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Practice Personal Care and Hand Hygiene With Antabax

In view of the increasing number of influenza cases in Malaysia, Antabax and KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital are working together on the Always Be Clean (ABC) for Health hygiene campaign, with the goal of raising awareness among Malaysians on hand hygiene. Right now, there is public health emergency of international concern - Wuhan coronavirus.

Hand hygiene and personal hygiene is important in order to take care ourselves and minimize the possibilities of cross-infection.

The Ministry of Health Malaysia advises the public to practice high levels of personal hygiene, frequent hand washing with soap and water, or with hand sanitiser, observing correct sneezing and coughing etiquette, and following a healthy lifestyle[1]. 

According to Ms Vivian Lee, Senior Brand Manager of Antabax,  keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps to avoid falling ill, and reducing the spread of communicable diseases to others. 

Antabax swung into action upon receiving alerts on the increase in influenza cases. We have been working with the relevant authorities to promote better hygiene habits for over a decade, and are glad to collaborate with KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital to educate the public on steps to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading communicable diseases such as influenza.”

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention[2] show not washing hands harms children around the world.  Handwashing with soap could protect almost 1 out of 5 young children with respiratory infections like pneumonia[3] . Although people around the world clean their hands with water, very few use soap to wash their hands. Washing hands with soap removes germs much more effectively [4].

About Influenza
Influenza is transmitted mainly by droplets disseminated by unprotected coughs and sneezes. Short-distance airborne transmission of influenza viruses may occur, particularly in crowded enclosed spaces. Hand contamination is another possible source of transmission[5].

Signs and Symptoms of Influenza
Signs and symptoms of influenza include temperatures higher than 38 degrees Celsius, prolonged lethargy or tiredness of up to two to three weeks, pronounced joint and muscle ache, dry cough, frequent sneezing, sore throat and headache[6]. Those showing these signs and symptoms should seek prompt medical treatment. High-risk groups include those above 65 years, pregnant mothers, those with chronic illnesses, respiratory illnesses and young children. 

The Ministry of Health Malaysia also recommends the public, especially those from high risk groups to get seasonal flu vaccination. 

According to Dr Muhamad Yazli Yuhana, Consultant Internal Medicine & Infectious Diseases of KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, the hospital is treating more than 50 cases of influenza this week and feels that it is crucial to increase awareness on the disease and reduce the spread. 

“The hospital is recording more cases as compared to the years before. We hope that through joint initiatives such as the Antabax ABC for Health, our community will learn to take preventive measures to protect themselves and their families. We need to be more proactive when it comes to taking vaccinations, ensuring hand hygiene, cough etiquette and getting prompt medical treatment, to reduce the spread of influenza,” said Dr Yazli who gave a public talk on ‘Influenza Outbreak: Reduce the Spread!”

The catchy Antabax hand hygiene song lifted the spirits of the children from the KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital who joined the education and awareness program and helped them remember the correct steps for hand washing as demonstrated by nurses from the hospital’s infection control unit.

“The spread of communicable diseases such as influenza can be reduced when we work together. It is as important to keep from spreading the disease, as it is to keep from catching it. The key takeaway for everyone is that we should Always Be Clean at all times,” Ms Lee added. 

The ABC for Health Campaign was developed by Antabax in 2018 to raise awareness among preschoolers and primary students. It has been rolled out to more than 6,000 students nationwide. 

Info from World Health Organization.

All of us got to stay healthy with strong immune system with adequate rest, practice good hand hygiene and personal care hygiene, hydrated, light exercise and good air circulation at house, school and workplace.

Info from Ministry of Health Malaysia (Info Updated on 01 Feb 2020, 2:30pm).

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases update by Ministry of Health Malaysia

Dengue Cases by Ministry of Health Malaysia

The Wuhan Virus Live Updates

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Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer | Multipurpose Home Use Sterilizer

Mouse mommy’s hospital is autoclave sterilize medical devices everyday. Thinking of having one sterilizer at home too!

Happy to review this Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer that is light in weight 2.02kg, portable and able to sterilize in home base. Before this, mouse mommy only thought that we can steam or sterilize baby feeding products.

Lunavie Portable UV Sterilizer & Dryer

Never thought of we can sterilize personal care gadget, home use medical items, kid toys and as well as electronic devices

This is very important as in normal wash with soap is unable to kill all germs and bacterial.

This Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer come with 4 functions which is Auto (Sterilize + Dry), Sterilize, Dry and Storage.

As for baby below 2 years old, highly recommended to disinfect all the feeding related products included teat, bottle, bottle cover, pacifier and milk powder bottle too. This is due to baby digestive system is still not yet mature and easily get infected by germs and bacteria.

As for breastfeeding mommies, make sure all the breastmilk storage bottles is sterilize before pump breastmilk and storage to avoid breastmilk contamination. Our breastmilk is high in nutrition, once polluted with some germs and bacteria, it will multiply very fast and contaminated, cannot give it to our babies to drink.

Mouse mommy’s personal experience that my breastmilk on the bra during my confinement duration, the next day, molds growth on my bra at the breastmilk spot region.

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer : Auto mode ( Sterilize + Dry )

Some breastfeeding mommies also complaint about breast mastitis keep on recurrence, mommies can try to use boiled hot water to pour on the washed clean bra and dry up in the hot sun. 

Can apply the same technique for undergarment too, if you come across any discharge or recurrence disease. Hope helpful tips for mommies.    

Mouse mommy found that top open type of Lunavie Portable UV Sterilizer & Dryer really convenient in handling. The space is also spacious with 7 Liter inner capacity that can load many items inside especially suitable baby and kids feeding bottle that bulky in shape.  

Love the Lunavie Portable UV Sterilizer & Dryer with features of 7-Sided Refraction Sterilization with 7 mirror stainless steel allows the UV to refract 360 degrees without hidden angle.

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer : Dry mode

Safe Low Temp Drying Technology with low temperature drying that able to prolongs the life cycle of baby feeding items.

The Clean Filter Technology can effectively filter 99.7% barrier from outside hazardous substances.

With the use of Philips UltraVoilet (UV ) Light can disinfection up to 99.9% of germs, bacterial, molds and viruses.

Germs Free Up To 72 Hours With Storage Mode Activated. Every 2 hours UV Sterilizer will be activated for 2 minutes till maximum of 72 hours.  

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer : Storage mode

Mouse mommy has make a video review and uploaded to YouTube. Hope helpful guidance for mommies!

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer : Sterilize mode

It can disinfection up to 99.9% of germs, bacterial, molds and viruses, even at home! Especially good to avoid cross infection or recurrence disease happen at home! Recommended.

Lunavie UV Sterilizer & Dryer 

Interested to get to know more about Lunavie Portable UV Sterilizer & Dryer,

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