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– Malaysia’s fully customisable and 100% digital mobile service - is celebrating the launch of their special Ambassadors program and they want you to be there! Check out more via


Join Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo, for a virtual meet and mingle session with the Yoodo team. Exclusive Yoodo merchandize and catch a special stand-up performance by comedian Gajen Nad.  


Yoodo is Malaysia’s first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service provider that gives users full control to customise their mobile plan in terms of data, voice minutes and SMS to suit their needs, with zero hidden charges or commitments.


Yoodo also offers exciting product offerings, features and add-ons that empowers users to live their desired lifestyles in gaming, travel, entertainment and more. 


Wanting to reward users for their loyal support, Yoodo Rewards was introduced to give back to the users for every purchase. Check out via


More recently, Yoodo introduced an unlimited data plan, that allows users to #BuatUnlimitedSendiri and customize their own Unlimited plan.


Subscribers to this plan can customize data speed, hotspot quota, voice minutes and SMS. As part of the package, Unlimited subscribers will also receive free voice minutes and free hotspot quota. 


Yoodo offers two recommended options: Unlimited Atas, offering 6Mbps data speed for RM43 a month, and Unlimited Bajet, which provides 3Mbps data speed for only RM35 per month.


With Yoodo Unlimited, users can personalize every aspect of their plan with greater flexibility. Choose your plan! 


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Reach For Optimal Growth Potential With The ALL-NEW DUTCH LADY MAXGRO

According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 (NHMS 2019) released by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, the prevalence of stunting and underweight in children under five years of age in Malaysia has increased from 17.7% in 2015 to 21.9% in 2019². A study conducted by the South East Asian Nutrition Survey (SEANUTS) in 2012 also revealed that 1 out of 2 children in Malaysia did not achieve the Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI, 2017) for Calcium and Vitamin D³, both are important nutrients for bone growth.

In ensuring our future generations have sufficient nutrition, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (DLMI), Malaysia’s leading dairy company, launched its first milk based formula dietary food DUTCH LADY MaxGro. DLMI also unveiled a new campaign to complement the launch of its latest innovative product. Themed Cita-Cita Tinggi Mampu Dimiliki, the campaign aims to raise awareness of Malaysian children’s nutritional needs and promote regular height tracking to ensure their ambitions to grow taller and healthier are achieved, thus meeting their optimal growth potential. 

Specially formulated to provide children with 80% of the recommended nutrient intake⁴ (Malaysia RNI 2017), DUTCH LADY MaxGro is suitable for children aged 1 - 9 years old and it is packed with essential nutrients to help them meet the requirements of a well-balanced and complete diet. This latest innovation by DUTCH LADY contains 9 Essential Amino Acids (9EAA) — which are the building blocks in Protein for bones and muscle growth, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Calcium — for strong bones, and Vitamin D — for aiding Calcium absorption. Other nutrients that can be found in DUTCH LADY MaxGro include Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vitamin A, E, K1, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C — to support children’s optimal growth and development.

“The DUTCH LADY brand has been building strong families for more than 50 years, and we want to fulfill our purpose of nourishing Malaysians by introducing nutritious dairy products to our consumers,” said Tarang Gupta, Managing Director, DLMI. “And to keep up with the everyday needs of Malaysians, we strive to formulate a new offering that tastes great and at the same time bring the best value to our consumers. Our latest milk offering, DUTCH LADY MaxGro, is a testament to our ambition to help Malaysian children embark on their journey of proper nutrition for a healthier and better future,” he added.

As Malaysia’s leading dairy company, DLMI, further dialed up the ante by introducing MaxGro Growth Tracker application, a growth tracking tool that helps parents to keep track of their children’s development and growth progress at the virtual launch. Aside from tracking a child’s Physical Growth, the application also allows parents to monitor their children’s Cognitive Growth, check their Immunisation Schedule, update their Teething Log, and much more. 


The MaxGro Growth Tracker app was developed for parents to help their children reach their ambition to grow taller and healthier with ease, and is available on Google Play for free.


Zatur Hassim, Marketing Director, Specialised Nutrition, DLMI, highlighted that the key findings from frequent surveys done with Malaysian mothers help us understand their concerns about their children’s growth. “Based on our observations, apart from seeking milk offerings that can provide complete nutritional support for their children’s growth, Malaysian mothers also looked for convenient ways to keep track of their children’s growth progress. This is why the DUTCH LADY brand took this proactive role in developing a growth tracking tool – to make it more accessible to all parents in Malaysia. Echoing the aim of our campaign, we wanted to amplify the message of Cita-Cita Tinggi, Mampu Dimiliki — which translates to high ambition or ambitions to grow tall that is within reach,” she added.


Tested by a lineup of real Malaysian mothers:   99%⁵ would recommend DUTCH LADY MaxGro to their friends and family. 


The taste and suitability of the all-new product has also garnered positive feedback from their little ones: 96%⁵ agreed their child loves the taste of DUTCH LADY MaxGro, and 98%⁵ agreed after drinking DUTCH LADY MaxGro, their child has no digestion issues. The survey was done in collaboration with the Home Tester Club in Malaysia.



Also present at the virtual launch event, was Dr Azam Mohd Nor, Consultant Pediatrician from Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur. According to Dr Azam, height is a key indicator of a child’s health, and poor nutrition is a pervasive issue in Malaysia.

One of the best ways to address malnutrition is through consumption of nutrient-dense milk and for parents to consistently measure their children’s height and growth to ensure that they are growing healthily.


¹ Excerpt from Kantar Report on the Growing Up Milk Powder 1+ in Peninsular Malaysia from 30th December 2019 to 3rd January 2021, provided as a part of the Kantar BB Panel Service=

² National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019

Report_NHMS2019-NCD_v2.pdf (

³ Nutritional status and dietary intakes of children aged 6 months to 12 years: findings of the Nutrition Survey of Malaysian Children (SEANUTS Malaysia)

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Survey | McD, KFC and Shopee among the top brands that will get ‘invited’ for CNY Open House

Figure 1 plots the popularity of the brands against their unpopularity. The vertical Y-axis indicates the percentage of Invitations (“likes”) a brand had received, whereas the horizontal X-axis shows the number of un-invitations (“dislikes”) a brand received, not to join the CNY celebrations.

Interesting survey! Who will You Invited for CNY Open House? 462 respondents pick brands like Lazada, Grab, Maybank, Watson, Tesco, Eu Yan Sang and Nescafe to be the preferred brands for their CNY celebration.

The pandemic stricken Chinese New Year celebrations were muted as many families were not able to completely reunite. As a result, the wish to be together resonated louder than ever amid the people. Many brands wanted to echo these sentiments, and as such their CNY ads showed us of how it is to celebrate together, while reminding us of the good times when the entire family was together. These memories and brand stories went viral and were widely shared on social media news walls, individual stories, and of course through traditional media channels like TV commercials.


“With consumers spending more time online but with limited attention spans, brands that focus on capturing the ‘mind space’ of the consumer will be the ones that grow faster,” said Julie Ng, Researcher & Co-Founder of


All the more, these commercials were instrumental in promoting the CNY celebrative spirit. It looked as if the brands themselves, were inviting us to their own CNY open houses.


Asia School of Business and market research company were curious to see whether people would think of offering a counter-invitation: Should brands became persons, would they be invited to join our CNY open house celebrations?


In opening this question, conducted a large-scale study among 462 ethnic-Chinese Malaysians. The study presented a choice of 29 brands that heavily advertised during the last month in conjunction with CNY to this representative sample.


The questions posed to the pool were:


“If these brands were persons, which brands would be invited to your CNY open house? And which ones would not be?”


Asking people to view brands as a person is a very common practice, the company notes. Consumers often attribute human features to brands on a daily basis. Many people project selected personality characteristics on the brands they are familiar with and favour. As an example, the car brand Volvo projects a responsible, trustworthy, reliable, and a family-man personality.


The Twelve Invited brands:

This study uncovered that on average, a brand receives a CNY open house invitation from 27% Chinese Malaysian consumers. Some brands are more welcomed than others.

Three brands – McDonalds, KFC and Shopee – made the most wanted guest at CNY open houses.


3 Most Invited Brands – McDonalds, KFC and Shopee

Three brands – McDonalds, KFC and Shopee – made the most wanted guest at CNY open houses. As the nation’s favourite cousins, they won over a 50% popularity vote.

The nine brands that follow in getting invitations from 30% or more from the people: Foodpanda, Lazada, Grab, Maybank, Watson, Tesco, Eu Yan Sang, Nescafe, and Yakult.


Followed by 9 Invited Brands

The nine brands that follow in getting invitations from 30% or more from the people, but not by a majority are “good family friends”: Foodpanda, Lazada, Grab, Maybank, Watson, Tesco, Eu Yan Sang, Nescafe, and Yakult.


The Nine Un-invited brands

Six of the 29 brands included in the study were grouped in those that would not receive invitations. For one of the brands that were categorised as a non-invite, there was an obvious reason: it is a strong-branded medicine. Generally, it is considered inauspicious to welcome medication to a CNY open house as it may introduce bad luck.



A fourth group consists of three brands with a certain “double-bind.” The relationship is a mix of positivity and negativity. For instance people are uncertain if they should invite brands of an insurance company, an airlines, and an energy company. In a relational sense, “it’s complicated” as the number of CNY open house invitations is as large as the number of non-invites.


“No happy new year for brands that are ignored. A brand caught in the silent and uneventful zone of indifference may have a hard time to survive a roller-coaster year like 2021.” Said Willem Smit, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Asia School of Business and International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan.


The Eight Brands in the “Danger Zone of Indifference”

This study grouped a fifth group of brands – those that people don’t really care about. Eight brands were classified as those that do not have a significant connection with the people, and are not even important enough to be disliked.


Being placed in the “Zone of indifference” category would be a nightmare scenario for the marketer, as there is no existing cloud to start a conversation and sharpen the brands’ positioning.


It means it’s all the way back to the drawing board: thinking of the ideal target audience and crafting a better value proposition. Being in the category also means they are way below most people’s radar and results in an even worse start for them this year. There is no consolation for brands in the Zone of Indifference as it means hard work – if not the end is near, and they might well be unlikely to be part of the CNY celebrations in 2022.

Who will you invite to your CNY Open House? Gong Xi Fa Cai! Stay Health, Stay Well! 


Full report can be found on

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It’s a Bubble Tea Frenzy with ShopeePay

 Chatime, Gong Cha, Tiger Sugar and Bawangchaji are having a special cashback deal if you purchase any of their delicious drinks with mobile wallet ShopeePay.

Receive RM4 cashback when you spend at least RM10 on your daily or weekly boba tea supply at any of the above outlets. 


And if you are a lover of all things Bubble Tea, ShopeePay is also accepted at many other franchises for similar bubblelicious cashbacks, enough to host your very own mixed boba fest.

Just spend RM15 to get RM3 cashback at any Black Whale, The Alley, Chawanjia, Chatto, Chizu, Daboba, I’Milky and many more outlets. 


Check out a treasure trove of cashbacks and ShopeePay merchants,

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Sheng Tai International Bullish Video A Moo-Ving Experience


Gong Xi Fa Cai! Channeling the Ox year spirit, Sheng Tai International Sdn Bhd (Sheng Tai International), a homegrown developer specialises in property tourism, has plowed through the festival with a Moo-ving music video (MV).


The 4-minute MV depicts how Malaysians celebrate one of the country's biggest holiday. Focusing on the theme surrounding family, friendship, togetherness, and happiness; the MV wishes everyone to put all their differences together and celebrate the New Year with an open heart and learn to embrace the country's unique culture.


Dato' Leong Sir Ley, Founder and Chairman of Sheng Tai International, said, "The raging pandemic has pulled some brakes on this year's Chinese New Year celebration and we hope the MV had put together will bring in some cheer to all of us.


"It is important to remember that in the spirit of the Ox which has strong positive characteristics such as hardworking and honest, we will continue doing the best that we can to ensure all of us will have a prosperous year together," she said.


The MV release is part of the company's CNY MCO 2.0 campaign, aiming to bring cheerfulness to all Malaysians during this period. Sheng Tai International celebrates this festive period with a series of fun-filled activities on their digital platforms and has successfully attracted many unique views, interests and participation. These include "Who took my RM888 Ang Pao" contest, "Guess the lyrics of Sheng Tai International CNY Song Contest", "Sheng Tai International Win Ang Pao of up to RM388" Call out event, and the "CNY MV RM1888 cash Angpao Giveaway" which is still ongoing!


The spirit of gifting still fired up as Sheng Tai International also offers a chance to win an exclusive "THE RED KIT" by Sheng Tai International. All the participants need to do is to send a message to Sheng Tai International's Facebook page.  


In addition, Sheng Tai International also engaged with their Instagram fans by arranging a unique contest which runs from 10 February to 24 February. Participants have to use their Chinese New Year Instagram filter to take a photo or video and to tag the official account to win the prizes.


In order to lessen the distance between families this Chinese New Year, Sheng Tai International has released a series of customised WhatsApp stickers that can be redeemed just by sending a message to their number with a code "I want STI stickers''. Now you can wish your relatives and friends in a fun manner this year!


Fully embodying the Ox Spirit, Sheng Tai International has worked hard to bring cheer and positivity with their creative online campaign in this trying time.

Check out more about Sheng Tai International,


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