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Active Lifestyle : Be Kids, Be Active!

Active lifestyle is important to keep us stay healthy body and alert mindset. Being active living is a way of life that integrates physical activity into our everyday routines such as walking, running, zumba, yoga and so on.

Combination of physical activity and recreation activities are able to encourage a healthier lifestyle. It goes to MR and MH too, mouse mommy has 2 active boys that always find something to do. In this era, digital gadget is a norm. There is always an argument whether we should allow our kids to play gadget?

Computing is unable to avoid in our society now. Kids have to expose, explore and know how to function it. At the same time, physical fitness is so important to keep them alert and overall wellness too!

Do you allow your children to play physically? Yes, mouse mommy does allow MR and MH to join indoor and outdoor play. And mouse mommy will join the fun physical activities together too.

As for outdoor activities, we love to join family fun run together. That is one of the exciting physical activities that we love - run, sweat, detox, chat, bonding, explore, experience and relaxation. This is the time that we can run together. 

Sometimes, MR will complaint of no energy in the middle of the run. Then, mouse mommy and MH will encourage and ganbatte for bro MR to keep going. No one will left behind but moving forward together. 

Same goes to any obstacles that we might be facing, as long as we are keep going and solve it, there will be a solution / result at the end of it. Victory is awaits at the ending point always.

Sometimes, mouse mommy is too tired in the middle of the run. MR is so sweet to pluck flowers by the roadside and gifted to mouse mommy with a big hug and energy kiss on my cheek. OK let’s go! Mouse mommy can continue join the family fun run!

The kids also get to learn and know the environment surrounded us. 

Through our running experience, we got the opportunity to explore different place, plants, animals and habitat at hills, animal farm, vege farm, KL city, mangrove and river. That is our real life experience!

As for indoor activities, we love to join KidZania indoor activities. Spend a day in KidZania can really make us sleep well once reached home. 

There are many activities that required the kids to “hands-on” and “Do-It-Yourself (DIY)” by themselves, such as KidZania Cash and Valuables Transport as banking security service that required MR to courier the delivery items to the respective departments or stores.

Mouse mommy always believes that our children can perform if we give them a task and opportunity. Let the kids take up the responsibility to learn how, what to do and get the job done. If they did the job well, give them appraise. If not, no worries, we can do post-mortem together to see anything goes wrong. Let’s discuss and get a solution!  

There are many role-play and job responsibilities at KidZania Kuala Lumpur to let our kids to explore, experiment and experience

There will be never the same experience every time that we visited to KidZania!

Besides that, KidZania always conduct interesting sport activities for the kids such as blind football, archery, table tennis and so on. Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Kids!

Interested to know more about KidZaniaKuala Lumpur,
KidZania Careline : 1300 88 KIDZ (5439)
Operation Hour : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm ( Monday to Sunday )

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Sesame Street Celebrates 50 Years With The Curve This School Holidays!

Happy school holidays parents and kids! Everyone’s favourite fun neighbourhood Sesame Street pals will be making a trip this upcoming school holidays to the Curve, Mutiara Damansara! 

Celebrating 50 years of captivating audiences worldwide, the Sesame Street party will be an exclusive extravaganza, complete with plenty of fun activities, performances and goodies!

From March 22nd to 31st, the Curve mall’s Centre Court will be transformed into a Sesame Street haven for children and fans alike, with plenty of activities to choose from! 

Kids can jump and bounce away on the giant Sesame Street inflatable playland, a first of its kind in Malaysia and have the opportunity to meet and greet with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie.

For those looking for adventure, kids can complete an educational and fun mission to collect a special Sesame Street gift

To participate, patrons need to spend a minimum of RM50 to redeem the activity book for FREE or opt to purchase it at RM10.

An assortment of activity stations will be open for kids to choose based on their interests, such as inflatable challenge, word search and mission hunt

Visitors, young and young at heart, can also look forward to a special dance performance featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie! The show will take place on weekends at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.

Jazmi Kamarudin, Senior General Manager of the Curve, said, “School holidays are often an opportunity for parents to spend quality bonding time with their kids. As a family-centric mall, we strive to create campaigns that bring parents and children together and we believe Sesame Street is an evergreen experience, beloved by all age groups! With Sesame Street celebrating 50 years at the Curve, this makes the March school holidays an even more memorable one.”

Get rewarded when you shop! Visitors who spend a minimum of RM200 in a maximum of two receipts, will be eligible to redeem an exclusive Sesame Street Tumbler.

There’s more! Sesame Street fans can get their hands on special Sesame Street merchandise such as plush toys, lunch boxes, stationary sets and backpacks,which are available for purchase at the Centre Court.

Interested to get to know more the Curve Sesame Street school holidays activities :
Customer Care : 03-7710 6868

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Fun-Filled Watsons #GETACTIVE Fest 2018 For Family And Kids!

Mouse mommy and friends were joining this exciting Watsons #GETACTIVE Fest with over 10,000 of fitness enthusiasts across the country and people of all ages gathered at the Watsons first Get Active Festival 2018 held in Setia City Convention Centre.

Boasted with many successes of Watsons’ yearly grand fitness event, this year’s happening returned with an extension of all-day festival of fitness, fun activities as well as beauty and health workshops.

Organised by Asia and Malaysia’s No. 1 health and beauty retailer, the fitness and health festival started in the wee hours of the morning at 6.00 am and ended at 11.00 pm with the ever popular Move Your Body Zumba.

“Leading the fifth year of Move Your Body Zumba event is a huge recognition of success for Watsons as the public look forward to our largest fitness gathering every year. Hence, we wanted to offer an even more rewarding experience to everyone by taking up a notch to organise a round-the-clock activities celebrating fitness and health with people of all ages.” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

Recognising the importance of practicing from young, the festival aims to reach out to families with children as well as young ones by introducing more kids’ friendly outdoor activities.

“Besides making fitness fun for families, we wanted to emphasise the importance of education and practice of a healthy lifestyle to the younger generation too,” Caryn further remarks.

The participants of Get Active Fest are treated to the wee hours of Yoga in the Park session with well-known celebrity yoga master, Atilia Haron.

Throughout this Yoga session, mouse mommy has learnt some Yoga poses to get rid of joint pain especially the pelvis and hip region. This is the few poses would be greatly helpful for mommies! Mommies can practice at home too.  

Throughout the day, the event highlights included hot air balloon rides, wall climbing activities, a giant inflatable fitness playground, health, beauty and lifestyle workshops and cooking demos by experts, food trucks offering healthy eats and treats keeping the attendees fuelled throughout the day and upbeat activities bazaar before ending with the iconic Move Your Body Zumba with the country’s top Zumba professionals.

Mouse mommy spotted Onzen Axta Egg and it taste smooth, yummy and healthy choice. MR and baby MH also love to eat half boiled eggs so much.

Besides that, mouse mommy also takes the bicycle ride to DIY my own fresh watermelon juice! Pay some effort to blend the fruit juice via kinetic energy.

Berocca Multivitamin drink booth also is just nice to refill our body’s minerals requirement.  

The crowd were also treated with local entertainment and artistes’ appearances by Elite, Arja Lee, Ribbon Ooi and Pink Tan as well as Gary Chee.

The #GETACTIVE Fest’s objective is to promote an active lifestyle to all Malaysians through physical exercises in a fun yet simple way.

The festival is part of the Watsons’ #GETACTIVE campaign, a health initiative to further advocate healthy living and thus, positioning Watsons as the ideal healthy and beauty shopping destination, giving its customers an elevated shopping experience with a variety of brands and products.


Such a fun filled whole day Watsons #GETACTIVE Fest that perfect for entire family and kids to join! Mouse mommy and family will surely join it next year too! By the way, this is our third year participation! Cheers! More exciting photos can click here to view

Interested to know more about WatsonsMalaysia,

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