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GUARDIAN HEALTHY BEAUTY AWARDS 2020 | Exciting Annual Event To Vote For Your Trusted Best Brands And Win Prizes!

Guardian Malaysia, the  leading  pharmacy, health and beauty retailer today rolled out its Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2020, giving its three million and more, customers the opportunity to vote for their favourite  brands and win prizes up to RM50,000 in prizes.

The voting for the annual brand appreciation contest starts on 2 September 2020 and end on 30 September 2020.

Known previously as Guardian’s Most Voted Brands Awards, it has been renamed Healthy Beauty Awards.

Anna Ng, Retail Marketing Director, Guardian Health And Beauty, Malaysia and Singapore said: “This search for the top brands as voted by Guardian’s customers aims to give our customers a voice in selecting the best healthy beauty products in the industry  that is on offer at all Guardian stores.  So I urge all our customers to come make your voice and your choice heard. 

“At Guardian, our customers always come first and this unique true customer voting platform is even more relevant today as Guardian is driven to connect, engage strongly with and understand our customers’ lifestyle needs, preferences and behaviour that are constantly changing and evolving.”

“I believe Guardian Malaysia’s Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 are among the most prestigious and definitive in the market today taking into consideration the depth and breadth of the products, brands and categories involved.” 

“In addition, the votes taken as a whole, will give an unbiased snapshot of brands that have reached and impacted our customers the most.  

The brands will gain an important deeper understanding of the customers’ brand preferences with more than 70 winners in 6 main award categories, namely, ‘Best Newcomer’, ‘Most Voted Influencers Choice’, ‘Cosmetics’, Skin Care’, ‘Personal Care’ and ‘Health Care’,” Anna said.

Reflecting the digital lifestyle of a majority of today’s consumers, the voting process will be conducted entirely in digital format. This means, all voting will be done online.

“And for this year’s voting, there is no purchase required to enter the contest.  All they need to do is to register at via their social media platform or register manually and start voting. There is also no limit to the number of entries that they can submit,” Anna said.

After voting, each voter will earn a RM10 e-voucher which they can redeem at the Guardian Online Store with a minimum spend of RM100 in a single receipt during the period of this contest.

And all customers who vote also stand a chance to win one of 186 prizes and Guardian vouchers totalling up to RM50,000  including a Grand Prize of ONE Osim uDivine V Massage Chair and RM 250 worth of Guardian Cash Vouchers.

The contest is open to everyone aged 18 and above. The winner will be selected based on the entry which most closely resembles the overall Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 winners list.

For more information and full terms and conditions of Guardian’s Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 and the voting, please visit

So start voting and be in the running for fantastic prizes this September 2020!

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BABY CARRIE | New Launch Certified 100% Organic Plant Actives For Babies And Kids!

BABY CARRIE has a new launch products with Certified 100% Organic Plant Actives. Trusted by mums, Safe for babies’ skin. The light oat milk smell is light and calming. Mouse mommy and kids MR MH like it too.

Bathing time is MR and MH most wanted moments! Sometimes, mouse mommy does allow the kids have water play time in the bathroom. 

BABY CARRIE Head to Toe gently cleanses baby's sensitive scalp & skin and is enriched with wheat germ oil, rich in Vitamin E, as an antioxidant to protect the skin. It intensively moisturizes baby's skin with infused organic almond oil to leave skin soft & smooth. Suitable for Newborn Babies that is Tear Free, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically Tested, Ophthalmologist Tested, Free of sulphates, soap, parabens, colourant, MIT

The BABY CARRIE Head to Toe also able to generates many bubbles that MR and MH love it so much and have bubbles bath fun with it!

BABY CARRIE Bath gently cleanses baby's sensitive skin and is infused with organic oat milk & milk of almonds to improve baby's skin moisture, limit moisture loss and strengthen skin. Baby's skin elasticity is enhanced with Vitamins A & E, which also acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin. Baby skin’s is generally soft and sensitive, must use baby bath products, cannot use the adult range shampoo and bath products.

BABY CARRIE Lotion provides baby's skin with fast absorbing, 48-hour moisturization that is non-oily with alight feel. It is enriched with glycerin to hydrate and soothe baby's skin and infused with organic oat milk & milk of almonds to further moisturize and protect the skin. Suitable for Newborn Babies, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically Tested, 48-Hour Moisturization, Free of alcohol, parabens, colourant, mineral oil. Mouse mommy can feels the immediate hydration and non-greasy feeling of lotion. Feeling light and hydrated after apply BABY CARRIE Lotion.
BABY CARRIE Nourishing Oil is ideal for a baby bonding massage. It soothes & relieves dry skin and locks in baby's skin moisture. A skin enriching blend of wheat germ almond oil & olive oil helps baby's skin absorb and retain moisture while protecting the skin. Suitable for Newborn Babies, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically Tested, Retains more moisture, Nourishing and softening.

Baby CARRIE Calming Oil is ideal for a baby bonding massage. It soothes & relieves dry skin and helps baby sleep, infused with lavender, it has a calming effect on baby. Wheat germ oil & olive oil help baby's skin absorb &retain moisture while protecting the skin. Suitable for Newborn Babies, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically Tested, Retains more moisture
calming and softening.

Mouse mommy is massaging my boys since newborn till now. Massage already become a routine family bedtime moments. Massage makes MR and MH fall in sleep easily and feeling love and comfortable from mouse mommy’s hands. Haha…, sometimes MR and MH will specifically request mouse mommy to massage their little tummy and foot. My cutie boys!  

Parents and babies can try out this new range of BABY CARRIE Certified 100% Organic Plant Actives baby care products too. Trusted by mums, Safe for babies’ skin!

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Teeni Beauty | Bringing Kawaii-ness To Malaysia !

Fans of J-Beauty will be delighted to know that they can find their favourite beauty products from Teeni Beauty Store on Shopee. The store carries much-loved brands Kose Cosmeport, Canmake, Cezanne, Palladio, D.Up, LaF, Ezee, as well as beauty accessories.

Teeni Beauty is no stranger to beauty enthusiasts, and has presence in countries across Asia since 1993, supplying fashion accessories and beauty products to leading retail chain stores in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

The store on Shopee now has over 200 products, with Canmake and Cezanne being their most popular brands. Along with winning multiple awards from @cosme, Japan’s largest makeup site, both Canmake and Cezanne are also famously cited in Japanese magazines.

If you’re new to these brands and are spoilt for choice, Teeni Beauty Store recommends their Canmake Mat FleurCheek - #05 Mat Pumpkin. The Canmake Mat Fleur contains sebum-absorbing powder and other ingredients formulated to prevent your makeup from running, as well as a nice peachy blush with a soft finishing.

To go along with the popular J-Beauty’s light casual makeup, get the Canmake EyebrowPencil that comes in 2 different shades. The oval nib allows you to create both broad and fine lines with just one pencil. Best part is, it won’t turn runny or clumpy, allowing you to create effects of light and shade by applying layers. The twist-up mechanism eliminates the need for a sharpener, making this easy to carry around for your day out without having to worry.

In line with Teeni Beauty Store’s launch on Shopee, there will be discounts of up to 60% off from 10 Aug till the end of the month. On 10 Aug, users can look forward to Shocking Sale and limited-time bundle deals with discounts up to 50%. Part of the bundle deals are Softymo Cleanser (Collagen) with Cleansing Sheet (Collagen) for RM38 and Canmake Secret Beauty Powder 01 with Canmake Secret Beauty Base for RM108.

On the same day, users will get to enjoy discount vouchers at the store on Shopee: 50% off vouchers with minimum spend RM100 cap at RM10, RM5 off voucher with minimum spend RM50 and RM10 off with minimum spend RM100. Additionally, users will receive gifts worth RM50 if they spend RM250 and above.

It gets better as Teeni Beauty Store on Shopee is also part of the Million Dollar Brands Discounts feature that allows users to purchase 100% originals from favourite brands with big discounts. This is part of the Shopee 8.8 Brands Festival that’s happening now till 8 Aug. Receive greater savings on 8 Aug where the minimum spend for users to enjoy free shipping will be lowered to RM10 from 12AM - 2AM with added surprises throughout the day. Visit Teeni Beauty Store on Shopee at to get your hands on these jaw dropping deals.

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Nuby Malaysia 3-Ply Face Mask For Children If School Consider Reopening In Malaysia

Not many kids mask in the market! Mouse mommy is looking for kids 3-ply face masks for my 2 boys. 

Found quality kids face mask at 
Nûby Malaysia website via . 

Nuby Kids 3-ply face mask and Nuby Kids 3D 4-ply face mask that efficiently blocks pollen, water droplets, bacteria, dust and other particles. This is what I want! 

Covid-19 pandemic infectious would not been resolved in short period. We got to prepare to adapt this new norm lifestyle by wearing face mask, keep social distancing, hand hygiene and personal hygiene in daily lifestyle. 

As a mom, mouse mommy also want to prepare 3-ply face masks for our children that might need to go out and preparation to go back to school.

Mouse mommy was ordered it early April 2020 via and has received the 3-ply kids face masks order from Nûby Malaysia . Convenient and hygienic ziplock pack to keep the kids face mask. MR can put in his school bag easily, protected and water-proof ziplock pack.

These single disposable kids face mask is soft texture, 3-ply structure, efficiency filter with 95% effectiveness that able to blocks pollen, droplets and bacteria efficiently. Fine and soft ear loops do not caused pain to our kid’s ears. Suitable for kids 5 to 12 years old. .

Got fun fairytale prints for both boys and girls with light colour that we can easily detect if the face mask is soiled or dirty already. Then, can change a new one.

Mouse mommy also take this opportunity to teach MR and MH the important of wearing face mask. Of course, mouse mommy also practical with MR at home. So that, mouse mommy can see what will happen if my boy wearing face mask for 8 hours long duration. MH is still too young to follow mouse mommy instruction, but, I also guide MH and hope that he can follow.

Sharing some Yay and NoNo common mistakes that our kids will tend to do if there are going back to school. Stop coronavirus infectious in children if school consider reopening.

Yay to the CORRECT way of wearing face mask for kids.

NoNo if kids wearing mask in this way. Required parents' guidance. 

Mouse mommy is satisfied with its good quality kids face mask that can keep my kids well protected. 

Of course, beside face mask, handwashing, Alcosm_Official hand wipes, hand rub, personal hygienic and practice, adequate sleep, well hydrated, strong body immune are also important to keep our kids healthy and avoid any cross-infectious too.

Nuby™ is strive towards making the lives of parents and children easy, simple and fun. Their products are inspired by nature and offer the best, safest and most simple choices for us and our baby.

The Nûby™ brand also covers feeding, weaning, soothing, play, bath and nursery and boasts patented innovation in all of its categories.

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Missi Care | One-Stop Home Nursing For Elderly And Patients

Home nursing care services is very demanding nowadays! Missi Care is a mobile app providing one-stop elder care home nursing services (private nursing care) for the benefit of busy families, who require dedicated care and attention for their aged parents in their times of need.

Mouse mommy likes the good quality nursing care, nursing home and home nursing services provided by Missi Care. As in Missi Care is a healthcare provider team with licensed medical officer and national registered nurses. 

Mouse mommy also asked about the charges. Missi Care is charging RM150 per trip for home nursing services to our house at Puchong.

Missi Care home nursing services included home nursing, private nursing, caregiver, physiotherapy and acupuncture services. All Missi Care’s nurses are national registered nurses, while their physiotherapists and acupuncturists are also certified.

Missi Care’s Medical Specialists also provide specialized training to the professional caregivers to ensure quality and service standards are maintained. 

Besides that, mouse mommy was happy to see the well-trained nurses taking good care about the elderly in physically and as well as mentally support. Mouse mommy saw the happy faces of the elderly.

Missi Care is a platform that offer a fast, easy and convenient way for busy families to book and pay for the services through a payment gateway. 

Missi Care is founded and operated by established medical professionals and they bring the best in nursing and living care for the elderly. 

With Missi Care, families can now obtain a full-range of elderly care services from highly-trained, dedicated and professional nurses right at their doorstep.

Missi Care services are currently available across most cities in Peninsular Malaysia. Good care for our elderly parents! Good for patients that required home nursing, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

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Book A Nurse : +6017-6368773 

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