Shine With Fanbo As Mesmerizing Sakura


Get the right skincare and makeup options for your skin is paramount. Our hot and dry Malaysian environment creates specific challenges for product, and long days of social distancing and the added pressure mean we want to ensure that any product used with our skin is going to last the distance, as well as make us feel just as great at the end of the day as the moment we applied it.

With Fanbo's heritage of bringing out the best in every woman (with their products), allowing them to be the best versions of themselves, reputable and trustworthy skincare is here for women of all ages. 

Known for its exceptional quality, durability, applicability to the local skin types, and of course, value for money, Fanbo is ready to offer Malaysian ladies the same quality curated products that have been serving our neighbours for decades. But this ‘nostalgic brand’ is as contemporary as possible; their continuous research and development ensures that the latest developments are included into their full range of products.


With the Fanbo classic packaging, mouse mommy can smells Sakura scent when I apply Fanbo skincare and cosmetic products.

The elegance and softness of the Sakura tree reminds us that beauty is all around, but in its sophistication, is gently unveiled to the world. Fanbo embraces this philosophy in all its skincare and beauty products, ensuring women have elegant and accessible options to bring out their own natural shine in a way that reflects nature.

Fanbo's unique formulas are crafted to be healthy and protective of your skin. Allowing you to have the blank canvas from which to unleash your creative beauty, Fanbo products help to moisturise your skin and protect from the elements. Ablution-friendly, it means that cleansing your skin now does not require you to remake your makeup. The product focus is on providing quality preparation and foundation from which your natural style can springboard. Long lasting, light and easy to absorb ensures hours and hours of comfort and protection.

Precious White
The Precious  White range, all with Sakura extract works with your skin to moisturise and offer a skin a healthy and fresh look. Light and easy to absorb, it removes dirt, impurities, and makeup with ease, with provitamin and Sakura extract to keep skin moist and make skin fairer. With three (3) varieties, (toner, facial foam and moisturiser) they offer convenient and easy to use applications to suit your skin type and preferred application style.

Pancake Powder
Researched and designed to suit all skin types, the powder pancake runs the gambit of local skin colours. The cornstarch absorbs excess oil on the skin, and the zinc oxide protects skin from UVA and UVB – ideal in our warm and sunny climate.

Eyebrow Pencil
To help you make your eyebrows look more natural. Being both Halal-compliant and ablution-friendly makes it not only convenient, but long lasting too.

The use of Sakura extract offers excellent benefits, by making the skin naturally brighter, reducing oxidation, shrinking pores, reducing skin redness, and by being anti-inflammatory. Not only soft and delicate in nature, it works to enhance your skins natural beauty and radiance.

Fanbo spokesperson Anastasia Gracia, Director of Fanbo Malaysia shared “Fanbo is proud to share its product range with Malaysia. We know and embrace the Malaysian skin types, and are pleased that we can help all Malaysian women to ‘shine’ with products that have been developed with Asian skin in mind, as well as local climate and lifestyle factors. Like the Sakura tree, it is refined elegance; there to offer soft and gentle support and foundation for all women to feel special”.

Fanbo products are available in Malaysia exclusively through their online store: PGMALL, Shopee and Lazada.


More info about Fanbo skincare and cosmetics products,

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Fanbo Shopee Official Store :

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Calling All 18 - 20 Year Olds | Activate Your ShopeePay Premium And Get RM5 FREE Credit Today

ShopeePay is currently running its Activate ShopeePay Premium campaign till 31 May where youths aged 18 to 20 will receive a bonus of RM5 when they verify their ShopeePay accounts with their national registration identity cards (NRICs).


After the verification process is completed, the RM5 will be credited into their ShopeePay account within 5 working days.


ShopeePay is an integrated mobile wallet that will fulfil your payments needs both online and offline.


Today, ShopeePay is accepted nationwide and covers a variety of services including shopping malls, grocery stores, F&B and petrol stations, with popular merchants like Black Whale, Tealive, myNEWS, Carl’s Jr, Boat Noodle, TGI Fridays, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Caltex, MR DIY and Mydin.


The Activate ShopeePay Premium campaign comes ahead of the Ministry of Finance’s recently announced eBelia programme which will provide youths aged between 18 and 20 as well as Malaysians who are studying full-time at a higher education institution the opportunity to claim RM150 in e-wallet credit starting from 1 June 2021.


Students who choose to claim the RM150 eBelia credit via ShopeePay can expect to receive even more benefits that are not to be missed!


With something big coming your way, be prepared and activate your ShopeePay Premium account today -


Terms and conditions apply.

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Develop Fun Handwashing Habits with Kirei Kirei

Handwashing is our routine hand hygiene practise! Kirei Kirei, which means “Clean Clean” in Japanese, is an anti-bacterial foaming hand wash that has finally made its debut in Malaysia.


Kirei Kirei, Hand Wash brand in Japan and is widely available across several Asian countries with Korea, Singapore and Thailand also holding the number one position in hand wash category in their respective markets.


Launched in 1997, Kirei Kirei was developed after a series of mass outbreaks of food poisoning in Japan caused by pathogenic E.coli bacteria which became a big social issue in 1996. Beyond developing a product that addresses the spread of bacteria, the brand undertook a social mission to establish a habit of handwashing to protect children from germs.

As this habit can only be established with parents’ and teachers’ guidance at homes and schools, and not through strict discipline or force, Kirei Kirei decided to instil fun into handwashing and to get kids to wash their hands voluntarily so as to keep clean at all times!


One of Kirei Kirei’s uniqueness is its rich, creamy foam or fine bubbles which children love! As its foam has 12 times more volume** than ordinary liquid hand wash, it lathers easily without water and spreads thoroughly all over the hands from palms to fingertips. It also rinses off easily after scrubbing. In essence, this bubbly, fun and easy-to-use foaming hand wash provides loving parents the ideal ‘tool’ to practise hand washing together with their children and foster family bond as they guide their kids to build a lifetime habit.


According to Mr. Kazuo Mabuchi, the Managing Director of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, the company decided to bring in Kirei Kirei to Malaysia at a time when parents are most concerned with their children’s hygiene habits. Citing a recent study of handwashing behaviour among Malaysian pre-schoolers in the Klang Valley, which indicated parents as having the greatest influence in teaching their children handwashing,1he said: “Kirei Kirei is very useful for parents due to its foamy nature and is proven to encourage kids to embrace handwashing. The product’s unique anti-bacterial formulation with 100% cleansing ingredients derived from plants provide 99.9% anti-bacterial protection to effectively remove germs, and is dermatologically tested to be gentle and safe for children and suitable to be used for the whole family”. 


There are other plus factors for parents to choose Kirei Kirei for the family. They include: 

1)    cost effectiveness – lesser amount of soap is required to achieve effective cleanliness in each wash;

2)    lesser water consumption -- users need less water to lather and rinse off; and

3)    no more messy wash as foam sticks to the hands and don’t drip off like liquid hand wash!


Mr. Mabuchi added: “Because of its unique foam format, efficacy and ease of use, Kirei Kirei is not only popular in homes in Japan, but also in schools, offices and restaurants. Kirei Kirei has been the No. 1 Hand Wash in Japan since 2000 for 20 consecutive years!”.


The study of Klang Valley pre-schoolers’ handwashing behaviour also found only half of them use soap and less than half of them rinse their hands thoroughly after using soap.1 To this, Mr. Mabuchi said: “In line with children going back to schools in CMCO and RMCO states in recent months, we are currently speaking to kindergarten and primary school operators to activate fun educational programmes for children to learn the right handwashing method. Our aim is to help them develop voluntary handwashing habits at school, where they are more exposed to germs and virus that spreads through touch”.


“Kirei Kirei had held successful educational programmes in pre and primary schools in Japan and we are confident to duplicate it here to instil fun into handwashing for kids”, he added enthusiastically.


Kirei Kirei is best used with its bottle which comes with a unique pump, specially designed to generate very fine and creamy foam that easily lifts dirt off hands. Mr. Mabuchi reminded consumers who purchase the bottle to reuse it by replenishing with the refill pack. “This simple step not only helps to reduce plastic usage, but also plays a part in creating a cleaner environment” he said.


“Since the launch of Kirei Kirei’s Malaysia social media page, we have been receiving good feedback from current users who have been purchasing the products from neighbouring countries. They are excited that it is finally available in Malaysia now. They also highlighted how Kirei Kirei cleans very effectively and this shows how our loyal users love and are confident about our products,” he added.


Malaysian mother of two Rane Chin, whose family tried Kirei Kirei anti-bacterial foaming hand wash recently said her 8-year-old daughter, Jia Xuan started to wash her hands voluntarily without any reminder from her. “While she loves the very cute bottle and the rich, creamy and fine foam, I am all for the fruity scent and moisturising after-wash feeling. The best part is it protects us from harmful germs!” she said.


Another mother, Rabiatul Adawiyah Zakaria and her 7-year-old son, Adam who tried Kirei Kirei for the first time found its soft and smooth foam texture turned handwashing from a chore to a breather! “Just pump a little and spread widely in your hand and the next 20 seconds is so refreshing from the scent to the gentle cleansing. It rinses off easily too!” she exclaimed.

Kirei Kirei anti-bacterial foaming hand wash comes in two variants:
Moisturizing Peach and Nourishing Berries. Purchase Kirei Kirei products from selected AEON and AEON Wellness, Don Don
Donki in Lot 10 or have them delivered to your doorstep by ordering on Lazada or Shopee today!

For more information about Kirei Kirei

Website :

Malaysia Facebook :

Shopee Official Store :


*          Japan’s No. 1 Hand Soap Series INTAGE SRI, Hand Soap Value Sales, CY2019

**         Based on lab test conducted in Japan


Reference: 1 Assessment on Hand Hygiene Knowledge and Practices Among Pre-school Children in Klang Valley Tengku Zetty Maztura Tengku Jamaluddin, PhD1, Nurul Azmawati Mohamed, MPath2 , Mohd Dzulkhairi Mohd Rani, MPH2, Zarini Ismail, PhD2, Shalinawati Ramli, MSc2, Habibah Faroque, MSc2, Farishah Nur Abd Samad, BDS2, Abdul Rasyid Ariffien, MBBS2, Aisyah Ar Redha Che Amir Farid, MBBS2, and Ilina Isahak, MSc2, Global Pediatric Health Volume 7: 1–8

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Nutrition for the Whole Family | Abbott and Shopee Celebrate Family Nutrition Day !


Abbott, a global healthcare company and Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, are coming together to help improve nutrition at every stage of life for people in Malaysia. Nutrition for the Whole Family, a regional initiative across six countries including Malaysia, will be held on Shopee Super Brand Day in May. 


The Nutrition For The Whole Family campaign aims to nurture families to live fuller lives through good nutrition, and through this program, families will receive nutrition tips, nutrition shopping guide and get to select a range of Abbott’s science-based nutrition products for children and adults.


Today, consumers are prioritizing their health by being more mindful of their diets[[1]]. Eating is no longer just about taste and sustenance – nutrition has become a key element in living better and healthier. Malaysians are adopting a healthier diet and complementing it with nutritional supplements[[2]].


More people are shopping for health-related products such as nutritional supplements online, with the Health category on Shopee growing year-on-year. To meet the growing demand online, Abbott and Shopee want to support families in choosing the right nutrition products for their needs. Abbott brands participating in the campaign include Ensure, Glucerna, PediaSure, Similac Gain Plus/Kid Gold, Similac Intellipro & Isomil Plus. Through Shopee's suite of engagement tools, consumers can look forward to fun ways to improve their nutrition.


Dr. Jose Dimaano, Medical Affairs Director Asia-Pacific at Abbott, says, “Proper nutrition is the foundation for living your best life. That’s why Abbott strives to strengthen communities around the region through the power of science-based nutrition as we believe that with good nutrition, every stage of life can be a healthy one. By partnering Shopee, we can empower more families to choose nutritious food, by providing valuable information and tips as well as a range of specialized nutrition products to eat healthy.”


Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director at Shopee, says, "It is crucial for consumers to get access to reliable information when shopping for health-related products. As such, we’re happy to work with Abbott, a globally trusted brand, to launch this campaign that educates consumers on nutrition in a fun and interactive way. We invite consumers to join us and learn about science-based nutrition tips, as well as shop for Abbott’s high-quality nutritional products with exclusive deals and vouchers through this Super Brand Day, in conjunction with our ongoing 6.6 Awesome Sale campaign.”


Starting 30 May, shoppers can access special content features, including:


-       Nutrition Tips: A healthy immune system is supported through good nutrition. Consumers can receive nutrition tips on the Abbott Mommy Scoop Facebook page to discover the different nutrients and how they help fight against illnesses and infections.


-       Shopping Guide: Good nutrition starts with making smart choices in the store. Abbott product listings on the Shopee platform will feature the nutrition benefits of the products to help consumers select the right specialized nutrition supplement according to their needs.


Find out more about Abbott’s Nutrition for the Whole Family at, or visit the official stores of participating brands on Shopee:

Ensure & Glucerna –

Pediasure –

Similac Gain Plus/Kid Gold & Isomil Plus

Similac Intellipro



[[1]] FMCG Gurus (2020). How Has COVID-19 Changed Consumer Behaviour. 

[[2]] FMCG Gurus (2020). How Has COVID-19 Changed Consumer Behaviour.


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Bottoms Lab Launches Official Shopee Store

Fans of Bottoms Lab, an independent brand founded in Australia, can now rejoice as it has now expanded its e-commerce presence by opening an official store on Shopee. 

Bottoms Lab is created with one purpose in mind - to combine comfort with quality and style, leaving behind the dilemma to choose between looking good and being comfortable. Bottoms Lab first launched its online store in Malaysia back in November 2019, and since then have garnered a strong 20,000 and counting customer base.


“With the economic decline caused by the pandemic, the Malaysian consumer has learned to turn towards more economical and unique solutions to their wants and needs,” says Bottoms Lab co-founder, Melvin Chee.


“This new-normal that occurred by the community's reaction to the pandemic has created an upward trend in the world of e-commerce that has allowed a perfect opportunity for Bottoms Lab to continue growing its footprint among the Malaysian consumers,” added Chee.


Bottoms Lab’s official store on Shopee will be the first of any external sales channels that the brand is selling on apart from its official website.


“When we research new sales channels, the user base and its nationwide presence are some important factors that we evaluate,” he said.


He elaborated that e-commerce platforms like Shopee have successfully helped SME brands to tap into a larger customer base in Malaysia. “For example, we work closely with the Shopee team to market our Momentum Long Pants and Momentum Shorts to more potential customers through Shopee monthly campaigns.”


To commemorate its official launch on Shopee, Bottoms Lab is treating its customers with great deals in the upcoming 6.6 Awesome Sale period. Customers can get up to 30% off on selected products under Brand Spotlight on 26 May 2021, and vouchers that are worth an extra 40% off with a minimum spend of RM100 from 7 June to 13 June under Style by Shopee.


Shopee’s 6.6 Awesome Sale offers users free shipping with a minimum spend of RM6, 66% off deals and vouchers daily and more during the campaign which starts on 25 May.


“We are firm believers that looking good and feeling comfortable shouldn’t be too costly, so we are working closely with Shopee to promote our products and offer great deals to our loyal customers,” said Chee.


The co-founder also mentioned that they will be launching more new products in the coming weeks for a wider product offering to their customers. 


To find out more about Bottoms Lab’s latest products and promotions on Shopee, visit . Don’t forget to use ShopeePay for smoother checkouts. 

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