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NIVEA New Launch Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose And Sakura Deodorant

NIVEA features rare and luxurious NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant and NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Sakura Deodorant !

The precious Hokkaido Rose, which only blooms once a year, is the centrepiece in the all-new NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant, giving users a brand-new way to enjoy its luxurious and uplifting fragrance every day!

The smell of Hokkaido Rose was special and gives mouse mommy a pleasant scent of Hokkaido Rose. Besides works as deodorant, it also able to have whitening effects with concentrated Vitamin C.

Using an innovative formula that combines concentrated Vitamin C to nourish underarm skin with the essence of Hokkaido Rose, the range provides users with 3x action, offering deep nourishment for visibly radiant skin, repair for smoother skin and the long-lasting fragrance of the precious Hokkaido Rose.

“As the No. 1 brand and leader in the deodorant market, NIVEA is proud to introduce something completely new. It is such a privilege for us to bring this essence of Hokkaido Rose to Malaysian women, as it is so rare and precious. While she is active and busy with life’s demands, the nourishing formula will repair and brighten her skin while providing an uplifting and delicate scent. 

With NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant, women will enjoy long-lasting fragrance for all day freshness and confidence,” said Mr. Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager for Beiersdorf Malaysia and Singapore.

Inspired by the unique Hokkaido Rose and this exciting range, famed Malaysian designer Melinda Looi created six exclusive bespoke designs consisting of stunning dresses and suits, showcased for the first time at the launch event.

“Roses are the epitome of feminine grace and beauty, and the story of the Hokkaido Rose is particularly interesting hence my vision for this special collection was to capture its unique and luxurious essence. Ultimately, I want any woman wearing one of my creations to feel as confident and beautiful as the unique Hokkaido Rose,” she explained.

Gracing the launch event in one of Melinda’s creations was actress Farah Nabilah, who paired her outfit with its inspiration, NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant.

“Some things are just made for each other and I love how this exclusive design brings out the best in me while NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant lifts my spirits with its luxurious scent. It’s really very empowering to feel this good and to celebrate the inner strength women have; we all deserve a touch of luxury in our lives, be it a designer outfit for a special occasion or a touch of beautiful Hokkaido Rose fragrance to help us face the day with confidence,” said Farah.

Also in attendance, popular artist Joey Chua, together with Farah, was another early user and fan of the brand-new NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Deodorant range. #mynivea #rosyconfidence

“After using NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant, I’ve noticed my underarm skin is visibly smoother and more radiant. This is so important for me as a performer who is constantly on stage. Using NIVEA gives me the instant boost of confidence I need before I perform as I know it will keep me fresh through every performance. Plus, I love the fragrance!” said Joey.

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EVERSOFT™ 100% Organic Plant Extracts Micellar Cleansing Water

Makeup remover is a must for ladies that makeup. Cosmetic is one of the elements that bring attractiveness to females. Make up items such as eye shadows, eye liner, mascara and other cosmetic items add sparkle to a young lady's eyes and glow to her skin. It is becoming a trend for most people especially women and teenager to use cosmetic in their daily life. 

As cosmetics contain colourant and chemicals, it is important to ensure makeup is removed and skin is thoroughly cleansed but without destroying the skin’s protective barrier that could result in skin dryness.

A trusted brand for over 20 years, EVERSOFT™ has been well-known for its 100% organic plant extract facial cleansers developed using Japanese Technology. Combining multiple cleansing steps into 1, 

EVERSOFT™ is now introducing the water based, non-sticky makeup remover, EVERSOFT™ Micellar Cleansing Water to remove makeup, cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin with just 1 bottle and in 1 simple step.

Made from 100% organic plant extracts and without harsh chemicals the EVERSOFT™ Micellar Cleansing Water removes all types of makeup, sunblock, oil and skin impurities without scrubbing. It reaches impurities that clog pores while it tones and moisturises with the organic plant extracts without the need for a rinse off. The ingredients that are gentle and truly natural leaves skin feeling refreshed, rehydrated and does not sting the eyes. 

As hydration is an integral part of skincare no matter what your skin type is, the Bio-Hyaluronic acid in the EVERSOFT™ Micellar Cleansing Water works wonders in retaining skin moisture and preventing water loss. In addition, the new EVERSOFT™ Micellar Cleansing Water does not contain paraben, SLES/SLS, propylene glycol, phthalates, fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil and colorant, making it ideal for all skin types.

Available in 3 variants, EVERSOFT™ Micellar Cleansing Water has variants to suit the various skin types.

If you blessed with normal skin that doesn’t get too oily, you can pick pretty much any type of micellar water that you like. However, EVERSOFT™ has developed the most suitable formula that will help maintain your skin’s balance. The EVERSOFT™ Avocado Micellar Cleansing Water nourishes and rejuvenates your face as it easily removes your makeup, keeping skin soft and hydrated. The avocado extract enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E is beneficial in fighting against free radicals, pollutants and anti-ageing properties that helps maintain youthful skin. Mouse mommy has try out this and it can effectively remove the makeup residue in my skin.

If you have dry skin, you must avoid cleansers that will dry out your skin. But with EVERSOFT™ Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water there’s no worry as it is free from astringents and alcohol. The organic tomato extract retains skin moisture as it helps brighten skin leaving it with a healthy, radiant glow. The 100% organic ingredients further help with delaying ageing besides providing your skin with a natural sun protection. Benefit further with the Olive Oil Essence, a strong anti-oxidant that maintain skin barrier function and helps improve condition of the skin whilst providing good moisturising properties.

If you have skin that is oily or prone to acne you can be rest assured the grapefruit extract in the EVERSOFT™ Grapefruit Micellar Cleansing Water would be of great help. It is specially formulated to decrease excess oil, keeping pimples at bay. It promotes healthy skin by refining pores and reducing acne.

EVERSOFT™ Micellar Cleansing Water with 100% organic plant extract, is ideal no matter if you intend to use it at home, or if you are planning to use it on a vacation. In fact, you can also bring it with you to the gym and give your face a quick cleanse after your workout. Every wash feeds your skin with nutrients for a clear, healthy complexion.

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Empower Women Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri with Garnier | TechForGood | Mydin !

The true meaning of Eid, or better known in Malaysia as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, goes beyond celebration with your loved ones. Hari Raya is also a season of giving back, especially to those in need. This year, Garnier Malaysia brought a new meaning to Raya celebration through its campaign, Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri, by collaborating with retailer partner MYDIN to give back to communities through the empowerment of women.

This was made possible by working together with TechForGood, a programme under the Global Entrepreneurship Movement Association (GEMA). TechForGood is an initiative that uplifts and empowers micro-communities in Malaysia by facilitating the learning of new skills and improving their income through the help of technology. Since its inception in 2018, TechForGood has reached out to about 500 members.

At the campaign closing ceremony held at MYDIN USJ, Garnier Malaysia announced that the partnership with MYDIN would benefit TechForGood in two ways:
(1)  For every Garnier product sold at MYDIN during the Ramadan month, RM0.20 was contributed to the programme; and
(2)  For every RM30 and above for Garnier products purchased during the MYDIN roadshow between 24 – 30 June 2019, shoppers received a handmade pouch or reusable tote bag sewn by women under the programme.

Garnier has always been committed in supporting the needs of the local community, and the brand’s DNA carries through in Malaysia. “We don’t view our social responsibilities separately from our business activities – we integrate both seamlessly under our sustainability strategy. As a programme that helps the community by scaling up their entrepreneurship skills, TechForGood’s vision is in line with our commitment, which is all about helping the local community in need,” said Ian Cheng, Marketing Manager of Garnier Malaysia.

“Throughout our Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri campaign which ran throughout the month of Ramadan, a total of 48,000 gift items, handmade by women under the programme, were given out to shoppers. We are extremely pleased to share that a total of RM15,000 was raised in collaboration with MYDIN to support TechForGood, which will contribute to the advancement of the programme, helping to benefit even more of its members,” continued Ian Cheng, Marketing Manager of Garnier Malaysia.

Speaking about how Garnier Malaysia’s involvement has benefitted TechForGood members, Ms. Deborah Melissa Bottreau, President of GEMA explained: “TechForGood is our technology matching program to ensure better access to its benefits. Many times, we find that the tech laggards are usually because they were strapped for time and resources to consider alternatives. We offer different outreach to empower their use so that they can adopt technology to earn and learn better. 

We thank Garnier who came on board to work with us in empowering some 50 women to have a renewed perspective on how to benefit from learning more skills and then applying these skills to earn. We hope to move to the next level of collaboration with Garnier for the next season so that this can be a sustainable income for these women.”

For these three women from the TechForGood programme, learning a new skillset is an incredibly useful advantage. “I’m very glad that I was able to learn new sewing skills and contribute to the campaign by making the pouches and tote bags. Hope to participate in more programs like these - I can use my skills, gain extra income, and get to see my handiwork in public,” expressed Nur Nabila Faridil Azha.

Nurdiana Nadira Azizan stated that her skill set had improved after joining the TechForGood programme: “Thanks to Garnier’s project, I learned more about sewing, and I can put the skills to good use in future to further supplement my family’s income.”

For Nor Atikah Razali, sewing has always been more of a hobby, but she is discovering more potential with her newfound skills. “Apart from basic sewing techniques, I didn’t know how to design or market my handiwork. Through the campaign, I learnt how to sew bags! When I see the pouches and tote bags I made being given as gifts, I feel so proud of my achievements. This has definitely boosted my self-esteem!” she said.

Celebrities Amyra Rosli, Shafiq Kyle and Azira Shafinaz were also present at the Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri campaign closing ceremony. For all three, who appeared in the recent TV3 miniseries Serikan Hatimu, this Raya’s celebration was made all the more meaningful by supporting a good cause that empowers women. They expressed their support towards Garnier, and even shared their favourite products.

Garnier is a proud sponsor of Serikan Hatimu mini series, celebrating the beauty of friendship and the empowerment of women. To catch the recap, log onto to TV3 channel on YouTube.

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Jordan Malaysia | Creative Finding Jordan Picasso 2019 Kid Winners!

The Finding Jordan Picasso annual art contest by Jordan Oral Care Malaysia has ended on a high, with thirty talented children from all over Malaysia winning attractive prizes worth RM 30,000. 

The two categories included Category A of children between the ages of six and nine, and Category B of children between the ages of ten and twelve.

Sandee Chai, Regional Marketing Manager for Jordan Asia Pacific said, “The Finding Jordan Picasso contest has been running for three years in row. With this year’s theme being ‘My Favourite Food,’ we endeavour to remind children to brush their teeth thirty minutes after each meal.”

In order to participate in the contest, children between the ages of six to twelve were tasked to create art pieces depicting their favourite meals using non-digital mediums, with some going as creative as using recycled materials to build a delicious looking art piece. 

Sandee said, “A part of Jordan’s philosophy is sustainable living as we are 100 per cent Eco at Heart. Using recycled materials in the children’s art pieces definitely deserves a thumbs up from us!”

Deputy Head of Mission at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Erlend Sannes Hadland, who was also present at the event said, “Encouraging and nurturing creativity is important in a child’s development. Art is a form of self-expression, and a form of communication.” 
He continued, “I am happy that Jordan has been encouraging creativity in children through their Finding Jordan Picasso contest. This year’s food-related theme which comes with a reminder to brush your teeth thirty minutes after a meal further enforces Jordan’s commitment to both dental hygiene and fostering the love of art in children.”

8-year old Ivy Sam was happy to have won the Grand Prize in Category A. Her mother, Win Chong said, “My children have joined in many competitions and this is the first time any one of them have won. We, as a family, as truly excited and very happy for Ivy. In fact, all my children are even more excited to join in more competitions now and I will always provide them with my support.” Ivy’s art piece was a bowl of spaghetti.

12-year old Chong Poh Yi, the grand prize winner in Category B said, “I am very happy and excited for my prizes and this gives me encouragement to join in more competitions!” Her art piece was a sushi set.

The day did not only put smiles on the faces of the winners of the Finding Jordan Picasso contest, but also on the faces of 15 underprivileged children from Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah
Jordan Oral Care Malaysia had treated the children to a healthy and hearty meal, on top of teaching them about the importance of oral hygiene and distributing a full set of oral care items to each child during the event.

The winners of the Finding Jordan Picasso contest were:

Category A (Children ages six to nine)
Grand Prize : Ivy Sam San Yi (8)
First Prize : Muhammad Amnan Mohd Farid (9)
Second Prize : Setor Zi Cheng (7)
Consolation Prize : Aisyah Nur Zahrah (7), Chow Jane Xuan (9), Elijah Devin Francis (7), Goh Huei Han (7), Hadz Aaron Bin Modh Haniff (8), Jayden Lim Hanjay (9), Lee Jia En (8), Nursafiyyah Binti Muhamad Syariffuddin (9), Sabreena Maryam Bt Anuar (7), Teesha A/P Nantha Kumar (7), Al-Arfan Bin Al Aza Asham (8) and Ho Ee Sheng (9).

Category B (Children ages ten to twelve)
Grand Prize : Chong Poh Yi (12)
First Prize : Ho Xing Bei (11)
Second Prize : Iffah Raihannah Binti Iskandar Fairuz (9)
Consolation Prize : Chin Hay Ly (10), Clarence Foong Jun Heng (12), Janessa Cheah Zi Yi (11), Liew Wei Teng (12), Muhammad Roslan Bin Che Rose (12), Phua Jun Chuan (11), Qaysara Zulfaa Ezzehra (10), Setor Ying Er (10), Tan Chee Yan (11), Wafir Wajdie Bin Burhanuddin (10), Chew Yu Qi (11) and Irdina Saffiyah Bt Azizul Azham (12).

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Kosé Cosmeport Direct Imported Japan Haircare Series Launch in Guardian Malaysia!

Japan haircare series that DIRECT imported from Tokyo Japan can be found in the Guardian Malaysia now! There are 2 ranges which is Je L’aime and Salon Style.

Je L’aime - which is a non-silicone hair care brand for all women who want to keep beautiful, radiantly shining hair.

Intended to resolve individual hair concerns, our exciting lineup of products can effectively respond to a whole range of issues and worries, including a desire to change the quality of your hair, concerns about damage, and wanting to moisturize your scalp as well as your hair. 

Bringing you luxurious care - the more you use it, the more you’ll love your hair! Does it looks great after mouse mommy hairwash with the product? 

A hair care and hair styling brand taking in the trends at the salons – Salon Style which offered a broad range of products includes a wide variety of styling in addition to hair care products catering to the needs of the women including shampoo, conditioner, and treatment pack: silicone free head spa series for better hair and scalp conditions.

Kosé Cosmeport hair products can be found in selected Guardian Malaysia.

Kosé Cosmeport Je L'aime Fulvos Brightening Shampoo - Bright & Sleek 500ml can create bouncy and shimmering hair with silicon-free.

Kosé Cosmeport Je L'aime Fulvos Brightening Treatment - Bright & Sleek 500ml able to provides hydration and shimmering hair with selected fragrance made from natural ingredients.

Kosé Cosmeport Salon Style Shampoo Air In Smooth and Kosé Cosmeport Salon Style Conditioner Air In Smooth 500ml is mouse mommy’s favourite, it smells refreshing herbs with peppermint extract, chamomile flower extract, sunflower oil, jojoba seed oil, olive fruit oil and argan oil. 

Mouse mommy was experienced wash my hair at the salon with its thick and foamy bubbles. Feel good with cool mint!

Kosé Cosmeport Salon Style Shampoo Rich Moisture and Kosé Cosmeport Salon Style Conditioner Rich Moisture 500ml was good in eliminate dandruff and dry scalp.

Kosé Cosmeport is a multinational personal care company that manufacturing and sales of cosmetics, skin care and toiletries such as face mask; face wash, sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner. Kosé Cosmeport was founded in 1988 by Kosé Corporation from Tokyo, Japan that targeted middle class consumer with high quality products with affordable price.

There are total 4 brands under Kosé Cosmeport which included Clear Turn, Softymo for skin care range; Je L’aime and Salon Style for hair care range.

Teeni Enterprise Sdn Bhd as a distributor is proud to present Kosé Cosmeport for Guardian and consumer in Malaysia.

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