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#DutchLadyBreakfastChallenge To Kickstart A Nutritious Morning!

A strong day needs a strong start. As milk is one of nature’s most nutritious beverages, Dutch Lady PureFarm milk is a delicious and nutritious choice for Malaysian families at breakfast to rev up their mornings and to take on the day.

Mouse mommy also take the 5 days #dutchladybreakfastchallenge to promote the emphasis the important of breakfast and healthy meal to kick start our day! 

Amid the morning rush of getting to work and getting children to school on time, breakfast is often neglected. But it is also the most important meal of the day. After a night of sleep, our bodies will need to replenish its nutrient reserves – as it would have been 8 to 12 hours since we last ate. This is why a nutritious breakfast is crucial to start the day. It helps kick start our bodies and boost our energy levels to help us perform our everyday tasks and activities.

But we don’t always need to have a full meal for breakfast to jumpstart our day. In fact, a simple glass of milk can quickly fill our bodies up with the nutrients we need, and it makes it so convenient for us in the mornings when we have so little time to prepare breakfast.

Getting all the required nutrients in one meal is difficult.  But by drinking milk, it helps to fulfill nutrients that our body needs. Most people are aware that milk is rich with calcium, but milk actually provides other essential nutrients that the body cannot generate on its own, such as protein. 

Moreover, a glass of milk at breakfast helps prepare our body to absorb more goodness from meals for the rest of the day.

“Since 1963, Dutch Lady Malaysia has continuously worked on fulfilling the mission of nourishing a nation and building strong families. For the last 55 years, we have been championing for Malaysian families to have breakfast that include milk. Nutrients from milk help build stronger and healthier families. And having  breakfast as a family builds strong family bonds – both are important to start our day strong,” said Ms. Ramjeet Kaur Virik, Marketing Director, Consumer Dairy, Dutch Lady Malaysia.

Dutch Lady Malaysia’s nutritionist, Tan Huey Ghee has the answer: “Protein in milk serves as the building blocks of our muscles, bones, hair and nails1, and it also plays a major role in various biological processes, including the formation, regulation, repair and protection of our body. You can say that protein is the maintenance expert that keeps our bodies running smoothly throughout the day”.

“Research show that protein in milk contains nine essential amino acids (EAA) and it is easier to digest compared to other sources of protein2. In other words, milk is a rich and convenient source of high quality protein,” she added.

Tan further explained: “Unlike fat, protein cannot be stored in our bodies for future use. This means we are very reliant on our three daily meals to meet our protein needs. In this sense, our breakfasts should contain at least 20% to 25% of our daily nutritional requirement3”.

“Hence, drinking Dutch Lady PureFarm milk in the morning will make a lot of difference to our protein intake -- just by having a glass of milk, it will help you meet more than 50% of your daily protein intake at breakfast4, in an easy and convenient way,” she concluded.

As Malaysia’s No.1 milk5, drinking a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk will give our bodies the essential nutrients it needs, such as : Protein helps build and repair the tissues6 in our body so that it will be in good condition; Calcium is the key to the growth and development of strong bones and teeth for children6, and helps adults maintain healthy bone mass6 to ensure an active lifestyle; Vitamin A allows our eyes to function properly6 and help us stay focused and alert, both at school and at work; Vitamin B2 supports the release of energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins6Vitamin D aids the absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus6. More photos can click here to view Album 1 | Album 2 | Album 3

So start your day strong with a nutritious glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk for breakfast! To encourage consumers to pair their breakfast with Dutch Lady PureFarm milk, Dutch Lady Malaysia will be running #dutchladybreakfastchallenge – an online breakfast contest from 8th October to 11th November 2018. Join now and  stand a chance of winning exciting prizes worth more than RM 35,000!

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100% Mmmmm Fernleaf UHT Milk For Family And Kids

With over 140 years of experience in dairy farming, Fernleaf UHT milk is packed with 100% Trusted Goodness from New Zealand. The dairy expert farmers are taking seriously the cows welfare. Due to climate, New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where dairy cows can graze outdoors almost all year round on fresh grass that gives them the best from nature to produce nutritious milk, source of calcium and protein especially for kids.

Well-cared-for cows fed with natural and high quality fresh grass are healthy cows. Healthy cows can produce high quality nutritious milk. With high quality of grass, cozy climate, clean air and water in New Zealand Fernleaf dairy farm, happy cows produce milk naturally without needing any form of milk booster.  

MR and baby MH both are very cheeky boys. Everytime have some creative ideas pop up in their minds! This round, they want to create extraordinary way of drinking their yummy Fernleaf UHT chocolate milk.  

100% Mmmmm… mouse mommy and kids love the creamy taste of the Fernleaf UHT milk! MR and MH especially like the chocolate flavor of the milk. So chocolatier and yummy! Kids, can you please share your choco milk with mouse mommy? Please…

Glad that Fernleaf UHT Milk is made with 100% Milk from New Zealand that cater for family and kids! Nutritious, healthy and yummy! We love it!

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I Take Charge My Active Lifestyle! Stay Active, Stay Agile!

Mouse mommy believe that positive mindset with active lifestyle keeps us healthy always! Especially the current trend, everyone is busy with work, study and family. As for mouse mommy, not easy being a mom for 2 kids, professional healthcare personnel, lecturer and blogger is a challenge in my life.

We are more. More than our age. More than our looks. More than our roles as husband or wife, father or mother, brother or sister, son or daughter. More than our jobs or our careers. More than what people expect. We are more than the labels that society places against us. How to counter balance my lifestyle with so much to do?

Being a busy and superb mom to handle small matters to big issues always make us headache especially in decision making. Someone told mouse mommy that once a mom in sick or not well, the whole family members would be in trouble. Mom is the one who are taking care the entire family wellness and life!

Mouse mommy was spotted Anlene On-The-Go Breakfast Pack at Midvalley LRT Station. Grab a pack too! So worthy! Mouse mommy was only paid for RM1 to get a pack of Anlene UHT Low Fat Milk with a chocolate bun. Yummy and healthy nutritious breakfast of my rush working life!

Mouse mommy especially salute and respect those dare and dedicated being a Full Time Housewife / Stay-At-Home-Mom(SAHM), is truly a life challenge! To do more and be more, We need milk that gives us more. More strength. More vitality. Care for our bones, joints, and muscles. Mouse mommy is take charge of my own health and my own lifestyle in order to be active, positive, healthy and wealthy!

To be stay active and healthy, mouse mommy and family love to join family fun run. It is one of our favorite activities that can bring along whole family members to run, sweat and of course fun family bonding activities together!

Mouse mommy also support and participate in Anlene JUMP event at Lot10 Kuala Lumpur! Spotted Dancing Queen Stacy Anam and we are joining the JUMP force to stay active lifestyle!

To be healthy and beauty, mouse mommy loves to grab a pack of Anlene UHT Low Fat Milk with sandwiches or multigrain biscuits to kickstart my day! Anlene is more than milk that contains with more collagen, protein and high calcium to fulfill my daily lifestyle requirement. Mouse mommy realized that the older age we grow, body immune and metabolic system will be getting slower.

Stay active and stay agile lifestyle with drinking Anlene UHT Low Fat Milk and cheerful heart can boost up our immunity and metabolic. Therefore, will lead to a healthy me! Besides that, this is also a very good positive vibes and attitudes to influences our family, friends and the community!  

May everyone Stay Healthy, Stay Agile always! Cheers! #WeWantMore #MoreThanMilk #AnleneMalaysia

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*Anlene milk has at least 50% more minerals (calcium, magnesium & zinc) and vitamins (vitamin B6 & vitamin D) than regular milk which has added vitamin D1,2
Anlene yogurt has about 70% more calcium than regular plain yogurt3
Reference USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference:
1. Compared with 100g regular milk powder
2. Compared with 100ml regular milk
3. Compared with 100g regular plain yogurt

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Creative Ribena-Infused Recipes Via Special Ribena® Berrylicious Workshop

Mouse mommy and kids MR, baby MH were invited to join this Special Ribena Berrylicious Workshop 2018 with Dr Jezamine Lim Iskandar. That’s one of mouse mommy’s childhood drinks! Generations of Malaysians have trusted Ribena® since the beloved blackcurrant drink was introduced to Malaysians 63 year ago! Since then, mothers have chosen Ribena® to deliver blackcurrant goodness to their children, in the distinctively berrylicious taste of Ribena®, made from a special blend of New Zealand blackcurrants that provides all the Vitamin C needed in a single day, in just one glass.

“The Ribena® brand is close to the hearts of many Malaysians, and most of us have fond memories associated with Ribena®, especially of our mothers giving us the blackcurrant goodness of Ribena®. Nevertheless, even with a beloved brand like Ribena® that has stood the test of time, there is always something new we can do to resonate with the mothers of today in a fresh way,” said Ms Corrine Tan, Senior Brand Manager, Suntory Beverage & Food Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SBFM).

In one of SBFM’s activities to engage with Malaysian mums and Ribena® fans, SBFM organised a special Ribena® Berrylicious Workshop to celebrate and demonstrate the versatility of Ribena®, led by celebrity mum Dr Jezamine Lim Iskander as the guest host. 

During the workshop, guests had the opportunity to learn and try their hands at making unique Ribena®- infused recipes, from a traditional Vietnamese roll given a Ribena® twist, to a spinach salad made more fun with Ribena® and cheese tarts with jelly given the Ribena® touch.

Mouse mommy has learn up few creative Ribena-infused recipes, named Ribena Bursting Cheese Tart, Tangy Ribena Salad sauce, Ribena Vietnam Roll Surprise and Ribena Green Tea. Not forget, the cold and yummy Ribena ice lolly too! Such a creative ideas!

Mouse mommy loves the Tangy Ribena Salad sauce that mixture of apple cider vinegar, Ribena blackcurrant cordial, oive oil, minced garlic, toast sesame seeds into a jar and mixed well. 

Simple and taste nice! Never thought that Ribena can be one of my salad sauce. Cool idea! MR and baby MH like the taste too.

Many exciting workshop photos and Ribena-infused recipes can be click here to view. Parents can make all these special Ribena recipes for your family and kids too! Of course, mommies can DIY your own creative recipes too with Ribena.

“Through this workshop, we wanted to offer Ribena® fans versatile new ways to enjoy its distinct taste and blackcurrant goodness rich in Vitamin C. This workshop showcases unique new recipes that are more than desserts and drinks. With fun recipes like the Ribena® spinach salad, perhaps we can even get kids to eat more vegetables. Preparing food and drinks is also a wholesome family activity that can bring all ages together, just as love for this time-honoured drink has united Malaysians for generations,” added Corrine.

Dr Jezamine also shared her love for Ribena® with the workshop participants. “I was one of those children who enjoyed the blackcurrant goodness of Ribena® during my growing-up years. It’s so convenient to be able to get your daily dose of goodness in such a delicious drink! Today, Ribena® comes in many variants, even a less sweet option, so I can choose the most suitable treat for my family. Nevertheless, although the taste of Ribena® is really special on its own, it’s also eye-opening for me to learn just how versatile Ribena® is,” she said.

Mouse mommy loves cheese so much! Ribena Bursting Cheese Tarts making in action with blue butterfly pea flower for the natural blue colour. Healthy and delicious! It is so easy to DIY making my own cheese tart! Do remember to check out the simple, nutritious and yummy Ribena Bursting Cheese Tarts click here to view. Ribena® is available at hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets and convenience stores/kiosks nationwide.

It wasn’t just the recipes given a creative spin with Ribena®, as workshop participants also had the opportunity to unleash their creativity in the Decorate Your Cheese Tarts Mini Contest, with the winner taking home a limited edition Ribena® mini fridge. Congratulations to Lily won it!

“As a mum of three, I’m spreading my love of Ribena® to my children, so I hope my kids will join me in expanding our horizons with Ribena®. Preparing food with my children is one way I’m nurturing and bonding with them through fun and mentally-enriching activities, besides creating great childhood memories. I’m looking forward to trying the yummy and wholesome recipes demonstrated today with my little ones. I think they will certainly enjoy expressing themselves while decorating the Ribena® cheese tarts with jelly. I hope all Ribena® fans will also have as much fun in the kitchen with Ribena®,” added Dr Jezamine.

The Ribena® Berrylicious Workshop, held at Handcrafted Creative Bites Studio in Setia City Mall here, was guided by the studio’s food director Wong May Chew, who also created the recipes demonstrated during the workshop. The session was broadcast live on Ribena® Malaysia’s Facebook page, and is still available for viewing.

A creative and fun Ribena Berrylicious Workshop! Oh ya, if parents and kids have any questions, welcome to ASK Dr Jez #AskDrJez. She is so lovely and would loves to answer all your #RibenaMalaysia Berrylicious recipes query! Cheers!

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