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KOKOYOYO A+mune | Cognitive Booster and Immune Guard For Kids

Raising a smarter and healthier kids is all parents’ wishes. Recently, MR always feel tired in the school while studying. Mouse mommy is worried and looking for solution to overcome this problem.

Nowadays, students are required to learn multitasking, as in many subjects that need to study, digest, think and understand, especially High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) learning syllabus that required students to brain-storming and twist mind to problem solving.

Kids required brain power to memorize spelling and learn all subjects’ knowledges. 

They will tend to get tired and exhausted easily. Mouse mommy is happy to get to know KOKOYOYO A+mune able to help students to stay in focused and healthy

It is a mixed berry juice powder drink specially formulated with 2 key ingredients that is memophenol (Polyphenols from Grape and Wild Blueberries Extract) and Wellmune (Baker’s Yeast Beta-Glucan). To get KOKOYOYO A+mune from Shine.

Just tear off a stick and pour into 100mls water to let MR drink it. Happy that MR likes the berry taste. 

KOKOYOYO A+mune can improves kids’ learning, memory and intellectual performance. Besides that, it can strengthen our kids’ immune health to combat stress.

As a strong and healthy kids, learning process will be fun and successful! According to evidence-based study, key ingredients Menophenol is from French grape and wild blueberry contain flavonoids, which have high bioavailability and more easily absorbed by the body due to small molecular weight. 

Flavonoids is the food for brain and works to strengthens the students’ memory power.

Long hours of learning and study can cause stress and low immunity for kids especially during the exam time. 

Second key ingredients is Wellmune that is proven to reduce duration of flu symptoms for highly stressed students.

Mouse mommy was glad that MR got improvement in his study and as well as healthy body and achievement in both academic and co-curriculum.

MR was awarded 3rd Prize in Mathematics Quiz in the school among standard 1 student for his academic achievement. 

He is also active and high interest in Chinese Chess learning. MR was awarded 3rd Prize and 17th Prize in two of the Chinese Chess competitions that he participates as co-curriculum achievement.

A 30-day supplementation with KOKOYOYO A+mune can improves students’ cognitive performance and healthy!

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PEEKABOO 21st Anniversary Celebration With Stem Cell-based Hair Growth Solution Workshop At TTDI

Happy 21st Anniversary PEEKABOO ! As one of the Malaysia leading hair salons, turns 21 this year and to mark the occasion, its founder collaborated with commercial stem cell products company, Aphrozone Co. Ltd. (Aphrozone) of Korea, in organising a special workshop featuring hair growth solutions, using stem-cell cosmetics with growth factors.

Stem-cell usage has apply in medical and research, now, also can be found in cosmetic related products too.  

Head of PEEKABOO, Joe Low Kok Cheong, who first ventured into the hairdressing industry in 1989 and opened Peekaboo Hair Salon at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) in 1998, believes that the hair is very important as it helps frame, built and sculpt the face, thus illuminating an individual’s features while enhancing his or her look.

“We understand that to be referred to as beautiful or good-looking will give people a sense of joy and confidence,” said Joe, who hails from Ipoh, Perak.

“Therefore, we do not only ensure our customers are satisfied with our services but also strive to give professional advice to customers on styles that can better complement their features,” said the highly sought-after hair stylist.

According to Joe, this is also how he and his fellow stylists started noticing that many of their customers are experiencing some form of balding, either through significant loss of hair or thinning.

“Having seen many of our customer facing this problem, we decided to explore and discover solutions that we felt could help those who are experiencing this,” he said, explaining how the idea of a hair care workshop in collaboration with Aphrozone was mooted.

Aphrozone is the producer of Ruby Cell, which offers among others, hair care solutions that includes ampoules, shampoo, hair treatment and scalp tonic for hair growth.

Ruby-Cell products are formulated with APL and other high-performance proteins that can be used by people of all ages. The products are developed in the state-of-the-art Aphrozone laboratory in South Korea.

“I find that Ruby Cell hair care products can help prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth,” Joe said. “What’s more, regularly using Ruby Cell shampoo and conditioner makes your hair smoother and silkier, leading to a more beautiful you.”

The Ruby Cell hair treatment workshop, held at the PEEKABOO TTDI, was led by Park Na Eun, who represented Aphrozone. Park Na Eun has been involved in the beauty and network marketing industry for over 30 years. 

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays for all women and men. Effective, workable and hair loss treatment that suitable for us is important to keep our hair growth healthily.

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