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Watsons Malaysia’s Top Influencer Search Begin! Are You The One?

Asia and also Malaysia’s leading health and beauty retailer, Watsons Malaysia has just launched the search for Malaysia’s top influencer.

Watsons presents Malaysia’s Top Influencer Search campaign will start with the first challenge on 4th October, and participants will have to stay tuned to @watsonsmy & @ohbulanofficial Instagram and Watsons Malaysia & Ohbulan Facebook for the announcements of what the seven challenges will be before the finale.

The finale will then have one potential influencer to be selected and he or she will be groomed for the next 12 months to be the Watsons influencer. The participants will be mentored by none other than one of Malaysia’s top social influencers, Scha Alyahya who boasts a following of over 6 million followers on social media. Scha Alyahya will also be one of the panels of judges in the final selection of the participants.

Interesting! Mouse mommy is also takes this opportunity to participate in this Watsons Malaysia’s Top Influencer Search. Fingers crossed.

“The mobile penetration rate in Malaysia makes up 132.9%, based on data from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission. While according to the 2017 Internet Users Survey, influencers could certainly reach Malaysian users, whose top online activities are text communication (96.3%), browsing social media (89.3%) and getting information (86.9%). Out of those who visit social networking sites, 97.3% have Facebook accounts, followed by Instagram (56.1%), says the survey. Hence, social media star search would be the in and innovative thing to do right now. As Malaysia’s largest health and beauty retailer, Watsons will always stay in the forefront of innovation,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

“The influencers’ storytelling and presentation skills including doing tutorial videos and postings for participating Watsons products, will be part of the judging criteria. Hence, at Watsons we wanted to give influencers a chance to share their photos and stories to give an authentic experience with our brand,” said Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia.

The grand prize winner for Watsons presents Malaysia’s Top Influencer will be take home RM10,000 cash, RM20,000 worth of Watsons points, RM10,000 worth of products from Watsons. Besides that, grand prize winner will be the official Watsons Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for a year, he or she will appear in a national Watsons television commercial, and also in Watsons billboards nationwide. Appear in videos on portals such as Oh Bulan!, Says, Vocket and more!

“I am looking forward to mentor and groom these influencers to be the next top influencer in Malaysia. It would be a great fun and memorable journey with the contestants and Watsons too!” said Scha Alyahya.

During the glamorous and exciting launch of Watsons presents Malaysia’s Top Influencer campaign, over one hundred attendees including key social influencers attended the event, where they were treated to some engaging social media activities, celebrity appearances, and entertainment with celebrity appearances. Present at the event were Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia, and Scha Alyahya one of Malaysia's Top female artiste. Other popular influencers in the event include Amber and Johanis.

The official hashtags for the Watsons Malaysia Influencer Search campaign #Watsonsmti and #Watsonsmalaysia. Follow the Instagram accounts of @WatsonsMy and @OhBulanOfficial and Facebook accounts Watsons Malaysia and Ohbulan to participate in the search. The first challenge begins on 4th October; stay tuned to @watsonsmy & @ohbulanofficial for the announcements.

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