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CJ WOW SHOP Rewards Malaysians In Celebration of Two Astounding Years!

CJ WOW SHOP, Malaysia’s one-stop smart shopping destination, today announced the launch of its two-year anniversary celebration, ‘2 Tahun, Lebih WOW!’. Commemorating this significant milestone, Malaysians will be treated to the largest home shopping carnival, featuring a series of promotions throughout the month across CJ WOW SHOP channels including TV, online and mobile platforms starting April 1, 2018.
Since its launch in 2016, CJ WOW SHOP has expanded its offerings from 27 to more than 450 items today, ranging from household products, electrical items, gadgets, beauty, fashion and many more. The network is poised for a strong growth in the year ahead, following an astounding achievement of over 650,000 customers and a recording sales surpassing RM130 million in 2017.

High energy celebration: CJ WOW SHOP celebrates 2nd year anniversary with over 100 guests, including partners and media in studio. Pictured together with partners are:
  • Nini Yusof, Director of Sales & Strategy for Client Service Group of Media Prima Television Networks (Front row, first from the left)
  • Datuk Kamal Khalid, Managing Director for Media Prima Bhd (MPB) (Front row, second from the left)
  • Mr. Kim Yang Hyun, Chief Executive Officer of MP CJ O Shopping Sdn Bhd (Front row, third from the left)
  • Yana Samsudin, Ambassador of CJ WOW SHOP’s ‘2 Tahun, Lebih WOW’ Anniversary Campaign
  • Shin Kong, Show Host of CJ WOW SHOP Mandarin Programme
  • Chef Fikree, Show Host of CJ WOW SHOP
Mr. Kim Yang Hyun, Chief Executive Officer of CJ WOW SHOP said, “This stellar performance has inspired us to deepen our focus on serving the needs of more Malaysians. Today, we have grown to become a one-stop smart shopping destination and at the heart of the success is none other than our customers. More than just a celebration, this anniversary is a way for us to thank our customers by giving them what they’ve always wanted, including greater products, savings and rewards that will absolutely wow their lives.”
WOW rewards for customers: CJ WOW SHOP’s collaboration with Yana Samsudin extends the development of “The WOW Bag”,a limited edition eco-bag that is designed and endorsed by the actress herself. Pictured together with Yana is Mr. Kim Yang Hyun, Chief Executive Officer of MP CJ O Shopping Sdn Bhd
To make the celebration more exciting, CJ WOW SHOP has appointed multi-talented, award-winning celebrity Yana Samsudin as the anniversary ambassador this year. This came at back of the overwhelming response towards her role as the celebrity guest host on the network’s signature programme, ‘The WOW Show’. She has a proven track record, underpinned by her outstanding performance of over 200 units of Athira Pendant by Habib Jewel sold out within 22 minutes.
‘2 Tahun, Lebih WOW!’ anniversary ambassador: CJ WOW SHOP makes its 2nd anniversary celebration more exciting by appointing multi-talented, award-winning celebrity Yana Samsudin as its anniversary ambassador

The collaboration extends the development of “The WOW Bag”, a limited edition eco-bag that is designed and endorsed by Yana Samsudin. Throughout the month of April, the exclusive gift will be given away for FREE to fans of Yana and shoppers with any purchase made on CJ WOW SHOP.

The appointment is also in line with CJ WOW SHOP’s concept to bring a unique and immersive shoppertainment’ experience. Yana Samsudin will be partnering resident CJ WOW SHOP show hosts such as Zaim Helmi and Lily Liyana to delight viewers.

The achievements in 2017 have strengthened CJ WOW SHOP’s confidence to continue growing with customers and partners, especially home-grown companies with interesting offerings. Currently, 70% of products sold on the network consist of local brands including Mugen, Riino, Elba, Habib Jewel, Ariani and Winds, seller of gadgets, appliances as well as home and living products.

Mr. Kim said, “Working closely with small-to-medium home-grown enterprises has always been our priority as CJ WOW SHOP is a total marketing solution platform to help these businesses unlock the true mass-market potential. In the coming months, we are also looking to enhance our customer service and overall shopping experience in order to support our growth strategy.”
CJ WOW SHOP is a joint venture collaboration between Media Prima Berhad and South Korea’s CJO Shopping Co Ltd (CJO), Asia’s No 1 TV Home Shopping operator. Launched in April 2016, with much fanfare, CJ WOW SHOP’s strategic collaboration with home-grown brands such as Proton and Simplysiti led to the network’s regional recognition at The Spark Awards 2017 for Best Sales and Marketing Intelligence Solution (Gold) and Marketing PR Awards 2017 Southeast Asia for the Best Direct-to-Consumer PR Campaign (Bronze).

CJ WOW SHOP’s ‘2 Tahun, Lebih WOW!’ 10-Hour Back-to-Back Live Shows
(Mandarin programme)
Sunday, 1st April 2018
: 0800 – 0900
Sunday, 1st April 2018
: 0900 – 1000

: 1000 – 1100

: 1100 – 1200

: 1200 – 1300

: 1330 – 1430

: 1430 - 1500

: 1500 – 1600

: 1600 – 1700

: 1700 - 1800
CJ WOW SHOP’s ‘2 Tahun, Lebih WOW!’ Anniversary Offers
  • An exclusive free gift of a “The WOW Bag” designed by Yana Samsudin with any purchase made on CJ WOW SHOP from 1 to 30 April 2018.
  • WOW Rewards for purchases via CJ WOW Shop website and mobile app:
    • 1 April Only: 5% Discount for products featured during 10-hour Back-to-back Live Show
    • 1 - 30 April: 5% WOW Points for all products
CJ WOW SHOP Channels
CJ WOW SHOP features on-air demonstrations across media channels such as TV3, ntv7, 8TV, TV9, MYTV and tonton. Customers will be able to purchase the products seen on television by:

  • Downloading the CJ WOW SHOP mobile app from Google Play or App Store
  • TV broadcasts over 45 hours a week, including CJ WOW SHOP Mandarin programme and The WOW Show.
    Every Mon – Sun
    Every Mon
    : 0600 – 0700 (60min)
    : 1300 – 1330 (30min) The WOW Show
    Every Sat – Sun

    : 0600 – 0700 (60min)
    : 1030 – 1330 (180min)

    Every Mon – Fri
    : 1030 – 1430 (240min)

    Every Mon – Sun
    : 2400 – 0100 (60min)
    (Mandarin programme)
    Every Mon – Fri
    Every Sat – Sun
    : 0600 – 0930 (210min)
    : 0600 – 0900 (180min)
    Every Mon – Thu  

    Every Mon – Fri
    Every Thurs
    : 0830 – 1300 (270min)
    : 1330 – 1700 (210min)
    : 2300 – 0100 (120min)
    : 1000 – 1100 (60 min) The WOW Show

    Every Fri
    : 0830 – 1700 (510min)

    Every Sat – Sun

    : 0830 – 1800 (540min)
    : 2400 – 0100 (60min)
    A 24-hour home shopping channel every day on digital TV platform MYTV.

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    Football Malaysia On iflix Is The Home Of Malaysian Football

    iflix, the world’s leading entertainment service for emerging markets and Football Malaysia LLP, operator and regulator of Malaysia’s professional football league and competitions, are thrilled to announce their game-changing exclusive joint venture, in the most significant collaboration in Malaysian sports history. The unprecedented landmark partnership between Football Malaysia LLP and iflix aims to bring premier Malaysian Football back to its millions of fans throughout the country.
    For the first time since the league was founded, football fans everywhere in Malaysia and beyond will be able to live stream every Liga Super, Piala Malaysia, and marquee Piala FA matches exclusively on the all new ‘Football Malaysia on iflix’ channel.
    From February 3rd, football fans around the region will have virtual front row seats to the entire professional football season, including 22 rounds with six matches weekly for Liga Super, 74 Piala FA and Piala Malaysia tournament matches as well as select Liga Premier matches and the Piala Sumbangsih match. In addition to live streamed matches, users will also be able to access new features including match highlights and player interviews.

    As a part of the companies’ joint mission to bring football back to the people, anyone with access to the internet will be able to live stream four Liga Super matches every week along with 46 tournament matches and select Liga Premier matches for free, regardless of their subscription status. New users and those with an active iflix subscription will further be able to live stream, catch up and enjoy all matches and features.
    Football is widely recognised as Malaysia’s most popular sport. With only seven million total households with televisions, only a small percentage of the population was able to enjoy the competition without physically attending matches. Football has been largely inaccessible to the majority of Malaysians.
    This first-of its-kind joint venture between Football Malaysia LLP and iflix represents the future of sporting entertainment, putting fans first, bringing Malaysian football back to the people. Now, all 20 million smartphone owners and their friends and families in Malaysia, will have unlimited live access to premier Malaysian football for the first time ever.
    Football Association of Malaysia President and Football Malaysia LLP Chairman, the Crown Prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim commented: “I am a firm believer and supporter of unity and moderation in our diverse nation. Football is the people’s game. It brings us together and can help to unite us. Malaysians everywhere should be able to enjoy it without restriction. With iflix, we have found likeminded partners and a key common goal; to return football to the people and restore its former glory.”
    iflix Group Co-founder and Chairman, Patrick Grove said: “Over the last twenty years, I have founded several businesses here with the ambition of making the things Malaysians most want, more accessible and easier to find, from homes and cars, to news, culture and entertainment, and now Malaysians’ greatest love, football. This country has given me so much both on a personal and professional level. It’s our turn to give back.”

    “This collaboration with Football Malaysia, represents exactly what we created iflix to achieve. Together, we will democratise the game, making football available for the first time to fans, regardless of geographic location and financial status. We are thrilled to write sports history, and both give fans a virtual front row seat to the nation’s top sporting event as well as help build the future of the football giving access to millions of potential fans that previously would not have been able to enjoy the game. For the first time ever, all premier Malaysian football matches will be available live on a single platform,” continued Grove.
    iflix and Football Malaysia will additionally create exciting new competitions and content expressly for football fans, including a series of entertainment and lifestyle original productions about and around the world of football for both broader audiences and hard-core fans alike.
    The Football Malaysia on iflix channel will join iflix’s growing live sports streaming offerings, which include Indonesia’s Liga 1, the global phenomenon Mayweather vs McGregor fight, also in Indonesia, T10 Cricket in Bangladesh, and eSport competitions for DOTA2.
    Go to, or download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store to register.

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    Let's HELP Ben 10 To Save The World!

    In the exciting build-up to the launch of brand-new episodes, Cartoon Network is bringing the world of Ben 10 to life across TV, online, and social media.

    We all know that 10-year-old Ben Tennyson turned from zero to hero when he chanced upon a paranormal wristwatch called the Omnitrix that crashed to earth in a meteorite. 

    Well, in Ben’s latest battle, he goes head-to-head with his archnemesis – Vilgax, the Conqueror of Worlds. Vilgax is an intergalactic alien warlord that seeks to obtain the Omnitrix for himself. He is a master strategist who is known to trick his enemy when physical force isn't enough. 

    On Saturday, February 10, Vilgax will unceremoniously announce his plans to the world by interrupting Cartoon Network’s Facebook live, proclaiming:


    In a flash, he is gone but Vilgax’s power lingers on with his evil influence impacting multiple Cartoon Network platforms.

    Usually, Ben only needs his Omnitrix to defeat anyone, but it has begun to malfunction causing an unprecedented transformational loop between all 10 aliens. It is now up to everyone to come together and help him save the world. 

    From Sunday, February 11 to Wednesday, February 21, Ben will be working to power up all 10 of his aliens to be stronger, faster and better than ever. Daily challenges will be released on the Cartoon Network Asia Facebook page, encouraging fans to help Ben unlock his new Omni-enhanced forms. 

    Those who are interested in helping Ben can like the Cartoon Network Asia Facebook page for all the latest updates. Fans will also learn about the new Omni-enhanced aliens, their powers, and vote for their favorite new aliens and catch them in a showdown against Vilgax on Wednesday, February 21. 

    In line with this, the Cartoon Network website will also feature 10 different daily activities and quizzes about Vilgax, Ben, and his new alien forms. 

    Look forward to joining Ben in this epic battle on Sunday, February 11 and stay tuned for new episodes airing weekly at 10am on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch. 616) from Saturday, February 24 onwards.

    Interested to know more about Ben 10,

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    Watch | Win | Prizes | OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes! On Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 616)

    K.O. may one day be the greatest hero but for now, he’s the greatest fanboy. Created by Ian Jones-Quartey, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes! is the latest Cartoon Network original series to launch in Malaysia. 

    Premiering this Saturday, 20 January at 11.00 am on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 616), the show follows K.O., a brave kid living in a video game inspired world filled with superheroes. Being the young fighter that he is, K.O. tackles everything with his cheery, endless enthusiasm, including his job at Gar’s Bodega in Lakewood Plaza, a one-stop shop for all heroes. Click here to watch the video!

    In K.O.’s eyes, every person is a hero to look up to, every challenge is a chance to grow stronger and every success or failure is just another stepping stone to becoming the ultimate hero. 

    Everyone has your own Superheroes and also be a hero to someone. Mouse papa is MR's hero as in mouse papa always guide him and give him solutions whenever he facing any difficulty. Mouse mommy also glad to be a hero that wishes to help and care about the community both in welfare and environment too! Be a Hero for a Better World! "One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that we as individuals can make a difference." quote by Jeff Bridges.

    While you watch, try out your own super radical moves against the evil Lord Boxman in the accompanying mobile game, OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. 

    To celebrate the premiere, Cartoon Network will host a one-month Watch & Win Contest on Facebook from 23 January onwards for three (3) lucky winners to take home a range of goodies each week! Like the Cartoon Network Asia Facebook page to stay updated.

    KO is a brave young fighter who wants to become the greatest hero ever, but he’s still just a kid. KO’s innocence and naiveté combine with his heroic ambitions to make him ENDLESSLY ENTHUSIASTIC!!!  Nothing gets him down because he sees every success and failure as just another step in his epic journey. Whether it’s mopping the floor with an evil robot or just mopping the floor with a mop, he tackles everything with equal zeal and his internal monologue is like an overblown narration to a bombastic action movie.

    Plus, the fun and excitement does not stop there! From 27 January onwards, fans can also show their love for their favourite OK K.O.! characters by joining Cartoon Network Asia’s Sketch Saturdays by submitting their drawings for a chance to be featured and credited on the official page - find out more on the Cartoon Network Asia’s Facebook Page.

    OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes premieres on Saturday, 20 January, at 11.00 am on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 616). Let’s be Heroes!  

    For latest updates about OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes!,

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