy also spotted great ongoing promotion that up to 60%, worth to buy it as birtnday gift or festive presents for kids. Shhh… mouse mommy also bought 3 clothes for baby MH and 2 sets of 3-pieces oufits for MR as surprise birthday gift! Babyshop also provides Free gift wrapping service with cute greeting cards! Love it!

Born in Bahrain in 1973, Babyshop has established itself as a one stop destination with the widest range of children’s world class products of house brands and designing and leading international labels. 

Alongside their own well-loved ranges Juniors, Giggles and Eligo, Babyshop is proud to stock an unbeatable array of top international brands in their stores.

The extensive range of products encompass all children’s requirements in fashion clothing, toys for toddlers and children up to 10 years of age, as well as baby basics, nursery furniture for new born babies and more. 

Babyshop has over 240 stores across 15 countries with over 4,400 employees dedicated to providing customer satisfaction. In South East Asia, the openings in Malaysia followed suit after its successful launch in neighboring Thailand.

The brand’s opening in Malaysia signifies its strong interest in serving Malaysians with the best global product offerings within its category at great prices and excellent service. 

Babyshop’s Personal Shopper Assist offers customers professional advice and assistance in determining the best products to purchase. Making shopping a delightful ease is one of the many ways that makes shopping at any of its stores an enjoyable one.

“Babyshop is excited to be in Malaysia with our first five stores as we extend our presence outside of the Middle East. At the core of our business we believe in providing solutions to give every child the best start in life. We have built an extensive range of products with a great customer experience that perfectly serves the needs and challenges of a discerning parent. We are very proud that this has been delivered through our latest store design that debuts here in Malaysia. These are exciting times for Babyshop, we are delighted to be here and very pleased with the initial response from customers. I would encourage every parent to come along and experience one of our lovely new stores,” said Richard Collins, CEO of Babyshop.

Clean and modern interior design with comfortable lighting that mouse mommy likes to visit to Babyshop. Ease of movement around the stores ensures the comfort of everyone from expectant mothers to families.

So considerate of Babyshop that provides in-store seating for a quick rests for parents and kids too!

Babyshop is available at The Curve, IOI City Mall, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Dataran Pahlawan Megamall in Melaka, East Coast Mall in Kuantan.

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