Fill Up On Petrol And Supplies with ShopeePay | Check Out “Deals Near Me” In App!

With the country under lockdown and many are consigned to work from home, filling up the petrol tank might not be high on the list of priorities for many Malaysians at the moment.


However, those on the frontlines making food and parcel deliveries, as well as the police, health and lab officers going to and fro as they trace, track and test others during this pandemic are in dire need of a way to keep costs low.

With eateries not allowing dine-ins, petrol stations not only function as a spot to fill up the tank, but have also become spots to fill up on food or drink as you take a short rest from the ongoing hassle.

For this, ShopeePay has offers you can’t resist through our “Deals Near Me”, an online-to-offline (O2O) feature that uses location-based services to help users discover ShopeePay Vouchers offered by nearby merchants - in this case, petrol stations and stores attached to them.

Users can easily purchase vouchers through the Shopee app, and redeem them immediately at participating outlets to enjoy attractive cashback when they pay with ShopeePay.


Caltex is offering RM4 cashback for a minimum spend of RM10 when you fill up your tanks at any of their 423 petrol stations across Peninsular Malaysia. So whether you’re in downtown Kuala Lumpur or even in Kampung Alor Lintang, Terengganu, buy a ShopeePay Voucher for as low as 1 sen to claim this deal.



At the same time, you can also buy a Voucher for the Sunway Pharmacy at Caltex Petaling Jaya for just 10 sen, and enjoy 40% cashback, capped at RM4 with no minimum spend when you purchase your next round of medical supply.


You can also get a deal from Kenny Roger’s Roasters Express at the Puchong Permai Caltex station. For as low as 1 sen, get yourself a Voucher for RM5 discount with a minimum spend of RM10.



Meanwhile BHPetrol is also offering all their customers a RM4 cashback for a minimum spend of RM40 when they buy a ShopeePay Voucher and complete their transactions with ShopeePay.


With more than 300 petrol stations across Klang Valley, frontliners can use this offer to further reduce the costs of their travels in these trying times.


If you’re at the BHP Cheras branch, head over to their OldTown White Coffee and redeem a voucher entailing you to RM6 cashback for a minimum spend of RM18, currently on sale for as low as 1 sen.


Dunkin’s Donuts ar BHP Sungai Buloh is also offering a RM2 cashback with a minimum spend of RM5 when you make a purchase using ShopeePay. Get this deal now for as low as 10 sens and treat yourself to a good donut.


Visit the “Deals Near Me” in-app portal now and find out what special deals petrol stations near you have to offer. Don’t forget to check out using ShopeePay to enjoy these benefits.

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Pharmacies ShopeePay Deals | Attractive Cashback And Discounts At All These Pharmacies With ShopeePay

As we continue to combat the spread of the pandemic, it is important that we stock up on vitamins and medicines at home. This is to supplement our bodies with sufficient nutrients needed to boost our immune system, enabling us to be in the pink of health to fight the virus.


Therefore, this list of the best cashback and discounts at pharmacies across the country is definitely going to be of interest. All you have to do is:

1.     Visit the ‘Deals Near Me’ feature on the Shopee app homepage

2.     Search for these participating pharmacies

3.     Purchase the ShopeePay Vouchers from as low as 10 sen

4.     Apply the voucher before you pay with ShopeePay to enjoy the respective rewards


‘Deals Near Me’ is an online-to-offline (O2O) feature that uses location-based services to help users discover ShopeePay Vouchers by nearby cafes, restaurants, services, supermarkets and more.


Here are just some of the pharmacies offering ShopeePay Vouchers, while stocks last:


Multicare Pharmacy

Established back in 2000 in Cheras, Multicare Pharmacy has grown to be one of the leading community pharmacies out there. Look out for their comprehensive product range and quality service while enjoying a 40% cashback, capped at RM4 with no minimum spend when you redeem the ShopeePay Vouchers at nearly 70 outlets across Peninsular Malaysia.


Sunway Pharmacy

The pharmacy chain under one of Malaysia’s largest conglomerates now boasts more than 10 outlets, after first opening at a Caltex petrol station in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya. Enjoy 40% cashback, capped at RM4 with no minimum spend with the ShopeePay Vouchers and purchase everything from personal care to medical equipment and mobility aids in their stores across Klang Valley and Johor Bahru.


Be Pharmacy

Be Pharmacy provides professional pharmaceutical services and counselling to the local community. Starting out in Puchong over 20 years ago, the pharmacy chain has since been providing reliable health care services to those in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Visitors to their stores can enjoy the same benefits as the above pharmacies when redeeming the ShopeePay Vouchers at over 10 outlets in the Klang Valley.


Health Lane Family Pharmacy 

Great Health Begins Here - Health Lane Family Pharmacy’s tagline perfectly encapsulates what it has been providing to Malaysian households since 1988. Now accepting ShopeePay Vouchers, customers can enjoy a RM5 direct discount with a minimum spend of RM20 at more than 200 of their branches across Peninsular Malaysia.


Additionally, there is also a ShopeePay Voucher which will get you the Health Lane Protect Sanitizer for just 80 sen, to keep you safe as you venture out to public spaces.



PMG Pharmacy


For those in Sabah and Sarawak, fret not - we have got you covered. ShopeePay Vouchers offering 40% cashback, capped at RM4 with no minimum spend are also available for PMG Pharmacy, with nearly 30 locations across East Malaysia.


To learn more about these vouchers, visit Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions carefully and pay attention to the validity period of the vouchers. Always remember to stay safe when visiting the pharmacies!

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TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce Infuses The Thai Classic With Barrel-Aged Peppers


Malaysian hot food lovers can rejoice, the McIlhenny Company’s all-new TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce is now available in Malaysia. It was first found in Si Racha, a small coastal town in Southeast Thailand in 1949. 

The Thai classic is today infused with a kick of TABASCO® Sauce to become a thick, rich and flavour packed version of the much-loved Thai sauce.


Mouse mommy has tried it out and it taste exclusive and has a spicy kick to it, sure to offer an outstanding experience for all spicy lovers out there.


In line with its mission to "Make Everything Better", the launch of TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce captures the Southeast Asian love for all things hot! TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce is made from sweet chilis and garlic, but also features barrel-aged tabasco peppers, a signature element of McIlhenny Company’s unparalleled craftsmanship. 

The resulting sauce is thick, rich, preservative-free and suitable for the consumption of vegetarians and vegans. Moreover, all TABASCO® products distributed in Malaysia are Halal and recognised by Jakim.


Rich in flavour, the TABASCO® Sriracha sauce’s mild heat, makes it easy for everyone to enjoy! The TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce is perfect for marination, as well as a condiment and dip. It works extremely well with Southeast Asian food such as fried rice, mee goreng, stir-fry, kuey-teow soup and much more. Western food such as burgers, french-fries and skewers also pair well with Tabasco® Sriracha Sauce.



Mohan Alagappar, General Manager of GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd, exclusive distributor for TABASCO® Sauce said, “We recognise the need to create new products to meet the ever evolving needs of customers which is why Tabasco takes pride in developing exciting and special flavours that offer an outstanding food experience for all spicy/hot food enthusiasts. We are sure Malaysians will enjoy this all new TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce. 

There is no doubt that any dish can taste extra savoury and irresistible with just a drop of Tabasco® Sriracha Sauce. We look forward to continue providing incredible sauces with premium ingredients.”


TABASCO®, the world's most trusted hot sauce brand can be purchased at a majority of Malaysian food retail outlets as well as E-commerce platforms.

Feeling tempting about TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce in Malaysia,

Shopee :

Lazada :

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5 Ways to Spend Your eBelia Credit Using ShopeePay

Congratulations to those who have successfully claimed their RM150 eBelia credit through ShopeePay! The additional RM500 worth of vouchers received is definitely an opportunity for you to grab essentials to weather through the pandemic.


But what will you spend it on?


Here are five suggestions on how to spend your ShopeePay credit both online and offline, to make the most of what you’ve got.


1.    Food for thought

ShopeePay is an accepted mobile wallet for any food and beverage outlet with a DuitNow QR code. And better than that - after claiming your eBelia credit, use ShopeePay and receive RM5 cashback with a minimum spend of RM10 when you scan any other eWallet or Bank’s DuitNow QR codes to pay.


At the same time, you can also order food from DeliverEat and KFC and pay with ShopeePay. Ordering from KFC will allow you to claim RM4 cashback with a minimum spend of RM25.


You can also further stretch your Ringgit by buying ShopeePay Vouchers through Deals Near Me. Deals Near Me is the mobile wallet’s recently launched online-to-offline (O2O) feature that uses location-based services to help users discover ShopeePay Vouchers by nearby merchants, offering further discounts, special prices, and cashback rewards when users redeem the vouchers and complete their purchase using ShopeePay.


2.    Books galore


ShopeePay is an acceptable mobile wallet at Borders and MPH Bookstores. There are currently ShopeePay Vouchers for Borders on sale for as low as 10 sen, offering 40 percent cashback, capped at RM4 with no minimum spend. These can be redeemed at seven participating outlets.


The Big Bad Wolf Books official store on Shopee is also a great place to spend your eBelia credits on, with its extensive selection of books from a wide range of categories. Meanwhile, youths buying books at any MPH bookstore or even their website can take advantage of ShopeePay’s exclusive cashback of RM3 with a minimum spend of RM15.


3.    Groceries for adulting


It’s not that easy being in college as grocery buying on a tight budget becomes a norm. Buy your detergents, softeners, instant noodles and everything else at TMG Mart, Billion, TF Value-Mart and MYDIN to get RM3 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15.

Or if you prefer, just sit back, relax and have the items delivered to you when you order your groceries through MYDIN and Billion’s official store on Shopee. Checkout with ShopeePay to make use of the RM500 worth of vouchers you have received, such as the Free Shipping and Coins Cashback vouchers.


4.    Spend some cash on yourself


Yes, it’s good to be the responsible one to spend the money on needful things, but it is okay to address your wants every now and then as a form of self reward. As such, browse through sporting goods equipment to keep you fit or health and beauty products to help you look and feel your best on Shopee.


ShopeePay is also accepted by Al-Ikhsan Sporting Goods, L'Oréal and Mary Kay’s online stores. For those who wish to use the credit to upgrade their wardrobes, TS Habibti and Tomaz are just a few of the many online fashion webstores that accept payments using ShopeePay.


5.    Pay it forward


While some would like to spend their eBelia cash on their own needs and wants, there may be some who would like to take this opportunity to pay it forward to charity, crowdfunding and social enterprises. For these, websites such as Simply Giving accept donations via ShopeePay.


Of course, it goes without saying that these are not the only ways you can spend your eBelia credit. You could get a wireless charging stand to declutter your workspace, or a silent mouse to help elevate your focus when preparing for your next big presentation.


However you choose to spend, spend wisely! For more information on eBelia with ShopeePay, visit

Terms and conditions apply.

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Say Cheese!!! Celebrate World Cheese Day With Cartoon Network Tom and Jerry


Say Cheese!!! Today 4 June 2021 is World Cheese Day!


Happy Cheese Day! Did you know that everyone’s favourite dairy product had its own day of celebration? 

Cartoon Network is inviting fans to join in the fun with a Tom and Jerry-themed no-bake cheesecake recipe that the whole family can enjoy as part of the perfect bonding activity for the holidays. 

Make it in the morning and it will be ready for a fun and delicious dessert for Raya, birthdays, and more special occasions.


Along with other cheese-themed recipes, you can also download Tom and Jerry’s Cheese Day WhatsApp sticker pack at

Cartoon Network has even prepared a cook along video to help you in your culinary pursuit.


Mouse mommy is also a fan of Tom and Jerry!!! Of course, mouse mommy and MR MH also homemade Tom and Jerry-themed no-bake cheesecake to celebrate this special Happy World Cheese Day together with Jerry Mouse!


What would Tom and Jerry be without cheese? For more than 80 years, cheese has been central to Tom’s hapless mouse-hunt routine. Slices wedged in mousetraps, dangled from a string, cheese is truly Jerry’s kryptonite. However, despite Tom’s firm belief that he will one day succeed, Tom’s record of failed attempts to capture his frenemy is impeccable. Poor Tom!


Make it one of your indoor holiday adventures this summer, together with more than 150 activities that can be found on Cartoon Network’s Best Summer Ever microsite

In fact, explore the Gymsville with Tom and Jerry section to get your heart pumping with Tom’s secret set of workout videos to stay just as fit and active, and help burn off those cheesecake calories too!


Ever wondered if you would excel better as #TeamTom or #TeamJerry? From May 21, grab your friends and try out the Go Get Cheese Instagram filter, where you can either be on #TeamTom and chase after Jerry for the stolen cheese treats, or join #TeamJerry on his wild escape from his best frenemy!


Round out your Tom and Jerry experience with special line-ups on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD). From May 31 to June 4, catch brand new episodes of The Tom and Jerry Show at 11.30am, with a special movie feature of Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on June 4 at 12.30pm.


For even more cat-and-mouse action, stream shows on HBO GO to watch Tom and Jerry anytime, anywhere! Last but not least, no true fan would go without adding the latest Cartoon Network merchandise to their collection.


Here’s the latest selection available in Malaysia:


KidzWorld MY

Looking for the perfect outfit for your little one this Summer? Head over to Shopee to check out the extensive Tom and Jerry apparel collection!



If you love Tom and Jerry figurines, head over to Toys“R”Us to check out their full toy collection today. Available at selected outlets only.


Aurora Italia

Looking for the perfect gift this season? It’s time to impress your loved ones with the limited-edition Tom and Jerry 24K gold bar gift cards. Shop online today.


Kismet Decals

It’s time to deck your space with Tom and Jerry! Featuring everyone’s favourite duo, these Kismet decals are made of high quality, durable and waterproof Oracal material. Head over to their online store to check out the new range today.



Bring comfort to the next level with Onwards’ Tom & Jerry facial tissue. Start pampering your skin today by heading over to the nearest leading grocery store right away!

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