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CARiNG Pharmacy #KamiCaring Run 2019 This November 2019 At Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur!

CARiNG Pharmacy is celebrating 25th anniversary! In promoting "Healthy Life. Happy Life", CARiNG Pharmacy brings you the #KamiCaring Run 2019 at Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur on 17 November 2019, from 6:00am to 10:00am. 

Are you ready for this exciting celebration cum healthy fun run? Mouse mommy and family are ready to join this #KamiCaring fun run in November 2019!

CARiNG Pharmacy provides cost-effective health solutions to the communities it served! CARiNG Pharmacy believes that whatever your age, physique or body shape, it's never too soon or too late to start living healthily. 

A healthy lifestyle plays a major role in reducing health problems later in life. The company calls for Malaysians to invest in their health and to live life to the fullest. 

#KamiCaring Run 2019 comprises 5KM Fun Run and 12KM Competitive Run. The 5KM Fun Run is open for adults 13 years old and above, and children between the ages of three and 12. 

The 12KM Competitive Run is open for adults 15 years old and above. Participants below 18 years old must obtain parental/guardian consent. 

Registration is available online at where early bird registrations are entitled to a RM5 discount. 

The registration fees are RM60 for the 12KM Competitive Run, RM50 for the 5KM Fun Run (Adults 13 & above) and RM30 for the 5KM Fun Run (Children 3-12 years old). 

All participants are entitled to a race t-shirt, finisher medal and a goody bag. Registration will close on 9 October 2019. 

Awards will be presented to the winning participants of the 12KM Competitive Run. 

For both the 12KM Men's Open/Veteran and 12KM Women's Open/Veteran, 1st Prize of RM600 and a trophy will be given to the winners. 

The runners-up will receive RM400 and trophy, while RM200 and trophy will be given to the third place winners. 

A consolation prize of RM100 in cash voucher and trophy will be given to the 4th to 10th place winners. 

There will also be a Lucky Draw contest held during the event. Prizes for the Lucky Draw will be announced on the day of the run. 

#KamiCaring Run 2019 is organised by CARiNG Pharmacy, with CARiNG's Platinum Sponsors - Abbott, VitaHealth and Herbs of Gold; and its Gold Sponsors - Hello March, Fisol, Salonpas, Flexijoint, L'Oreal and SunSense. Adding to the list of sponsors for this event are from Betadine, Cap Kelapa Laut Afrika, Kao, FitNesse, Milo, Oreo and Atria Shopping Gallery. Milo and FitNesse will also provide participants and attendees with free sampling of their beverage products. More photos can click here to view. 

Ride-hailing service provider Grab, as the Official Transport Partner, will also offer a RM5 discount for participants and attendees to and from the event location. 

This discount is only applicable for the first 400 service users and fully funded by CARiNG Pharmacy to runners who wish the explore the easiest ride to the venue. 

CARiNG Pharmacy #KamiCaring Run 2019
Date : 17 November 2019 ( Sunday )
Time : 6:00am to 10:00am
Venue : Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Online Registration :

See you in the CARiNG Pharmacy #KamiCaring run! Cheers!

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Energetic MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2019 Family Run #MBD2019 !

Mouse mommy and family joining the MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2019 run #MBD2019 at Dataran Putrajaya, Presint 3. 

It is a huge run event area with organized layout with many fun MILO activities and games for adult and children.

We get to know the MILO making process and ingredients from the “Kawasan Dunia MILO”. MILO’s nutrition that included calcium, protein, carbohydrate and vitamins that required by our body. Good to drink as breakfast to kick start our day!

After family run, the first station that MR and MH rush to is MILO van! 

That is because of mouse papa told them MILO van’s cold MILO drinks is the best! Mouse mommy and kids MR MH has drank few cups of it!

After that, we redeem our breakfast and eat it. Not forget to mention, there are many Nestle cereal sampling booth that open to all. There are Zumba dance session and picnic area for family and kids too!

“Cabaran Tugas Sekolah” is a series of routine task from the kid’s wake up onwards till what to do during the schooling time. 

The first station is Alarm… off it! , after that wear your school uniform, Take your breakfast as nutrition puzzle game, go to school with picture mix and match activities, sit at the classroom to answer Q&A from the teacher and the last station is sport day with spot the colour cone and skipping exercise. Done for a day of student life!

Mouse mommy was happy to explore and experience the school life with MR. Thinking of my childhood’s student life too, so nostalgia!

Overall, MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2019 #MBD2019 is a fun and energetic run events that suitable for all especially family and kids! 

MR and MH want to join again next year #MBD2020

Ok set, must be a good boys, then mouse mommy agree and deal with both of you! Cheers! More photos can click here to view.

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Bring Family Closer Via Kidzathon Family Fun Run!

Kidzathon is a healthy family fun run event that mouse mommy and family join every year! Kidzathon – A Walk Through Our Culture is the theme for this year by Urban Health Magazine

Mouse mommy loves to promote healthy family lifestyle and parents-kids bonding moments. A strong family bonding is able to discuss, share points of views, tolerance and cooperation with each and others. 

There are many external influence factors nowadays for adults and kids such as digital gadgets, e-sport, multiple TV channels and apps from national and international. 

We got to carefully pick the correct, positive and real information that we want to learn.

Logical thinking and appropriate judgments come into our life in order we know what is right and wrong to follow.

Some mommies friends told mouse mommy that my kid do not want to share anything with them. The parents got clueless what is happening with their kids in school, daycare centre or nanny’s house. 

Their kids only love to play digital gadget and games or watching their favourite TV animation shows. 

Same goes to MR and MH, as a parent, we unable to avoid the digital world, but we can control the usage and time.   

One of my mommy friends was complaining to mouse mommy that her child throws her mobile phone whenever she holds the handphone at home. She got no ideal why her 2yo baby acting like this? 

Her handphone already has many-cracked screen due to frequently throwing by the baby. The baby already get mad on the mobile phone as in whenever her mommy home, mommy was pay attention to her mobile phone instead of her. 

The baby cannot talk and only able to throw her mommy’s handphone to show that “mommy, please focus on me.”

This is a real life cases happen everyday around us. Social bonding between people to people becomes less and lesser. Mouse mommy also a working mom and truly understand how hard to make work-life balance

It is not an easy arrangement with wakeup early go to work, rush home to fetch kids, kids homework, tuition, enrichment class and many more. 

Therefore, mouse mommy loves to bring along family and kids to join family fun run! It is a healthy family activity that promotes family engagement together

We can see and appreciate our surroundings and get to know what is happen around us. Parents and kids get to explore, experience and refresh their knowledge about Ethnic Traditional Cultural in Malaysia via Kidzathon family fun run.

Parents and kids got the opportunity to learn Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban tradisional cultural dance and childhood games throughout the run. 

Not forget to mention the exciting Wau Flying! So much fun for the kids to explore and play together with parents!

Wau Bulan is a popular tradisional leisure activity among Malay community. Mouse mommy also plays kite flying during childhood time, it required balancing skill in order the kite can fly high in the sky!  

Learn through play, parents and kids also learn to be tolerance, acceptance and understanding each and others as a Malaysian. Respect the elder and love the younger one!

At the end of the Kidzathon family 2km fun run, parents and kids awarded a pair of medals that represent parents and kids bonding activities together-gather. Koby with rotated Wau design was really nice! So thoughtful of the organizer. Thank you!

Mouse mommy and kids MR MH are looking forward next year Kidzathon family fun run! Cheers!

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