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Edutainment "Real-Life" Role Play Jobs In KidZania Kuala Lumpur For Kids!

Play is a nature characteristic of a child. Kids role-playing are a game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories.

Mouse mommy loves to bring along MR and baby MH to KidZania Kuala Lumpur as in KidZania is a safe place that allow kids to play, explore, experiment, experience and Learn Life Today! Besides that, parents and kids also welcome to participate together in some of the parents-welcome-activities. This is able to promote parents-kids bonding moments.

One of the MR’s favourite KidZania role-play job is to be a policeman. As a policeman, MR got to learn the importance of teamwork and obey to the commands in order to get the task done successfully.

A group of KidZ policeman has to brief by the Policeman officer on the task that required to take charge of the crowd to avoid any others people to go into the fire and danger area. 

KidZ policeman are required to be alert at all time and responsible on duty.

In the fire incident happen area, fireman team also come to rescue the building. Therefore, cooperation between policeman and fireman are very important in order to make rescue smoothly. 

Glad that MR got the messages and be a responsible and cooperative KidZ policeman on duty whenever dealing with peer or friends. More photos click here to view.

The beauty of role-play activities are to determine the actions of the KidZ based on the situation they are in. Regardless the action is succeed or fail, it forms a system of rules and guidelines to apply in the future whenever they face the same issue. 

It is truly an individual personalized experience for the kids, encouraging KidZ to try new things and be creative with the role they are playing.

Once home, MR and baby MH will form their own team to be the policeman. Ops! Mouse mommy will be tagged by them as wanted person and start fired me! Oh my dear boys!

Mouse mommy is blessed that MR and baby MH were very helpful in doing house chores and help out mommy! MR and baby MH are happily helping mouse mommy to sweep the floor, throw rubbish and re-arrange the shoes nicely.

Glad that MR and baby MH are able to apply the skills that they have learnt in KidZania Kuala Lumpur and applied in their daily life too! Truly Learn Life Today!

Being a caring society, mouse mommy always emphasizes that care is very important to form a better world. We got to always think to care about our community, people and environment and act to it.

Glad that KidZania Kuala Lumpur creates a caring environment for kids too! MR learns how to take care of a baby gently in nursery establishment in the KidZania KL. 

He learns to bath, clean up poo poo, put on lotion, change diaper, wraps the baby properly and feed the baby too! Thanks the nurses patiently demo and allow the kids to perform the tasks by themselves.

At home, MR also takes up the responsibility to be a big brother to take care of baby MH, although sometimes got fighting as well. Haha! This is sibling-life moment. 

Baby MH also always thinks and cares about his brother. Whenever there is food, baby MH will for sure to share with brother MR as well. Sweetie boy of MH!

As a mom, mouse mommy was blessed to have MR and baby MH to explore, experiment and experience our daily life together! More photos can click here to view. 

We are happy to Learn Life Today at KidZania Kuala Lumpur. Ops! Not forget mouse papa too that always support us when we are in need. Muahs with Love from all of us…

For more exciting activities and events details at KidZania Kuala Lumpur,
KidZania Careline : 1300 13 KIDZ (5439) from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm ( Monday to Sunday )

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BabyCon 3.0 Bring The World’s Best Baby Products And Brands To Malaysia For Parents And Kids!

Malaysia’s leading business-to-business baby product convention, BabyCon, is kicking off its third edition with a impressive range of cutting-edge baby brands in tow and the chance for baby product retailers to connect with international industry speakers and reputable distributors.

Dubbed BabyCon 3.0, the new and improved convention will be held from 9am to 6pm on the 5th of October at The Starling Mall in Damansara Utama, offering attendees the chance to get up close and personal with distributors representing more than 50 baby brands, collectively showcasing the most recent innovations in the baby product space.

The convention is organised by the Baby Product Assocation of Malaysia (BPAM). The association counts some of the country’s biggest retailers and distributors amongst its members and provides members various benefits including special booth rates at international conventions and access to a network of business support services, while also catering a proven platform in BabyCon to drive awareness and boost sales.

Says Tze-Co Gwei, CEO of BPAM: “BabyCon is our flagship event and we are proud that, during the last edition of the event, our exhibitors amassed a total of RM3 million in sales within one day! This is proof that the platform we have created is indeed valuable in assisting our members and growing the industry as a whole”.

Fittingly, BabyCon is being endorsed by YB Hannah Yeoh, the Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development. As Guest of Honour for the convention, YB Hannah Yeoh will witness the echange of a Memorandum of Understanding between BPAM and OrphanCare Foundation (OCF), a local charity which is doing critical work in transitioning children institutionalised in orphanages to family and community-based care, while providing unplanned, at-risk, newborn babies the joy and benefits of growing up in a family.

Under the partnership, BPAM and OCF will explore the possibilities of jointly funding work and projects to raise awareness of institutionalised children and at-risk newborn babies to the public, private sector, MPs and local government. 

The two organisations will also look at ways for local organisations and community groups with an interest in the cause to lend their support as well.

In addition, BPAM is also supporting OCF’s baby hatch programme, whereby hatches have been set up nationwide to provide a second chance for babies who are unwanted or whose parents cannot afford to take of them. 

Under the programme, babies left at the hatch are handed over to couples who are registered for the adoption process carried out by the foundation, thus providing babies with a way out of insitutional upbringing and a chance at a family-based upbringing.

Celebrity stardust will also be present at BabyCon 3.0 thanks to Wong Chui Ling, a well known TV and radio host, who will be part of the panel of judges for the IBUENCER Awards

As the first-of-its-kind in the baby industry, the IBUENCER Awards recognises Malaysian mummy influencers who have used their social media power for good, whether by helping other mothers through their parenting challenges or recommending trustworthy baby products and brands. Winners will receive a share of RM50,000 worth of baby products.

Thank You readers for your support and glad that you found #MouseMommyTreats blog is practical and provide useful information in parenting for parents and kids. 

Mouse mommy was feeling blessed and appreciate so much for being awarded Top 10 BPAM IBUENCER Award 2018! Thank YOU!  

All in all, retailers and distributors can look forward to the most complete baby product convention to ever come to Malaysia. 

Apart from a wide range of brands and offerings, a focus on quality means that attendees will almost certainly find a suitable range of products which can bring their business to the next level. More photos can click here to view Album 1 | Album 2 | Album 3 | Album 4 | Album 5 | Album 6

BPAM’s top priority is to develop its own BPAM Code of Practice in tandem with the government. The aim of the Code of Practice is to define and standardize baby product regulations within Malaysia to safeguard the welfare of babies while protecting the business interests of retailers and distributors.

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Giant | Comfort | High Quality Babyshop For Parents and Children

Babyshop, the largest children’s retailer in the Middle East and the leading Omni-channel kids’ retailer, part of Landmark Group, today officially launched its entry into Malaysia at its flagship location in popular retail and lifestyle destination The Curve. 

Spread across 8,500 sq ft, this is the brand’s fifth location in Malaysia after opening its first at MyTOWN Shopping Centre and IOI City Mall just six months ago. Congratulations!

Mouse mommy likes the soft and good quality of the fabric when I touch on it. So cute that the sport range of football theme children outfits are attached together with a complimentary football keychain gift for the kids.

Mouse mommy also spotted great ongoing promotion that up to 60%, worth to buy it as birtnday gift or festive presents for kids. Shhh… mouse mommy also bought 3 clothes for baby MH and 2 sets of 3-pieces oufits for MR as surprise birthday gift! Babyshop also provides Free gift wrapping service with cute greeting cards! Love it!

Born in Bahrain in 1973, Babyshop has established itself as a one stop destination with the widest range of children’s world class products of house brands and designing and leading international labels. 

Alongside their own well-loved ranges Juniors, Giggles and Eligo, Babyshop is proud to stock an unbeatable array of top international brands in their stores.

The extensive range of products encompass all children’s requirements in fashion clothing, toys for toddlers and children up to 10 years of age, as well as baby basics, nursery furniture for new born babies and more. 

Babyshop has over 240 stores across 15 countries with over 4,400 employees dedicated to providing customer satisfaction. In South East Asia, the openings in Malaysia followed suit after its successful launch in neighboring Thailand.

The brand’s opening in Malaysia signifies its strong interest in serving Malaysians with the best global product offerings within its category at great prices and excellent service. 

Babyshop’s Personal Shopper Assist offers customers professional advice and assistance in determining the best products to purchase. Making shopping a delightful ease is one of the many ways that makes shopping at any of its stores an enjoyable one.

“Babyshop is excited to be in Malaysia with our first five stores as we extend our presence outside of the Middle East. At the core of our business we believe in providing solutions to give every child the best start in life. We have built an extensive range of products with a great customer experience that perfectly serves the needs and challenges of a discerning parent. We are very proud that this has been delivered through our latest store design that debuts here in Malaysia. These are exciting times for Babyshop, we are delighted to be here and very pleased with the initial response from customers. I would encourage every parent to come along and experience one of our lovely new stores,” said Richard Collins, CEO of Babyshop.

Clean and modern interior design with comfortable lighting that mouse mommy likes to visit to Babyshop. Ease of movement around the stores ensures the comfort of everyone from expectant mothers to families.

So considerate of Babyshop that provides in-store seating for a quick rests for parents and kids too!

Babyshop is available at The Curve, IOI City Mall, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Dataran Pahlawan Megamall in Melaka, East Coast Mall in Kuantan.

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