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Bring Family Closer Via Kidzathon Family Fun Run!

Kidzathon is a healthy family fun run event that mouse mommy and family join every year! Kidzathon – A Walk Through Our Culture is the theme for this year by Urban Health Magazine

Mouse mommy loves to promote healthy family lifestyle and parents-kids bonding moments. A strong family bonding is able to discuss, share points of views, tolerance and cooperation with each and others. 

There are many external influence factors nowadays for adults and kids such as digital gadgets, e-sport, multiple TV channels and apps from national and international. 

We got to carefully pick the correct, positive and real information that we want to learn.

Logical thinking and appropriate judgments come into our life in order we know what is right and wrong to follow.

Some mommies friends told mouse mommy that my kid do not want to share anything with them. The parents got clueless what is happening with their kids in school, daycare centre or nanny’s house. 

Their kids only love to play digital gadget and games or watching their favourite TV animation shows. 

Same goes to MR and MH, as a parent, we unable to avoid the digital world, but we can control the usage and time.   

One of my mommy friends was complaining to mouse mommy that her child throws her mobile phone whenever she holds the handphone at home. She got no ideal why her 2yo baby acting like this? 

Her handphone already has many-cracked screen due to frequently throwing by the baby. The baby already get mad on the mobile phone as in whenever her mommy home, mommy was pay attention to her mobile phone instead of her. 

The baby cannot talk and only able to throw her mommy’s handphone to show that “mommy, please focus on me.”

This is a real life cases happen everyday around us. Social bonding between people to people becomes less and lesser. Mouse mommy also a working mom and truly understand how hard to make work-life balance

It is not an easy arrangement with wakeup early go to work, rush home to fetch kids, kids homework, tuition, enrichment class and many more. 

Therefore, mouse mommy loves to bring along family and kids to join family fun run! It is a healthy family activity that promotes family engagement together

We can see and appreciate our surroundings and get to know what is happen around us. Parents and kids get to explore, experience and refresh their knowledge about Ethnic Traditional Cultural in Malaysia via Kidzathon family fun run.

Parents and kids got the opportunity to learn Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban tradisional cultural dance and childhood games throughout the run. 

Not forget to mention the exciting Wau Flying! So much fun for the kids to explore and play together with parents!

Wau Bulan is a popular tradisional leisure activity among Malay community. Mouse mommy also plays kite flying during childhood time, it required balancing skill in order the kite can fly high in the sky!  

Learn through play, parents and kids also learn to be tolerance, acceptance and understanding each and others as a Malaysian. Respect the elder and love the younger one!

At the end of the Kidzathon family 2km fun run, parents and kids awarded a pair of medals that represent parents and kids bonding activities together-gather. Koby with rotated Wau design was really nice! So thoughtful of the organizer. Thank you!

Mouse mommy and kids MR MH are looking forward next year Kidzathon family fun run! Cheers!

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Himalaya Salt Sports Candy Ideal For Active Lifestyle Goers!

A sweet that combination with Himalaya Salt! The creator of the Big Foot Candy, Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd has officially launched its Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, targeting at the sporty and outdoorsy.

Made with the natural Himalayan Salt, this new sports candy comes in really handy should your body need some extra sodium after an intense workout. 

It’s refreshing minty flavour is also ideal for anyone who needs a minty fresh breath after lunch or before a meeting or something refreshing on hot day. The extra cool sensation of the hard candy also soothes the throat at the same time.

Mouse mommy has tasted the Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, it is a combination taste of sweet, mint and slight salty and sour. The main ingredients of the sweets is Himalaya Salt and lemon. Handy and convenient for us to bring along when we go for family walkathon, sport or activities.

Besides that, mouse mommy also found that this Himalaya Sports Candy is good for sore throat too as in I got some discomfort at my throat and feeling relieve after having it.

Kenny Low, the Founder and Managing Director of Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd said the inspiration behind this sports candy came about during a hiking trip with his friends when he suffered bad cramps due to excessive sweating which causes a decrease in the concentration of sodium in the blood stream. This was when Kenny wished he had that candy creation (with sodium content) handy.

The key ingredient of the sports candy which is the natural Himalayan Salt, is believed to possess many health benefits. It contains over 80 natural traces of minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium which are all found naturally in the body. 

Besides promoting the absorption of mineral and nutrients into the bloodstream, the Himalayan Salt is known for helping maintain hydration in the body. Kenny believes that the health benefits of the Himalayan Salt when combined with pure Lemon juice which is rich in vitamin C as well as the soothing benefits of mint would result in a concoction that greatly benefits the body especially after a strenuous sporting activity.

“The Himalaya Salt Sports Candy comes in a convenient packaging on the go. It must be emphasised that the sports candy is not a health supplement but rather a handy ‘pick me up’ when you need some extra healthy natural salt and glucose after a good workout,” said Kenny.

Alongside the launch of the Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, was the unveiling of the sports candy’s ambassador. Goh Liu Ying, who is the 2016 Olympics Badminton Mixed Doubles Silver Medallist was appointed the ambassador for the sports candy as she is an ideal role model for aspiring young sportsmen and sportswomen. 

She is also a fan of the candy and takes it whenever she is out training and have it with her during tournaments.

Besides Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, also launched Himalaya Pastilles Peppermint. It is a delightfully chewy, bite-sized pastilles that come in a convenient resealable packet that soothe the throat and freshen your breath with its strong cool mint flavour. It is refreshing and can get rid of bad breath too!  

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Don't Miss The Chance To Join Educational Kidzathon - A Walk Through Our Culture For Parents And Kids!

Mouse mommy and kids are looking forward to join Kidzathon - A Walk Through Our Culture this 11 November 2018, Sunday at Desa ParkCity. Kidzathon is a family walkathon event that encourage family participation and bonding via outdoor activities. We are joining Kidzathon - Heroes In The City last year (click here to view). Such a fun-filled and educational walkathon that not to be missed!

This year's Kidzathon objective is to educate children on the different cultures in Malaysia and promote unity. Many Malaysians are not entirely aware of the different cultures such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and Kadazan cultures in Malaysia.

Kidzathon aims to bring the cultural diversity of Malaysia to an established neighbourhood in Desa City Park. There will be fun-filled activities and a cultural show for participants.

Year 2017 - Kidzathon - Heroes In The City
On the walkathon route, parents and kids will walk through various stations at which, there will be performances and games related to the different cultures. Participants will get to experience all these diverse cultures.

Kidzathon - A Walk Through Our Culture
Date : 11 November 2018, Sunday
Time : 07:00am - 11:00am
Venue : Desa ParkCity

Parents and kids can register as, 1 Adult + 1 Kid for RM95 or 2 Adults + 1 Kid for RM130 to join Kidzathon 2km family walkathon.

Upon registration, walkers’ are entitled to have running t-shirt (Adult + Kid), goodies bag, unique combination medal (Adult + Kid) and activity book. 

The medal is so special that one Koby medal combine with the rotated Wau medal! Love it!

Hurry Up! Last 100 pairs available. The Kidzathon 2018 will be a wonderful way for all the little ones and their families to spend some quality time together. So grab your family and head for an exciting fun-filled day at Kidzathon 2018!

This is the special of Kidzathon walkathon that cannot found in others family run. Mouse mommy and family especially MR and MH are exciting looking forward to it! See you!

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