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Pigeon Malaysia Happy Weaning CookOut Workshop With Mommies!

Mouse mommy was happy to join the Pigeon Malaysia Happy Weaning CookOut workshop to learn some tips and techniques from Ms Ng Yee Voon, Pediatric Dietitian from Sunmed to prepare homecook baby food according to the baby age and eating progress.

There are 20 families take part and explore on the “Winning Weaning Diet” for our little ones at Good Times DIY & Lifestyle Café located at MyTOWN Shopping Centre, while discovering how Pigeon products can help to simplify a parent’s life.

A good point to educate and cultivate little one’s good eating habit since childhood. Many kids nowadays are picky eaters and selective in food ingredients too. Fast food and tidbits that they preferred.

Happy that Pigeon Malaysia taking effort to conducts this useful and practical hands-on weaning cooking workshop with parents and little ones. 

From demonstration in preparing the first weaning food together from 4 months old onwards till 8 months old.

Mouse mommy has learn 3 recipes from the in-house Chef, which is Pear-y Brown Rice Puree, Fruity Lunch and Mashed Potato Pumpkin Porridge

It taste good and balance in nutrition for baby and young kids!

The first recipe is Pear-y Brown Rice Puree that suitable for 4 – 5 months old baby. Ingredients that required are cooked brown rice, pear, full cream milk / Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) and anchovies. 

Mommy can cook the brown rice with calcium-rich anchovies. Cut and slice pear fresh on the spot. Blend all ingredients to create watery porridge. Ready to served with Pigeon Do-It-Myself Weaning Bowl.   

By 4 to 6 months, it is good to start to first food puree feeding to the baby, of course the food ingredients are required to be fully cook and blend it till smooth texture to let the baby to taste the food by himself.

Baby always loves to explore, experience and try to self-feed, mommy can pour the blended Pear-y Brown Rice Puree in the Pigeon Do-It-Yourself Bowl and let the baby hold the Pigeon Spoon and eat by himself. 

The child-friendly spoon tip size fits snugly into little mouth. The dedicated scooping designed edge that allow baby to scoop the food easily and eat it!

Mouse mommy like this Pigeon new launch bowl, plate, dish and cutlery sets for little one. 

The green bowl with grinder dots make mashing food easy and handy for mommy! Fruits like banana and cooked sweet potato can just smash it directly in the Pigeon Do-It-Myself Bowl without required to blend it. After smashed it, can directly scoop and feed.

A small spout at the middle of the Pigeon green bowl acts as a guide for drinking soup for little ones. 

Avoid spillage here and there and the soup will direct to the little one’s mouth.   

Recipes 2 is Fruity Lunch that suitable for 5 – 6 months old baby with ingredients of cooked brown rice, ripe green apple, full cream milk and ripe banana. Cook the brown rice till soft texture. Stir the soft brown rice porridge with full cream milk. Peel, chopped and steam green apple. Sliced banana and steamed green apple into soft porridge. Ready to served in Pigeon Do-It-Myself Bowl and eat.

Stage 2 Learning to eat Pigeon Cutlery Sets suitable for baby 1 year old onwards that come with Pigeon Do-It-Myself Plate, Dish, Spoon and Fork set. 

Baby starts to learn proper way to enjoy self-weaning with eyes-hands coordination practice via eating experience. At the same time, good in training the baby’s gross and fine motor skills as well.

Non-slip base designed is able to keep dish from sliding all around the table. 

Mouse mommy was feeling thankful that each of the Pigeon design is thinking of parents’ needs and convenient.

The last recipe is Mashed Potato Pumpkin Porridge that suitable for 7 – 8 months old baby

Food ingredients is potato cut in cube, brown rice porridge, pumpkin and full cream milk. Boil potato and brown rice with chicken or fish till become porridge texture. Steam pumpkin, scrap off flesh and put into porridge. Mix with full cream milk (optional) and ready to serve in Pigeon Do-It-Myself Dish.

Mommies are welcome to create your own homecook baby food recipes too, as long as the baby food served is having balance nutrition with carbohydrate, protein, calcium, fat, vegetables, vitamin and minerals in a complete meal.

Mouse mommy also learn a great tips that mommy can make our own homemade calcium-rich anchovies powder and add into baby’s porridge. 

Good source of calcium and carbohydrate for babies. Hope helpful tips for mommies!    

Mouse mommy was feeling love and happy that Pigeon Malaysia’s mother and baby care products bring joy, happiness, inspiration, answer parents and babies needs in every phase!

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Catch This Exciting Astro Xiao Tai Yang ( XTY ) Happy Castle Live Concert this November 2019 At Penang And Kuala Lumpur!

ASTRO XIAO TAI YANG ( XTY ) rocks in this year end school holidays with Happy Castle Live Concert for parents and kids!

Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) has been the No.1 Chinese-language kids learning channel in Malaysia for the past decade. It’s signature show, Tong Tong’s Wonderland, is Astro’s highest-rating Chinese-language kids content.

Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) is now selling the Happy Castle Live Concert ticket to all fans starting from 1st August 2019 onwards. Let’s have interactive sing and dance with the XTY celebrities during the year end school holidays in November 2019!

Happy Castle Live Concert, is the largest musical concert in town that provides children with a memorable night to enjoy the performance of XTY celebrities after getting the overwhelming responses from the musical “The Five Elves: A Magical Journey” last year. There are 11 slots available for fans and the concert will be held in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Fully supported by Penang Government, the musical concert that will be held on 23rd and 24th November in Dewan Sri Penang is under the collaboration with Pertubuhan Wanita Mutiara and Penang Youth Development Corporation.  Chow Kon Yeow, Penang Chief Minister and his wife will be the special guests for the opening ceremony. In Kuala Lumpur, the musical concert will be held on 29th, 30th November and 1st December in Mega Star Arena, KL.

Meanwhile, Astro XTY will also run “Ready Set Let’s Go!” campaign throughout Malaysia to feature the scenes of singing and dancing by children and will be composed into a music video to premiere during the musical concert.

Last year Astro XTY musical concert sharing (click here Album 1 | Album 2 | Blog A | Blog B ).

The XTY celebrities that perform in this exciting musical concert are Candy, Bear, Coco, Mandy, Vanessa and Tong Tong, the mascot from XTY. Fans can also expect the guest performers lineup such as Danny Koo, Stephanie Liew, Alvin TJM and Joanne Fu from Q-Genz.

Happy Castle Live Concert tickets are available now via at the lowest price from RM60.61 (after 30% discount).

Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) Happy Castle Live Concert
- Penang -
Date : 23 – 24 November 2019
Venue : Dewan Sri Penang

- Kuala Lumpur -
Date : 29 November – 01 December 2019
Venue : Mega Star Arena

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Contact Number : +6016 - 834 3923



Astro 小太阳呈,全马最大型的儿童音盛典小太阳快城堡演唱会日起正式公售票!此盛典城和吉隆坡两地展高达11 的盛大演出,孩子有机会在自己熟悉且有共的歌曲和氛下度一个欢乐的夜晚,共同造一真正属于孩子的演唱会!

去年大型中文儿童歌舞物理魔法小精灵之奇幻旅程极佳票房和口碑后,Astro 小太阳决定再下一城,全力打造属儿童的大型音盛典小太阳欢乐城堡演唱会小太阳的哥哥姐姐走出电视幕,以千人唱跳派的概念寓教于,把正能量满满的故事和动听的唱跳歌曲通大型的歌舞秀给现场每一位朋友,不仅让出席的小朋友兴而,也随同的家长享其中

小太阳快城堡演唱会城和吉隆玻两地展演出城站11 23 日及24 日,于州大会堂(Dewan Sri Penang),而吉隆坡站11 29 日及30 日和12 日,一三天于Mega Star Arena 演出


与此同,小太阳团于全马展定打勾勾Ready Set Let’s Go!” 企划

制团队将会前往大马各地孩子们录下他的歌声与唱跳画面,单纯的声音情的唱跳特的大马城镇风情都记录在画面里,制作成一个属于马西亚孩子的MVMV 在音盛典中播出,出席的众能够感受到自全马孩子的可魅力!

小太阳快城堡演唱会的演出容包括Astro 小太阳的Candy 小潼Bear 大熊Coco 小可Mandy 小曼Vanessa 小淇和人偶童童,巧千金的Joanne 符涵芊以及Alvin 此外,小太阳众熟知的Danny 哥哥佳麟和Stephanie 姐姐佩芯也小太阳舞台,众唱跳经典曲目

有兴趣票的民众可从即日起,透 票,最低票价从RM61.60 (30%折扣后)欲知更多情,也可电至016-834 3923 
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