Guardian Malaysia Knows What Mom's Needs!

After being a mom, mouse mommy realized that every mom is a SuperMOM for her family. Why I say so?

As in mummy plays such an important role in a family. Multitasking mummy has to be a planner to plan time to cook, house chores, fetch kids, transportation arrangement, daycare and nanny arrangement, tuition time, playtime, homework time and so on. Sometimes, even mummy she got no time for lunch as in required rushing here and there.

Love the Nature’s Heart mix nuts that power up me while mouse mommy in rush to fetch kids especially caught in traffic jam. The healthy and nutritious mix nuts pack consists of almond, cashew and macadamia nuts that are great as snack to give me energy.

Mouse mommy also prepares the Nature’s Heart Oat and Raisins biscuits for MR and baby MH as their morning break snacks during school time. Handy, convenient, nutritious, cholesterol free and high in dietary fibre Nature’s Heart Oat and Raisins biscuits that my boys love it too! Thank You Guardian Malaysia that understands Moms’ needs!

Feeling honors that mouse mommy has attended an exclusive Guardian-MOM Sharing Session with Mr Alfonso Roderos (Popoy). Mouse mommy just got to know that there are 525 Guardian Own Brand products from personal care to household products.

Throughout the interactive, fun and brainstorming sharing session, mouse mommy got to know that we could get high quality Guardian Brand products with affordable price. Yes! This is what mom looking for!

As a mom, family and kids safety is always priority in my life. My two active and naughty boy MR and baby MH always knock here and there during playtime. Sometimes, they get injured and bleeding. Luckily mouse mommy has a Guardian First Aid Kit that always stands by at home and in car. Then, can use it immediately whenever there is emergency, trauma or minor injured as first medical approach before go to hospital.

My First Aid Kit consists of Guardian Waterproof Cartoon Plasters, alcohol wipes, gauze, scissors, bandages, cotton balls and Guardian Soft Wipes. It is convenient and with reasonable price. In my car, I keep the portable, small and handy First Aid Kit inside the car’s drawer to avoid direct sunlight contact as in sometimes we park our car in an open car park area. This can keep the medical dressing items in good condition. 

Mouse mommy was willing to spend for our family and kids. But, I also look for the value worthy products. The Guardian Kitchen Handwash with Citrus Lily was superb as anti-odor hand wash, suitable to use after handling fish, garlic and onions. No more smell!

As for health purpose, mouse mommy does consume the Guardian Vitamin B-Complex + Vitamin C + Mineral Effervescent tablet with water as in I admit that sometimes mouse mommy get inadequate Vitamin C daily intake. Vitamin C also know as ascorbic acid that keep us in healthy condition.

As for my two boys MR and baby MH, they love to eat the Guardian Kids Vitamin C Gummies, tasty fruity gummies coated with sugar. Yum…yum… 

Mouse mommy also want to be a pretty and fresh look mommy. One of the face mask that I love is Guardian HappyMask. There are 3 types of Guardian HappyMask Collagen Hydrogel Lace Facial Mask which is Moisturising, Brightening and Rejuvenating. Mommy got to takes some time to relax and pamper ourselves too. Mouse mommy loves the hydrogel with lace features as not easily tear off and feeling refreshing after apply it. 

Wow! So many useful and practical Guardian Brand products that is available in our home sweet home. Thanks for Guardian Malaysia that considerate family enquiry and MOMs needs. You are Awesome! Mommy can count on You! 

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How To Make Chocolate? Attend Bon-Bon Chocolatier Workshop At Academy Of Pastry Arts Malaysia.

In conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri, The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, a premier culinary and pastry arts institution, is holding a 2 Week Professional Chocolatier Programme starting June 4, 2018. The programme is dedicated to patrons and housewives who wish to delight their guests this coming festive season with intricate handmade chocolates.

Conducted by the Academy’s own award-winning chefs, the power-packed chocolatier class will allow students to learn master chocolate-crafting techniques. 

The programme will teach chocolate manipulation skills like moulding, panning, enrobing as well as basic skills in producing jams and marshmallows.

Mouse mommy was joining a Chocolatier programme workshop conducted by Chef Yap Kean Chuan at Academy Of Pastry Arts Malaysia to learn how to make homemade hazelnut praline and exotic caramel filling chocolate.

Everyone loves to eat chocolates and Bon-Bon! Going through this workshop, mouse mommy realized that chocolate making required many steps and skills too.

Chocolate manipulation skills like moulding, panning, enrobing and chocolate-crafting techniques, all required patience and skills. The most important one is “temperature controlling” in order to make a smooth and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate.

Putting the Academy’s teaching philosophy to practice, the class will be conducted in a small group setting and focus extensively on hands-on learning. Students will practice and develop their skills in a highly interactive learning environment with one-to-one attention from the chefs.

“Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a celebration of family, togetherness and good food. Anyone can buy a box of chocolates but making them yourself for a dear friend or family member would be more memorable and personal,” says Chef Niklesh Sharma, Founder and Managing Director of Academy of Pastry Arts.

The handmade pastry was making by the 10 months Advance Diploma Pastry students. Looks so tempting!  

Upon completion of the Chocolatier Programme, students will be issued a certificate accredited by Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia.


2 Week Professional Chocolatier Programme
Date: 4 June - 16 June 2018
Time:  9.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m (Monday - Saturday)
Venue: Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia,
            16, Jalan 51a/223, Seksyen 51a,
            46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
            (next to LYL building)
Tel:     +603 7960 3846

In conjunction of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia is conducting power-packed 2 week Professional Chocolatier Programme that dedicated to patrons, housewives or pastry lovers to handmade their own chocolates. The Workshop is priced at RM5,500.00 for Malaysian students and RM6,000.00 for international students. More photos can click here to view

To sign up or for more information, visit the Academy ofPastry Arts Malaysia,
Contact Number : +603 7960 3846

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Citarasa Buffet Feast At Cosmo Hotel Kuala Lumpur With Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim!

Strengthen family ties and friendships during the holy month of May 2018 by inviting family members, friends and colleagues to a scrumptious feast at Café Mint

The Executive Sous Chef of Cosmo Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Chef Faizal and his team have been working closely with Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim, legendary homegrown singer and owner of the Khadijah’s Kitchen chain of restaurants.

Mouse mommy and family love to have dining together, chit chat and share our thoughts. We are also take this opportunity to gather and feast Ramadan buffet together at Cosmo Hotel KL.

The formidable duo has put together a sumptuous buffet comprising of authentic local cuisines from the many states of Malaysia. This buffet spread will definitely be an exceptional dining experience for all as guests can expect bold flavours, complex textures, and rich aroma from the variety of dishes available.

Guests can look forward to four different menus on rotation throughout the festive period ensuring that guests will be served to different dishes daily. However, fans of Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim do not have to worry about missing out on any of her famed dishes as Ayam Daun Kari, Kerabu Kacang Botol, Ayam Kapitan, Sotong Masak Kari and Bubur lambuk as they are available every day at Café Mint.

As part of the buffet array, those with an eye on their health can toss up their own Ulam-Ulam Kampung or pick from a variety of ready-made salads served. Other dishes to look out for include the Telur Kurma, Penang Char Kway Teow, Lamb Masala, whole ikan merah panggang with condiments and Penang Lok Lok all specially prepared by Chef Faizal who has 15 years of culinary experience both in the local and international dining scene.

 “The buffet line up this year offers great variety. We will be bringing the best and most well-known dishes from Khadijah’s kitchen to Café Mint. Multiple live action stalls reminiscent of those found in popular outdoor bazaars around Malaysia during the festive period such as Daging Bakar with Air Asam, Laksa Johor, Ikan Panggang Kuali are also available. Just like the buffet menu, the live action stalls will also be rotated on daily basis,” said Chef Faizal.

Mouse mommy spotted Malay Traditional Kuih - Cakar Ayam that made from fried sweet potatoes with sugar coated. Sweet and crunchy! 

For a sweet ending, guests will be delighted to know that the buffet line also includes a great selection of popular Malay kuih such as Kuih Kochi and Pulut Panggang. To add on, guests can also expect Bubur Pulut Hitam, Ice Kachang, Cendol, Serawa Durian and Serawa Pisang. Fans of Khadijah’s Kitchen will also be pleased to learn that the Tapai Pulut with Ice cream will be available on the dessert counter throughout the month.

For convenience, guests may also perform Solat Maghrib and Isyak in the hotel.

Fans of Datuk Ibrahim will also be pleased to learn that the famed singer will be making special appearances throughout the holy month. Appearance dates will be announced via Facebook on a weekly basis so that fans can have an opportunity to not only try on Datuk Khadijah’s dishes but also a chance to meet and greet the multi-talented artist.

Cosmo Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s Citarasa Buffet termasuk hidangan dari Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim will be available daily at Café Mint from 6.30pm to 10.00pm (17 May until 14 June 2018)

Citarasa Buffet priced is at RM88.00 nett for adults and RM44.00 nett for children. Catch the early bird promotion at RM 55.00 nett.

Durian buffet also available at additional RM18 per person for the guests. Big and yummy Kampung Durian… yum… yum… Baby MH also enjoying the durian so much!

Interested to feast at Cosmo Hotel KL,
Email :
Customer Service : +60 (3) 2030 1888 ext 8027

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