Shop for a Cause, Shop for H.O.P.E.

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected everyone,  including animals, to varying degrees. According to non-profit organisation Homeless &  Orphan Pets Exist (H.O.P.E), there has been a 30% increase in animal abandonment at the  animal shelter during the Movement Control Order. This is possibly due to the growing  financial burden that pet owners are facing. 

Understandably, with the current economic climate, donations to the H.O.P.E animal shelter  located in Pekan Nenas, Johor have reduced greatly. Daily, H.O.P.E feeds an average of 1.2  tonnes (1,200 kg) of pet food to over 3,000 dogs and 200 cats that it is currently sheltering.  This works out to more than RM140,000 needed to ensure these furry friends are fed on a  monthly basis; and this is on top of the RM20,000 incurred for medical expenses and  miscellaneous. 

With the goal of improving the lives of pets through nutrition, shelter and education, pet care  product brands WHISKAS® and PEDIGREE® are collaborating with H.O.P.E. animal shelter  to raise funds via the “Shop for H.O.P.E.” campaign on Shopee happening from now till 6  December 2020. 

Through this campaign, Shopee users and pet lovers can make donations of RM10, RM20 or  even RM50 to the animal shelter. Additionally, for every purchase made through the Whiskas  and Pedigree Official Store on Shopee, 10% will be converted to products which will later be  presented to H.O.P.E. 

Mars Petcare Southeast Asia Pet Nutrition D-Commerce Director Phua Fui Ching said,  “Ever so often, we come across a news article or video on social media on animals being  abandoned and it is heart-wrenching. At Mars Petcare, we believe that pets make the world a  better place and therefore, collaborating with H.O.P.E as well as Shopee is one of the many  initiatives to achieve our goal in creating a better world for pets where they are healthy, happy and welcomed. 

Through this partnership, we hope to raise at least RM10,000 worth of pet  food to be donated to H.O.P.E to help ease their burden.”


In a bid to garner more proceeds for the animal shelter, WHISKAS® and PEDIGREE® will  also be offering in-store vouchers of RM7 off with a minimum spend of RM70 and RM10 off  with a minimum spend of RM100 to encourage pet lovers to purchase more from the store.

To find out more or show support for the Shop for H.O.P.E. campaign, visit

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6 Trendy Madammoselle Hair Accessories For Daily Wear !

Hair accessories are functional or ornamental objects wrapped, tied, twisted, inserted, or otherwise attached to the hair.

No matter what your 9 to 5 is, we all have a go-to hairstyle that gets us up and out of the house as soon as possible. Whether it’s simple waves, a run-through with a straightening iron, or a topknot, sometimes it’s all about speed over style from Monday to Sunday.


Mouse mommy was excited to share with you the Madammoselle hair and beauty accessories collection that I have from hair bands, hair clips, scrunchies, headbands, hair claw clip, basic black metal hair snap clips, spiral hair coils and so on.

Hair Bands

Love the Madammoselle hair bands that is 100% made in rubber with strong grip on my hair when I tie my hair. 

It is very flexible and good in gripping. Mouse mommy is feeling comfortable and leaves no mark on my hair when I open it. 

This is one of the favourite hair bands range that mouse mommy use it in daily basis.



Headbands are the one item mouse mommy was always a bit skeptical about. 

With long, straight, heavy hair, I felt as though I would look like ‘Alice In Wonderland’! But after donning an embellished headband, I became hooked. The headband added just the right element of sweet looking.


Madammoselle’s headbands are the perfect hair accessory to wear when you are still want to look cute. Suggestion that you can look for knotted headbands or simple ones will do.

There are many endless inspiration from celebrities and influencers alike who are making the perfectly placed band look chic, put together, and downright stylish. The beauty of this trend? Its versatility. 

Throw a headband on top of polished curls, a messy low bun, or even a high ponytail. And if you’re feeling fancy, you can double up on trends and opt for a pearl-studded or floral headband.

Mouse mommy loves this as in gives a brand new looks or kawaii looks after putting on a headband! Love this.


Large Hair Claw Clip Clamp Hair Accessory

Many different stylish designs of the Madammoselle hair claw clip for everyday wear. 

The shiny black colour hair claw clip is good in quality in gripping for thick hair. Durable design and not easily break off. Mouse mommy is comfortable with it.  

Mouse mommy especially loves this flower design hair claw clip that gives me floral mood!

Basic Black Metal Hair Snap Clips

A great multi-purpose snap clip plain black metal that is perfect for keeping hair in place, as well as for holding kippahs or caps.

Spiral Hair Coils / Hair Tie

Bid farewell to hair-tie-headaches and instead opt for these snag-free accessories, designed to secure hair and a touch of fun to any hairstyle. 

There are small spiral hair coils as well as large spiral hair coils. Multiple choices and selections to cater for different needs.


Ring Hair Band

High elasticity and high durability of these natural rubber Madammoselle Ring Hair Bands makes hair styling easier and colourful. Mouse mommy can uses it to tie up hair tidily as well as craft with it.



Madammoselle Scrunchies are also great for during the day. 

Add one to my ponytail or bun in a pattern that compliments to my outfit and I am good to go!

Love the different patterns of the Madammoselle Scrunchies and also come in in so many colours, you’re bound to find one you like.


These are the hair accessories that mouse mommy wear in my daily either work or casual time. What have been your favourite hair accessories this year? Let me know in the comments!


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Kaspersky | Malaysian Parents To Keep Our Kids Safer Online

Global cybersecurity company discusses with industry experts how to raise kids, who are digital natives, and suggests ways to secure them against cybercriminals.  

A move to ensure the new school session in 2021 can be conducted safely, all schools in Malaysia are set to remain close for the rest of the year. The Ministry of Education[1] decided the move after considering data analysis of COVID-19 cases involving students, teachers, and their close contacts. The new school year would begin on Jan 20, 2021[2]. In addition, the Ministry has urged the school administrators to continue the home-based learning for teachers and students[3]

In conjunction with home-based learning, Kaspersky hosted an online forum to discuss ways keeping the kids safer online. Featuring industry experts including: Ong Kian Yew, Chief Executive Officer at PIKOM (the National Tech Association of Malaysia); Datuk Dr. Chiam Heng Keng, Founding President of The Early Childhood Care and Education Council Malaysia; and Nazrudin Habibur Rahman, a TV Host, Actor, Entrepreneur and father of three, the conference was hosted by Deborah Priya Henry, TV host, model and co-founder of an NGO which focuses on children education. 

Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Southeast Asia at Kaspersky underlined that between March to May 2020, as many as 47%-51% of Malaysian kids spent most of their time online searching for learning materials related to their online classes. 

“It is a good sign that kids in Malaysia are using technology in a productive way. Our Digital Comfort Zone[4] Report quantified the increase of internet usage because of the pandemic at up to two more hours every day in Southeast Asia. 63% parents agreed that their children are using the internet more than they did on the same period as compared to last year. Our study also revealed that parents fear for their children’s online safety, but are not putting time to talk about them. Because of these, we are glad to initiate such conversations today,” says Yeo.

For his part, Ong said that after several months of home-based learning for students and remote work for parents, both parents and students would continue to seek the right technology tools. The recently announced Malaysian Budget 2021[5], proposed that the relief on lifestyle expenses (such as computer, smartphone or tablet) be increased from RM2,500 to RM3,000.

“We foresee the proposed tax relief will boost the purchases of these smart devices to address any possible shortages to work from home and learn from home. At present, PIKOM members, in general, have already reported positive sales trend throughout the MCO period,” adds Ong. 

Speaking on not attending schools and home-based learning, Datuk Dr. Chiam said that students miss their friends and doing school activities. 

For younger students, they are physically active and tend to have shorter attention span. Confinement at home and having parents who are also busy to keep kids interested, may potentially lead the young ones to frustrations, which may be demonstrated through being aggressive, intolerant, uncooperative, and disinterested. 

“However, not everything is negative, as there are also many positive aspects of staying and learning at home. Parents can spend time doing things together, exercise together, or just have fun together. Our current situation enhances bonding and offers a perfect time for mothers and fathers to sit down with their kids and discuss things that matter – such as forming online habits to keep them safe.” explains Datuk.

Nazrudin, a Kaspersky user, commented that he enjoyed the stay at home and home-based learning with his kids but not without its own challenges. “I learned from Kaspersky that parents who are completely unfamiliar with video games may be tempted to completely ban their children from playing. However, banning is not the healthiest solution. This is because children may have peers that play games at school and by disallowing them from participating, they may feel like an outcast. So there should be a check and balance in parenting.”

“To achieve this balance, I personally install safety nets such as Kaspersky Safe Kids. I agree with Datuk Dr. Chiam, as one of the most effective way is to be good role models to our kids. For #teamnazrudin, we practice no smartphone during mealtimes and have conversations related to cyber safety, when they are in doubt. We are no experts in this area, but we will learn together,” he adds.

Kaspersky has some good tips for the parents:

§  Spend more time communicating with your children about online safety measures. Tell your children what must not, under any circumstances, be published on the Internet and why.

§  Surf and learn together.  See where they spend their time online and explore how to best keep them safe.  Also spending time to play online games, so you can learn from each other.

§  Explain that all the sensitive information can be shared only via messengers and only with people you know in real life.

§  And yes, we do recommend parents to install a cybersecurity software like Kaspersky Total Security to protect their kids against online threats. Kaspersky is offering a three-month free trial of Kaspersky Total Security, available through this link


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SW NutraVita Marine Placenta | Halal Collagen For Ageless Skin!

Do you know about Marine Placenta? Consumers all over the world have been using anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products made using ingredients extracted from mammal-based placenta.

A Japanese firm discovered that the same anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect can also be achieved using ovary peptides extracted from salmon placenta (the ovary pouch holding the roe in salmon).

Salmon placenta ovary peptides are found to contain more amino acids than mammalian placentas, and their amino acid composition is similar to that of collagen, hence making them the perfect anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredient.

This is exciting finding and encourage Sinaran Wanita to develop unique technologies and formulations to address the most commonly cited Asian skin concerns. Sinaran Wanita SW NutraVita Marine Placenta collection is available and exclusively in Watsons Malaysia and Sinaran Wanita webpage.

Why Salmon Placenta Ovary Peptides

Salmon or Marine Placenta Ovary Peptides are easily absorbed deep into the dermis due to their low molecular weight. It helps stimulate the body’s own collagen production and fibroblast repair. It also contains more amino acids than other mammalian placentas.

Marine Placenta Ovary Peptides are harvested exclusively from the Atlantic wild salmon. The salmon ovary pouch is cleaned and quality tested for contaminants and pollutants. After it passes Quality Control checks, it is prepared for enzymatic degradation, a method that is used to extract the collagen without damaging its amino acids and fibres. 

The resulting water-soluble collagen hydrolysate is purified and freeze-dried to preserve the highest degree of collagen. This process is one of the key cornerstones to obtaining Halal certification as no alcohol is used in the production process.

As far as mouse mommy concern, placenta related products is very expensive and always in premium range category. Happy that Sinaran Wanita has been on a quest to find a skincare product that can help women feel better about their appearance since 2017. 

After an exhaustive search and finally found the Marine Placenta, and awesome that Sinaran Wanita launches its own professional range of skincare. SW NutraVita Marine Placenta Serum and Concentrate is originates from Japan, German technology and formulated to deliver beautiful, ageless skin for all women. It is a halal skincare products too.


Mouse mommy has been reading some articles and doing some research on the Marine Placenta. Dark circle, fine lines and wrinkles are start popping out from my face skin. Mouse mommy is applying 2 drops of the SW NutraVita Marine Placenta Concentrate on the morning, follow by 2 pumps of SW NutraVita Marine Placenta Serum and tap in around my whole face and neck region. Same goes to night time routine skincare regime.

I can feel my skin are smoother and brighter after a week of continuously applying the skincare. So happy to see the SW NutraVita Marine Placenta Concentrate and Serum fast-acting and effectiveness on my skin. Most importantly, is affordable price range for all!

The Sinaran Wanita NutraVita Marine Placenta Concentrate and Serum are Halal and certified by JAKIM.

SW NutraVita Marine Placenta Concentrate

NutraVita Marine Placenta Concentrate is specifically designed to visibly reduce scars from acne, injury or surgery and enhance skin appearance. It is the first and ONLY HALAL-certified and affordable rejuvenating Skin Health Formula, rich in natural collagen and pure skin moisturizing oil to stimulate epidermal skin stem cells for stem repair, and easily absorbed deep into the skin.

It contains a unique combination of Salmon Placenta Ovary Peptides, Bovine Colostrum-based Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC), Hyaluronic Acid and Marine algae-based ingredient.

It is a highly concentrated bioactive skin health formula with epidermal skin stem cells activating Growth Factor Concentrate which has been clinically tested in Germany.

Recommended usage: 1-2 drops in the morning, 1-2 drops in the evening (apply before Serum) 


SW NutraVita Marine Placenta Serum

NutraVita Marine Placenta Serum is specifically designed to help reduce skin aging effects such as fine lines and wrinkles to visibly enhance and improve skin appearance. It is the first and ONLY HALAL-certified and affordable rejuvenating Skin Health Formula with a clinically proven, unique 5-Mode-Action that enhances skin appearance and minimizes pore size. It is rich in natural collagen and pure skin moisturizing oil and easily absorbed deep into the skin.

Recommended usage: 2 pumps in the morning, 2 pumps at night (apply after Concentrate)

SW NutraVita Marine Placenta professional skincare range is exclusively available at all Watsons outlets and Sinaran Wanita webpage. Retail price: RM89.90 (Serum), RM59.00 (Concentrate). 

Sinaran Wanita NutraVita Marine Placenta provides women with tried and trusted ingredients to deliver beautiful and ageless skin.

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