Obsessed By The Super ESSENSO™ Microground Coffee After Drink It!

It is time to recharge! The ESSENSOTM MICROGROUND COFFEE brings us the platinum in instant coffee. Their proprietary MicroPlus™ technique finely grinds 100% Arabica coffee beans in an oxygen-free and ultra-low temperature environment to preserve the essence of the coffee beans. 

This superfine coffee is then blended with premium Arabica instant coffee to deliver a roasted top note and a smooth mouthfeel, so we can enjoy a deeper aroma, richer taste and fuller body in every sip. ESSENSO – Essence of Coffee Bean. How is it taste like?

Super Essenso Microground Coffee 3-in-1
Mouse mommy loves this combination of finely ground coffee beans and instant coffee directly with proprietary microPlus technique. I can smell the full aroma of the 100% Arabica coffee beans, so nice! When I take a sip, mouse mommy likes the smooth and richer taste of it. Love the smoothness feeling along the throat after drink it. I am totally obsessed by the Super Essenso Microground coffee 3-in1!

A smooth and creamy brew with no sugar added. This blend appeals to coffee lover who prefer an intense coffee taste with a roasted aroma that lingers with every sip.

An iconic union of instant coffee powder and finely ground single-origin Colombian coffee beans with exquisite taste to MicroPlus, to preserve the very essence of prized beans. It taste smooth in every sip.

Super Essenso Microground Black Coffee Mandheling Blend
Drawing you in with its balanced flavor, this distint brew boasts an iconic union of instant coffee powder and finely ground single-origin Sumatran Mandheling coffee beans.  

Mouse mommy was add 30mls of hot water into the Super Essenso Microground Black Coffee Mandheling Blend to create a shot of Espresso. After that, drizzle the Espresso shot over ice cream to enjoy it. The taste was unique with the combination of cool ice cream with hot Espresso. Good try!

Now, Super Essenso Microground Coffee range having promotion in 11street with Free limited edition Essenso tote bag in black or white. Mouse mommy got the black colour cotton Essenso tote bag as free gift.

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