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SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE Skincare | Whitening | Youthful | Saffron Gold | Beetox | Lipo Vit-C

SAFI New anti-aging series of SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE whitening range that combines Saffron Gold Technology with the benefits of premium Saffron Extract, Nano Gold, Beetox and Lipo Vit-C in its products. 

SAFI Research Institute, the world’s most advanced Halal Skincare has developed SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE range to address specific Asian skin issues. By combining the power of science and technology, your skin can be restored to its natural best. This product is dermatologically tested and does not contains mineral oils, paraben and alcohol. No animal testing.
Mouse mommy was happy to try out this SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE whitening range and get attracted by its Saffron Gold inside the ingredients!


SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE ANTI-AGING & WHITENING ESSENCE is enriched with 24K Nano Gold with the powerful premium ingredient of Saffron Extract, Beetox and Lipo Vit-C. This water based formulation has Hyaluronic Acid that helps to lock in moisture up to 24 hours and has powerful moisturising and antioxidant agents that restore skin suppleness, softness and hydration. It prepares the skin for better absorption of the next product in our skincare regimen.Clinically proven at Safi Research Institute to brighten and moisturise skin and give it that youthful bounce. 

Such a premium ingredients combination! Saffron Extract works as potent antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. Improves and brightens skin complexion. Lipo Vitamin C is function as potent antioxidant. Proven skin lightening benefits. Fights free radicals and skin damage from UV and pollutant exposure. Hyaluronic Acid is super moisturising agent that hydrates & locks skin moisture up to 24 hours. With all the ingredients combination, it able to provides 3 times of antioxidant power and 6 times of moisture power that gives us instant hydration up to 130%.

Mouse mommy was wash my hands and pour the right amount of SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE ANTI-AGING & WHITENING ESSENCE solution and spread evenly on my palms. After that, apply and pat the solution evenly on face. Gently massage in circular motion until fully absorbed into the skin will be good!

SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE SERUM INFUSED MOISTURISER penetrates deeper to treat and moisturize your skin in one application. Formulated at Safi Research Institute, the cream gel transforms into moisture water droplets upon application to provide soft, moisturized and velvety smooth skin.

It contains a combination of premium ingredients Saffron Extract for potent antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. Improves and brightens skin complexion. Lipo Vitamin C works for potent antioxidant. Proven skin lightening benefits. Fights free radicals and skin damage from UV and pollutant exposure. Vita-B3 is effective skin restoring active that improves uneven skin tone, fine lines & dullness.

Clinical tested via in-vitro test that showed it gives 92.5% stronger skin barrier and 72 hours moisture retention.
Mouse mommy was pump 1 to 2 times SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE SERUM INFUSED MOISTURISER onto my palm. After apply SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE ANTI-AGING & WHITENING ESSENCE solution, then follow by apply SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE SERUM INFUSED MOISTURISER onto face and neck. Gently massage in circular motion until it forms into water droplets. Continue to massage until fully absorbed into skin. 

SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE is available in WATSONS, GUARDIAN and AEON WELLNESS nationwide. #SAFIYouthRadiance #RadiateYouth

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Pallas School Shoes | The Best Gifts For Our Kids !

Back to school with Pallas! Pallas school shoes is high in quality and protect my boys foot at all time while they study in school, as well as having sport activities.

Every year, mouse mommy is preparing stationaries, books, uniforms, school bags and school shoes for MR and MH to go to school. As a mom, mouse mommy try to prepare a pair of good school shoes for MR and MH.

As in we are using our feet to walk and run every day, a pair of good quality school shoes can give good arch support for kids in growing phase. 

Choose the right size of school shoe is important in order our children can wear it comfortable.

School shoe size that is too big or too tight also will affect the kids’ growth especially in their growing up age. Of course, socks also is a must in order to absorbs sweat from the feet and keep warm temperature too. 

Mouse mommy recommended to choose cotton-like socks and intermediate thickness of the socks that is suitable for students.

Mouse mommy especially loves the Pallas school shoe 307- 0196BK with the NEW invention of Rebounce insole with better rebound! This can be reduce the pressure effects on the student’s feet, especially while the kids are walking and running! Great to protect the kids’ feet.

Pallas school shoe that is extra lightweight with good ventilation system features can promotes foot health for students. Especially our hot and humid weather in Malaysia, our hands and foots tends to sweating. 

Great ventilation is crucial to make sure our feet is breathable, promotes good blood circulation and avoid any skin disease.

The most common one that we always facing problem is Bromodosis, or smelly feet, that is a very common medical condition due to a buildup of sweat, which results in bacteria growth on the skin. 

To overcome stinky feet problem, wear the right socks, good ventilation shoe, wash shoe insole and keep feet dry and clean always.

Please make sure the socks is wash in daily basis to avoid bacteria, germs or virus growth. 

This is the final year that Malaysian students can wear white shoe in year 2020. 

MR said want to wear white and black school shoe this year. Mouse mommy has bought for MH 1 pair of black Pallas school shoe 307-0196BK with size #7 ; MR 3 pairs of White Pallas school shoe 205-0164W with size #11 and 1 pair black Pallas school shoe 307-0196BK with size #12. 

MR and MH love it so much! Just measure our kids foot size and additionally add 1cm for fit OR 1.5cm for comfortable and order via online will do.

Besides that, parents can purchase the Pallas school shoe at all AEON, Tesco, SOGO, Mydin and Parkson supermarket nationwide.

There are great discount for White colour Pallas school shoe, worth to buy few pairs for our kids! White school shoe is more hygiene and good in heat dispersion. 
MR and MH both were so happy to unboxing their brand new Pallas school shoes and directly wear it. 

This is the best gifts that we parents can give to our children! 

May both of you have a happy schooling time and listen to teachers. Daddy mommy love you!

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