Book lovers rejoice as
the World’s Biggest Book Sale, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, returns and will be debuting its new e-commerce platform, for the first time to readers in Malaysia from 4 to 11 November 2020. The 8-day Book Sale fiesta is set to delight book enthusiasts and bibliophiles alike with more than 20 million books and over 40,000 book titles.


Wow! This is really exciting! Book lovers can browse through easily and look for the books that you want! Mouse mommy is feeling excited to browse through the books! Interested to look for children books and my new hobby in cooking with cookbook, herbs vegetable books and gardening tips and tricks books.

Great news that no more location limitation! The whole Malaysia Malaysians can join this fantastic Big Bad Wolf Book Sale via online book sale! Parents and kids also can take this opportunity to purchase the books that you want! 


On top of the massive array of book selections, Malaysian shoppers will get to enjoy brand-new quality books and save up to 90% off recommended retail prices. Readers from all walks of life can traverse through the vast offerings at this year’s virtual Book Sale fiesta where they can find bestseller titles, novels, science fiction, romance, literature, graphic novels, business books, self-help, architecture books, cookbooks, and many more, all under one website. Known for its extensive collection of children’s books; parents can choose from storybooks, activity books, board books, colouring books, picture books, and interactive books to keep their children accompanied in the comfort of their homes.


“The safety of our shoppers and staff is our main priority. With that said, when the pandemic struck earlier this year, we didn’t want it to hamper our ongoing mission to build a new generation of readers and spread the joy of reading. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that book lovers in Malaysia can still enjoy accessible books at their favourite end-of-the-year Book Sale,” said Jacqueline Ng, Co-Founder of the Big Bad Wolf Books. “With our new e-commerce platform, everyone in Malaysia can buy books at this year’s Big Bad Wolf Book Sale safely, no matter where they are,” she added.


With the ongoing Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya and Sabah, as well as lockdowns in other affected states, Big Bad Wolf Books hopes to give readers continuous access to knowledge with its library of books — advocating the fun of reading in the comfort of their own homes. Its new e-commerce platform allows consumers to browse a catalogue of over 40,000 titles from the comfort of their own abodes.


Exciting promotions across categories such as Horrible Books, White Star Classic Fairy Tales, Magical Books Deal and book of the Sale, the Christmas 8 in 1 Game Book await readers. Consumers can also enjoy free shipping within Peninsular Malaysia on orders above RM180, as well as offers of RM5 off with a minimum purchase of RM80 or 10% off their total bill with a minimum purchase of RM300, terms and conditions apply. East Malaysian readers will also enjoy 30% off the shipping fee with no minimum spend.


Established in Petaling Jaya in 2009, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale spans across 12 countries in 34 cities, which include Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Cambodia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Myanmar, Taiwan, and most recently, Singapore. 

Mouse mommy loves the Big Bad Wolf Book concept that turn non-reader to become readers that is promoting reading books and encourage adults and kids develop reading culture in their family and community. 


More updates on the most-anticipated Online Book Sale in Malaysia to be announced soon on their website and social media. Exciting!!! What is the books that you are looking for?


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Jom Hunt Down These Irresistible Pokémon Poké Plates 2.0 at 7-Eleven Malaysia !

Irresistible! Fans of Pokémon have reason to cheer as 7-Eleven Malaysia, the nation’s largest convenience chain store launches yet another loyalty programme that features the popular Japanese franchise.


The Pokémon Poké Plates 2.0 collection comes in 30 vibrant designs, each featuring popular Pokémon characters such as the all-time favourites Pikachu, Venusaur, Dedenne, Charizard, Blastoise, Sylveon, Zamazenta, Gyrados, Tyranitar, MewTwo and many others. 

Customers are rewarded with programme stickers from now until 6 December 2020 for every purchase of RM5 and above in a single receipt at any 7-Eleven Malaysia outlet. Bonus stickers will be rewarded if the purchase includes a selected partner product from brands like Coca-Cola, Goodday, Mamee and Nestlé. With a total of 12 stickers, a free Pokémon Poké Plate 2.0 can be redeemed. 

Another option for customers is to purchase a Poké Plate 2.0 at RM9.90 alongside 6 stickers.

This is really exciting! Mouse mommy is one of the loyalty Pokémon fans too!!! Cannot wait to have the 30 vibrant designs of Pokémon Poké Plates 2.0 collection at 7-Eleven Malaysia

Besides as collection, it can use as dessert serving plates too! Practical cum useful Pokémon Poké Plates that I could not missed! What is your favourite Pokémon Poké Plates?

7-Eleven Malaysia’s General Manager of Marketing, Ronan Lee, said, “Due to the overwhelming response to our previous redemption campaign, we are pleased to present the return of our highly successful Pokémon Poké Plates series, following up on last year’s eventful campaign with even more next generation characters as well as a new take on iconic characters such as Pikachu, among others that are exclusively available at all 7-Eleven Malaysia stores nationwide, both Peninsular and East Malaysia.”

“From now until 13 December 2020, customers of 7-Eleven will have the opportunity to get their hands on 30 limited edition poké plate designs by redeeming it for FREE with 12 stickers so to all avid collectors out there, you’ve gotta catch em’ all. Besides, these adorable and well-loved poké plates are BPA-free and made of food grade materials,” Lee concluded.

In conjunction with the Pokémon Poké Plates™ 2.0 collectibles loyalty programme, 7-Eleven Malaysia will also be having an “Answer & Win” contest from now until 1 December 2020. The social media contest is open to all the fans, with exclusive prizes up for grabs. There are four rounds all told in which three multiple choice questions related to Pokémon characters and the redemption campaign will be posted for each round on 7-Eleven Malaysia’s official Facebook page.

7-Eleven Malaysia’s latest product offerings include the trending exclusive Limited Halloween Edition Daebak Ghost Pepper Combo Pack which comes with the Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodle and the all-new Ghost Pepper flavoured cola drink. 

Its ever-expanding bakery range – including Banana Cake and Chocolate Doughnut – pairs perfectly with the Poké Plates, as each tasty treat fit nicely on the square plates. What’s more, 7-Eleven customers can now have meals on-the-go and daily essentials delivered to doorstep via Foodpanda.

7-Eleven Malaysia is the largest stand-alone convenience store-chain nationwide, with close to 2,400 outlets across the country. The launch of Pokémon Poké Plates 2.0 extends the journey to continuously aspire to elevate customers’ shopping experiences and scale greater heights as the leading convenience store operator in Malaysia. To achieve expectations in providing convenience to customers, 7-Eleven Malaysia opts to stay true to its motto, Always There for You.

Be sure to hunt down these plates at your nearest 7-Eleven store nationwide as they will only be available for a limited time and while stocks last. Download My7E™ app today to grab your favourites at member-price and other amazing in-app deals.

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Primera Rice | Healthy Tasty Red Rice with Low Glycaemic Index and Rich in Antioxidant Content For All

There are many types of rice available in Malaysia. Rice is a staple food product that is synonymous with Malaysian culture. The most commonly consumed rice in Malaysia and globally is white rice.

According to a report by Khazanah Research Institute (KRI),[1] Malaysians had consumed an average of 80 kg of rice, per person, in 2016. Although carbohydrates are essential for the body as they provide us with energy, excess consumption of white rice, which is the major source of carbohydrates may lead to health issues because of its high glycaemic index (GI) value. The bran and germ which store abundant nutrients are also removed during the milling of white rice.

Mouse mommy was happy to get to know a new launch of PrimeraTM Red Rice in Malaysia by Nomatech in collaboration with UKM. PrimeraTM Red Rice is red in colour, the texture of the rice is chewy and soft.

Mouse mommy likes the taste of PrimeraTM Red Rice, as in chewy than white rice, softer than brown rice. It is a healthier choice of rice for our daily intake as in PrimeraTM Red Rice is low glycaemic index and rich in antioxidant content.

Rice sceptics can now have a different view of rice as Nomatech Sdn. Bhd., a home-grown company has produced a low glycaemic index (GI) superior red rice; Primera which is also high in fibre and rich in antioxidant. “It is developed through conventional breeding involving controlled cross-pollination between a Malaysian high yielding rice cultivar, MR219 and a wild rice, Oryza rufipogon,” said Prof Dr. Wickneswari Ratnam, Plant Genetics and Biotechnology expert from Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. 

“The glycaemic index (GI) figure indicates the relative ability of a carbohydrate to increase the level of glucose in the blood. In other words, GI is a ranking given to food to describe how quickly the carbohydrate in the food is broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. Foods with a low GI value, are slowly digested, causing a slower and stable rise in blood sugar levels which reduces the risk of developing diabetic complications,” added Prof. Wickneswari Ratnam.

The glycaemic index (GI) scale ranges from 0 to 100, with the lower numbers representing a low GI food and the higher number representing a high GI food. [2] Foods have been classified by GI into low (GI ≤ 55), medium (GI 56–69), and high (GI ≥ 70).

At the GI value of 46, Primera™ Rice, also known as UKMRC9 is classified as low GI food.[3] Since Low GI food is slowly digested by the body, eating a healthy portion of it makes you will feel satiated and prevents you from getting hungry fast. 

Primera™ Rice, which has slightly nutty flavour and is pleasant to taste also supplies anthocyanin, a type of antioxidant that protects body cells against free radicals and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“A cup of PrimeraTM Rice that is plainly boiled in two and a half cups of water produces nutty-flavoured red rice that goes well with side dishes such as rendang, soup, curry, and stir-fried vegetables. The slightly chewy texture of the rice adds complexity to mouthfeel of your meal. The rice is not only enjoyable as plainly boiled rice, but it can also be cooked as nasi lemak, pilaf, fried rice, and salad. Recipes and educational articles on PrimeraTM Rice are available at,” said Puan Sharifah Nur Rahimah Syed Alias, Director and Head of Business Development of Nomatech Sdn. Bhd. She added that PrimeraTM Red Rice is now available at selected outlets such as Tesco, AEON Big, MyDin, The Store, Village Grocer, Giant, and also in online platforms at Lazada, Shopee and Presto Mall.

The launch event which took place at De.Wan 1958 By Chef Wan, The LINC KL was attended by multiple award-winning chef and culinary ambassador for Tourism Malaysia, Datuk (DR) Redzuawan Ismail or better known as Chef Wan who demonstrated his culinary prowess with an interesting presentation of 3 sumptuous dishes using Primera™ Rice. The dishes prepared were Nasi Berlauk, Bubur Aneka and Nasi Ulam.

Chef Wan’s Nasi Ulam is so flavourable! Datuk Dr. Chef Wan is using 7 types of vegetables and herbs to cook this nasi ulam. Mouse mommy was delighted to request this secret recipe and share with you.

Resipi Nasi Ulam oleh Datuk Dr. Chef Wan / Nasi Ulam Recipe by Datuk Dr. Chef Wan


Bahan-bahan untuk nasi / Ingredients for the rice

2 cawan/cups Beras merah Primera / Primera Red Rice

5 cawan/cups Santan / Coconut milk

2 batang/stalks Serai dititik / Lemon grass smashed

3 keping Daun limau purut / Kaffir lime leaves

1 helai Daun salam / Bay leaf



Cara masak nasi      / Method to prepare the rice                      

1.    Masak beras merah Primera bersama santan.

Cook the Primera red rice with coconut milk


2.    Tanak beras ini bersama garam, daun salam, serai serta daun limau purut.

Cook the rice with salt, Bay leaf, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.


3.    Masak nasi seumpama masak nasi lemak.

Cook the rice like cooking nasi lemak.


4.    Sejukkan nasi yang telah dimasak untuk beberapa jam.

Allow the rice to cool down for a few hours.


Bahan-bahan B / Ingredients B

6 jenis / types Ulam-ulaman di racik sehingga halus / Finely shred the herbs

2 biji / nos Kuning telor asin di cincang halus / Salted egg yolk finely chopped

2 cawan / cups Isi Ikan Tenggiri goreng yang di carik-carik halus / Flesh of fried Mackerel finely shredded

1 cawan / cup Udang kering di goreng dan di kisar halus /Dried shrimp fried and finely blended

1 cawan / cup Bawang goreng / Fried onion       

1 cawan / cup Kerisik / Condiment made from grated coconut which is toasted

4 batang / stalks Serai di hiris halus / Lemongrass finely sliced

2 Bunga kantan di hiris nipis / torch ginger sliced thinly

6 helai / pieces Daun limau purut di hiris nipis / kaffir lime leaves sliced thinly

4 camca besar / tbsp Sambal belacan / Chilli shrimp paste

1/4 cawan / cup Budu / Fermented anchovy sauce

2 helai / pieces Daun kunyit di hiris halus / Tumeric leaves sliced thinly

8 biji / nos Limau nipis / Lime

Sedikit garam / some salt


Cara-cara / Method

1.    Di dalam mangkuk besar gaul nasi beras merah yang di masak tadi bersama semua bahan B.

In a big bowl stir the red rice that has been prepared earlier with Ingredients B.

2.    Gaul sampai rata dan secukup rasa.

Mix the rice evenly with the ingredients and to desired taste.

3.    Perahkan air limau nipis dan sajikan.

Squeeze lime and serve.


Mouse mommy also cook the PrimeraTM Red Rice at home for family. Mouse mommy use PrimeraTM Red Rice to cook porridge with sweet corn, vegetable, fish cake and a dash of salt. Garnish with sesame oil and fermented bean curd.

The PrimeraTM Red Rice porridge taste soft and smooth. The taste is well blend with the food ingredients. My boys MR and MH also enjoying mom’s cook porridge with PrimeraTM Red Rice.

Mouse mommy also use PrimeraTM Red Rice to cook rice. The rice texture is chewy, soft, but not stick to each and others. Mouse mommy loves nasi goreng pattaya, found another interesting Korean street food recipe with tornado omelet with rice. Taste great!

Mouse mommy and family enjoying this healthier choice of PrimeraTM Red Rice at home. Hope you enjoy too! Cheers! 

~ Complete Rice For Health ~

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