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Dreamy Wedding Affair At Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur!

Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur organized a one-day Bridal Fair on 16 December 2018 from 10am till 7pm at Grand Ballroom, Level 9 of the hotel.

Mouse mommy likes the ambient and lighting when I walked in to the Grand Ballroom. Feeling welcoming!

This event is a joint collaboration with wedding-related vendors and wedding planners, allowing them to showcase wedding-related services and products besides promoting Sunway Putra Hotel’s Grand Ballroom and Meet On 35 as the ideal venue for Wedding Receptions, Solemnization, Chinese Tea Ceremony and Register of Marriage Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur. Packages as affordable as MYR60 per person.

Especially for Chinese wedding, there are many interesting customs and traditions for the couple to follow. 

Ops! Sometimes can make us headache too. Glad that nowadays has wedding planner service to ease our trouble.

Meet-On-35 is one of the 16 function rooms that is located on the 35th floor of the hotel, offering a picturesque panoramic view. The hotel’s Grand Ballroom accommodates up to 1,200 persons in a theatre-style setting and 800 persons in a banquet-style seating, ideal for the most prestigious weddings and banquets.

Exciting activities lined up for this day such as complimentary hotel food tasting which covers Western, Malay, Chinese and Indian Food to cater for all during the wedding receptions and other wedding related ceremonies; live band entertainment, fashion shows, lucky draws and many more.

The wedding gown fashion show is by Qudyn Design & Fashion. All the wedding gown looks elegant and fashionable.

Bride and groom to-be will be able to experience the magnificient pillar-free Grand Ballroom with exquisite set-up of the tables with beautifully decorated flower arrangements at the entrance, pedestals and centerpiece alongside of other unique set-up such as spacious permanent stage, LED screen, VIP’s table set-up and more.

Nice and dreamy wedding decoration with the huge and smooth LED screen at the background display by Sunway Putra Hotel with the Stardust concept-wedding dais by rs event KL.  

Couples that signed up on that day stand a chance to win lucky draw prizes such as usage of luxury car / photobooth / bridal make-up session that to be used on the wedding day, 3-tier designer wedding cake, accommodation stay in luxurious bridal suites, flowers decoration and many more.

Fret not, you are welcome to figure out more with Sunway Putra Hotel regarding the wedding budget and package that you want! Click here to view more photos. 

Some of the lucky attendees on the Sunway Putra Hotel Bridal Fair 2018 also home with lucky draws prizes such as hotel stay, dining vouchers, flight tickets and shopping vouchers. 

Happy wedding!

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Happy Family And Friends Gathering At Pak John Steamboat & BBQ IOI City Mall!

Steamboat always the best choice for family and friends gathering! No need to headache as in steamboat got a wide spread of foodies from seafood to vegetables – All in One.

Mouse mommy and family were treasures the family bonding moments. People said food could gather people. Mouse mommy agrees with it! 

Chit chatting, fest yummy foods, sharing life story and of course photography moments as happy family memories!

Mouse mommy and family already were dining few times with family and friends at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. 

That is one of our favourite dining spot that comes in a spacious area that caters for steamboat cum BBQ diners, with its varieties of food choices. We can have steamboat and BBQ at the same time.

The staff was friendly and served us two soups base at our choice! Mouse mommy was choose chicken soup and mixture of curry + tomyam soup. Yummy!

A wide range buffet of seafood, shells, marinated chicken, fish, vegetables, mushrooms and surimi were served.

Mouse papa and MR love DIY BBQ fish and squid. They are taking some butter, fresh fish, marinated squid and start their cooking BBQ session.

Mouse mommy gets some prawn fried rice and steam corn for baby MH. He is enjoying eating the fried rice. 

Thanks MR sharing his BBQ fish with mouse mommy and baby MH too! Love the sharing attitude embedded in our children and make life harmony.

Smoked duckAbalone sliceAustralia beef and New Zealand lamb slice is a must-eat items! Slightly BBQ it will do and dip with your favourite sauce will do! Mouse mommy DIY my own sauce that mixture of red chili padi, green chili paste sauce, sesame oil with garlic and chinese parsley. Delicious!

Mouse mommy always emphasize on balance diet with family and kids. Vegetables are a must in our meal. Glad that Pak John Steamboat & BBQ has prepare a wide range of vegetables choice, MR and baby MH got get their vegetables of spinach, pumpkin, Enoki mushroom, cabbage and lettuce and put into the chicken soup.

We love the freshness of the vegetables and mushrooms especially Enoki, spinach and cabbage! Yum… yum… perfectly match with BBQ dishes.

After awhile of BBQ, the BBQ plate starts turn to black. I am sure we experience this before when we go for BBQ. 

The concern staff directly offers us to change the BBQ plate for us. So thoughtful! We are happy that can enjoy healthy, fresh and delicious dinner at Pak John! 

Desserts are bonus to complete our meal! Ice cream, waffle and ABC ice kacang that we can have it at Pak John. Mouse mommy likes the ABC ice so much with multiple ingredients such as beans, jelly, sweet corn, brown sugar and rose syrup, every time we dine in there must have ordered one at least.

Ice creams of course are my boys’ favourite! MR loves chocolate ice cream with colourful chocolate chips while baby MH enjoying his vanilla ice cream. There are 5 types of ice cream available such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 

Free flow drinks available for refill too! Mango juice, ice lemon tea, coffee, tea, soft drinks and so on. No additional charges required.

Indeed a great place for family and friends gathering, birthday party or events celebration. 

Next, we are planning to have Christmas celebration with family and friends at Pak John Steamboat and BBQ!

Interested to know more about Pak John Steamboat and BBQ,

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