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Love These Rich And Creamy Nuts Enough Nuts Spread | Delicious And Healthy!

Mouse mommy is a foodie and of course love nuts too. Nuts Enough, maker of delicious, organic nut butters is shaking up the snacking category with their fun, new flavour set to delight Malaysians nationwide – the Ultimate Pistachio Coconut Spread. First-of-its-kind in the Nuts Enough product line-up, the brand-new spread is packed with tasty, protein-packed pistachios mixed with a healthy dose of coconut butter for the perfect blend of sweet-and-savoury snacking experience.

“Since 2012, we have strived to change the way nut butters are experienced in Malaysia. When creating the Ultimate Pistachio Coconut Spread, we looked towards providing an authentic taste through the unique combination of pistachios and coconuts, completely sugar-free and without the use of preservatives. We want to further encourage healthy snacking habits, and to help Malaysians rethink their snack options with a variety of nut butters,” said Brendi Chew, Managing Director, Nuts Enough.

Realising that many people were eating nut butters in very limited ways, Nuts Enough hopes to promote the different ways in which nut butters can be enjoyed. Through its large assortment of flavours – from the pure Ultimate Cashew Spread to the mixed Honey Almond Spread – the local brand believes that nut butters can serve as tasty, healthy additions to daily meals.

Mouse mommy loves the latest Nuts Enough Ultimate Pistachio Coconut Spread that rich creamy taste, nuts texture and original blended nuts ingredients! Rich aroma in Pistachio nuts!

Besides that, there are few ranges of nuts spread too. Nuts Enough Maple Cinnamon Almond, Ultimate Almond Spread and Dark Chocolate Cashew Nuts is the best seller products. 

MR and MH love the Nuts Enough Dark Chocolate Cashew Nuts, good source of nutrition and protein for kids too!

“We believe that one jar of nut butter can be packed with unlimited options when it comes to meal plans. Whether you choose to combine them with fruits, smoothies, or even soup recipes, nut butters can give your meals an added kick with its creamy, versatile goodness,” Brendi added.

This October, Nuts Enough will also be celebrating its 7th anniversary with a month-long sale on its website. Nut butter fans can pick up the Ultimate Pistachio Coconut Spread alongside any other Nuts Enough with a discount of RM7 off total purchase on .

Nuts Enough is available across all Village Grocers and Ben’s Independent Grocers in Klang Valley and Johor Bahru.

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Anchor Dairy Brand’s 133 Years Fantastic Celebrations of New Zealand Natural Dairy Goodness!

Happy 133th Birthday Anchor Dairy! Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia – Brunei celebrates 133 years of sharing New Zealand’s natural dairy goodness through the Anchor Dairy brand’s range of products, made with 100% dairy goodness.

Do you know that Anchor brand was born on 03 November 1886? 8 Anchor butter production factories were sold to New Zealand Dairy Association in year 1896.

Mouse mommy was feeling so honour to celebrate these fantastic and memorable moments with Anchor Dairy! Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter is always available in our refrigerator for bread spread and cooking purpose.

Anchor Dairy products are one of the familiar and trusted brand that we used in our routine lifestyle such as Anlene milk for adult and Fernleaf and Anmum for family and kids.

MR and MH especially love the Fernleaf CalciYum yogurt that provides good bacteria for the kids’ gut health. Of course, mouse mommy also consume Fernleaf CalciYum yogurt together with kids. Anlene mango yogurt is one of mouse mommy’s favourite too!

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, Anchor Food Professionals hosts an event to thank its business partners for sharing the goodness of Anchor Dairy to the plates and palettes of Malaysians, and all Malaysians for their trust and loyalty to the brand over the years. The event was officially opened by guest of honour His Excellency Mr. Hunter Nottage, New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.

In his opening speech, His Excellency Mr. Hunter Nottage said: “Thanks to over 133 years of the goodness of New Zealand dairy, Anchor dairy products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. This is a great achievement by Fonterra - a New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative which is owned by around 10,000 New Zealand farmers. Such a great archivement! Awesome to all the New Zealand farmers and Anchor Dairy!

Fonterra’s promise of “Trusted Goodness” has a long history in Malaysia, having exported dairy to the country since 1960. Since then, the company’s presence and reputation for providing high quality and nutritious dairy in Malaysia has grown from strength to strength, and today the business has two manufacturing sites and a global business hub here in Kuala Lumpur, and provides employment to over 700 Malaysians.”

Mr. Jack Tan, Associate Director, Foodservice, Fonterra Brands Malaysia said: “Our 133 years birthday celebration recognises the success of our brand here in this country and we want to thank all Malaysians for their unwavering trust and loyalty to the Anchor Dairy brand. This includes the owners and operators of more than six thousand restaurants, bakeries and cafes nationwide which have and continue to use our Anchor dairy products.”

“We are constantly looking at global trends and strive to find ways to bring them home to excite our business partners and ultimately, the taste buds of Malaysians. As the dairy foodservice leader from New Zealand, we share new ideas and ways of doing things so that we can help our customers succeed.”

To mark “Our Birthday, Your Celebration: Rejoicing 133 Years of Quality Anchor Dairy” celebrations, Anchor Food Professionals is conducting an #anchorlegendairy Contest with more than 1,330 restaurants, bakeries and cafes across Malaysia and Brunei participating. 

By entering the contest, which runs from 1 October 2019 to 5 January 2020, Malaysians stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM50,000! You might be the lucky winners!

How to get a chance to Win one of the 133 #anchorlegendairy Contest Prizes?
Step 1: Buy Anchor Best Seller product.
Step 2 : Snap the receipt.
Step 3 : Whatsapp to 010-950 8205.
Step 4 : Done!

Anchor Food Professionals also announced a three month partnership with CARING MOMS, Malaysia, a unique entrepreneurial home-grown platform.

From 1 October 2019 to 31 December 2019, 20 selected Anchor Dairy Endorsed Bakers from CARING MOMS will showcase their journey of using the Anchor Dairy products to create mouth-watering homemade goods, fresh from their own kitchens, and share them with their customers to enjoy and provide feedback.

Mouse mommy has taste the yummy homemade cake, biscuits and desserts by CARING MOMS. The texture of the cake is smooth and creamy with the Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter. Love it!

The CARING MOMS mommies chefs are cheerful and creative too! Mouse mommy can feel the love and dedication of them in cooking and prepare the foodies. Thank you!

On the Anchor Food Professionals’ partnership with CARING MOMS, Jack Tan said: “We hope our small gesture of support will help with the sale of cakes, baked goods and savouries made by the Anchor Dairy Endorsed Bakers from CARING MOMS, particularly during the upcoming festive seasons.” More photos can click here to view. 

The New Zealand temperate climate means cows can graze on fresh green pasture all year round, thus producing better milk to make cream, butter, cheese and cream cheese products not just for Malaysia but for people all around the world.

Anchor Dairy’s range of butters and cheeses are popular with Malaysian families and home- bakers. For owners and operators of restaurants, bakeries, cafes and other foodservice channels throughout Malaysia and Brunei, the Anchor Dairy brand supports them with butter, cream, cream cheese, natural and processed cheeses and milk, including our range of premium Mainland cheeses.

Participating restaurants and Anchor Dairy brand users and enthusiasts can join in the celebration by viewing Anchor Food Professional’s Facebook (www.facebook.AnchorFoodProfessionalsMY) and Instagram ( pages for the contest details.

Anchor - Dairy For Life!

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