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KidZania KidZ & Tech 3.0 : Kids Experience The Future Tech | Artificial Intelligence | Robotics

School holidays day out! Children today are more attuned to technology than ever before, but there’s more to it than just smartphones, games and movies! From 18 August - 16 September, KidZania Kuala Lumpur brings the future of technology to life with KidZ & Tech 3.0, a month-long programme that allows kids to interact with tools and programmes that utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, which will greatly influence the way people play, learn and work in the years to come.

Mouse mommy was glad to get to experience what is the children’s learn and experience at KidZania KL during the KidZ & Tech 3.0 media launch event. KidZ & Tech 3.0 is proudly supported by Canon Malaysia, Google Malaysia, MSP Systems (Makeblock), UKM Forensics and U Mobile.

Mouse mommy was only saw CSI doing forensic at the criminal area, but never got the chance to experience it. 

So glad that ables to be one of the forensic expert in KidZania KL under guidance to perform the Fingerprint Dusting test, microscope and analyse different types of fingerprints.

MR also pay attention and take charge of the responsibility to be a CSI forensic science officer, got to be ‘careful’ to sprinkle black dust around the finger print to avoid the evidence gone off. After that, check and verify the fingerprint identity under microscope.

“Technology runs the modern world, and this will become even more prevalent as artificial intelligence- and robotics-based careers and industries become commonplace. As a parent, I’m motivated to ensure that my children are educated and prepared for a future where different forms of technology are seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily life.

Virtual and robotic assistants, smart homes and self-driving cars already exist and there is so much more to come. Living and working with technology is inevitable and I hope that children experiencing KidZ & Tech 3.0 will be inspired by the infinite possibilities it brings,” said Shahrul Nizar Ahmad, Mayor of KidZania Kuala Lumpur.

KidZ & Tech 3.0 gives children more opportunities to ‘Learn Life Today’ and one of the fastest-growing areas is AI. Google Malaysia puts it to use by taking kids on an entertaining Emoji Scavenger Hunt that the whole family can enjoy! 

Using experimental neural network AI to recognize real world objects, players are given an emoji which they must then find in the real world; each step of the hunt is completed when a picture is automatically snapped that corresponds to the prompted emoji. The game confirms it’s a match before they are given the next clue.

“At Google we're big on AI and making things smart, and the key to that is machine learning — teaching computers to recognize patterns by looking at many examples, rather than programming it with specific rules,” said Zeffri Yusof, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Google Malaysia. "Google uses machine learning for tasks like language understanding, translation, speech recognition, computer vision, ranking and recommendations at scale, and we hope experiencing this will make children more interested and curious about AI."

For more hands-on fun, Makeblock invites kids to build a robot of their own using mBots, a do-it-yourself kit that includes simple coding to create a personalised robotic friend. Kids can also test their piloting skills in the exciting Drone Obstacle Challenge, using Airblocks, a magnetically-assembled, programmable flying robot to navigate a customised aerial course!

Overall, KidZ & Tech 3.0 features activities across five areas: AI-inspired Emoji Scavenger Hunt activity, Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR games, Be Internet Awesome game, DIY AR Greeting Cards), Coding & Robotics, Forensic Science (UKM Forensics, which gives kids a look at crime scene investigation with its Fingerprint Dusting and UV Light Experiment), and Creative Photography (Canon Light Tail Photography, U Mobile Clone Photography).  

Canon light Trail Photography also quite interesting. Mouse mommy was learning to set the shutter speed, apertures and low ISO setting to perform this light trail photography in a dark room. I got my work printed out in a photo via Canon printer too!

Many more interactive learning experiences at KidZ & Tech 3.0 till 16 September 2018! Book tickets online now and get 20% off admission with the promo code <KZTECH>!

Check out the full schedule 

Mouse mommy was happy that KidZania KL always plan different activities that includes sciences, technology, nutrition, sport, charity, go green, regulations and holistic approach for our kids to be a better person to contribute to our community. Let’s Learn Life Today at KidZania Kuala Lumpur! Cheers! More exciting photos can click here to view | Album 1 | Album 2 .

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