My Children Blending Adventure With Philips Viva Collection Blender!

Recently we are having hot weather, MR and baby MH requested to have ice-blended drinks. In Malaysia’s intense tropical heat, cold drinks are always in demand. From a young age, our children have enjoyed the cool relief that an iced drink offers on the hottest days. While they typically consume chilled cordial drinks or mass-produced juices, there are concerns about the sugar content of these drinks, with nutritionists recommending that children reduce consumption of such sweetened drinks[1].

Mouse mommy got a new blender helper - Philips Viva Collection Blender that comes with Duravita Tritan Jar that 20x stronger, not easily break off. Cool! That is my concern eventually whenever MR and baby MH eager to be my little kitchen helpers. My kids love to touch, explore, curious and experience together to see how the things works! Headache ya sometimes….

The first impression that mouse mommy loves this Philips Viva Collection Blender with Duravita Tristan Jar is the suction cup at the base of the blender, it is strong and able to keep the blender stay still on the table. Mouse mommy was feeling safe to allow my kids to operate on the blender itself.

Besides that, this blender is also easy to operate and easy to clean up. There are a control knob that in pulse setting mode for ice crushing and speed setting from minimum to maximum. User-friendly and child-friendly too!

The Duravita Tristan Jar is large with 1250mls capacity with 20x stronger the Tristan jar material that allows mouse mommy worried-free when my kids are handling the blender. Eventually mouse mommy was quite reluctant to allow MR and baby MH to “help out” in blending works, as in experience before that my kids accidentally drop their water bottles and blender jar, as a result break off and unable to use anymore, got to fork out money to buy a new one. Sad… sad…

This round, mouse mommy was happy to let MR and baby MH to be the little Chefs to make their ice-blended drinks. MR love orange and wanted to make orange milk smoothies. Baby MH loves apple. Hahaha… my little baby cannot wait for his turn and start chewing on the apple itself. 

Mouse mommy always allows kids to Learn Life Today. Explore, experiment and experience life together to allow children can learn how things works and the science behind it.

MR was helping to peeling off the orange skin before putting in to the blender jar. This is able to train the children motor function. While peeling off the orange skin, MR also told mouse mommy that the orange aroma smells good. He was wanted to blend two units of orange with ice, milk and honey.

First of all, MR and baby MH putting in ice cubes, honey and milk, use pulse setting mode for ice crushing. The ice blending required adequate fluid in order to works well. Do not put too much of water too, as in the outcome will be too watery.

Once the ice cubes turn to small in size, MR is putting in the orange to blend it together. Recommended to peel the orange and section by hand before put into blender jar for easy blending.

Baby MH was busy to help to blend the orange milk smoothies. He is enjoying the blending session with brother MR.

After orange milk smoothies done, they are quickly go and get their favourite The Bare Bear cup to fill up with their yummy smoothies! OMG! MR and baby MH were enjoying the orange milk smoothies that done by them. Finished!

We love the texture and the taste of the orange milk smoothie. It is smooth and all the ice cubes are fully blended. Yummy, healthy and nutritious fruit smoothies drink that we can make it on our own! Last but not least, boys, you got to help in cleaning too. MR and baby MH also help to clean up the table. Good boys!

Mr Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager of Philips Malaysia also shared that “Food preparation can be a fun way for parents to bond with children, besides teaching them about nutrition and training them to be handy in the kitchen – definitely a useful life skill. Routine kitchen tasks such as blending ingredients can become an exciting adventure when you have an extraordinary tool to use. With the Philips Viva Collection Blender, you can get creative and have a lot of fun making healthy and refreshing smoothies. Its highly durable and shatterproof Duravita Tritan jar frees you from worry even if the kids are helping. There’s no fear of having to replace the blender jar if it is accidentally knocked over.”

Other that using fresh fruits, delicious frozen smoothie by frozen fruits could just be the thing that hits the spot. No more difficult to prepare at home, this all-in-one blender that efficiently combines all ingredients and crushes ice speedily to make the perfect frozen smoothie in no time at all, and we can complete control of all ingredients to boot. Awesome!

Since this Philips Viva Collection Blender with Duravita Tristan Jar can make nice and smooth fruit smoothies, mouse mommy also would like to make baby food by using it. Mouse mommy has prepare rice, chicken, vegetables and potato to blend together with cool boiled water.

After that can put in breastmilk bottle and keep in the freezer, recommended to be consumed within 1 to 2 days. This is some tips from mouse mommy that hope that benefit to mommies with baby above 4 months old and start to weaning and consume solid food.

Mouse mommy also a working mom and understand that food preparation for our baby is not an easy task. The earlier that our kids explore to more foods, vegetables and fruits with different texture and taste. The more likely they will be easily accepted the wide range of food taste and do not become picky eater. Therefore, mouse mommy will blend the food that we are having and put in the breastmilk bottle and keep in the freezer.

The next day, mouse mommy will send chilled breastmilks together with frozen baby blend food to nanny house. Nanny was only required to warm up to the frozen baby blend food for about 30 minutes and directly served from the bottle itself. Clean and hygiene technique is to avoid food contamination issue. Hope helpful tips for mommies especially working mom.

The Philips Viva Collection Blender HR2157/91 is enhanced with blades that use ProBlend 5 technology, enabling you to crush ice 20% faster compared to other blenders. This means you no longer have to use tough, knuckle-cracking methods like hammering or pounding to break up blocks of ice. What’s better, this blender comes with the Duravita Tritan jar, made of copolyester that adds strength, versatility and flexibility to the jar. With this added element, the blending jar is shatterproof and will not smell or stain, leaving it easily washable and as good as new after every wash. It can also withstand the pressure and velocity of blending solid ingredients such as ice and hard types of vegetables or fruits.

Start off your #PhilipsPerfectBlend adventure with Philips and transform your kitchen into a “playground” for learning while you and your child have fun times preparing meals in a safe, convenient and adventurous way! More photos can click here to view

The Philips Viva Collection Blender with the Duravita Tritan jar (HR2157/91) is available at a retail price of RM376 at the Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery and Wangsa Walk Mall, both in Kuala Lumpur, and in Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru; at the Philips Experience Store in Menara Axis, Petaling Jaya; at retail partners and distributor stores nationwide, and online via the Philips Online Shop at

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Website :
[1] Malaysian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents

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Astro Xiao Tai Yang | Exciting The Five Elves Musical: A Magical Journey This November 2018 School Holidays!

Parents and Kids! Get ready to sing and dance to the popular Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) characters and The Five Elves Musical to give you a magical journey during the year end school holiday. Mark Your Date! 

The Five Elves: A Magical Journey | Astro小太阳《五力魔法小精灵之奇幻旅程》, is the very first original musical by Astro Xiao Tai Yang to provide children with a head start for a lifelong active learning through performing arts. It set to take place from 8th – 11th November at KLCC, Plenary Hall.

Credit to
MR and baby MH were so happy to meet Tong Tong and The Five Elves at IPC Shopping Mall for the musical launch. This is one of their favorite Astro Xiao Tai Yang show that must watch every day after school. Baby MH also loves BabyTV too as lullaby song before sleep.   

The popular animation characters will come to live in the form of a musical alongside with a 12-part animation series that was launched in July. The characters, Tong Tong & the Five Elves, QQ, Moses, Dido, Red Nose & Willy, together with more than 20 artists and dancers will sing and dance the night away to make this live performance entertaining and a memorable night for the kids and their parents. It is the most anticipated musical of the year and it is the perfect night for families to spend time together!

The musical also a part of XTY’s efforts to advocate the five pillars of learning, which is learning, thinking, competing, creating & developing character – the musical provides children with a head start for a lifelong active learning through performing arts.

The intro musical dance was happening with colourful costume and design. All the kids were exciting to sing, play, dance with Tong Tong and The Five Elves!

Moreover, combining familiar tunes from “Tong Tong's Wonderland”, a multimedia projection of a magical universe, specially-designed costumes & live interactions would captivate the audience during the musical show.

Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) has been the No.1 Chinese-language kids learning channel in Malaysia for the past decade. It’s signature show, Tong Tong’s Wonderland, is Astro’s highest-rating Chinese-language kids content.

The Five Elves Musical: A Magical Journey ticket prices are at RM78, RM98, RM148, RM198 and RM228.

Mouse mommy and kids MR MH are looking forward to go through this exciting magical journey with The Five Elves Musical: A Magical Journey! See you this November school holidays! More photos can click here to view

The Five Elves Musical: A Magical Journey | Astro小太阳《五力魔法小精灵之奇幻旅程》
Date : 8 to 11 November 2018
Venue : KLCC Plenary Hall

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Dymista Nasal Spray For Allergic Rhinitis (AR)

Mylan pharmaceutical company announced the launch of Dymista®, a new class of treatment for Allergic Rhinitis (AR) in Malaysia at a conference.This new advanced breakthrough product contains two main active ingredients – Azelastine Hydrochloride and Fluticasone propionate that provide significant relief to AR patients with moderate to severe symptoms of the nose, eyes and underlying inflammation in just a single spray.

At the conference, Dr Kong Min Han, President of Malaysian Society of Otorhinolaryngologists Head& Neck Surgeons (MSOHNS), along with Datuk Dr. Kuljit Singh, Consultant of Ear, Nose, Throat Surgeon and Professor David Price from the Primary Care Respiratory Medicine at University of Aberdeen, shared insights on AR, the current treatment availability in the market and the latest treatment options in controlling the symptoms of AR.

A chronic respiratory disease caused by an allergen such as pollen, dust and animal dander, AR often triggers Nasal AR symptoms such as blocked nose, nasal itching, running nose, sneezing as well as Ocular AR symptoms like itching, watering and redness of the eye. Recent studies have also shown a significant association between asthma and AR.It is reported that up to 28.8% of the AR patients in Malaysia are concurrent asthmatic sufferers[1]. It has further been proven that AR patients who sought treatment with Dymista® achieved a 100% reduction of the reflective Total Nasal Symptom Score (rTNSS) in a shorter period[2] when compared to the current available AR treatment.

Commenting at the launch, Mr. Shaun Lau, Country Manager of Mylan in Malaysia said, “Launch of Dymista® is a major milestone for Mylan in providing AR patients access to this novel drug to effectively control the chronic disease and is in line with our mission to provide the world's 7 billion people access to high quality medicine.”

Sharing insights on the need for addressing the symptoms, Dr. Kong stated, “While AR generally triggers multiple symptoms, majority of the patients experience nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose and nasal blockage which affects the quality of their life. Ocular symptoms remain widely neglected, as well, while they concern most patients with allergic rhinitis (AR) and have been shown to impair their daily activities.About 43.3% of the AR patients suffer from sleep disturbance, causing them to experience fatigue, irritability and in more serious condition, cognitive impairment.The symptom burden of AR is high in Malaysia and as such, a prescription that tackles these symptoms is necessary.”

Datuk Dr.Kuljit, on the other hand stated that, “AR treatment arsenal has remained static over the years with its focus placing only on mono-therapy developments which do not result in substantial symptomatic control of the AR. For instance,many patients have reported dissatisfaction over the use of intranasal steroid sprays due to its slow onset of action and breakthrough symptoms. He further added that while most patients have resorted to multiple therapies to achieve better and faster nasal and ocular symptom relief, they continue to experience symptoms of AR including running nose, sneezing, congestion and itching of the eyes.

“Recommended in the Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA) guidelines, Dymista® is suitable for individuals suffering from AR due to its fast onset of action. Using Dymista®, AR patients with moderate to severe symptoms can experience immediate relief in as fast as 5 minutes, which is twice as effective as the current available treatment (i.e. intranasal steroid spray). This new formulation of Antihistamine and Corticosteroid targets all nasal andocular symptoms to provide patients a significantly better symptomatic relief of AR,” pointed Prof Price.

The Dymista® nasal spray is indicated for adults and children aged 12 years and above who suffer with AR. Dymista® nasal spray is suitable for long term use, and it is recommended to use one spray per nostril twice daily. It can be obtained upon consultation from specialists or general practitioners.

Reference journals:
1. A novel intranasal therapy of azelastine with fluticasone for the treatment of allergic rhinitis [ ]

2. Clinically Relevant Effect of a New Intranasal Therapy (MP29-02) in Allergic Rhinitis Assessed by Responder Analysis [ ]

Proclamation : Patients are advisable to consult ENT Specialist for further diagnosis. Subject to Specialist recommendation.

[1]Asha'ari ZA, Yusof S, Ismail R, CheHussin CM. Clinical features of allergic rhinitis and skin prick test analysis based on the ARIA classification: a preliminary study in Malaysia. Ann Acad Med Singapore. 2010; 39(8):619-24.
[2] Price et al, JIACI 2013

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Antabax | ‘Bring Joy Back, Not Germs’ Campaign

Family days out should be fun-filled opportunities for bonding. However, with the rise in communicable diseases such as Hand, Foot & Mouth Diseases (HFMD) the possibility of bringing germs back is increasing.

Antabax, Malaysia’s number 1 Halal antibacterial personal care range has introduced the ‘Bring Joy Back, Not Germs’ campaign to teach simple steps that can reduce the spread of communicable diseases, for more joyous and less germy days-out with the family.

The worries that parents and caregivers have regarding their children and charges contracting HFMD especially in public areas is well-founded. As of August 16, 2018 statistics from the Ministry of Health Malaysia show that 52,393 children have been reported to have contracted HFMD.

Launched in conjunction with MBO Cinema’s Blood Donation 5.0 at Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown, here today, the campaign featured a talk on “5 Things That Parents Should Know About Common Infectious Diseases” by a specialist from Sunway Medical Center, hands-on hand hygiene demonstration by nurses from MAHSA University, interaction with the Antabax mascot, Germbuster, fun quizzes and lots of prizes.

The activities succeeded in delivering information to adults and children on the importance of practising good hand and general hygiene habits, while taking extra hygiene precautions to reduce the spread of communicable diseases especially those that are spread by unclean hands.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 80 percent of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch[1] and the CDC recommends hand hygiene as one of the most important steps to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.[2]

Mr. Francis Ng, Senior General Manager, Household and Personal Care Department of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, explained that the brand is carrying out numerous activities aimed at encouraging better hand and general hygiene practices that can support Malaysians active lifestyles.

“Malaysians are increasingly involved in active lifestyles be it sports, socialising, shopping or entertainment such a going to the movies. The challenge is not to bring back unwelcome and harmful germs after a fun day out. Simple steps such as correct handwashing can help to stop the spread of up to 99.9% of harmful germs. Simply put clean hands save lives. That’s the message we aim to drive home,” said Mr. Ng.

Antabax’ product range includes hand soap, bar soap, shower cream, antibacterial sanitizer spray, antibacterial sanitizer gel and antibacterial wipes that provide 24 hour protection against 99.9% of germs.

Antabax has your hygiene needs covered even in situations where soap and water are not available with our range of antibacterial sanitizer spray, antibacterial sanitizer gel and antibacterial wipes. For example before diving into your popcorn at an MBO cinema, quickly wipe your hands with our antibacterial wipes. A simple precaution that can help you bring back the joy of the movies without the germs,” quipped Mr. Ng.  

This is MBO Cinemas fifth annual blood donation drive, and the company is proud to have Antabax as its partner as they are contributing to the conversation on health by highlighting the important issue of hygiene. While the MBO blood donation drive is adding to the nation’s blood banks, preventing the spread of infectious diseases as promoted by Antabax is always better than a cure.

Dr. Anza Elias, an Occupational Health Physician from Sunway Medical Centre provided a comprehensive guide for adults and children on simple steps to reduce the spread of communicable diseases and made the serious topic of good hygiene easily understandable. She took questions from concerned parents and helped them allay their fears, while motivating kids to be cleanliness superheroes.

Nurses from MAHSA lead by Pn. Habibah Binti A Jalil, took the crowd in an energetic yet through introduction to the seven steps of hand hygiene, and the four steps to hand sanitising. They kept time to the catchy Antabax hand hygiene song and had everyone following along. Everyone present had the opportunity to receive one-on-one hand washing instructions from medical professionals.

Mouse mommy and kids MR MH also got to learn the correct steps of handwashing technique to keep our hands clean and hygiene. Mouse mommy does bring along antibacterial hand sanitizer or wipes whenever we go as in convenient and handy.

For more information on HFMD and ways to minimize the risk of spreading communicable diseases visit Antabax,

[1] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC Quick Reference Guide for Public Information on Infection Control.
[2] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Handwashing: Clean Hands Save Lives. December 11, 2013.

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