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Salam Aidilfitri! Raya Looks With W7 Cosmetic Products In Guardian Malaysia!

Raya celebration brings laugh, happiness and makes everyone gather together. Of course, food, dress, deco, traveling and make up all must be completed! “Itu barulah Raya!”

Mouse mommy was joining a special W7 cosmetic workshop to get to know the makeup products. Do you know that this brand name is related to an England postcode of W7? It is a well-known cosmetic brand in England. Glad that Guardian Malaysia is bring in this products for Malaysian consumers.

Mouse mommy also takes this opportunity to try out the W7 cosmetic products

There are a wide range of W7 makeup products to create a sweet or bold look such as W7 BLAZIN eye colour palette, Banana Dreams loose powder, Contour stick, Duo Blusher and Delicious eye shadow, W7 Matte Lipstick vampire kiss and many more. All the W7 is exclusively available at Guardian Malaysia.

Raya looks with W7! Mouse mommy also eager to make up “cantik-cantik” nicely and join the Raya Open House gang this weekend! Many places need to visit too!

W7 BLAZIN eye shadow palette comes in a pencil case design with 12 colours which is White Hot, Match Stick, Volcano, Strike It, Hot Stuff, Hot Sauce, Lava, Sizzie, Burn, Alarming, Hot AF and Muy Caliente. From light shades to dark shades, all is pigmented colours and no caking issue.

There are many different combination of the W7 Duo Blushers. Mouse mommy has try out this W7 Duo Blusher #04. It gives a natural pink on my cheekbone area. It looks great and suitable for my skin tone!

There are 2 types of W7 mascara that is waterproof and non-waterproof. The W7 Absolutely Waterproof Mascara can enhance my eyelashes and make it darken, thicken and lengthen. The unique of this W7 Waterproof Mascara is easy to apply and my eyelashes do not easily get stick to each and others. Highly recommended!

W7 Line to Five Waterproof Eyeliner Pen is highly pigmented in black and versatile to create any fine or bold lines. Suitable for beauty expert and beauty creator.

Mouse mommy loves the W7 Matte Lipstick vampire kiss, it gives me a finish touch of festive look! Cheers! Check out more photos at Album 1 | Tutorial Video

Happy Eid Mubarak! Last week all my friends are balik kampung. 

This week mouse mommy’s objective is to visit “ziarah-menziarahi” and attend Raya Open House as much as I could! Salam Aidilfitri!

Interested to get to know more about W7 cosmetic ranges at Guardian Malaysia,

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Play And Experience Nostalgia Childhood Kampung Traditional Games At The Curve This Raya Celebration!

Such a nostalgia childhood kampung games! Nowadays, all the kiddos are playing online games and internet. 

Is the time for sharing and togetherness, Raya is best celebrated in the company of family and loved ones. 

Sharing the joy of the festive period, the Curve invited a group of children from Rumah Permata Hatiku to celebrate Raya in a traditional kampung atmosphere.

The young guests were given a warm welcome by the Curve’s Management Team, as they made their way into the mall’s Centre Court. 

It was definitely a sight to behold, as the kids stood in awe of the intricately decorated kampung house, with its exterior sporting a realistic- looking watercolour effect.

Surrounded by green shrubs and shady trees, the authentic kampung ambience could be felt amongst the guests. 

Bringing an interactive aspect to the campaign this year, traditional games such as congkak, batu seremban and kaki panjang were available for all to play.

The kids were delighted as they experienced these games for the first time!

Mouse mommy was also join in the fun to play congkak with children. The kid teaches me that must put in 7 guli balls in each of the congkak holes equally before start the game. 

Really nostalgia traditional activities that must bring along family and kids to experience it! 

Moving on to the main highlight, the Kenangan Manis Musical started the evening off with a bang as talented dancers performed to classic Malay hits. 

Weaving in traditional dance styles such as Joget and Zapin, the performance told the tale of the good old days of kampung life and spending Raya with the family. More photos can click here to view 

Encik Jazmi Kamarudin, Senior General Manager of the Curve said, “It is an annual tradition for us at the Curve to give back to those who need it most, especially during the festive seasons. Something as simple as sharing a meal together can make a world of difference and this is something which we want to give to our esteemed guests. We hope they had a great time with us today and we are honoured to have had this opportunity to break fast together with our young guests!”

The kids and their caregivers were also presented with Raya goodies and Duit Raya, before adjourning to Marhaba Restaurant for a scrumptious buka puasa meal.

Taking place from May 3 to June 6, 2019, the Curve’s Raya campaign will see the mall transform into an authentic kampung setting, with a variety of games available for patrons to try their hand at. 

Shoppers can also catch the Kenangan Manis Musical twice a day on weekends and as well as the first and second day of Raya.   

To further commemorate the month of Ramadhan, shoppers get to redeem a set of Kole Air as they spend a minimum of RM480 in a maximum two receipts or redeem festive Raya packets when they spend RM180 in a maximum of two receipts. 

All redemptions are subject to terms & conditions and available while stocks last. Additionally, Boost users who spend RM50 at participating outlets will get an instant rebate of RM10! Great news for Boost users.

Interested in experiencing the Curve’s Raya campaign,
The Curve’s Customer Care Officers : 03-7710 6868

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AEON Fantasy Malaysia Celebrates Exciting Lala's Birthday Together With Charitable Efforts!

Happy Birthday Lala! The AEON Fantasy Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. has organized a birthday celebration for its fun and cheerful character mascot named Lala, whom are very close to its Molly Fantasy fans nationwide on 21 March annually basis.

In celebrating the Lala birthday this year, AEON Fantasy has invited 60 underprivileged school children from SK Bukit Tinggi, SJKT Ladang Highlands and SJKC Perempuan, to mesmerize the celebration day with the mascot.

The schools have also received books donation from Molly Fantasy worth RM 6,000 each where the books donation was funded from the ‘Lala and Friends Fund’ (RM 3,000) and Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd. (RM 3,000) handed over by the Managing Director of AEON Fantasy Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Miss Jeslyn Chan witnessed by Yang Berbahagia Datin Seri Jamaliah binti Othman, Yang Di Pertua of PUSPANITA Kebangsaan (spouse to Chief Secretary of Malaysia).

“Every year during the Lala Birthday, we encourage our beloved fans of Wai Wai Park to participate in our charitable efforts where 100% of sales from the entrée fees on 21st March at Wai Wai Park will be channelled to the Lala and Friends Fund and the donation will be donated to the children, who are in need”, said Jeslyn during the event.

Thanks AEON Fantasy Wai Wai Park’s generosity and contribute CSR to the community!

She also added, “For today, we are grateful to share the Lala and Friends Fund to three schools to encourage the school children to read books”. Book reading habits are highly encouraged among the kids since young. Mouse mommy was glad that Lala and Friends funding and encourage reading culture among the young kids!

In conjunction with the Lala’s Birthday celebration, AEON MALL Bukit Tinggi, Centre Court also have many exciting AEON Fantasy activities such as Lala and Friends dance, face painting, colouring contest and also participating booth from partners; AEON Malaysia Cheers Club, AEON Mommy’s Card and Yakult.

Thank You and appreciate for having such meaningful kids CSR programme by AEON Fantasy annually for the welfare of young generations! Kudos!

Interested to get to know more exciting AEON Fantasy Malaysia kids activities,

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Sesame Street Celebrates 50 Years With The Curve This School Holidays!

Happy school holidays parents and kids! Everyone’s favourite fun neighbourhood Sesame Street pals will be making a trip this upcoming school holidays to the Curve, Mutiara Damansara! 

Celebrating 50 years of captivating audiences worldwide, the Sesame Street party will be an exclusive extravaganza, complete with plenty of fun activities, performances and goodies!

From March 22nd to 31st, the Curve mall’s Centre Court will be transformed into a Sesame Street haven for children and fans alike, with plenty of activities to choose from! 

Kids can jump and bounce away on the giant Sesame Street inflatable playland, a first of its kind in Malaysia and have the opportunity to meet and greet with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie.

For those looking for adventure, kids can complete an educational and fun mission to collect a special Sesame Street gift

To participate, patrons need to spend a minimum of RM50 to redeem the activity book for FREE or opt to purchase it at RM10.

An assortment of activity stations will be open for kids to choose based on their interests, such as inflatable challenge, word search and mission hunt

Visitors, young and young at heart, can also look forward to a special dance performance featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie! The show will take place on weekends at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.

Jazmi Kamarudin, Senior General Manager of the Curve, said, “School holidays are often an opportunity for parents to spend quality bonding time with their kids. As a family-centric mall, we strive to create campaigns that bring parents and children together and we believe Sesame Street is an evergreen experience, beloved by all age groups! With Sesame Street celebrating 50 years at the Curve, this makes the March school holidays an even more memorable one.”

Get rewarded when you shop! Visitors who spend a minimum of RM200 in a maximum of two receipts, will be eligible to redeem an exclusive Sesame Street Tumbler.

There’s more! Sesame Street fans can get their hands on special Sesame Street merchandise such as plush toys, lunch boxes, stationary sets and backpacks,which are available for purchase at the Centre Court.

Interested to get to know more the Curve Sesame Street school holidays activities :
Customer Care : 03-7710 6868

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