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Kempen Bangkit Wanita Bersama Noir Mobile Program Keusahawanan

Majlis pelancaran Bangkit Wanita diadakan oleh Noir Health & Beauty di MBO The Starling Mall.  


Bangkit Wanita adalah satu platform khas yang dibawakan oleh Noir dengan tujuan untuk membantu golongan wanita menjadi lebih yakin, anggun dan berjaya bertindak untuk mengubah taraf hidup yang sedia ada.


Melalui webinar Bangkit Wanita yang dikongsikan oleh Madammu ini, wanita bukan sahaja berpeluang mendengar perkongsian perjalanan beliau dalam bisnes kecantikan malah Madammu turut membimbing wanita-wanita di luar sana seperti ibu tunggal, suri rumah, wanita yang kehilangan pekerjaan mahupun wanita bekerjaya agar bangkit mengubah taraf hidup melalui inisiatif Bangkit Wanita ini.


Bangkit Wanita melancarkan pakej menarik untuk membolehkan ramai wanita untuk bangkit berubah dengan menyertai team Noir.


Pakej program keusahawanan iaitu Noir mobile diperkenalkan. Dengan hanya RM69, wanita boleh bangkit mengubah taraf kehidupan sedia ada iaitu dengan menyertai team Noir mobile. Wanita-wanita ini akan berpeluang untuk memulakan perniagaan dan diberi bimbingan oleh Madammu untuk berjaya bersama. #BangkitWanita 


Dengan objektif MADAMMU yang positif iaitu M=Matlamat, A=Aspirasi, D=Daya, A=Anggun, M=Mentor, M=Martabat, iaitu sifat-sifat yang perlu ada pada seorang wanita yang Berjaya dalam kehidupan ataupun dalam perjalanan usahawan. Kita sebagai seorang wanita yang mempunyai banyak peranan dan tanggungjawab dalam kehidupan harian yang memainkan peranan penting kepada keluarga, kerja, komuniti dan juga negara.


Sasaran Noir untuk melahirkan seramai 10,000 Noir Mobile sehingga penghujung tahun 2020 dengan pendapatan bulanan konsisten lebih daripada RM1,000.


Noir merupakan produk kecantikan dan kesihatan yang diasaskan oleh Eriyca Baiduri atau lebih dikenali sebagai Madammu ditubuhkan pada 3 tahun yang lepas dan sehingga kini telah berjaya membantu lebih 2,000 wanita mengubah taraf hidup masing-masing. #NOIRHealthBeauty


Noir dihasilkan oleh Madammu dengan menerapkan elemen alami dan botakinal yang digabungkan secara alkimia. Noir berjaya merangkul anugerah "Produk Penjagaan Kulit Premium Terbaik" dalam Asia Halal Brand Award (AHBA) 2019 dan Anugerah Superbrands Malaysia 2020 dalam Kategori Kesihatan & Kecantikan.


Wanita perlu bangkit untuk merealisasikan impian dan kebahagiaan dengan hasil usaha sendiri. Bangkit Wanita menyeru wanita agar melaburkan masa, tenaga dan harta untuk memperbaiki taraf kehidupan ke arah yang lebih baik. Wanita juga boleh menjadi penyumbang dan memberi kehidupan yang lebih baik dan selesa untuk keluarga dan anak-anak.


Wanita perlu bangkit untuk capai matlamat hidup dan financial freedom. Setiap wanita pasti mahukan masa depan yang lebih cerah dan terjamin. Siapa yang tak inginkan gaya hidup yang diidamkan? 


Wanita perlu bangkit untuk berkuasa atas hidup sendiri. Be Your Own Boss. Cabar diri dan lihat sejauh mana kita boleh melangkah!


Wanita perlu bangkit dari kegagalan. Kegagalan adalah perkara biasa tetapi ia boleh menjadi luar biasa apabila wanita boleh bangkit dari kegagalan tersebut. Bangkit wanita juga adalah salah satu platform untuk memulakan kerjaya.


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GUARDIAN HEALTHY BEAUTY AWARDS 2020 | Exciting Annual Event To Vote For Your Trusted Best Brands And Win Prizes!

Guardian Malaysia, the  leading  pharmacy, health and beauty retailer today rolled out its Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2020, giving its three million and more, customers the opportunity to vote for their favourite  brands and win prizes up to RM50,000 in prizes.

The voting for the annual brand appreciation contest starts on 2 September 2020 and end on 30 September 2020.

Known previously as Guardian’s Most Voted Brands Awards, it has been renamed Healthy Beauty Awards.

Anna Ng, Retail Marketing Director, Guardian Health And Beauty, Malaysia and Singapore said: “This search for the top brands as voted by Guardian’s customers aims to give our customers a voice in selecting the best healthy beauty products in the industry  that is on offer at all Guardian stores.  So I urge all our customers to come make your voice and your choice heard. 

“At Guardian, our customers always come first and this unique true customer voting platform is even more relevant today as Guardian is driven to connect, engage strongly with and understand our customers’ lifestyle needs, preferences and behaviour that are constantly changing and evolving.”

“I believe Guardian Malaysia’s Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 are among the most prestigious and definitive in the market today taking into consideration the depth and breadth of the products, brands and categories involved.” 

“In addition, the votes taken as a whole, will give an unbiased snapshot of brands that have reached and impacted our customers the most.  

The brands will gain an important deeper understanding of the customers’ brand preferences with more than 70 winners in 6 main award categories, namely, ‘Best Newcomer’, ‘Most Voted Influencers Choice’, ‘Cosmetics’, Skin Care’, ‘Personal Care’ and ‘Health Care’,” Anna said.

Reflecting the digital lifestyle of a majority of today’s consumers, the voting process will be conducted entirely in digital format. This means, all voting will be done online.

“And for this year’s voting, there is no purchase required to enter the contest.  All they need to do is to register at via their social media platform or register manually and start voting. There is also no limit to the number of entries that they can submit,” Anna said.

After voting, each voter will earn a RM10 e-voucher which they can redeem at the Guardian Online Store with a minimum spend of RM100 in a single receipt during the period of this contest.

And all customers who vote also stand a chance to win one of 186 prizes and Guardian vouchers totalling up to RM50,000  including a Grand Prize of ONE Osim uDivine V Massage Chair and RM 250 worth of Guardian Cash Vouchers.

The contest is open to everyone aged 18 and above. The winner will be selected based on the entry which most closely resembles the overall Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 winners list.

For more information and full terms and conditions of Guardian’s Healthy Beauty Awards 2020 and the voting, please visit

So start voting and be in the running for fantastic prizes this September 2020!

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Yves N Scent 100% Lemongrass Natural Mosquito Repellent Designed For Family With Kids !

Recently raining days, many mosquitoes are around especially during night time. As a mom, we always try to look for natural and chemical-free products to be used in our house that safe for kids as well.

Mouse mommy found this Yves N Scent Natural Mosquito Repellent that 100% made of Lemongrass - mosquito repellent. The natural lemongrass smell is light and calming.

Known as stress reducer too that can used to balance our mind and emotions. Revitalizes the overall body and minds. 

Especially good for us nowadays that have many stress and pressure in our lifestyle. A good night sleep will able to recharge and refresh our body and mindset. Safe Zone for family and kids.

Mouse mommy love the plug design that able to twist and turn into different angle that suit our electrical plug. Just Plug & Play without having to worry to cause any fire. The effective treating range up to 200 sqft and can last for 30 days of usage. More details at

Mouse mommy has used it for 15 days in our bedroom. 

So far so good that we adults and kids also sleep soundly throughout the night. Mouse mommy especially loves the natural 100% lemongrass scent that really make me feel calm, relaxing with therapeutic effects.

Purchase with Special Extra RM5 Discount :

Besides being the most effective and safest mosquito repeller. It is also compact in size, easy-to-use and stylish device which will look great in every corner of your house-while it works to keep pesky mosquitoes from biting and bothering our guests.

Comparable with others mosquito repellent, Yves Nature Scents Safe Zone can offers better that is no spray and no mess, no harsh smells, no chemicals (Natural), no open flame, no smoky candles, compact and stylish design, ideal use for better sleep with aromatherapeutic (Relaxing).

Lemongrass’ essential oil is the key component when it comes to deterring mosquitoes from biting. While this hasn’t been attributed to a single compound, general consensus states that this property can be attributed to its “lemony” scent (which can be directly experienced when smelling the oil or boiling lemongrass leaves to make a tea). This scent then overpowers a mosquito’s olfactory nerves, causing the scent to “camouflage” your presence from the mosquito’s perspective.

Best and healthiest mosquito repeller alternative for family with babies and kids. There is nothing as powerful as mother’s Love for kids.

Purchase with RM5 Special Discount :

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Balancing Growth and Development of Generation Alpha

Every mother wants the best for her child. Today’s young children aged one to six years belongs to what is known as the ‘generation Alpha’ or the group who are born into a fast-paced digital world and whose overall development is more important than ever.  

That’s why new Anmum ESSENTIAL GOLD is scientifically formulated with key nutrients to support the all rounded growth and development of children aged one to six. Anmum ESSENTIAL GOLD is formulated with 33% more DHA*, MFGM+ GA, prebiotics and 15 key nutrients. Good nutrition and stimulation are important to support the eight important areas of a child’s development.

The 8 important areas of development include physical growth; good gut environment to absorb nutrients needed to support physical growth; good body resistance to help the child stay protected; cognitive development including learning ability; eye development, which supports both the ability to focus and learn and social and emotional development.

A recent Anmum Essential online survey showed nine out of ten mums agreed there are many areas of their children’s growth and development they need to support. The survey polled 304 Malaysian mothers with children aged one to six years. However, some of those parents also admitted that they don’t place equal importance on every aspect of their child’s development. For example, the importance of healthy eye development and social and emotional development can be overlooked. Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan, Consultant General and Developmental Paediatrician says parents need to understand that children’s social and emotional development influences all other areas of development.

“Social and emotional development allows children to understand who they are, what they are feeling and what to expect when interacting with others. It will go on to help them form and sustain positive relationships; experience, manage and express emotions; as well as explore and engage with their environment.”

Children’s relationships affect their development. This is because relationships create important experiences that teach her what’s around her and shape the way she sees the world. A child’s most important relationship is with her parents. Relationships with other family members, carers, including educators, and other children, are also very important. A child forms her world through these important relationships.

Wendy Goh, Scientific and Nutrition Manager of Fonterra Brands Malaysia Sdn Bhd says that’s where Anmum Essential Gold can help.

“Anmum Essential Gold is fortified to support the overall growth and development of Generation Alpha. Children need energy for their daily activities and interactions as part of social development. MFGM, or milk fat globule membrane, is key – scientific study has shown the improvement of emotional and behavioral regulation in children supplemented with MFGM1.”

Along with these social and emotional benefits, Anmum Essential Gold contains nutrients including Vitamin A to support the eye function. In the Anmum Essential survey, seven out of ten mums admitted they did not bring their children for vision examinations despite agreeing eye development is important.

“Vision problems, if left unchecked, can cause difficulties in fine motor coordination, dexterity and manipulation; depth perception, which impact ability to move on uneven surfaces, stairs and climbing heights; and developing literacy and numeracy skills that can result in attention problems and learning disabilities,” says Dr. Rajini.

She also noted that being born into a digitised world, Generation Alpha are often exposed to on-screen activities through smart devices, and this increased screen time may be detrimental to children’s vision.

Other than physical, social and emotional development, a child also needs balanced nutrition to build a strong mind and body in order to excel later in life.

Dr. Yong Junina Fadzil, Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Cardiologist of Pakar Kanak-Kanak Junina agrees that a child’s holistic development cannot take a backseat as parents focus on brain growth and learning development.

“In this aspect, his gut health is important as the gut is the gateway to good nutrient absorption as well as bacteria or virus that cause illness,” she says.

The gut is home to 70% of the body’s immune system. If your child’s gut is not a strong barrier, they will be more likely to pick up nasty bugs which can lead to illness. By supporting the growth of good bacteria in your child’s gut, you can help build their immunity and keep them feeling energetic and not miss out on classes and socialising with peers!” adds Dr. Yong Junina.

Wendy Goh explains, “a good intestinal environment is essential for effective nutrient absorption. This is where, prebiotics in new Anmum ESSENTIAL GOLD come in, helping to promote the growth of good bacteria and good gut environment”.

Your child’s holistic development starts with good nutrition! New Anmum ESSENTIAL GOLD Step 3 is suitable for children aged 1 to 6 years old. It is now retailing at major supermarkets nationwide and e-commerce platforms, with the recommended retail pricing of RM44.90 for 550g and RM86.90 for 1.1kg.

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*Compared to current Anmum Essential in a single serve
[1] Veereman-Wauters, G., Staelens, S., Rombaut, R., Dewettinck, K., Deboutte, D., Brummer, R. J., Boone, M., & Le Ruyet, P. (2012). Milk fat globule membrane (INPULSE) enriched formula milk decreases febrile episodes and may improve behavioral regulation in young children. Nutrition, 28(7-8), 749 -752.

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