Non-Halal : Skippys Pizza | Real Food | Real Taste | Real Satisfaction

Skippys Pizza... hmm... mouse mommy was just thought of western food and pizza cuisine. Once mouse mommy open up the menu and realized that many dishes was included and their specialty is Pork cuisine. There are appetizers, salads, main course, burgers, pasta, vegetarian, seafood, noodles, soups, bar snacks, desserts, side orders and drinks. The portion of the food was large and can be eaten by one or two pax. Mouse mommy personally loves the well-cooked of the Skippy's pork ribs in 7 sauces (10pcs), RM26.00 that really taste delicious and superb juicy!

Others than that, Skippy's Glutton Pork Burger, RM25.50  also yummy to eat. The burger consists of egg, salad and thick pork slice in a big burger bun. Feeling full! burp...

Mouse mommy also ordering the signature Fay's Special Pizza (9"), RM26.00 (haha... Lady boss Fay's creation) with ham, minced pork, mushrooms and pineapple topping. The well cooked and suitable seasoning of the pizza was just nice to eat without any additional ketchup or chili sauce needed. Skippyspizza's pizza dough and sauces was homemade and made with olive oil and quality ingredients. 

Skippy's salad with sundried tomatoes, olives, anchovies and bacon that cost RM19.50. A big bowl of the salad that just nice to regulate with the pork dishes and pizza. A mixture of all in the salad with different texture and size make the right taste of it! Mouse mommy even thought want to eat it together with rice. 

If you dine in in the Skippys Pizza, must try out their french fries. A simple yet nice french fries that we had eaten. The french fries was not too dry or too hard to chewed. Mouse mommy asked whether the french fries was imported from oversea? The lady boss Fay answered that was their secret recipe of chips.   

Skippys Pizza was a nice ambient that suitable for family and friends gathering. Small events also just nice to have it here with nice food and environment. Mouse mommy likes the cleanliness of the table, chairs and floors. Tissues was provided. The staffs also polite and friendly. 

Besides that, Skippys Pizza also provides delivery service at area of Bandar Utama, TTDI, Damansara Perdana, SS1-26, Mutiara Damansara, Mount Kiara, Hartamas, Bangsar Baru, PJ Section 1-22, Damansara Height, Kelana Jaya and Kota Damansara with delivery fee of RM6.00 and minimum order of RM30.00. Others area that required delivery service can call 019-250 9347 to check out. 

Mouse mommy was really satisfied with the Real Pork specialist dishes that we dine in in Skippys Pizza. Feeling full and satisfaction! Highly recommended by mouse mommy!

Mouse mommy had snap shot Skippys Pizza name card for your reference. They had two outlets that we can visit to. The one that mouse mommy has visited was located at Damansara Uptown. The food was superb. But, the area was quite hard to look for parking. Ciao! 

Skippys Pizza - A Real Pork Pizza Company
Damansara Uptown
No.33 Jalan 21/56B
47400 Petaling Jaya
Mon-Thurs : 12:00-15:00 & 17:00-24:00
Fri - Sun     : 11:30-24:00

Phileo Damansara 1
Block D Unit 107
No.9 Jalan 16/11 off Jalan Damansara
43650 Petaling Jaya
(next to Eastin Hotel)
Mon- Sat : 11:30-22:00
Sun          : Closed 

Website :  

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Find My Right Toothbrush With Systema "Love At First Brush" Launching Campaign !

Mr. Naoyuki Egawa, R&D and Factory Director of Southern Lion presenting 10,000 toothbrush dental kits to Datuk Dr. Noor Aliyah Ismail, Principal Director, Oral Health, Ministry of Health with Datin Zarina Abdullah, President, Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association
Mouse mommy was attending a Systema launching event of "Love at First Brush" at Centre Court, Ground Floor, Old Wing in One Utama Shopping Centre. The Systema campaign will be held till 30 April 2017, Sunday. According to National Oral Health Survey for Adults 2010, the occurrence of gum disease amongst Malaysian adults has increased within the last ten years to a whopping 94%. With statistics as dire as this, Japan’s No.1 toothbrush brand Systema from Lion Corporation Japan partnered with Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association (MDTA) with support of Oral Health (OH) embarked on “Love at First Brush” campaign. It is aimed at educating Malaysians and raising awareness of the prevalence and prevention of gum disease by helping individuals find their right toothbrush that caters to their brushing habits for an effective brushing.

The official launch of ‘Love At First Brush’ campaign (standing from left to right: Ms. Caryn Loh, Country General Manager, Watson’s Personal Care Stores, Mr. Naoyuki Egawa, R&D and Factory Director of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Datuk Dr. Noor Aliyah Ismail, Principal Director, Oral Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Datin Zarina Abdullah, President, Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association, and Ms. Christina Yong, Marketing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd
Systema recently conducted a nationwide online research with 500 adults aged 15 to 19 and 25 to 55 on their knowledge of oral health, attitude and behavior toward their oral care. The findings indicated that there is a lack of understanding on proper oral care and awareness on gum disease. 50% of Malaysians surveyed believe that gums bleeding during brushing is normal and 54% of them do not know what plaque, the major cause of gum disease is.

Hence, ‘Love at First Brush’ aims to tackle this issue from the onset. Systema developed public education materials for MDTA starting with a video on “How to Prevent Gum Disease” which shows what goes inside the mouth if plaque bacteria are left unchecked on teeth especially along gum lines and in-between teeth. Once the importance of preventing gum disease is understood, the next step is simple. By employing the right brushing technique and knowing the right areas to brush, Malaysians can easily achieve healthy gums and retain teeth for life. Through this campaign, mouse mommy was exposed to the unique of technology and design behind the Systema toothbrush that cater for individual needs! 

Additionally, 10,000 Systema toothbrush dental kits were contributed to Oral Health, Ministry Of Health Malaysia for nationwide distribution. This will enable the dental professionals such dental therapists to use the provided video and toothbrushes to educate patients on gum disease and proper toothbrushing technique to remove plaque as the rudiments of preventing gum disease: brushing all five parts of the teeth – the back teeth, in between teeth, along the gum lines, the chewing surface and the smile surface. Many facts and educational information available for oral health applicable in the Systema roadshow. Great information for all!
The unique technology and design of Systema toothbrush that dedicated for all individual needs! 
Systema ‘Love at FirstBrush’ campaign is a testimony of why 8 out 10 loves Systema at first brush. It’s about finding your right toothbrush and the brand understands this well. Each one of us is an individual with unique oral condition and brushing habits. The key is to understand how to select your ideal toothbrush” said Christina Yong, Marketing Director of Southern Lion Sdn. Bhd.

At the Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association (MDTA), we are firm believers that oral health plays an important role in the general well-being of people. Our  gums are really the unsung heroes of our mouths as they hold the teeth in place. However, because they’re not the first thing we notice, they often go unheralded,” said Datin Zarina Abdullah, President of Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association.

Since 2002, Lion Corporation has worked with dental professionals in support of oral health education programs conducted by dental therapists in schools around Malaysia. Upon discovering that parents often left oral care education and brushing instructions of their children to dental professionals, this year, Lion Corporation Japan has extended their reach to include adults. Through this, parents would also have an increased level of understanding and awareness and can inculcate good brushing habits in their children as well as themselves.

Kodomo LION - Start Early , Healthy Teeth For Life !
Supported by OH, Datuk Dr. Noor Aliyah Ismail, Principal Director, Oral Health, Ministry of Health expressed that “Through campaigns like Systema’s ‘Love at First Brush’, we hope to see an improvement in the overall state of gum health in Malaysia. The education and awareness that we will spread, beginning at a patient’s young age, will continue in the right direction through this initiative”.

Educational materials will also be distributed online especially on social media platforms to help penetrate the minds of Malaysians. Tips on dental care will be included to showcase how to prevent gum disease. Information disseminated will be based on insights gathered from a survey.
“Some of the insights show that while Malaysians do brush their teeth, they often tend to neglect their gum lines and don’t brush between their teeth, where plaque accumulates, leading to gum disease. The key to maintaining good oral health is to understand the purpose of brushing – to remove plaque. Selecting the right brush for your mouth is also essential,” said Christina.

Contrary to popular belief that harder bristles are better at cleaning the teeth, toothbrushes with hard bristles do not mean that it removes plaques effectively. Because plaque is sticky, soft bristles can just as easily remove plaque – making it effective as well as easy on the gums and teeth, in line with consensus recommendation from dentists.

Facts about Gum Disease
At Systema, the toothbrushes are designed with super tapered and slim bristles which are three times gentler on the gum, 40% better in cleaning in between teeth and nine times better in removing plaque along the gum pocket. Also, the brand caters to individuals’ brushing needs and habits. For instance, a person with a small jaw can use Systema Compact which has a smaller head size and ensures detailed brushing all the way to the back teeth.  The Systema 3D Clean with 5 multi-cleaning action on the other hand helps clean all parts of the mouth and removes 63% of plaque better. 

For children aged 8-12 with mixed dentition, the brand has recently introduced Systema Pre-teen with bi-level ultra-soft bristles and compact head size to clean uneven teeth due to the presence of both milk and permanent teeth. While the designs may be different, they all have 0.02mm tapered soft bristles which are 3 times gentler than any ordinary toothbrush, making it easy on the gums.

“There is a toothbrush for every mouth. Consumers just need to find the right one that fits their brushing habits. We want our consumers to meet their ‘soul-toothbrushes’ or ‘toothbrush for life’, adopt the proper brushing technique and together, we can fight and decrease the statistics of gum disease in our country,” said Christina.

 “At Systema, we strive to bring a happier, cleaner and healthier living to all Malaysians by introducing products designed to change, improve and impact positively on the quality of life of Malaysians,” she concluded.

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Hyruan ONE | Korean Technology For Osteoarthritis Treatment

Hyruan ONE injection only required ONE injection for osteoarthritis treatment !
Mouse mommy was recently doing some information searching on knee pain treatment and found out many information. Let me share with you. Viscosupplement is a treatment using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) or Sodium Hyaluronate to replace diseased synovial fluid and to restore the visco-elasticity loss in the knee joint caused by osteoarthritis (OA).

For over 16 years in Malaysia, treatment with viscosupplement is generally safe and effective. Many brands and formulations have evolved, whether using different source of HA, different level of HA concentration, high or low molecular weight, cross-linked or non-cross-linked formula and is even used concomitantly with blood derived plasma product.

Viscosupplement such as Hyruan ONE, is a single injection HA, formulated using latest technology, non-avian source (not from chicken source), cross-linked and high molecular weight, high HA concentration that comes with an affordable price. My father was complaining about frequent knee pain recently and mouse mommy was looking for suitable and affordable price of treatment for my father’s knee pain.
So thoughtful of the Hyruan ONE injection package that include A Guide For Knee Exercise. Thumbs up! 
Mouse mommy has discovered a new Korean technology of Hyruan ONE and is able to reduce pain, improve joint mobility and to regain the quality of lifestyle. Hyruan ONE is cross-linked, high molecular weight and high HA concentration to provide both good resorption and cushioning effect for joint protection and pain reduction. Mouse mommy was happy that Hyruan ONE is formulated using latest technology, non-avian source (not from chicken source) to ensure patients with no allergic reaction to avian proteins. It is a newer and more affordable option compared to similar products in the market.

Mdm. Chin, a HyruanONE patient was sharing her feedback that “I felt much improvement on my knee joint after 3 weeks and I’m happy that I’m taking lesser pain killer medications day after day”.

Other than that, mouse mommy was figuring out details and information for my father and would like to share it out to community that needs the information as well. Hope it is helpful!

Am I suitable for Hyruan ONE treatment?
If you have been diagnosed with knee OA and you have tried many pain medications or other intra-articular injections (like steroids or low molecular weight HA) but still unsatisfactory of the pain relief and its side effects, you are a candidate for Hyruan ONE.  Please check with your doctor or any orthopaedic surgeon about this treatment.

Pn. Khalidah, a Hyruan ONE patient has claimed that “I’m a teacher and walks a lot and my knee hurts, I feel much better after the injection of Hyruan ONE”.

How long does the pain relief last?
In general, you may start to feel the gradual pain reduction 2-3 weeks after the treatment and the most pain reduction can be felt after week 10 to week 14*. Pain relief duration varies across patient to patient depending on severity of the knee OA stage and other factors. For mild to moderate stage, it may last between 6 to 12 months. Some patients may experience good pain relief beyond 12 months**.

Reference:*HyruanONE Phase III Study (LBSA0103), **Based on experience of some doctors familiar with HA Injections.

Any side effects?
The common and temporary side effects reported are redness, warmth, swelling and injection site pain. These side effects will normally go away after 48 hours post-treatment. If it happens to you, you may put a cold patch over the area and reduce joint movement for the next 48 hours. If the side effects persist for more than 7 days, please visit your doctor for further examination.

What do I expect during injection?
Experienced doctors with intra-articular injections procedure will ensure you have minimal discomfort during the injection. The doctor will normally use some local anaesthetic to soothe the sensation during injection. Most of the time patients will not feel the sensation during injection and the procedure can be done in less than 5 minutes. After which the doctor will mobilize your joint a few times to get the Hyruan ONE distributed evenly in the joint. You may walk like normal after the injection. It is advisable to rest and reduce movement for the next 48 hours.

Mdm. Chua, another Hyruan ONE patient shared her experience that “my knee pain goes on and off and sometimes very painful and stiff especially just woke up from sleep, I’m glad that this Hyruan ONE injection helps a lot”.
Hyruan ONE injection that available in medical centre.
The product is manufactured by LG Chem Ltd (formerly known as LG Life Sciences), a large multinational bio-pharmaceutical company based in Korea. Yes you read it right it belongs to the same parent company LG Corporation whom we are more familiar with their high end OLED TVs and washing machines in Malaysia under LG Electronics division.

Hyruan ONE is currently available in most private and government hospitals in Malaysia. Please take note that the procedure of injecting any HA to the joints must be done by qualified doctors such as orthopaedic surgeons. Hyruan ONE is indicated for OA of the knee, hip, shoulder and ankle. Wow! Mouse mommy was thinking about my father’s knee pain and this HA injection could be helpful and never thought that it can be applied for hip, shoulder and ankle too!

In Malaysia, Hyruan ONE is distributed by PhilosMed Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

For more information of Hyruan ONE,
Website                    :
Distributor                : PhilosMed Marketing Sdn Bhd
Company Address : N-12-16, First Subang Mall, Jalan SS15/4G, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.
Contact Person        : Chan 019-473 1319

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