Book-lovers, brace yourselves! Dubbed as The World’s Biggest Book Sale, the BIG BAD WOLF Book Sale is back and ready to kick off the ‘Malaysia Tour’ after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. 

Fans of BIG BAD WOLF Books will be thrilled to know that the much-awaited Book Sale is returning with a Hybrid Sale combining both on-ground Book Sale event together with the Online Book Sale. The Book Sale will be held at the Tropicana Gardens Mall, Level 3A Convention Centre, Kota Damansara, and simultaneously goes live online via its e-commerce website from the 29th of April to the 10th of May, 2021.

Speaking at the press conference held at the Convention Centre recently, Andrew Yap, Co-Founder and Managing Director of BIG BAD WOLF Books, said, “We are extremely excited and thrilled to be back on home ground after having hosted our first Hybrid Sale in Johor Bahru recently. 

Due to the popular response received from our first Hybrid Sale, we decided that we should meet our fans once again hence the launch of the ‘Malaysia Tour’ Hybrid Book Sale.

“We’re also delighted to be partnering with Tropicana Gardens Mall and being their first BIG BAD WOLF Book Sale at Tropicana Gardens Convention Centre to hold our on-ground Book Sale in Selangor that will be open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Simultaneously, our Online Book Sale’ e-commerce website will be going live 24 hours daily to cater to our customers nationwide.” 

“There are amazing deals such the ‘1SEN Deal’ on offer for the Hybrid Book Sale as well as free shipping within Peninsular Malaysia with a net purchase of RM180 and 50% off shipping with a minimum spend of RM80,” added Yap.

Andrew Ashvin, Managing Director of Tropicana Gardens Mall, added, “It is our pleasure and privilege to host the return of the BIG BAD WOLF Book Sale at Tropicana Gardens Mall. As always, we are committed to ensuring the best shopping experience for our shoppers by observing SOPs in our aim to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish to thank Andrew Yap, Jacqueline Ng, and their team who have worked tirelessly to organize this event with much priority on the wellbeing of our shoppers and employees. We’re looking forward to a safe and successful event.”

With books available from up to 99% off the recommended retail price, customers will be spoilt for choice as BIG BAD WOLF Books offers more than 60,000 book titles ranging from popular novels to science fiction, romance, literature, graphic art, and business books to architecture, cookbooks, and many more.

Fans of BIG BAD WOLF Books who are unable to visit the Book Sale at Tropicana Gardens Mall or prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes may join in the Book Sale by adding books into their cart online. The BIG BAD WOLF Online Book Sale e-commerce website will be available live 24 hours a day at

Online shoppers surely would not want to miss bountiful discounts and promotions made available throughout the Sale.

BIG BAD WOLF Books and Tropicana Gardens Mall highly prioritizes the safety and hygiene of those visiting the Book Sale. Preventive safety SOPs measures and precautions enforced by the Government of Malaysia will be adhered to at all times. Customers entering the Sale will be constantly monitored to ensure that they wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from one another while shopping. Hand sanitizer ‘stations’ will be placed throughout the Convention Centre hall. In-house personnel will ensure that all the trolleys be regularly sanitized throughout the day and conduct temperature checks at the entrance.

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Give Your Loved Ones With Guardian Special Hari Raya Health And Beauty Products With Personalised Raya Greetings! Salam Aidilfitri!


We are currently in the Holy month of Ramadan and before long Hari Raya will be upon us! However, in the current new norm and ongoing MCO, visiting our loved ones around the country continues to be uncertain.


Given these challenges, Guardian Malaysia has launched a  Hari Raya gifting service  at its online store to enable  customers to send their favourite health and beauty products to their family, friends and relatives! The gifting service includes specially curated  Hari Raya Bundle sets – the GLAM set, the SLIMMING set, the HEALTHY set and the BEAUTY set. 


Anna Ng, Brand Marketing Director, Health And Beauty, South East Asia said: “This Hari Raya gifting service is part of our ‘Seiring Ramadhan – Bijak Belanja, Jimat Sentiasa’ campaign that offers discounts on over 1400 products.  It is a part of our continuous effort to consistently give our customers even more value even though through our online store.

“All our customers need to do is to visit,  order their favourite products on offer at Guardian’s ‘Seiring Ramadhan – Bijak Belanja, Jimat Sentiasa’ fair and gift them to their loved ones.


“You can even add a personalized Hari Raya greeting to your loved ones.  Guardian will then deliver their orders right to their doorsteps FREE of charge for orders above RM100.”

The gifting service starts on 12 April and run until 12 May. Purchases above RM150 will be entitled to a FREE Gift and also receive an EXTRA RM15 off their bill.

SPECIAL RAYA DEALS! You can enjoy RM20 OFF with code GDNR26FS7DU for purchases above RM150 (normal only enjoy RM15 off) until 12 May 2021 !

How to send your Raya gift?

Log in at with a registered and valid email address.

# Upon check out for payment, kindly key in the E-voucher code at the discount code column.

# Value of E-voucher is RM20 with minimum purchase of RM150 & above.

# Only ONE (1) E-voucher per transaction is allowed.

# E-voucher is valid for ONE (1) time redemption.

# E-Voucher is not redeemable or exchangeable for cash.

# E-voucher is valid from 12th April 2021 to 12th May 2021.

# Guardian reserves the right to terminate, amend or add to any of these Terms and Condition without prior notice.


To enable  customers  to fully take advantage of the gifting service, several Skin Care Gift Sets from Wardah, SNP, Cosmoderm, Safi and Garnier, will be on sale exclusively on our online store only,” Anna added.  


“So please start your Hari Raya gifting soon with Guardian’s special online gifting service and place your orders early as the exclusive Hari Raya gift sets and the Hari Raya Bundle sets are until stocks last only,” Anna concluded.


Courier a Guardian’s Raya Surprise Gift to your loved one, do remember to include your personalized Hari Raya Greetings!

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Eastlands Personal Hygiene Care Products For Family And Kids!


Hygiene lifestyle with Eastlands personal care that is made in Malaysia. #Supportlokal

Eastlands is promoting convenient greater hygiene habits as a lifestyle that aims to improve our wellness and health. Eastlands personal care products are made to nurture, care, and most importantly, protect. Cruelty free and nature-friendly. Stay protected and clean at ease with Eastlands.


Eastlands personal care products range is including gel type Hand Sanitizer that enriched with green tea or soybean that effectively in eliminate 99% of germs with 75% Alcohol Denat. Botanically formulated Green Tea Oil and Jojoba Beads can minimize the signs of aging, calm irritation, soothe redness, naturally exfoliate and moisturize our skin.


Sanitizing Spray with natural Vitamin B, E & candlenut extract. Candlenut extract can strengthen our skin as protective barrier while effectively in sanitize our hands against germs.


Sanitizing wipes that is dermatologically tested, aloe-enriched and paraben-free that suitable for adults and kids.


Eastlands also have 2 types of Antibacterial Hand Wash which is contains Soy and Rye Flour and another type is contains of hyaluronic acid. Both formula are gentle and moisture enhance antibacterial hand wash that suitable for daily use. Soy and Rye that is enriched with 7 kinds of Vitamin B Complex extracted through Lactobacillus fermentation of brown soybean, soymilk and rye flour, bolster skin’s health by total skin repair, moisturizes and provides soothing benefits. The fermentation process amplifies solubility and absorption.


Mouse mommy loves this range of Eastlands personal care products especially the Antibacterial Hand Wash with Fermented Soy and Rye flour.


“When I care for myself, I am caring for others.”


Grab yours Eastlands personal care products now at,

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Menarini | New Relief for Atopic Dermatitis with Relizema™-Dermarel™ Product Line That Offering Quick Relief When Flare-Ups Happen

Many of us are aware that allergies and related conditions are on the rise around the world. Among these, atopic dermatitis (AD) is one of the most common chronic conditions globally, with up to 20% of children and up to 8% of adults in most countries living with AD. Not only is the estimated global prevalence a significant number at 230 million people, this number continues to grow, particularly in Asia, Africa and also in Western Europe and parts of
Northern Europe,


“However, despite general awareness that the condition has become more common, its pathogenesis remains poorly understood. In addition, it is also crucial for new and better treatments for AD to be made available to people living with the condition, when we consider that AD has many economic costs, including direct costs like medical fees borne by patients and their families and expenses borne by the healthcare system overall. There are also indirect economic costs such as lost productivity and absenteeism among patients and caregivers, and a poorer quality of life for the patient due to physical discomfort or feeling embarrassed about the condition, as well as
negative psychological impact. Thus, Menarini is pleased to introduce our Relizema™-Dermarel™ range to Malaysians with AD to help treat the condition more effectively,” said Christy Phang, Group Product Manager for Respiratory, Dermatology & Pain Portfolio, A. Menarini Singapore Pte Ltd.


Atopic dermatitis – what and why?

Atopic dermatitis (also known as atopic eczema) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterised by intense itching and scaly patches of skin. The itching can be so intense that it disrupts sleep, daily activities, study and work. It typically presents differently at different ages, and can be divided into three phases – the infant or toddler phase (4 months to two years); the childhood phase, (2 to 10 years); and the adolescent and adult phase, (10 years to adulthood). In infants, AD may start with the so-called cradle cap on the head, later spreading to the face and limbs, and also developing in the skin folds. Meanwhile, in adults, AD commonly affects the face and upper part of the trunk.


More recently, oxidative stress has also been linked to the pathogenesis of AD. Oxidative stress occurs when the formation of reactive oxygen species (reactive molecules and free radicals derived from molecular oxygen) in a cell exceeds the cell's capacity to remove them. Oxidative stress promotes tissue inflammation by causing an increase in the genes involved in the production of proteins that promote inflammation.


“As atopic dermatitis is a chronic condition that is not curable, treatment should be planned with a long-term perspective and special attention must be given to long-term safety aspects. Through the four major components, namely trigger avoidance; daily skin care; anti-inflammatory therapy; and other complementary modalities, treatment for AD aims to minimise the number of flare-ups and reduce the duration and degree of the flare-up if it occurs,” Phang added.


Treating atopic dermatitis

To prevent flare-ups, efforts are made to reduce skin dryness, primarily via daily use of skin moisturising creams or emollients along with avoidance of irritants such as allergens and fabrics that cause irritation. When dryness is reduced, the desire to scratch will lessen and the risk of skin infection will decrease. Avoiding long, hot baths also prevents skin dryness, and when a bath is taken, an emollient should be applied directly after the bath to create a moist epidermis and augment the skin barrier function, while bath oils may also help to reduce flare-ups. 


The use of emollients in the management of atopic dermatitis is pivotal, as it is associated with skin barrier anomalies that facilitate an easier allergen penetration into the skin with an increased proneness to irritation and subsequent cutaneous inflammation. Meanwhile, medical treatment for flare-ups often involves the use of corticosteroid creams, while severe AD may require systemic immunosuppressant drugs or phototherapy with ultraviolet light. Meanwhile, any skin cleanser used should be non-irritating with a low allergenic formula and a pH in a physiological cutaneous range around 5-6.


Relizema™- DermaRel™

Amidst the stress of keeping AD in control, Menarini is introducing a comprehensive range developed and dermatologically tested in adults and children to treat atopic dermatitis, diaper dermatitis and erythema, by calming, repairing and protecting dry-sensitive skin. New to Malaysia, this new generation range from the Relizema™ and DermaRel™ brands builds on the Relizema™ integrated treatment system.


Relizema™ Cream (40ml and 100ml)

The key product in this range, Relizema™ Cream is a new generation targeted topical treatment enriched with an antioxidant ingredient (furfuryl palmitate). With its special formulation offering dermo-protective action, it helps restore and maintain your physiological skin barrier, while protecting and moisturising the skin with a soothing effect. This clinically proven cream provides rapid relief for itching and flushing associated with dermatitis, including atopic and contact dermatitis, and erythema. 


DermaRel™ Lipid Replenishing Cleanser (400ml)

DermaRel™ Lipid-Replenishing Cleanser is a daily cleansing gel formulated for sensitive and dry face and body skin, suitable for both adults and children. Containing an innovative combination of compounds that act in synergy to replenish the hydrolipidic skin film, this cleanser helps to restore the natural skin barrier, increase skin water content and promote faster hydration. It is rich in glycerine, nicotinamide, ceramides and amino acids – such as arginine, proline and glycine – forming the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). 


DermaRel™ Ultra Hydrating Lotion (400ml)

The rich formulation of DermaRel™ Ultra Hydrating Lotion makes it the ideal daily care for dry and sensitive skin in adults and children. Its innovative formulation combines a compound with three different types of ceramides that helps restore the natural skin barrier; a blend of vegetable oils which increases skin hydration and skin elasticity; and a fat-soluble complex of lipo-soluble ceramides which protects the skin.  


DermaRel™ Spray & Go (100ml)

DermaRel™ Spray & Go is a no-gas spray specifically formulated to protect the delicate and sensitive skin of children as well as the elderly and immobilised patients from rash in the genital area and buttocks.

Formulated with zinc oxide, zinc gluconate, taurine and panthenol, the spray soothes and prevents reddening and burning sensations. It can be sprayed directly on the affected area and does not require rubbing, thus promoting hygiene and causing less irritation when applying or removing the product. 


Please visit the nearest clinic or consult a qualified healthcare provider to find out more about the Relizema™-Dermarel™ product line.


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Discover Smarter Home Cleaning With ECOVACS ROBOTICS On Shopee This 17 and 18 April 2021


Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the world’s leading home service robotics maker, introduces the latest robotic vacuum cleaners, DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 PRO, at the first ECOVACS ROBOTICS Brand Day on Shopee. Through this collaboration, ECOVACS ROBOTICS aims to empower users to live a smarter and hassle-free lifestyle with easy access to its innovative robotic solutions. Starting from 17 April, the DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 PRO which come upgraded with more powerful and intelligent features will be made exclusively available on Shopee. Shoppers can look forward to attractive perks such as gift-with-purchase of the DEEBOT T9, limited-time deals and brand vouchers during the campaign.


Johnny Zhu, General Manager of Asia Pacific, ECOVACS ROBOTICS, said, “The prevalence of smart technology has driven up demand for smart home cleaning solutions across the region in recent years. At the 11.11 Big Sale last year, ECOVACS ROBOTICS was listed as the best-selling brand for vacuum cleaners in Southeast Asia, on Shopee. We are very excited to partner with Shopee again for this exclusive launch to introduce a robot into every home, helping consumers to ease their cleaning chores. We look forward to replicating our success this year, and strengthening our partnership with Shopee, giving more consumers access to high-quality and intelligent home service robotics.”


Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director at Shopee, added, “Shopee Mall is home to many of our region’s favourite brands, with ECOVACS ROBOTICS being one of the most loved smart home appliances brands for homeowners in Southeast Asia. We’ve observed that more shoppers are purchasing big-ticket items online, and are willing to spend more on quality home appliances on our platform. We are delighted to launch this first Brand Day with ECOVACS ROBOTICS to provide our shoppers with first-hand access to smarter tools for their homes.”


The Best DEEBOT Just Got Better


The new DEEBOT T9 is the first model with intelligent 9-in-1 obstacle avoidance features that combine powerful vacuuming and mopping functions, with a built-in mobile air freshener. Its leading-edge TrueDetect 3D 2.0 obstacle detection and avoidance technology help the robot intelligently clean the floor without entanglement or being stuck around the home. Users can enjoy an effective and superior cleaning experience with the model’s upgraded suction power and Intelligent Control feature to provide hands-free cleaning management.


Similarly, the new DEEBOT N8 PRO comes with enhanced laser detection function and integrated industry-leading algorithms, which helps the robot to plan an efficient cleaning route faster and with more precision. Users can use the ECOVACS Home App to control where the robot enters and clean, to maintain privacy where needed. The electronically-controlled water pump and water tank allow for mopping and vacuuming in one go, without the need for repeated stops to top up the water tank.


From 17 - 18 April, ECOVACS ROBOTICS Brand Day will bring a host of exclusive deals and fun exclusively on Shopee, which include:


Special launch prices and gift pack only on Shopee: Get the new DEEBOT T9 and DEEBOT N8 PRO at special prices of RM1949 and RM1549 respectively, with a RM50 Discount Voucher and a gift pack only on Shopee. Shoppers can also enjoy up to 70% off on selected ECOVACS ROBOTICS products and limited-time RM50 vouchers.


Learn how to clean effectively on Shopee Live: Shoppers can watch Key Opinion Leader Apple Tan unbox the new DEEBOT T9, and demonstrate how the new DEEBOTs can maximise home cleanliness with their superior vacuuming and mopping functions.


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