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Secret Nature | A Natural Brand From JEJU Island

Secret Nature, a brand all the way from JEJU Island farms, South Korea has partnered up with Watsons to open the brand’s first retail stores nationwide.

Mouse mommy has traveled to Jeju Island before. It is a nature place with fresh air, unique geographical and friendly people.

Inspired by nature and its purity, Secret Nature aims to provide Malaysians of all ages with healthier and cleaner beauty choices. 

Known for its leading innovative formulas and responsible green practices, Secret Nature products are formulated with up to 97% naturally derived ingredients sourced from the pristine conditions of Korea’s Jeju Island.

Secret Garden is founded by Hankook Cosmetics Co. Ltd. which has over half-century history in South Korea. 

With Hankook cosmetics, Secret Nature truly understands Asian skin conditions and can adapt to the consumers’ ever-changing interests thanks to its fast-paced R&D process, diverse customizable offerings and global distributions.

All of us are busy and exposed to stress factors and pollution environment nowadays. Air pollution, humid weather, work stress, inadequate of quality sleep that might cause our skin to damage or degenerative.

“We believe Secret Nature has a strong range of products to offer in nourishing the skin with clean JEJU ingredients to make our skin healthy again,” said Elaine Tan, Secret Nature Malaysia brand manager.

The brand’s key products include from Jeju Green Tea Line for deep hydration, Volcanic Ash Line for pore cleansing. Customer are invited to discover naturally derived skincare regimes and to curate their favourite Jeju sheet masks to their skin needs.

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Fun-Filled Watsons #GETACTIVE Fest 2018 For Family And Kids!

Mouse mommy and friends were joining this exciting Watsons #GETACTIVE Fest with over 10,000 of fitness enthusiasts across the country and people of all ages gathered at the Watsons first Get Active Festival 2018 held in Setia City Convention Centre.

Boasted with many successes of Watsons’ yearly grand fitness event, this year’s happening returned with an extension of all-day festival of fitness, fun activities as well as beauty and health workshops.

Organised by Asia and Malaysia’s No. 1 health and beauty retailer, the fitness and health festival started in the wee hours of the morning at 6.00 am and ended at 11.00 pm with the ever popular Move Your Body Zumba.

“Leading the fifth year of Move Your Body Zumba event is a huge recognition of success for Watsons as the public look forward to our largest fitness gathering every year. Hence, we wanted to offer an even more rewarding experience to everyone by taking up a notch to organise a round-the-clock activities celebrating fitness and health with people of all ages.” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

Recognising the importance of practicing from young, the festival aims to reach out to families with children as well as young ones by introducing more kids’ friendly outdoor activities.

“Besides making fitness fun for families, we wanted to emphasise the importance of education and practice of a healthy lifestyle to the younger generation too,” Caryn further remarks.

The participants of Get Active Fest are treated to the wee hours of Yoga in the Park session with well-known celebrity yoga master, Atilia Haron.

Throughout this Yoga session, mouse mommy has learnt some Yoga poses to get rid of joint pain especially the pelvis and hip region. This is the few poses would be greatly helpful for mommies! Mommies can practice at home too.  

Throughout the day, the event highlights included hot air balloon rides, wall climbing activities, a giant inflatable fitness playground, health, beauty and lifestyle workshops and cooking demos by experts, food trucks offering healthy eats and treats keeping the attendees fuelled throughout the day and upbeat activities bazaar before ending with the iconic Move Your Body Zumba with the country’s top Zumba professionals.

Mouse mommy spotted Onzen Axta Egg and it taste smooth, yummy and healthy choice. MR and baby MH also love to eat half boiled eggs so much.

Besides that, mouse mommy also takes the bicycle ride to DIY my own fresh watermelon juice! Pay some effort to blend the fruit juice via kinetic energy.

Berocca Multivitamin drink booth also is just nice to refill our body’s minerals requirement.  

The crowd were also treated with local entertainment and artistes’ appearances by Elite, Arja Lee, Ribbon Ooi and Pink Tan as well as Gary Chee.

The #GETACTIVE Fest’s objective is to promote an active lifestyle to all Malaysians through physical exercises in a fun yet simple way.

The festival is part of the Watsons’ #GETACTIVE campaign, a health initiative to further advocate healthy living and thus, positioning Watsons as the ideal healthy and beauty shopping destination, giving its customers an elevated shopping experience with a variety of brands and products.


Such a fun filled whole day Watsons #GETACTIVE Fest that perfect for entire family and kids to join! Mouse mommy and family will surely join it next year too! By the way, this is our third year participation! Cheers! More exciting photos can click here to view

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#UnlockingRealWomen With Max Factor Beauty House !

Mouse mommy was so exciting to join this Max Factor Beauty House Grand Launch! Congratulations that Max Factor is available in Watsons Malaysia now!

One of the most notable icons in the cosmetic industry Max Factor is now available in Malaysia. Held at one of the finest heritage building - Lot 10, Jalan Tangsi, the brand celebrated its launch with The Max Factor Beauty House pop up, and unveiled its official brand ambassador Lisa Surihani where some 150 guests were invited for an uplifting and inspiring evening of #UnlockingRealWomen.

Such an inspiring evening of #UnlockingRealWoman ! Nowadays, women are busy with multitasking tasks and challenges in life. Every women has her own profession, family commitments and social responsibility. Same goes to mouse mommy as well.  

“We are excited for the arrival of Max Factor in Malaysia after its incredible success in the rest of Asia. As a pioneer in the beauty industry, the brand has always played an important role in uplifting women to embrace their identity through self-expression. We hope the brand will resonate with women everywhere as we believe that every woman should be given the chance to feel empowered”, said Pink Fong, Marketing Director at Coty Malaysia.

In conjunction with the launch, the brand also revealed the #UnlockingRealWomen campaign — collaboration with an incredible group of influential women such as Kavitha Sidhu, Ling Oo, Raja Nadia Sabrina and Max Factor Malaysia’s newly appointed ambassador, Lisa Surihani.

“Lisa’s personality showcases a connection to the brand that will bring a new spark of inspiration and help translate our newly repositioned brand vision. Her life story also relates closely to the #UnlockingRealWomen campaign, which makes this partnership all the more meaningful. We are thrilled to have her on board”, said Pink Fong.

Women are incredibly powerful in their own right but are often held to higher standards; expected to juggle multiple roles, excel at them all and be perfect throughout — all the while putting everything else before them. 

#UnlockingRealWomen seeks to explore the multiple roles that women have in family, society and industry and celebrates their strengths, unique abilities and unlimited potential. Ultimately, the campaign is all about celebrating women and their powerful life experiences, and a reminder that beauty goes beyond gender roles.

Totally agree with it! Mouse mommy is also having multiple roles and responsible either in work, family or personal life. 

Mouse mommy was excited to try out the Max Factor cosmetic range. The Max Factor liquid foundation is WOW me with 14 colour palettes that cater for different skin tone for ladies. Awesome! 

Lisa, Kavitha, Raja Nadia and Ling are the epitome of women who, despite their success, have been defined by societal roles and expectation as a public figure, mother and wife. They each have had their own aspirations growing up but due to their responsibilities and family commitments, have had to put their ambitions aside.

Lisa has had a successful career in the entertainment industry since young but has always wanted to be a dancer; Raja Nadia is a successful blogger and founder of her own fashion label but behind her busy lifestyle, she aspires to live a better, healthier life; Kavita’s career took off with her first Milo commercial at 15 years old before going to Paris to pursue a modelling career but dreams of becoming a singer; while jewelry designer and gemologist Ling worked hard every single day of her life to start her own jewelry line but longs to start a family and become the ultimate homemaker. 

Watch the 4 women who live their lives in the public eye unlock their dreams and aspirations to those closest to them here.

Max Factor is also partnering exclusively with Watsons in bringing the brand’s legacy and makeup artistry to Malaysia and is available in selected Watsons outlet and online stores nationwide.

“This is definitely another milestone for us to partner up with such a reputable international make-up brand founded at the beginning of the 20th century with great heritage value. Max Factor is definitely in line with our values as we always strive to provide our customers a wide array of choices. With this partnership, we hope to hope to have more positive response”, said Caryn Loh, Managing Director at Watsons Malaysia.  

In celebration of the #UnlockingRealWomen campaign, the brand pays tribute to women everywhere with The Max Factor Beauty House — an homage to their unique strengths, identities and aspirations through 7 different rooms — Her Patio; Her Living Room; Her Dining Room; Her Bathroom: The Virtuous Room; Her Bedroom; Her Powder Room and Her Gallery Room — each adorned with symbols of inspiration and empowerment.

While women want to be acknowledged beyond their gender roles, they still value what is important to them such as family, friends, career and personal growth. Representing the everyday woman and their powerful journeys, The Max Factor Beauty House encompasses these elements in their lives and celebrates their deepest hopes and dreams.

Everyone has a dream. What is yours? 

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