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BER-FABULOUS This International Women's Day To Win A Car From Guardian Malaysia!

Happy International Women’s Day 2019! A brand new Honda HR-V RS worth over RM120,000 awaits the winner of Guardian’s ‘JOM BER-FABULOUS’ contest which runs for the entire month of March, in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2019.

DY Cho, Marketing Director, Health and Beauty, South East Asia and Guardian Health And Beauty Sdn Bhd said: “We run lots of exciting campaigns and promotions throughout the year; but some, are extra special. This JOM BER-FABULOUS contest is one of them. 

It is to give recognition to the special role that women play in the well-being of the family, in conjunction with International Women’s Day!

 “In total, we are giving away a brand new car, specially curated relaxing holidays, and shopping  vouchers worth more than RM150,000!”

“We have many special offers during this contest month and we encourage everyone, including men, to enter this contest to win exciting prizes for their loved ones. Apart from the state-of-the-art spectacular newly launched Honda HR-V RS as the Grand Prize, we are offering other prizes such exclusive spa experiences for 2 to Dubai, Maldives and Bali. And there will be 20 consolation prizes of a Guardian voucher worth RM500 each.

“Contest entry is also easy. To enter, our customers only need to spend a minimum of RM10 which must include a brand on promotion. So please send in as many entries as you can when you buy all your health and beauty and other necessities at Guardian in March,” Cho added.

Easy peasy! Mouse mommy also shopped at Guardian Malaysia and gentle reminder that must include 1 item of the participating Brands such as Pantene, Loreal, Maybelline, Guardian, Silkygirl, Nutox, Revlon, Darlie, Botaneco Garden, Happy Mask, Systema, Listerine, be youtiful, kotex and so on in a single receipt with minimum spending of RM10. Fill up the form and attached the receipt together. Done!

Many in-store on going promotion too, grab a Guardian booklet to check out all the offers. Mouse mommy was shopping and above RM60, shopper will get an additional Guardian complimentary gift of Nano Spray Face Mist! Just love it! 

Great to use as face mist and room refresher, it also function as power bank to charge my smartphone! Awesome!  

Guardian’s ‘JOM BER-FABULOUS’ contest will start on 1 March to 31 March 2019 with a Honda HR-V RS as the Grand Prize. 

The 2nd Prize will be a 5-day 3-night Exotic Dubai with Luxury Hammam experience; the 3rd Prize is a 4-day 3-night Maldives trip with Spa experience; the 4th Prize is a 4-day 3-night trip to Bali with a Balinese Spa and Massage experience included and 20 Consolation prizes of Guardian vouchers worth RM500 each.

Entry forms are available at all Guardian stores and online from 1 March onwards.

Special Thanks to Guardian Malaysia for this lovely treats in conjunction of #IWD2019 ! Mouse mommy and media influencers have a nice massage at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur and shopping experience with Guardian Malaysia!

Love to have some Me Time, chit-chat and hang out with buddies together! Thanks Ladies to have you together!

Happy International Women’s Day to all pretty girls, loving mummies, hardworking working moms, intelligent daughter, dedication teachers, fabulous women community and YOU! Cheers! #BalanceforBetter

More photos can click here to view.

Check out to join this exciting Guardian Malaysia ‘JOM BER-FABULOUS’ contest,
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Unique Kousoku Express Family Dining Experience At Genki Sushi, Sunway Pyramid!

Mouse mommy and family dine in Genki Sushi, Sunway Pyramid. They are launch of Genki Sushi Kousoku Express, it is a sushi delivery system designed after Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains.

The food freshly prepared and delivered from kitchen to table within 2 to 3 minutes to ensure its freshness!

How to order your dish? We are scan the Genki Sushi barcode and divert us to the website to order the sushi menu that we want. Cool!

We are DIY our Ocha in Genki Sushi by put in 2 spoonful of green tea powder into a cup and fill in hot water. It taste nice with green tea aroma!

It is a fun and adventurous Japanese sushi dining experience with the family and kids. MR and MH both are so curious about the Shinkansen like Kousoku Express Train. 

Love to and willing to grab the sushi plate from Kousoko Express Train to served us. Haha…

Flying fish roe and tsubukko sushi is everyday favourite for MR! It is a must to order when we visited to Japanese restaurant. A generous portion of flying fish roe makes MR so happy and satisfied with each bite!

Another Genki Sushi Signature Menu is Dai Man Zoku, it is is approximately 1.5 times larger than regular sushi. 

Each piece is priced affordably at just RM 4.80 per piece, ensuring you Maximum Satisfaction! Must try the Dai Man Zoku and Genki Premium Selection Menu.

Mouse mommy is a sushi lover especially salmon sashimi, soft shell crab temaki and unagi! Ordered a Prime Salmon Belly Dai Man Zoku and the large and thick salmon piece really make me feeling satisfied, and re-order again!

Many hand roll / temaki available as well. Flying fish roe temaki is full with flying fish roe and shari, fresh and yummy! 

Trio Sashimi is comes with fresh Salmon Sashimi, Surf Clam and Scallop. Irresistible! Each bites is juicy, freshness and without unwanted fishy smell.

MH likes the chewy udon with smoked duck. He is enjoy his udon dinner food with soup.  

Mouse mommy also ordered Grilled Mackerel aka Saba Shioyaki. The saba fish is nicely grilled with some salt and taste the juicy and sweetness of the fish. Mouse mommy was only got chance to taste it as in MR and MH had eaten all. Well, good omega source for the kids too! Kids love it!  

Overall 122 core food items that will satiate everyone’s appetites. Mouse papa prefers cook food. He has ordered chicken don. More photos can click here to view

At the heart of Genki Sushi’s menu, all the ingredients originated from Japan. Genki Sushi’s Shari (Rice) is 100% premium-quality Japanese rice. The rice is renowned for its exceptional appearance, texture and fragrance.

The Su (Vinegar) is produced in a distinguished factory in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, with a century of experience, the Su has been specially created to suit the local palates of Malaysians.

The condiment of Shoyu (Soy Sauce) is created by a producer with a 200-year history, Genki Sushi’s special Sushi No Tare sauce is a unique blend complementing fresh sushi and sashimi. Mouse mommy loves to dip the Salmon Sashimi with Shoyu and Wasabi. Ichiban!

Mouse mommy and family will definitely dining again in Genki Sushi! Love the sushi freshness and family-friendly dining environment that well prepare with in-house kid’s cutlery sets! Domo arigatou gozaimasu Genki Sushi! ありがとうございます 

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