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Due to pandemic, everyone is pay more attention on health status now. But, not everyone got time to cook on daily basis. Convenient healthy packs would be helpful for working adults.


egreenbeans or in short known as EGB is launching a new healthcare product range under the brand name of GREENS. There arer 3 products under GREENS are Meal For Thee -  Protein Enrichment Drink, UpFi'r – Beauty Drink and Wellone - Immune Booster Drink.


The newly launched product is certified by Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI) which ensures the company fulfilled to the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009 requirements of Malaysia. The product is also certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which means the product is of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) standard for manufacturing practices.


Mouse mommy is happy to try out this newly launch EGB GREENS products for 1 month plus and share my experience with you.


GREENS  Wellone- Immune Booster Drink

GREENS Wellone is one of my favourite GREENS products. Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) is very common among the communities. The main points is we need to increase our body immune status in order our body can defense the bacteria and virus attack such as cough, cold, flu, sorethroat and sinus.


Mouse mommy drinks the GREENS Wellone every morning before go to work. It taste sweet and slight sour, love the taste. The amazingly good taste that comes from real Elderberry extract. It is important to constantly strengthen our immune system especially during this pandemic.


I always keep mine in check by taking GREENS Wellone, which is rich in antioxidants from Elderberries and specially formulated in the combination of Echinacea- an ancient healing herb that is well researched for its antiviral properties  in providing a stronger immune support to my body.


Increasing immune system with 100% natural GREENS Wellone can help our body to fight against infection. Drink adequate water to hydrate our body. Rest well and taking care personal hygiene would keep us stay healthy always.


GREENS  Meal For Thee -  Protein Enrichment Drink

Our lifestyle normally is upside down nowadays. Odd hours working time, sleep at late night, life / work pressure, all this might result in bowel movement upside down too. Some people might go to toilet in once daily, but some might go to toilet to pass motion for few days once. Mouse mommy is drinking the GREENS Meal For Thee mostly during working hours or after lunch. Good for friends that want to have weight loss management and good digestion health.  


After trying out this GREENS Meal For Thee - Protein Enrichment Drink for few weeks, mouse mommy likes the banana rich flavour and aroma with 100% real banana. Tasty! Besides good for digestion health, it helps muscle build up and I can feel my body feels lighter and keeps me fueled throughout the day.

The organic soy bean + natural source of protein and banana to keep mouse mommy fuel and constipation free. Happy the GREENS Meal For Thee be my best companion in my weight loss journey! Ganbaru together!


It is just a month away to Chinese New Year celebration! GREENS Meal For Thee is gentle to stomach and easy for digestions. The main ingredients like Pea Protein Isolate and Soy Protein Isolate is an easily digestible protein. It is lactose free and rich in organic soybean powder for fiber. Suitable for vegan/ vegetarian.

Building muscles is not only for body builder. Do you know that muscles helps in fat-loss process and keep our brain function tiptop condition? By building muscles it increases our metabolic rate which in turn helps to burn fats in our body. A glass of GREENS Meal For Thee as it is rich in protein and not to mention it has soy bean + natural source of protein and banana to keep me fuel and constipation free. Work as best companion in my weight loss journey and looking forward flat flat tummy in Chinese New Year.


GREENS UpFi'r – Beauty Drink

Aging process cannot be avoided due to getting older year by year. Mouse mommy always believe in nourishing skin from inside out gives better results. This is my secret of after trying out GREENS UpFi'r a beauty drink dedicated for women desired for ideal body shape and youthfulness. Made from 100% natural based.

Marine Collagen is able to restore skin youthfulness with its small molecule to enhance better absorption that improves skin elasticity and maintain skin firmness and hydration.



Pomegranate Fruit is known for its high antioxidant and rich in Vitamin C that helps to brighten the skin.


Pueraria Mirifica is natural plant source of phytoestrogen helps to firm up and uplifting cup size for an ideal body shape.


Mouse mommy always got skin hydration problem. I realized that after taking GREENS UpFi’r, my skin not easily get dehydration and more elastic. Of course this products is not magic, it take time to see the result too. Most importantly, 100% natural based and safe to consume.


Hope mouse mommy review sharing is helpful for you to choose the right health products. Wish all a Happy Chinese Niu Year in 2021 and getting healthy and pretty! 

Healthy is beautiful! You can order this EGB GREENS Healthy Hamper to your loved one!  


Get your health products,

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MAGGI® “Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” Campaign and CSR Bring CNY Cheer to 11 Elderly Care Homes

The Chinese New Year celebration symbolises new beginnings, as well as a time to rekindle relationships and to foster a spirit of togetherness. With the aim to spread not only joy and happiness but more importantly, to uplift the lives of the senior citizens during this festive period, MAGGI® is rolling out its “Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign in January and February where proceeds from the campaign will be channelled towards a senior home welfare fund. The funds will then be utilised to support the welfare needs of eleven elderly care homes across Malaysia.


Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad said, “During this difficult period, we want reach out and help raise the spirits of a very important community – our senior citizens in elderly care homes who are deeply impacted due to the restrictions on visitation to the homes. Through MAGGI®’s "Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign, we aim to channel funds to upgrade facilities in elderly care homes and improve their overall welfare. We are rallying all Malaysians to come together, so that all of us would be able to help make their Chinese New Year celebration just a little bit more special this year and uplift their spirits during this asupicious ocassion.”


En Yuan Old Folks Home, Rumah Kebajikan Orang-orang Tua Seri Permai, Perkampungan Rumah Sejahtera Warga Emas Islam, Pusat Jagaan Insan Emas Nur Hidayah and Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang are among the eleven beneficiaries that will receive the contributions from this campaign. The funds will be used to help upgrade and repair the living facilities for the senior citizens, improve their overall welfare with the provision of beddings, furniture and household items and raise their spirits through food supplies, in preparation of the upcoming festive season.


According to Stanley Yap, Home Secretary of the En Yuan Old Folks Home, “A common issue that we’re facing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is that some of our residents have felt increasingly isolated and lonely. Like any other year, they look forward to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families, friends and visitors with much joy and anticipation. Our funds have also been impacted throughout the duration of the pandemic, thus, in such challenging times, I am very grateful that companies such as MAGGI® paid attention to the needs of this segment of society, who are often overlooked. Thanks to the support we’ve receive, we would be able to organise a small celebration amongst our residents as well as give out ang pows to help raise their spirits, while ensuring that the living facilities of the home remain sustainable.” 


“There has been a decline in donations and funds ever since the pandemic hit the country. Most of our residents are living with various health complications such as diabetes, stroke or cancer, rendering them bed-ridden. The cost of care for acutely ill residents has been on the rise while we are struggling to secure enough donations and funds. I am grateful that with the support from MAGGI®, we will be able to improve the facilities for the elderly and ensure that their medical needs are met,” said Mohammad Fauzi Ramli, Manager for Rumah Kebajikan Orang-orang Tua Seri Permai, which will benefit from the funds collected from MAGGI®‘s Chinese New Year 2021 campaign.


In line with MAGGI®’s plans to bring to light the needs of underserved communities, MAGGI® also aims to empower Malaysians in the kitchen and inspire them to cook traditonal festive dishes for their loved ones through this campaign.


According to Geetha, “With the reimplementation of the various Movement Control Order (MCO) throughout Malaysia, pushing people back into isolation, it is a good time to integrate a few simple habits that can improve the wellbeing of the family. Staying true to MAGGI®‘s brand promise of helping people to Cook the Difference, we are committed in empowering people to cook tasty and balanced homemade meals for their loved ones this coming Chinese New Year celebration, which can results in many health benefits."


In conjunction with the “Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign, MAGGI® has also introduced seven “ONG”, delicious yet healthy recipes such as the Prosperity Pot, Special Fish Stomach Sliced Soup, Wealth Noodle Dish, Harmonious Vegetable Dish, Stir-fry Cheerful Shrimp, Traditional Pottery Chicken Rice and Steam Grouper Fish.


The "Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign by MAGGI® will run until 28 February 2021, with a total of RM350,000 in prizes. Malaysians will be eligible to participate in the contest, where RM0.10 contribution will then be donated to the senior home welfare fund for every contest entry submitted. Malaysians can submit their contest entries via WhatsApp or mail when they purchase any MAGGI® products.


For more information about MAGGI®’s “Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign and the all-new recipes,

MAGGI®’s official website :

MAGGI®’s Facebook :

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Happy Niu Year with SHOPEE 2.2 CNY SALE

This Chinese New Year festivity may be a tad different, but Shopee and its Brand Ambassador ANIU welcome you to celebrate “A Niu Year” with them at the 2.2 CNY Sale that is taking place till 13 February.  


This year’s sale is as juicy as orange gets with bargains priced at a mere 8 sen, daily 88% Coins cashback vouchers, free shipping with a minimum spend of RM10 and a whole lot of entertainment that will bring cheer while you shop safely from home. Here’s what you need to know about the Shopee 2.2 CNY Sale:


Group Buy: This is where “teamwork makes the dream work” because you need to be in a group to enjoy the deal of a selected item instead of paying for the original price. Happening daily, Group Buy allows you to start your own group with friends and aunties or join an existing one to grab items at slashed prices. On 2 February, look out for Royal Bird's Nest, Sky King Scallop in Abalone Sauce, CNY 100 Plus, Marigold Chrysanthemum Tea, Lotte Korea Luncheon Meat and many more. Rally your gang not to miss out on these ho liao offers. 


Shopee Fortune Box: Be entertained daily with this live game show that rewards lucky audiences with cash prizes from RM0.88, RM8.88, RM88.88, RM888 all the way to the grand prize of RM8,888. Claim a unique code from the Shopee Fortune Box in-app portal on the Shopee homepage to participate before tuning in to Shopee Live at 10PM. An additional session is happening on 2 February at 1PM. 


YES Kasi Up, Spend & Win!: This collaboration with YTL Communications’ YES Kasi UP initiative offers users the chance to win a YES Altitude 3 or Samsung S20 with free 10GB YES data. Just spend a minimum of RM28 from now till 12 February and claim a Golden Ticket to be eligible. Tune in to Shopee Live at 8PM daily to see if you are one of the lucky ones! YES lah!


Shopee Prizes: Need a break from all the shopping, or to collect more coins to help offset your purchases on Shopee? Play Shopee Farm, Shopee Bubble, Shopee Candy, Spin & Win and many more to win from a pool of 18,888,888 Shopee Coins.


Ho Chiak: If, after having shopped for vegetables, fruits, chicken, or fish from Shopee, you do not feel like whipping up a meal, check out mouth-watering meal vouchers that you can purchase on Shopee and redeem from the outlet to tapaohome for the family:

● Coca-Cola brings SO HUAT DEALS from RM1.88 onwards at Kenny Rogers, Marrybrown, Dunkin Donuts, Oldtown, Texas Chicken and more. 

● Toss to a new year with Din Tai Fung’s Fortune Treasure Pot, Smoked Salmon Yu Sang, Fortune Reunion Bundle deals and RM50 Gift Vouchers. Checkout with HSBC Credit Cards to get up to RM118 off selected items. 

● Buy Nando's Chicken Platter for 4 voucher and save RM32.50 for your next takeaway.

● Be the first to try The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf x Shopee CNY exclusives - Cafe Jaffa Orange Chocolate and Jaffa Orange Chocolate Cold Brew Latte. Priced at RM18.50, get it for only RM13.80 from now till 13 February. On 27 & 30 January as well as 1, 2 & 8 February, get them for only RM8.80.

● Get ahead of the queue by trying FamilyMart's CNY exclusive sundae flavour when you purchase the voucher on Shopee for only RM2.28 on 2 and 8 February (RM3.88 at FamilyMart). Redemption starts from 3 February onwards at any of the outlets. While stocks last.


Electronic Deals: Out with the old, in with the niu. Here are some great electronic deals you shouldn’t miss out on 2 February, 12AM:

● Apple iPhone 12 at RM3,781.00 [RRP:RM3,899.00]

● Nintendo Switch Neon / Grey V2 Console at RM1,289.00 [RRP: RM1,599.00]

● Tefal Easy Fry Precision Digital at RM499.00 [RRP:RM999.00]


Discounts up to 80%: Enjoy greater savings on your favourite items with discounts up to 80% when you shop from L'Oreal, P&G, Enfagrow, Pediasure, Friso, Her Jewellery, Tefal, Unilever, Photobook, Dr Cardin, Somebymi, Vinda, Skechers, Nestlé, Philips, realme, Nam Heong, Black Whale and many more. 


Tame your mane post-MCO 2.0 with Schwarzkopf Professional on deals up to 50% off on hair treatments as well as haircut, wash and blow at participating hair salons including A Cut Above, Monsoon-id and more. Promotions are available till 13 February, with redemption period from 1 March to 31 August 2021. 


Don’t forget to top up your ShopeePay for a faster and smoother checkout on 2 February. Even better, you stand a chance to win up to 22,222 Shopee Coins with every topup of a minimum RM50 to your ShopeePay wallet in ShopeePay’s2.2 Lucky Draw. 


Now, let us entertain you to some CNY cheer from Shopee and ANIU with a rendition of his popular number, “面的女孩看” (translation: to the girl opposite, look over here) -


Visit to check out Shopee’s 2.2 CNY Sale!

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Ring in the Year of the Ox with 1960s Vibes at the Curve

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Despite a more subdued Chinese New Year ambience this year, the Curve is ringing in the Year of the Ox with a trip down memory lane, with its nostalgic Treasures of Yesteryears theme that was inspired by iconic scenes of 1960s Kuala Lumpur Chinatown.

Commemorating this auspicious time of year, the Curve is recreating the festive ambiance of the 1960s era from January 9 to February 14, 2021.


Visitors with essential shopping or F&B takeaway at the Curve can relive memories of yesteryears as they step through the intricate Chinese archway at the Centre Court. A feature point of the Centre Court’s Chinese New Year decor is the traditional lantern-lit bridge inspired by heritage lane "Kwai Chai Hong".


Reminiscent of a time when people would flock to Chinatown to usher in the Lunar New Year, patrons can enjoy the nostalgia-themed experience, complete with artistic street murals, and cherry blossoms and bamboo plants completing the décor.


Senior General Manager of the Curve, Jazmi Kamarudin, commented, “In view of the MCO 2.0, the Curve has made adjustments to our Chinese New Year campaign for the sake of curbing the spread of the coronavirus that continues to impact Malaysians. We are still doing our part to celebrate with our thematic festive décor that will greet visitors to the Curve. However, we will no longer have the much-anticipated festive musical performance and lion dance.”

“Our décor this year celebrates the history and festive ambiance of the 1960s-style celebration of this auspicious occasion. We hope this distinctive setting, infused with the unique vibes of Chinatown from years gone by will inspire our patrons to look forward to new beginnings, and remain optimistic that there are brighter days ahead.”


Jazmi further added, “To ensure the safety of all those at the mall, the Curve management continues to implement strict SOP during this time. The public can also rest assured the mall is cleaned and surface disinfected several times a day. We ask that all patrons on our premises observe the SOP, shop responsibly and stay safe.”


In addition to essential services and F&B outlets providing takeaway and delivery, other outlets that have received approval to remain open at the Curve during MCO 2.0 include laundry services, books and stationery outlets, furniture and jewelry outlets.


As an added treat, patrons who spend a minimum of RM388 in a maximum of two receipts will be able to redeem an Auspicious Ceramic Bowl. Available in five vibrant colours, patrons are encouraged to start shopping now to bring home the full set of the Auspicious Ceramic Bowl! Meanwhile, those who spend a minimum of RM188 in a maximum of two receipts will be eligible to redeem Huat-Huat Angpow packets. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions and while stocks last.


Interested to know more details about the Curve,

Website :

Facebook :

Instagram :

Customer Care : +603-7710 6868

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Tesco Super Brand Day Ong Sana Ong Sini this CNY with Shopee

Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd returns with even more irresistible deals this Chinese New Year (CNY) for its Super Brand Day (SBD) on e-commerce platform Shopee. From 27 till 29 January, the hypermarket will bring eye-catching promos to Malaysians on an assortment of products from Home and Living to Health and Beauty, on top of an exciting Spend & Win contest for a wallet-friendly yet memorable festive season.


“At Tesco, we believe that Every Little Help Makes A Big Difference, especially so during challenging times such as this. At Tesco, we are continuously striving to bring greater value to our customers’ needs in the best way possible. Through this SBD collaboration with Shopee, customers can now shop for their daily as well as festivities needs through our extensive range of products on the Shopee platform,” said Non-Food and Multichannel Director, Janice Chan. 


“If there is one particular aspect about this SBD that we are most excited about, it would be the Limited Time Deals where users can stretch the value for their Ringgit. We recommend setting reminders for these as you would not want to miss them,” added Chan.


Tesco’s official store on Shopee currently lists over 4,000 items. Among the popular products include the 2021 CNY hampers, canned drinks, diapers as well as Tesco’s very own Fred & Flo range and milk powder. Kitchen appliances such as the Tesco Stainless Steel Steamer, microwave ovens and rice cookers can also be found; while larger items such as family pools and banquet tables are also available. The store is home to many other much-loved Tesco Own Brand products, which offer great quality at affordable prices for customers.


The Tesco SBD will also feature the Ox-Some Huat Deals, with up to 35 per cent off on Groceries and Home and Living items on 27 January, followed by up to 25 per cent off on products in the Baby and Toys, and Health and Beauty categories on 28 January. 

On 29 January, the Tesco CNY Fire-Cracking Sale takes centrestage and brings Ong Sana Ong Sini with up to 50 per cent off on items from all these categories and more! This date will also feature mouth-watering Limited Time Deals where users can grab Lowest Price Deals from 12AM - 2AM, 12PM - 2PM and 8PM - 12AM.


The good news does not stop there for Tesco shoppers onShopee. In the Spend & Win contest, users who spend RM188 in one checkout during the campaign period stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to RM4,000. 

Meanwhile, the new Group Buy feature allows consumers to buy selected items at even lower prices when they do so together. Top these off with Shopee coins cashback and discount vouchers, and the Tesco SBD is sure to be a sale not to be missed.


The Tesco SBD is part of Shopee’s 2.2 CNY Sale where users visiting the platform stand to enjoy daily 88 per cent off discount vouchers, free shipping with a minimum spend of RM10 as well as bargains priced at a mere eight sen. It also brings users strings of entertainment including daily RM8,888 Shopee Fortune Box with cash prizes to be won. 


To enjoy Tesco’s exclusive deals, visit For smoother checkouts throughout the SBD, top up and pay with ShopeePay.

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