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Children Found Surprise In Cadbury Dairy Milk In Lickables With Love!

The joy of giving just got a lot sweeter! Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia, the world’s best-selling confectionary brand under Mondelēz International (Mondelez), today launched Cadbury Dairy Milk  in Lickables – a new and unique chocolate treat. 

[L-R] Nisha Nair (Mondelēz International Brand Manager of Chocolate), Vikram Karwal (Mondelēz International Associate Director of Southeast Asia, Chocolate) 
and Nikhil Nicholas, (Mondelēz Malaysia Chocolates Category Manager)
It’s no secret that the love parents feel for their children is often described as incomparable to any other kind of love. Parents always want the best for their young ones, and this includes presenting their children with the best reward they can find. 

With this in mind, the confectionary conglomerate developed Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables, a delectable treat made with love aimed at cultivating the parent to child bond.  So thoughful of Cadbury Lickables that understand parents and children needs!

Mouse mommy always spend quality time with kids MR and baby MH by having activities together. We are joining a food art workshop conducted by Samantha Lee to create a space ship rocket according to our imagination and creativities via bread, cheese and fruits.

Mouse mommy was cutting the bread in triangle shape to form the rocket and fruit in multiple shapes. MR was put the cucumber slice as rocket base, his favourite kiwi fruit as rocket body and orange as the rocket head. MR wants a sunny day and decorate with lemon pieces. 

At last, we garnished with cheese cut into ‘love’ shape and ‘star’ shape. This is our masterpiece of MR space ship rocket! The mom-son bonding moments that we experience will be stay in our unforgettable memory!

By explore, experiment and experience together with family and kids, create a strong bonding family relationship and cultivate children become a better person in character and value. Children is our future leader!

Sporting the quintessential bright purple Cadbury packaging, the product comes in a unique UFO-shaped container that will spark anyone’s curiosity to uncover what’s inside. Curious!

Mouse mommy loves the cool space ship design of the Cadbury Lickables, the seal was very good. After MR and baby MH finished the Cadbury Lickables, mouse mommy can wash it and reused as snacks or ‘kurma’ container for my kids to enjoy their snacks during break time. Good to use as ‘kurma’ storage kit for adults and kids during Ramadan too.

While one half contains the delicious treat oozing with Cadbury Dairy Milk’s mousse-like chocolate combined with the goodness of wheat crispies and the crunchiness of Oreo cookie bits, the other half opens up to another surprising treat featuring a Pokémon character toy. Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables debuts with more than 25 Pokémon toys to be collected. 

MR has collected for 5 Pokemon toys, going to 21 Pokemon to go! The Pokemon toys were so cute and can use it as whistle and stamp.

Besides the Pokemon whistles toys, Pokemon cards, Pokemon speedy spinner, Pokemon keychain, Pokemon colourful bag tags and Pokemon pencil toppers might be found in every Cadbury Lickables!      

Speaking at the launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables, Vikram Karwal, Mondelēz International Associate Director of Southeast Asia, Chocolate said, “For the very first time, Malaysians can now enjoy Cadbury Dairy Milk in a creamy format that goes well with a crunchy texture. The delicious taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk along with the collectibles are sure to delight many consumers especially parents who want to delight their children with a special treat. Adults too get to regain their sense of childlike wonder with nostalgic and memorable toy characters such as Pokémon. This coincides with the theme of the Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables campaign, #CadburyWithLove where we aim to encourage everyone to share moments of love with each other.”

First launched in India in March 2017, the innovative chocolate offering has made its long-awaited arrival to the Malaysian chocolate scene. As a leading growth driver in the chocolates category, Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables is part of Mondelēz’s effort to progressively innovate and keep bringing exciting formats and unique taste experiences that will continuously delight Cadbury’s customers.

Our ambition is to continue being an iconic and well-loved brand for Malaysians. We are optimistic that Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables will drive a sustained growth for our business in Malaysia. As a category leader we see limitless opportunities with this breakthrough product which has already become a huge success for Cadbury Dairy Milk in other markets and judging from our consumer research and feedback, we are sure that Malaysian consumers will love it as well,” continued Vikram.

The new Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables is now available in major Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, nationwide with a selling price of RM4.20 for 20g. Thanks Cadbury! We love the Cadbury Lickables so much! Yum…yum… More photos can click here to view Album 1 | Album 2

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Fun-Filled School Holiday With Nickelodeon Jr. At Sunway Pyramid

This school holidays from 9 – 25 March 2018, a wide variety of kid-friendly activities and fun awaits the whole family to come and play with Nickelodeon at Sunway Pyramid, LG2 Blue Concourse!

Our kids can experience Malaysia’s first Nickelodeon Playland which features three well-loved Nick Jr. characters:  Shimmer and Shine, Paw Patrol, and Blaze and the Monster Machines.

Want to be a part of Shimmer and Shine’s magical genie world? For the first time in Malaysia, fans can meet and greet the twin genies-in-training at the concourse from 16 – 18 March, and take part in fun workshops held throughout the month.

Mouse mommy and family also take part in Shimmer and Shine meet and greet session to have a memorable family photo moments in this school holidays! Lovely!

Kids can also join Paw Patrol in their mission to keep a lookout for trouble at the interactive Paw Tower! Simply climb up the steps and lookout from the top, then take slide down into a cushiony foam pit! MR and baby MH also get excited with sliding games and throwing the light foam pit to each and others. Haha! **Gentle reminder that required to bring along SOCKS for the Paw Tower Sliding game.

Gimme, gimme, gimme some speed with Blaze and the Monster Machines at the Kiddie Car Ride area. Hop in and ride like Blaze and his buddies around the race track, open for kids aged 3 to 7.

MR and baby MH love to drive the Blaze car so much! MR already a big boy and able to drive and control the Blaze car on his own, good for eye-hand coordination activity. While baby MH was required child-friendly staff to remote control the Blaze car. More photos can click here to view. 

Activity Schedule:
Kiddie Car Rides
Fun Workshops
Paw Tower
(16 – 18 March)
10:00am – 11:30am

10am – 10pm

10am – 10pm
12:00pm – 1:30am
2:00pm – 3:30pm
4:00pm – 5:30pm
6:00pm – 7:30pm
8:00pm – 9:30pm
Ops! We also spotted a Thomas Train in Sunway Pyramid. Mouse mommy and kids MR, baby MH really love to shop in this children-friendly shopping mall. 

Interested to know more about Sunway Pyramid,
Customer Service : 03-7494 3100

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Money Saving Tips For Mummies In Parenting!

Mouse mommy was found an interesting place to shop for preloved mom and baby necessary items at One City USJ called Jalan Jalan Japan. The store was huge with two levels. Mouse mommy not only able to find the mom and baby preloved products, I can get baby car seats, household, clothes, toys, shoes, bags, kitchenware, hobbies, sports, stationery and music instruments as well.   

As a mom, mouse mommy always think on baby safety first. Baby car seat is very important to safeguard our babies and keep them on seated while mommy driving. A baby car seat with safety features will cost range about RM 500 to RM1,500 which is quite expensive and not every family afford to buy one for their baby. Mouse mommy found a decent preloved combi baby car seat that can get in Jalan Jalan Japan for RM80. Great deal! If mommy’s baby car seat padding or cushion was torn and unusable, no worries, you can get it here with range about RM 5 to RM 15 with multiple designs of paddings.   

Babywearing is also important for mouse mommy to bring along baby MH when we go for shopping. I bought a ring sling baby wearing with RM 180 when I give birth to MR 6 years ago which it very useful and convenient, but quite cozy. Mouse mommy found many types of Japan preloved baby carriers such as ring sling and soft structured that cost about RM 10 – RM 15. Practical tool for mommy!

Potty train also can found here with multiple designs that mommies want. Baby MH was attracted by a Fisher Price yellow colour potty that comes with alphabets and numbers which cost RM50. 

Preloved Bright Star baby play mat cost about RM10 with attractive colours and multiple activities for babies.  

Music instruments such as guitar, flute, drum and digital pianos available too with cost range about RM10 - RM200. The flute was useful for primary school students.

Many children toys and games available too. MR was spotted a basket ball cost RM 6 and two sets of blue and green buses with RM 3 for each sets of 2 units buses. Really a Japan preloved toys paradises for kids.   

MR and baby MH were happily have fun with the interactive toys too. The Japanese toys also come with the features of hand eyes coordination, sensory cultivation and encourage motor movement which is good for baby and toddlers to explore, experiment and experience themselves. The price range from RM 10 to RM 50.

MR was found a play gym and his loves it so much! The play gym which cost RM15 was allow kids to climb with encourage motor movement training. MR and baby MH were enjoying their new toys!

Hmmm… then we decided to bought them a mini indoor playland which allow MR and baby MH to climb, slide and swing at home. Try to make a guess how much it cost? A brand new set of Anpanman indoor playland cost about 14,999 Yen in Japan, convert to Ringgit Malaysia about RM570 to RM650. Mouse mommy was bought it with RM120 at Jalan Jalan Japan. Worthy! As in kids grow up very fast and we can save money while buying preloved kids items, go green for greener world too! More photos can click here to view

We cannot read the Japanese words on the mini toddler indoor playland, but the simple and convenient design and structure of the indoor playland was easy to build up eventhough just visually see the image via indoor playland box set. Mouse papa was team up with MR and baby MH to build up their playland. It is a compact and solid indoor playland that support children weight till 25kg. 

Mouse mommy was happy with this fruitful trip to Jalan Jalan Japan as in able to bring home a quality and nice Japan preloved mini indoor playland for kids with worthy price. Hope that MR and baby MH can have a sweet playtime together! At the same time, cultivate their go green recycle culture for a greener world as we practice in our family! Can click here to view video. 

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Exciting Astro CNY ‘Whooppee’ Rewards and Activities Await Us!

Happy Dong Zhi! Happy winter solstice festival! Astro launched its Chinese New Year campaign, ‘Invest your best. Boundless happiness’ with a 360° offering ranging from new digital, radio and TV content, contests, gamification apps and ground events for the whole family across its multi platforms.

Mouse mommy also grabs a Astro CNY album as support the CNY event! There are a CD and DVD with CNY songs comic book in a plastic pouch. Lovely and trendy just like the icon #whoopee2018 !

The Astro CNY campaign kickstarts with “Symphony of Love”, a new reality series, followed by a chance to win bonanza prizes such as a house, smartphones, gift vouchers and other prizes worth over RM1 million for customers, or watch a heart warming CNY movie by award winning Director Chiu, shop for Whoopee soft toy from Go Shop, play Happy Whoopee game app, listen to feng shui advice and songs from Astro’s CNY album on our radio as well as meet popular Astro celebrities at the Chinese New Year countdown gala event.

Astro also unveiled its 2018 CNY movie, “Think Big Big”, to be released on xx February 2018 and its new soft toy – Whoopee, which will be available for sale on Go Shop on TV, online and mobile. Award winning movie director Chiu Keng Guan has shared his thoughts on the latest Chinese New Year movie – Think Big Big, which tells a story about a plus-sized woman who struggles to live up to society’s expectations, only to realize that she’s just happier of being herself. A good message to bring out to our community!  

Stay connected with Astro with our exciting line-up offerings from Whoopee collectibles to cross-platform content including latest movie by Director Chiu Keng Guan. More rewards and entertainment contents to celebrate this festive season together #whoopee2018

Yes! So happening! Mouse mommy also getting excited as in many scheduled CNY activities had listed for all of us! CNY mood ON!

Every year, we received positive feedback from Malaysians who look forward to our CNY campaigns. For 2018, we promise to bring an exciting campaign with lots of prizes and gifts to be won at our ground events and roadshows nationwide. We will continue to entertain our viewers with new content such as Symphony of Love, CNY Countdown Show and Fortune Reading by Mak Ling Ling, through our multiple platforms including radio, digital and TV.

At the same time, we are also very excited to launch our CNY movie Think Big Big, which includes the sale of our popular plush toys, Whoopee, as well as our CNY album which also features the movie OST by Malaysian singer Nicole Lai.

I believe ‘Think Big Big’ will be relevant and meaningful to today’s young generation as it describes a social phenomenon – social media obsession and society’s beauty standards, which the millennials can relate to. Interested to know more about the story? Come along with your loved ones and enjoy the movie moments together with them.

● Content: Fun shows including blockbuster movies by Jackie Chan and Andy Lau, Miss Chinese International Pageant 2018, Astro Countdown Show, the making of Think Big Bigmovie, Feng Shui Voyage 2018 and concerts.

● Digital content: A lineup of CNY contents will be offered by our digital platforms – Xuan and goXuan, including animations, fortune telling, fun videos and cooking shows as well as interactive Facebook games and lucky draws to win special gifts, including limited edition of Whoopee plush toys.   

● Movie: Another heart-warming movie by Director Chiu Keng Guan that will brings you laughter and tears. Movie premiere will be on Chinese New Year’s eve, 15th February 2018.  

● Merchandises: Whoopee plush toys will be available in the market starts from 15th January 2018, with the choices of three colours on Astro Go Shop and at selected retail stores. Other collectibles including CNY album by Astro artistes and Whoopee educational comic books.  

● Gamification: Happy Whoopee game app that enables the players to keep a digital pet Whoopee in their mobile phone or tablets. Fun and interactive features, including walk the pet, doggy fashion show and play date with other players’ digital pet, aimed to encourage players to engage with each other, virtually and physically. Limited edition of Whoopee (Teenager Whoopee and baby Whoopee) will be given out to selected lucky players who achieved certain required level.

● Rewards: New and existing residential subscribers will have an opportunity to participate in the Bonanza luck draws, with terms and conditions, which will see 125 lucky winners walk away with amazing prizes in the two rounds of lucky draws which will take place on 16th January and 6thFebruary, 2018. 

● Social engagement: Symphony of Love is a new dating show by Astro AEC, with the objective in helping six bachelors/bachelorettes in finding their potential date through fun activities. Besides the match-making show which will be available on-air and online starts from 19thFebruary, 2018, there will be on ground match-making events such as Christmas dinner and Chap Goh Meh concert for the singles to join. 

● On ground events: Over 100 Astro talents will participate in this spectacular annual CNY Countdown Show which will be held in Bandar Rimbayu, with performances of singing, dancing and comedy shows, to celebrate Chinese New Year. The public who participates the countdown event will stand a chance of receiving blessing (special gift) from Astro. Besides the Countdown gala, there will be a series of roadshows with artistes’ concerts in Central, Northern and Southern regions as well as East Malaysia.

Astro CNY album brings hope and laugh to everyone in the Chinese New Year of 2018! Mouse mommy would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers stay healthy, wealthy and happy always!

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