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Alce Nero Organic Vinegars for Health!

Alce Nero, the leading provider of organic food in Italy introduces Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and Organic Balsamic Vinegars of Modena, which is made from grape must, to meet the rising quest for optimum health and vitality among Malaysians.

In Malaysia, consumers take vinegar for the purpose of cooling down the body, when it is in a ‘heaty’ condition, to improve blood circulation, to reduce symptoms of sore throat and to aid in weight loss.  Cultural and traditional practice in many countries use vinegar as an appetite suppressant to aid weight loss.

It has been reported that the leading cause of death in Malaysia is cardiovascular disease. Vinegar can help to reduce blood pressure and regulate blood circulation which may be linked to increased risk of heart diseases.

Traditionally, vinegar is believed to cool down and reduce the body’s temperature and relieve the symptoms of sore throat. This benefit of consuming vinegar is especially useful during the high temperatures Malaysia has experienced during the recent heatwave.  

Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena are 100% organic certified by European Union Law and by JAS organic agriculture in Japan, including the crops, the land on which it is grown, the factories in which it is processed, as well as the procedures and ingredients used for all items. 

What sets good vinegars apart are the origin of the raw ingredients and how they are processed.  Especially for a product that you plan to consume without heating or cooking, trusted organic options are better, including for vinegar.

Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegars ~ versatile and healthy

The Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegars are wholly organic, giving consumers full confidence in consuming them without the worry of pesticides, additives or preservatives. Available in two variants, Filtered and Unfiltered, this premium apple cider vinegar is packed with health benefits. 
The acetic acid content may help control blood sugar by blocking starch absorption[1], and promote insulin sensitivity directly after meals in those with insulin resistance or with type 2 diabetes[2] [3].  Acetic acid suppresses appetite, increases metabolism, and reduces water retention making it useful for weight loss[4]. 

Alce Nero Apple Cider Vinegars come with potassium, and enzymes that help boost energy[5], with antimicrobial properties that have been used throughout history in healing wounds and infections. 

It is rich in bioactive substances that help defend against oxidative stress and strengthen immunity. 

Alce Nero Apple Cider Vinegars are versatile, it can be enjoyed as a drink, a salad dressing or to add a zing to sweet and sour dishes. It makes a refreshing drink when mixed with with Alce Nero Honey. The low acidity in these vinegars allows a long shelf life without being refrigerated. 

Alce Nero Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena ~ rich and flavorful

Alce Nero Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a darkish, concentrated, and intensely flavoured vinegar, produced from well-aged fermented grape must.  It shares the same health benefits as Alce Nero Apple Cider Vinegars, with slight differences in calorific value and acidity. 

Suitable to enjoy daily as a drink, with salads, sauces and marinades, or to enhance the flavor of chicken, steak or fish dishes. 

Both variants of Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegar retail at RM12.50, each, while Alce Nero Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena retails at RM13. These Alce Nero vinegars are certified Halal.

Alce Nero vinegars, and its other fine organic food offerings are available at organic food sections of AEON, Cold Storage, Ben’s Independent, Jason’s Food Hall, Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer.  

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Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce | Cheesy | Creamy | Kids Love It!

Kids love cheese always! Macaroni cheese is one of the favourite for MR and MH. Mac n cheese. Maccheroni al formaggio!.  

Whatever you call it, the combination of pasta, melted cheese and white sauce is hard to beat. Mac & Cheese is the quintessential comfort food that everyone loves. 

It can be paired with macaroni, pasta, spaghetti and any form of noodles. It has become a popular choice during meal times, and it involves multitude of preparations and mouth- watering sauces that are served in accompaniment. 

Preparing these sauces can be a chore and very time consuming. 

Thanks to The Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce is designed to offer mums the opportunity to experiment as it is extremely versatile and offers endless possibilities. 

They have the chance to fulfil their desires to experiment with western flavours and delight their loved ones with various Prego-based dishes. It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention and with children, in particular, mums have to be inventive and creative.   

As a mom, we are always preparing meals for their families. Generally, mouse mommy was spend an hour to cook a simple meal with an average of 2-3 dishes. 

At the same time, we are constantly exploring new recipes while being creative and are willing to try anything new for our family members especially kids!

As for MR and MH, mushroom soup and cheese foodies are their all-time favourite. Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce is creamy and rich with cheese! Cooking time only required about 10 minutes.

Today, women are recognised as a pivotal resource that drives economic growth and a major strength in the workforce, recording 53.5%. They lead a hectic life wearing many hats:  a mother, friend, daughter, wife, sister and employee; and are constantly juggling between work and family.  

They lack the time. They are looking for a convenient solution, especially when it comes to preparing a decent meal for their loved ones.

Prego, the market leader of pasta sauces in Malaysia, is a brand of Campbell Malaysia, an established multinational food company that offers the solution through its new Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce that is rich and creamy.

Commenting about the new Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce, May Lim, Managing Director, Campbell South East Asia Sdn Bhd, said, “Mums are aware that there is nothing like a home-cooked meal

They are constantly looking at ways to prepare a wholesome meal for their family without having to waste too much of time. They tend to gravitate towards easy and faster preparation that is delicious

Hence, Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce is able to provide mums with the option of having the convenience of preparing a meal in a short time.” 

“Today's convenience food meets a common theme – helping the strapped for time mums and consumers to be able to get fresher and more appreciated food on the table quickly and create the Prego moment,” added May Lim.

“We always believe that convenience does not mean sacrificing taste and quality. For years we have been proving that although our products come in various pack forms, they have always been competitive in the market. 

The Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce has been carefully developed to ensure that we stay true to its authentic taste,” concluded May Lim.

Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce provides a whole new palate of taste to the family's home cooked meal. The new Prego Mac & Cheese Pasta Sauce is available at all major hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout the country; and reasonably priced at RM6.49 per can.  

Mouse mommy was happy to prepare MR and MH favourite Prego Mac & Cheese spaghetti and having it together. More photos can click here to view.

Cooking is possible with Prego eventhough mommies are busy with work and life. Kids love it, mouse mommy also feeling happy!

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