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Swiss Dream Circus | A Magnificient New Show CELEBRATING 5th Anniversary in Malaysia!

Circus is one of the oldest cultural assets around the globe. In Switzerland there are over 14 circus companies and a variety shows that traditionally travel through the country. 

Nothing is easy, the performer has take years to learn and practice, and bring it live to us ! 

Mouse mommy also always educates kids MR and MH that nothing is free in the world, all is required effort. If you want to achievement, must pay effort, patience and time into it. 

A gentle reminder too: Always have an appreciation heart and thoughts with us, as in all projects nor matter small or big also required many people paying lots of efforts behind to make it a successful one.

Swiss Dream Circus was founded on the belief that this timeless cultural experience is worth preserving and sharing; passing it on to the next generation of dreamers. 

Marco Baumgartner is the Founder and Producer. Ismail Stork is Co-Founder Marketing and Organizer.

Swiss Dream Circus’s biggest reward is seeing a full-house of bright-eyed children and adults alike. Watching your smiles and looks of amazement is the biggest motivation for us to undertake this enormous task every year. Yes! This is the fifth year to have Swiss Dream Circus!

Last year, mouse mommy bring along family were watch the Swiss Dream Circus together. Love the lighting effect and background music that WOW the Circus show! All the circus performance were great! More photos can click here to view. Click here to refer blog sharing in year 2018 for Swiss Dream Circus.

Surprise!!! …. This year Mr Marco was informed mouse mommy that got few special NEW circus performance that want to bring in to Malaysia in conjunction of 5th Anniversary Swiss Dream Circus Show in Malaysia! Mouse mommy, mouse papa, kids MR and MH are exciting to look forward! 

In just a blink of an eye, Swiss Dream Circus is in the midst of preparing fifth world-class show for family and kids in Malaysia. We cannot wait to share our 5th Anniversary festivities with our brand new production: Celebration! 

Once again, we are proud to present incredibly talented performers from all over the world.

For the first time since our inception, we are presenting an amazing high rope act brought to you by the multi-award winning Dneprovtzki family. Think juggling with your hands is a feat worth shouting about? 

Wait till you see what we discovered at the International Circus Festival in Budapest – a Ukrainian foot juggler, too skilled at keeping the audience at the edge of their seats. Then prepare to be blown away by our Swiss Trapeze artist, Janine, as she swings and sways to the tunes of our beautiful violinist, Jane Yong.

A special treat for our younger audience are our LED dancers who are also from Ukraine, and not forgetting Clown Victor who will steal your heart away with his charming antics and clumsy nature. 

Watch and be amazed as Zac Tomlinson turns a childhood pastime into a world-champion act with his jump-rope performance.

The show wraps up with another thrilling trapeze performance from Veronika and get ready to lose your breath as Andrei balances on the wheel of death high up in the air.

Let yourself be carried away to the magical world of the circus! Of course! Mouse mommy is going to bring along family and kids to watch this Swiss Dream Circus again in this August 2018! Must be a fun-filled entertainment experience for family and kids! 
Theme : Swiss Dream Circus Celebration | NEW Cast - NEW Show
Date : 30 August - 22 September 2019
Venue : Desa ParkCity Kuala Lumpur

Interested to get to know more about info and tickets at SwissDream Circus,
Exclusive Ticketing Agency :

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Special Family Dining Moments At Say Cheese Cafe Bukit Jalil !

When mouse mommy walk in to the Say Cheese Café, first thing pop in my mind is CHEESE!!! 

As you know, mouse mommy is fancy of cheesy foodie so much. Glad to know that got a Say Cheese Café that located at Bukit Jalil.

Mouse mommy loves to hunt for food. This round we are visited to Say Cheese Café and ordered their Signature Pork Chop with Cheese Lava

The Chef will directly cook the pork chop in front of us! So thoughtful of the boss that asking us whether want pork chop with more fat or lean meat. 

The Chef is so thoughful and ask for permission to start the fire cooking the outer layer of the pork chop to make it caramelized and crispy. So that, the kids MR and MH are ready for “fire”!

After that, a plate of cheese lava was pour on the hot plate pork chop. So cheesy and aroma make me so appetizing! 

The pork chop was nicely sliced and each mouthful dip with the pork chop was nicely match in taste. 

No wonder Say Cheese Café is full house when we reached. Recommended to book a table via call to avoid disappointment.

Bake Chip Chicken Chop is served with sour sweet sauce and green leafy vegetables that is a great appetizer to start up our dinner.     

Besides that, we are also ordered mushroom soup for the kids. 

The mushroom soup is cook with real mushroom and creamy in taste. Both MR and MH can finish it happily.

Aglio Mushroom Spaghetti is cooked with fragrant garlic and sautéed mushrooms combine to add oomph to the pasta, we love it.

Pork Bolognese Pasta is simple and smells good. 

Generous portion of Bolognese pasta sauce with pork is just nice to eat together with chewy pasta.

Overall, a satisfied family dining experience with friendly staffs. A good place for family and friends gathering. More photos can click here to view.  Say Cheese Again! 

Interested to get to know more about Say Cheese Café Bukit Jalil,
Address: C-15-G, Shop Lot, Jalil Link, 2, Jalan Jalil Perkasa, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Reservation Number : +6016 – 606 5850

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Love This Royal Canton Authentic Chinese Restaurant At DC Mall, Petaling Jaya!

Chinese style Dim Sum is everyone favourite nowadays especially in Malaysia. But, mouse mommy found it quite difficult to find the authentic taste of Hong Kong Chinese style Dim Sum in Kuala Lumpur.

Found this Royal Canton Authentic Chinese restaurant when mouse mommy google search. Mouse mommy and family love the authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum at Royal Canton especially the Dim Sum Platter was insta-worthy and delicious to eat! It is a children-friendly restaurant too!

The Dim Sum Platter was display in a 9 units of small cubes, nice in serving and tempting when the staff served it. 

Royal Canton Dim Sum Platter consists of 9 signature assorted Dim Sum such as Har Gao ( Fresh Shrimp Dumpling), Lao Sa Bao (Salted Egg Castard Bun), Salad Prawn Dumpling, Siew Mai (Pork and Shrimp Dumpling with Fish Roe), Wu Kok (Taro Dumpling with Pork), HK Style Baked Bao with BBQ Pork, Ma Lai Gao and Xiao Long Bao for RM23 only. Delicious and worthy the price!

Irresistible Lao Sa Bao (Salted Egg Castard Bun)! Mouse mommy has eaten for 2 units. The bao was so fluffy and soft. 

The salted egg castard is real salted egg and taste so creamy. That's mouse mommy true feeling of it! 

Besides that, mouse mommy also loves to order porridge when having Dim Sum time. We had ordered Grouper Fish Fillet Porridge and Ting Chai Porridge

The porridge was aromatic with its ingredients. Most importantly, it is freshly cook with no MSG, less sweet, low salt, but taste good and delicious!

Crunchy Roasted Pork and Char Siew are our flavour! The crunchy roasted pork was nicely roasted, must be an experience Chinese Chef to make it! 

The Char Siew was juicy and fully coated with sauce. Love it! We had ordered for 2 plates. One plate is inadequate for us. Haha… MR and MH both have finished it for 1 plate!

Ops… nearly forgot that recommended to dip with their in-house signature custard and chilli sauce, it gives us another adding taste for the Crunchy Roasted Pork.

As for prawn lover, Royal Canton Fresh Whole Prawn Roll is such generous with fresh big prawn roll in a beancurd roll. Food is great when it is fresh! Golden thumb rule always!    

Xiao Loong Bao is juicy and beware of the hot soup inside it. Savour it carefully and one is not enough for mouse mommy! Eat it together with sliced ginger with vinegar is perfect match!

Dessert time! The looks of Creamy Portuguese Egg Tart is so tempting. A thin layer of caramel on top with creamy egg ingredients and crunchy tart was yummy to bite.

Kuai Fa Gao ( Osmanthus Jelly with Aloe Vera ) was chewy, sweetness level just nice and yummy!

Mouse mommy can taste the full aroma of ginger for the Ginger Soup Sesame Tong Yuen. Good to warm up our body especially for ladies. Sesame also great for our health with micronutrients.

The Red Bean Soup with Tong Yuen and Aged Tangerine Peel is another must-eat-item, as in they are using special imported aged tangerine peel to cook this dessert that unable to found at outside. Many good food that mouse mommy found here! So happy!     

Mouse mommy also loves this Chinese style restaurant ambient at DC Mall, Petaling Jaya with friendly servers and most importantly the restaurant is serving the Fresh Food, not frozen food. All freshly cook with no MSG, less sweet, low salt, but taste good and delicious!

Mouse mommy and kids MR MH can feel the love and passion of the Chef that putting effort in serving all the delicious Dim Sum. MR and MH also enjoy the Dim Sum here and ate many. More photos can click here to view.

A nice Dim Sum family dining experience that we loved it! Next round, mouse mommy want to bring along parents to dine in here. Sure my parents will enjoy the Authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum at Royal Canton!

Interested to get more info about Royal Canton,

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