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A Kiple Treats Of Special Vegetarian Lunch At Sandalo Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine With Johnson Low!

Many of us thinking of industry and transportation are the sources of greenhouse gas emissions. But, according to the United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report, animal husbandry and aquaculture emissions of greenhouse gases was up yo 18% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, which is greaters than 13.5% of transportation. Such a high emissions of animal husbandry can direct impact on the global warming. 

Vegetarianism is the most direct way to slower the global warming. Therefore, environmentalists called on the public to change to eat or encourage to eat more vegetarian food to slow the global warming effects. 

"Sandalo" a healthy vegetarian cuisine support the mission and Johnson was happy to share with us how to eat healthy in vegetarian meal and at the same time able to protect our environment and the Earth!

There are many vegetarian dishes available at Sandalo from appetizers to desserts. Mouse mommy loves the Froze Lady Finger which is Lady Finger served in ice cubes and dip it into soy sauce with wasabi. Such a perfect match of the taste and feeling refreshing! This recipe was adopted from Hong Kong style of eating when Johnson happens to travel to Hong Kong. A must try item!

Another special appetiser was Chilled Tomatoes, it taste so special and weird for mouse mommy. Good for those love to try out new dishes! As in Johnson was mention that Chilled Tomatoes was fermented for at least three days will their secret recipe before served. Hmm... worth to try it out.  

Sandalo Herbal Egg was also taste nice that it has been cooked for half a day to one day to get out of the herbs taste. Mouse mommy loves yummy rich taste of herbal egg.

The White Sauce Trio set was cooked with three different types of mushrooms and nicely blend the taste together. The set also served together with rice, soup and 3 types of pickles. Just nice to order as a lunch set during lunch hour!

Mouse mommy normally will try to avoid to order fry food. But, Sandalo Fried Spring Roll, Milky Crispy Abalone and Fried Wanton was nice to eat and the most important was less oil.

Three Cup Pleurotus was a dish of abalone mushroom that cooked together with basil leaves and sauce. It gives us a taste of yummy abalone mushroom taste with refreshing taste of basil leaves. Just a nice match of it! 

"Su Lai Choy" or "Choy Keok" was a tradisional home cook dish, and difficult to be found at outside. Surprisingly it is available at Sandalo! The "Su Lai Choy" was taste adequate sour and spicy and stewed with 'gai choy' or chinese mustard cabbage. Mouse mommy can feel the sweetness of home when eating this sour and spicy "Su Lai Choy".

Wine noodles was very rich in wine taste just like the one that mouse mommy has during confinement time. Ops! refresh my special bonding moments with baby...

Steamboat with cheese soup base was a signature dish at Sandalo. The cheesy soup base was nicely blend in the sweet and salty taste of cheese and perfectly match with the enoki mushroom and soy beancurd. The nature sweetness of the vegetables that cooked together in the cheese soup base had add the vegetables sweetness into cheesy soup base. Yum...yum... Mouse mommy has finished two bowls of the steamboat by myself.

There are six available soup base to choose from at Sandalo which is Tomyam soup, Herbal soup, Seaweed soup, Cheese soup, Yam salty vegetable soup and burdock soup. Mouse mommy was highly recommended to try out the cheese soup base steamboat which was delicious and the owner Johnson was learn up the cheese soup recipe from Taiwan.  

The Sandalo To Fu Far was smooth and silky. Yum... A must eat dessert as in mouse mommy can taste the rich flavour of original soy bean. Yummy!

We are having a great lunch date out with Johnson at Sandalo Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine! Thanks to Kiple Influencers Program (KIP) for arranging this healthy food review. Do download the Kiple app on your mobile to save money when you pay. Cool! Mouse mommy can save money while dining! Thank you Kiple!

Photo courtesy of Johnson Low. We are wefie together during the happy vegetarian lunch date at Sandalo! 
Ops! Forgot to share with you that Sandalo also practise go green too! Love their centella asiatica or "pegaga" plant in front of the shop and the unique orange peel decorations available in the restaurant! Feeling calm and refreshing... A simple action, but great impact for our environment! Thanks Sandalo being support Go Green!   

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