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Cooking Right, Looking Good in 2019 with #my100comments !

Cooking Right, Looking Good in 2019! How to cook and eat healthily become the current trend in the world as well as in Malaysia! Everyone know how to cook, just a matter of whether nice in taste and good in nutrition combination.

Mouse mommy was happy to participate this Hands On Cooking Workshop to brush up my cooking skill and techniques. Learn via real life cooking in kitchen is the best way to apply in our daily life. 

To make this cooking learning workshop more interesting, the 100comments organiser also conduct a cooking competition for all the participants in team. Ops! Mouse mommy suddenly in stress mode...   

Before the cooking session started, all of the participants were introduced to Alce Nero’s range of organic products. 

Established in 1978, Alce Nero boasts of nearly 300 organic products from pasta, rice, tomato pulp and sauces, vegetables, legumes and puréed soups, biscuits and fruit juice, fruit preserves and honey, as well as vegetable drinks and a baby-food line. 

According to Mr Nathan Deverre, Strategic Marketing Advisor, Ayam Brand Malaysia, the products which are grown and processed in Italy on fields that are free of chemicals and pesticides.

Mouse mommy does use Alce Nero organic range products such as pasta and tomato sauce to cook for MR and MH. They loves it! 

The Alce Nero 100% organic honey and strawberry jam also great in making drinks and dessert such as cookies and tart. Great in taste and safe in consume.

Professional Chef Athira, roll up their sleeves to whip up a full-course meal and have them judged for presentation, taste and creativity. So, when the chance came up to participate in the exciting Cooking Right, Looking Good in 2019 event by AlceNero at Berjaya University College, bloggers and influencers donned their chef hats and aprons and set the kitchen on fire, in a good way, of course. 

The event was jointly organised with 100Comments, the nation’s leading independent review platform, and co-sponsored by OilumNutriva and EUBOS.

Glad that 100comments create a consumer feedback sharing platform that allow public to test, use, comment and giving suggestion to the products. Everyone voice counts in the community. Consumers got the right to choose the products that suitable for themselves via people's feedback.

Thanks to cheerful Chef Athira, mouse mommy had learn some tips and tricks to use organic Alce Nero cum Ayam Brand products to prepare healthy and nutritious pasta salad cum meal for the kids. Sure my boys MR MH will love this cooking style! #ayambrand

We also learn how to clean and prepare the seafood in proper way to avoid food poisoning. 

Some tips and tricks from Chef Athira to cut onion and vegetable in cube size.

All the media bloggers Chef-of-the-day were busy in cooking. Fun cooking session together with all to cook for Tri-Colour Asian Pasta Salad, Italian Seafood Laksa and Chinese Strawberry Jam Cakes. 

Mouse mommy likes the Chinese Strawberry Jam Cakes, it is just nice for a sweet-bites with organic Alce Nero Strawberry Jam. #alceneromy

Do you know that our team won The Best Italian Seafood Laksa of the day! The aroma and mixture of the spices were just nice and delicious to eat together with the seafood. My team members is Dboystudio, Rodiah Amir and Wui Kathy aka #MouseMommyTreats . Exciting!

Besides cooking, we also visiting to some vendor booths to get to know more about the products such as Nutriva MoriHeal Plus Rejuvenating Botanical Beverage and Nutriva Nutritional Yeast. 

The Nutriva Nutritional Yeast flakes is a good idea to just spring it over our food to get adequate nutrients in B-complex vitamins including B12, natural source of Vitamin D, protein and dietary fibre. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, no MSG and no salt product that safe to consume. #nutriva_oliferin

Mouse mommy also visit to Oilum booth to try out the Oilum firming hydro balancing cleanser that gentle to our skin, especially suitable for dry skin users. #Oilum

EUBOS Skincare products are also available in-house. EUBOS skincare products range consists of proven dermatological ingredients to cleanse, nourish, protect and enhance healthy skin condition. #EubosMY

Everyone home with the healthy recipe and happy smile to kick start year 2019! More exciting photos can click here to view Album 1 | Album 2

Cooking Right, Looking Good in 2019 with #my100comments ! Cheers!

Interested to know more exciting events and products feedback at my100comments,

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Yummy | Nutritious | Fun Shaped Dry Prego Buddies Pasta For Kids

MR and baby MH love pasta and spaghetti so much! Especially cook with mushroom sauce and cheese sauce. So glad to join the Prego event, the expert in pasta meals, celebrated the launch of its first fun-shaped dry pasta for kids, Prego Buddies.

Prego Buddies is made from natural tomato and spinach powder and comes in exciting sports and space shapes to help busy mums entice their kids with wholesome yet fun pasta meals which can be prepared in 10 minutes.

Mouse mommy and MR have fun cooking with Prego Buddies pasta. MR was eager to select the ingredients by himself such as mushroom, corn, cheese, chicken meat, Prego Cheese & Herbs sauce and Prego Carbonara Mushroom sauce.

MR was helping mouse mommy in cooking the chicken meat with garlic and olive oil. Thank you boy!

After that, we mix half portion of the Prego Cheese & Herbs sauce and Prego Carbonara Mushroom sauce with adequate water and cook together! Hmm… smell so nice!

Finally, add in Prego Buddies pasta and others ingredients and ready to serve!

MR was so happy and wanted to eat on the spot. He loves the taste and finished it whole plate!  

For over a decade, Prego has been delighting families by offering its wide range of pasta sauces and dry pasta. Prego is now excited to expand its dry pasta line with Prego Buddies in response to kids’ love for pasta and mums’ desire to excite their kid’s mealtime.

“Prego has an enduring commitment in bringing mealtime happiness to families,” said Michelle Nunis, Marketing Director, Campbell Soup Southeast Asia. “The new addition of kid’s pasta to our Prego dry pasta line ensures that as the pasta specialist, we are constantly finding ways to excite home cooks with delicious, fun and easy to prepare meals.”

Prepare a nutritious meal become so easy and convenient! The most important is my kids love it and yum yum finished the meal by them. This is especially suitable for working mom and also whenever we are travelling or vacation. 

Prego Buddies comes in two different variants; sports shaped and space shaped pasta for kids aged three years old and above. It is made from natural tomato and spinach powder and is available in 200g, at the suggested retail price of RM 2.35.

These new extensions of kids’ pasta join a line-up of Prego sauces and dry pasta products that meet a wide range of consumer needs and tastes, all of which are available nationwide.

Of course, mouse mommy is more than happy to stock up the Prego Buddies Pasta and Prego Carbonara Mushroom sauce at home! The price also is affordable and nutritious for the entire family members.

Prego has been driving growth in its dry pasta line through innovation and now with kids in mind, the pasta experts are tackling the challenge for mums to prepare wholesome and delicious meals that will get kids excited to enjoy meal times. Most mums agree that their kids are picky eaters and don’t want their play time to be interrupted during the meal times. 

With Prego Buddies, mums can lovingly cook a variety of fun pasta meals any day of the week with Prego pasta sauce or a few simple ingredients in 10 minutes, keeping the fun going for their kids.

“As a mother, I know the challenge is real in getting our kids, especially those aged between 3 to 12 years old to finish their meal and eat vegetables. Now, with Prego Buddies, mums can get the goodness of vegetables and make meal time fun. Prego also supports mums to be creative in preparing Western or Malaysian themed meals for their little ones with pasta meal recipe using Prego Buddies with any of the Prego pasta sauces” added Michelle.

Present at the celebration held at Sunway Pyramid were Malaysian celebrity and actress, Scha Alyahya and daughter Lara Alana, radio announcer, Gan Mei Yan and her son, Jo, self-taught kid baker and cooking enthusiast, Danish Harraz, Prego Buddies mascot, Buddies, and BoBoiBoy, from the popular Malaysian animation series.

“I am excited to be part of this celebration with my daughter, Lara who happens to love pasta. We had the chance to prepare Prego Buddies for Lara last week using the sports shape and she was excited with the fun shapes. It was great serving her something new knowing she is getting her veggies at the same time,” said Scha.

“My little one, Jo loves adventure and meal times have to be fun too! With the space shaped pasta, he was excited. I prepared his meal with chicken and additional vegetables and even as a simple snack in between meals. I am happy to have this quick-to-prepare option now and I can look forward to happy lunch and snack times with him,” said Mei Yan.

At the celebration, eleven-year old Danish Harraz showcased one of the two recipes he created especially using Prego Buddies and Prego pasta sauces. His Chicken Cheese Buddies was a hit with the celebrities and invited media.

“I have been a fan of Prego for some time now and I am so happy to have this opportunity to fire up my imagination with Prego Buddies. With this pasta, you can go simple or you can go super creative. Both the recipes I prepared can be done in a short time with just a few simple ingredients,” said Danish.

Pasta lovers can find Danish’s recipes – Chicken Cheese Buddies and Buddies Chicken Fritters on website. Mums and kids can find inspiration for recipes on this site while kids can explore fun activities with Buddies.

While having a mouthful of Prego Buddies pasta meal, MR also told mouse mommy that this is a rocket, spaceship, sun, star, badminton racket and so on by recognized the shape of the pasta. 

MR is crafting his own story and thinking beyond imagination while enjoying his Prego Buddies pasta meal! 

Interested to get variety of quick to prepare and delicious Prego Buddies recipes,

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