Sejahtera Malaysia ( Cover by wuikathy | zharif93 | suhanashohairi )

Sejahtera Malaysia! Hari ini ialah penghujung tahun 2020 dan jugak permulaan untuk Tahun 2021! 

Kami blogger dan media influencer @wuikathy @zharif93 @suhanashohairi ingin mengucapkan Salam Sejahtera kepada semua warga Malaysia. 

Semoga bertambah baik dan positif pada Tahun 2021! 

#StayPositive #StayHealth #StaySafe #StayCare 

**kami bukan penyanyi profesional, jika terdapat salah silap, mohon maaf ya. 

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Happy New Year 2021! Malaysia’s leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain, Guardian Malaysia has welcomed the new year with an ORANGE bang!

Guardian Malaysia ORANGE PARTY Catalogue :


Anna Ng, Retail Marketing Director, Guardian Health And Beauty, Malaysia and Singapore said:


“2020 was a challenging year for businesses so we decided that 2021 should kick-off with a renewed zest for life which is why we have launched the ORANGE PARTY today.


We wanted to reward our valued and loyal customers with our biggest ever store-wide sale called the ORANGE PARTYFor three days only, from 1 to 3 January 2021, our customers will enjoy never-before savings with up to 50% discount on selected products and WOW deals on more than 1600 products from top brands in ALL our stores nationwide.


They will also enjoy 40% off across a wide range of hair care and skin care products. In addition, customers get to earn special ORANGE PARTY reward coupons. For RM80 spent in a single receipt, they will get a RM10 reward coupon, for RM120 spent, they will get TWO RM10 reward coupons and for RM150 spent, they will get THREE RM10 coupons.”  Now is the best time to stock up on all your beauty and health essentials!


As part of the New Norm and because Guardian cares passionately about the health and safety of its people, Guardian will distribute exclusive ORANGE Guardian face masks for its team members too.


These exclusive Antimicrobial face masks are made specially for Guardian and they are washable and infused with world class antimicrobial technology that has been lab-tested to prevent 99.9% of microbes passing through for the lifetime of the mask. It is self-sanitizing and can last 100 washes. It fits better, it is more breathable and can be adjusted. It is Hijab-friendly too.


Guardian team members will also receive a Guardian orange pouch to keep the masks clean, safe and easy to carry. In Malaysia, Guardian Muslim hijab wearing team members will be given the Hijab-friendly size while the other team members will receive the normal size masks.


“With our new store layouts, new Guardian face masks and an ORANGE PARTY to boot, we will welcome our loyal customers to our stores in 2021 with renewed dynamism and vibrancy befitting our reputation as a market leader in the pharmacy, health and retail industry in Malaysia,” Anna concluded.

Jom serbu Guardian Malaysia hari ini!!! 


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Kimball Sauces To Satisfy Malaysians’ Taste Buds #KompemGayaMalaysia

Sauce is important in our daily cooking meal. Kimball is truly a home-grown brand that was established in the 1970s. It is a trusted brand that established its presence in the homes of Malaysians through its signature products, Kimball Chilli and Tomato Sauces. These flavours are a staple among Malaysian of all walks of life. 

Meals are never complete without these sauces. Kimball is well known for its range of authentic sauces and pastas. 

Do you know Kimball is a Malaysian brand for almost 50 years? Mouse mommy has received a Kimball gift box in conjunction with Kimball Kompem Gaya Malaysia.

There are so many sauces and products such as Chili sauce, Kimball Dry Spaghetti, Kimball Oyster sauce, Kimball Thai chili sauce, tomato sauce tomato puree, chick peas, and foul medammas. Kimball offers products that are Halal and certified by Jakim. 

With Kimball, now mouse mommy can experience the same taste ‘seperti masakan di restoran kat rumah je, seperti mee goreng mamak, ayam masak merah’ with Kimball #KompemGayaMalaysia !

Kimball is made with high quality ingredients under stringent production guidelines, Kimball products are of international standards and is known for its consistency in taste that spans across decades. The Kimball range now includes other products such as dry pasta, pasta sauces, mayonnaise, beans and peas.

Kimball offers the flavor some variety in a smart and convenient way through its range of quality products. The products offer the great tasting dining experiences. Hence, making each meal extra special with Kimball.    

Kimball oyster sauce is versatile to cook with vegetables. Mouse mommy use Kimball oyster sauce to cook mix vegetables. 

Chinese Style Mixed Vegetables with Kimball Oyster Sauce

Ingredients : Green peas, Cauliflowers, Fresh Mushroom, Garlic, Chinese Yam, Lotus Root, water and Kimball Oyster Sauce. 

Cooking Tips :

1. Put in cooking oil and garlic, cook till fragrance.

2. Put in green peas, cauliflowers and fresh mushroom with some water to cook for about 2 mins.

3. Put in Chinese yam and lotus root to cook with Kimball oyster sauce for about 1 min.

4. Ready to serve. 

Dishes taste:

This Chinese Style Mixed Vegetables taste good with just Kimball Oyster Sauce. You don’t have to add sugar and salt. Crunchy and fresh vegetables. Love the mushroom and Chinese yam that fully absorbs with the sauce.  

Chili Tomato Fish with Kimball Chili Sauce and Tomato Sauce

Ingredients : Fish, Kimball Chili Sauce and Kimball Tomato Sauce.


Cooking Tips :

1. Fry the fish with cooking oil.

2. Pour in the Kimball Chili Sauce and Tomato Sauce according to your family tastebuds.

3. Ready to serve.

Dishes Taste :

The Chili Tomato Fish taste sweet and sour that is appetizing to eat together with rice. Suitable for families with young kids. 

Parents can try out these simple cum yummy dishes with Kimball sauces. It is easy to cook and flavor with Kimball sauces that suit Malaysians’ taste buds. 

What dishes do you cook with Kimball sauces?  

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#KompemGayaMalaysia #GayaMalaysia

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ThomX School | Wrinkle-Free School Uniforms For Students

 Time to prepare children school necessities for next year. MR and MH grow up faster this year. School uniform and shoe is required to change to a bigger size. Haha! not sure is it due to long hours stay at home makan tidur, tidur makan.


Mouse mommy loves to look for school uniform that is wrinkle-free or iron-free, as in no time to iron my boys’ school uniform. 

As a working mom, mouse mommy is really busy with work and family and try to reduce as much as workload that I had. All the clothes including children school uniforms are all wash by using washing machine.


Many mommies recommended ThomX School’s school uniform that is breathable, softness, wrinkle-free and easy care. 

Mouse mommy would like to share my experience with ThomX School school uniform with parents too.


The ThomX School’s school uniform is white with slight bluish that can keep my boy school uniform always in white condition and do not turn to yellowish. Looks smart and clean.


Love the advance polyester fabric texture that is superb comfortable and my boy MR does not complaint or feel hot during the school time even though active in the school.  


Free shipping for school uniforms order RM150 and above within Malaysia. ThomX School’s also provide money-back guaranteed refund if parents and kids do not like it.


Mouse mommy was happy with the 365-day uniform exchange by ThomX School, understand the current pandemic situation that school opening is uncertain and might be delay further, our kids might be grow up and need a bigger size school uniform.


ThomX School is offering its service that parents can exchange the school uniforms to another size without any additional charges in 365 days, as long as the school uniform still new in the packaging and not yet been washed. Thanks ThomX School for the consideration.   


With the current pandemic situation, we can measure the school uniform size and measurement with ThomX School school uniform sizing guide and choose the correct size, order and direct deliver to our doorstep. Convenient and affordable price.


ThomX School is Online School Uniform brand in Malaysia since 2017 and also is 1st wrinkle-free cooling school uniform supplier. ThomX also get awarded as Top Parent Love School Uniform in Malaysia 2017.


Online Shop student’s school uniform via ThomX School,  

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Madammoselle | Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls !

Santa Claus is coming to town! Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021! 

Mouse mommy was shopped at Tesco Malaysia and saw these colourful and fashionable Madammoselle beauty hair accessories for girls! 

So cute and mouse mommy wanna pack it in a gift box as a Christmas gift to nieces.

Many choices to choose from from little cute hair pins to hair bands. 

Beautiful gifts for girls, daughter, sisters, nieces and friends, these gifts will steal her heart. 

There is something on this list for every type of recipient and budget, so you won't have to settle for another less-than-stellar gift for the incredible woman in your life.

Madammoselle Christmas Party Headbands

Madammoselle Cute Hair Pins

Madammoselle Variety Designs and Fashionable Small Hair Bands

Carrot , Avocado, Butterfly, Unicorn, Egg, Flowers and others.


Regardless if you're shopping for her birthday, Christmas, or another moment worth celebrating, browse these gift ideas to find something that is as thoughtful, creative, and trendy as she is.

Due to this year pandemic, we can still surprised loved one with special and budget pretty hair accessories for girls.

Wish you a Merry cum Pretty Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 with family and friends!

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