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kidzooona AEON Taman Equine | Fun Interactive Play At Our Neighbourhood Playland!

At the weekend, mouse mommy love to bring MR and MH to our neighbourhood kidzooona AEON Taman Equine. kidzooona is an all-you-can-play discovery learning centre.

It’s hands-on concept was adopted from Japan and provides a unique educational play experience for children. That is one of the favourite indoor playland for kids MR and MH! 

At kidzooona, children can participate in fun games such as the slider, air bouncer, ball-pool, role play equipment such as Sushi counter, Burger Shop, Fire Department. It will create an environment where learning, socializing and becoming physically active comes naturally. Encourages the kids active play and learn at the same time.

MR and MH love the ball pool area with many white and blue colour balls with the slides. 

Ops! Parents can join the fun too. Mouse mommy also joins the kids to play slides and ball pool fun together.

There is a creative mindset area for kids to play wooden choo choo trains

MH’s choo choo train was followed the train tracks to travel from one side to the other side.

Magnetic board game is allowing the kids to imaginative to create a building or anything that they want by using parallelogram or magnetic strips. Transform ideas into real picture.

Kinetic sand plays area allow the kids to play and mold the sand. 

This is a good eyes and hands coordination cum physical activities for the kiddos.

This round MR and MH want to prepare and serve mouse mommy sushi that they made. Mouse mommy has ordered salmon sashimi – that’s my favourite sashimi! MR and MH served mouse mommy with salmon sashimi with Japanese tea together. Thank you!

They also charge me with kidzooona dollar of RM5 for the sushi. 

Mouse mommy was paid and they keep the money in the cashier machine.

MH also loves to help to “vacuum” kidzooona and put back the toys to the designated place. Good house chores helper!

Coincidently, kidzooona was having monthly costume party with theme Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration together with the kids! 

Parents and kids were learn how to put in kinetic sand into the bamboo to form “lemang”, how to make a “ketupat” by ourselves, sing and dance together with Lala, Q&A fun session and special gifts to the participating children! 

It is a monthly theme event once in a month, can check out at the kidzooona playland.

So nice that we are having a Raya Aidilfitri Party that served chicken rendang, raya cookies, packed drinks and Raya Aidilfitri cake too!

Mouse mommy was thankful that the friendly and sporting kidzooona staffs can play, dance and interact with the kids at all time.

Mouse mommy and kids MR MH loves to have photo moments with Lala, that’s one of the kidzooona icon. Lala is a 5 years old squirrel that brings laugh and happiness in kidzooona. Dancing is Lala’s hobby and loves to dance together with all kids!

Children are busy and fully occupied with fun interactive activities at kidzooona AEON Taman Equine. More photos can click here to view. 

So much fun learning edutainment playland and home with sweet dream! Ops… not yet home, MR and MH already sleep soundly in the car…

Interested to get to know more about AEON Fantasy Malaysia kidzooona,

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New Experience With Genki Sushi’s Signature Dai Man Zoku At Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

Ohayou Gozaimasu! おはよう ございます. Malaysian sushi lovers are in for a treat with the opening of Genki Sushi, the popular Japanese sushi chain with an established presence in most food capitals across Asia. 

Debuting its ‘Kousoku Express’ sushi delivery system and signature Dai Man Zoku selection at its latest Sunway Pyramid branch, value-for-money quality sushi and a unique dining experience lie in wait for the nation’s Japanese food lovers.

Cool news for mouse mommy as in I am a sushi lover! Unagi and salmon sashimi is my favourite! MR loves tsubukko sushi. Baby MH loves chawanmushi. Mouse papa likes the udon with smoked duck and shrimp tempura. We always dine in Japanese restaurant during weekend.

Congratulations on the opening of the new Genki Sushi Malaysia outlet marks the start of the brand’s expansion plans to establish its presence and emulate the success of its strong and expansive footprint across Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

Part of that success is due to the brand’s Dai Man Zoku menu, a selection that is unique to Genki Sushi. Boasting sushi portions that average at 1.5 times larger than the usual portion, Japanese food enthusiasts can savour larger sushi and achieve maximum satisfaction at just RM4.80 apiece.

“With Malaysia being a melting pot of culture and quite the food-obsessed nation, we knew we had to bring our A-Game when entering this market. People are constantly on the lookout for fresh and affordable Japanese cuisine. Genki Sushi aims to bring the experience of Japanese efficiency and quality to the table with top quality sushi and service for an overall enjoyable time with us,” said Jun Uchida, Executive Director, Genki Sushi Singapore & Malaysia.

Genki Sushi prides itself on providing customers an authentic sushi experience, especially since its core sushi ingredients originate from Japan. Its shoyu (soy sauce) pairs wonderfully with the fragrant and premium-quality shari (rice). The fragrance of the rice is further complemented by the use of su (sushi vinegar) which has been especially formulated for Malaysia to bring out the right balance of flavours and to suit our local palates.

Known as the first brand outside Japan to adopt a three-level sushi delivery system propelled by model trains inspired by the Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains, the brand’s ingenious ‘Kousoku Express’ train system delivers food items directly from the kitchen to table, promising optimum freshness for a seamless dining experience for its customers. 

True to its innovation legacy since historic times in Japan, Genki Sushi continuously incorporates technology into their preparation processes, capturing Japanese efficiency and speed at its best all whilst preserving quality simultaneously.

In celebration of its first outlet opening in Malaysia, Genki Sushi will be launching its menu consisting of 122 core food items sure to satiate any appetite, with multiple selections on the Dai Man Zoku and Genki Premium Selection menu. On top of that, customers of the branch can walk away with vouchers and Genki Sushi gifts including:

Amount Spent
Promotional Reward
Every Net RM 60 in a single receipt
RM 10 voucher for next visit
Net RM 120 in a single receipt
Limited edition Genki Sushi umbrella

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