Ascensia and Alpro Pharmacy First-In-Kind Diabetes Management Subscription Plan #sugO365

Many Diabetes Melitus (DM) patients having difficulties to keep track the blood sugar level record and/or ignore the blood sugar checking process. This issue also can relate to my relative and friends around mouse mommy that they are reluctant to do the daily blood glucose checking due to scared of needle prick, refuse to do blood glucose check due to no DM complications show yet (thought of being healthy person, not a Diabetes patient) and so on. 

As a result, this will make the Diabetes Control getting much more difficult and might cause long term complications for themselves.  

In addressing the need for greater affordability and accessibility in managing diabetes, Ascensia Diabetes Care (Ascensia), together with Alpro Pharmacy, a homegrown retail pharmacy chain in Malaysia, today launched sugO365, a first-of-its-kind diabetes subscription plan in Malaysia.

sugO365, which was conceptualised by a group of highly-trained and visionary individuals from Malaysia’s health care industry, is an innovative platform that allows Malaysians living with diabetes the ability to manage and learn how to manage their diabetes effectively through the use of digital technology.   

Speaking at the launch of sugO365, Maximillian Lim, Managing Director of Ascensia Diabetes Care Malaysia, said, “Self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) is undeniably an important aspect for those living with diabetes. As the world’s leading diabetes care solutions provider, we are committed to simplify the lives of people with diabetes, empowering them to take charge of their health. With sugO365, they can focus on what matters the most: their diabetes control.”

According to Lim, Ascensia recently spearheaded a grassroots diabetes survey that found that those living with diabetes are discouraged from performing appropriate self-monitoring blood glucose because of the cost. 

The survey also found that over 50% of the diabetic respondents believe that the primary responsibility of diabetes management is very much a doctor’s duty, not the patients. 

“We believe that the subscription plan will address the issue of affordability and accessibility to timely and accurate information. With that, we hope to empower people with diabetes to take charge of their diabetes," Lim said.

sugO365 comes in four different plans - sugOTrial, sugOVIP, sugOCOMBO and sugOMAX, exclusive for diabetes mellitus type 1 patient. Upon signing up, subscribers will be given a free COUNTOUR®PLUS ONE Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The device is wireless-enabled with Bluetooth® connectivity and can seamlessly connect to the mobile app on a smartphone. The app collects, stores and analyses the subscriber’s blood glucose readings in real-time. Through this easy-to-use app, the subscriber will have a better understanding of how their daily activities affect their blood glucose results that may impact their diabetes management.

Subscribers will get personalized care from Alpro Pharmacy’s certified health care professionals, including pharmacists, nutritionists and dieticians, through LIVE chat and face-to-face consultation

There will also be webinar and diabetes health tips available.  

According to Ph. Lee Yin Chen, Branding, Promotion and Trade Marketing Director from Alpro Pharmacy, the American Diabetes Association® (ADA) estimated that the medical cost for a person living with diabetes is approximately RM71,000 ($16,750) per year and of that amount RM4,100 ($9,601) is attributed to diabetes treatment. This is more than twice the medical cost for those without diabetes. 

“With sugO365, we can help to relieve the burden on patients who are faced with high diabetes expenses. Most importantly, they will get to access to accurate information at their fingertips.”

“Moving forward, both Ascensia and Alpro Pharmacy will continue to bring about more features to this subscription plan. Our ultimate goal is to encourage Malaysians to take charge of their own lives and encourage their loved ones to do the same,” he concluded.

SugOVIP, the most comprehensive plan, is priced at RM360 onwards for one year and is available to all members of Alpro Pharmacy. In conjunction with the launch of sugO365, customers of Alpro Pharmacy who have successfully purchased MSIG Gluco SafeGuard Insurance during the campaign period will be entitled to a complimentary sugOVIP package worth RM360.00.

Such a thoughtful collaboration between Ascensia Diabetes Care and Alpro Pharmacy for a better Diabetes care management for patient! 

That’s means it only required RM1 a day for the Diabetes Total Care Management! 

Mouse mommy hope this Diabetes Subscription Plan #sugO365 able to beneficial to all Diabetes Mellitus subscribers with the Right Diabetes Control!

#sugO365 where life gets sweeter !

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