BRAND’S® 2018 Chinese New Year Health Treasures

Bringing life to BRAND’S® Chinese New Year campaign is renowned Hong Kong feng shui master, Peter So Man Fung, who will feature in a series of videos where he will share what is in store for all Chinese zodiac animals in the matter of health, wealth, relationship, career and study for the coming Year of the Dog while sharing tips on how one can make it an even better year. 

Much excitement is in store so begin the New Year in good health with nourishing goodness from BRAND’S®. With a sharper mind and healthier body, one is able to stay positive and embrace opportunities to create better fortunes in the upcoming year.

The festive range comprises of gift packs, hampers and the ultimate Treasure Box and is priced between an affordable RM38 – RM268 including GST. Choose from nine selections featuring household favourites – nourishing BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken and BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps; superior quality 100% cave nest BRAND’S® Master Signature Bird’s Nest; and energizing BRAND’S® Ca’ya that contains ginseng and black seed.

Visiting loved ones during Chinese New Year is not complete without bearing auspicious gifts to wish them good fortune for the upcoming year. With BRAND’S® festive range, you can share the gift of health while bringing a wealth of symbolic blessings that will ensure a warm welcome. Furthermore it is believed that gift exchange during Chinese New Year will ensure a continuous flow of blessings for the giver and recipient alike.

Symbolism is very important in the Chinese culture and understanding this, the vibrant BRAND’S® Chinese New Year range is filled with auspicious symbols in the Chinese culture such as carp, peony, peach, orange, lantern and fireworks.

The Fish represents abundance, wealth and longevity while for couples it symbolises unity, fidelity and fertility. The royal Peony denotes wealth and honour, Peaches signify longevity while Fireworks are often symbolically used to ward off demons and bad luck.

The BRAND’S® Chinese New Year festive range is available at selected Chinese medical halls and leading pharmacies, supermarkets, and hypermarkets nationwide. 

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Buy Global, Locally | Shop Mogu Street And Via Ezbuy!

Many online and offline shopping opportunity nowadays! We always look for valuable items with good quality and affordable price especially the economy right now. 

From household to hobby, everything needs money expenses. As a mom with two growing up kids, mouse mommy feels the pinch and would love to spend money wisely. 

Online shopping really helps mouse mommy save a lot of time and able to compare the price and quality to shop. I can browse through many Brands, products, comments and reviews via internet. Great news! Mouse mommy was discovered that we can shop Mogu Street and e-commerce from China now via ezbuy.  

Mouse mommy saw a high quality NNOVE Brand fitness pants that suitable for me to run, but only available in China. The fitness pants was made in high quality fabric and gentle to our skin. I want it!

Sometimes really feels frustrated, as in the wanted products is not available to sell in Malaysia. OMG! Thanks to that collaboration with two leading e-commerce China sites - Mogu Street and Therefore, it able to provide cheap shipping fees and the most important is we can make our own collection items at 6 ezbuy Collection Centre with Free Of Charge and capped at 40kg. 

Mogu Street also known as the Pinterest of China that blends wechat social network with online shopping. Shoppers can realtime chat and discuss about the products with friends. Mogu Street mostly focuses on fashion and beauty. Mouse mommy loves the really details of the product descriptions from experimental to demonstration via step by step.  

Now, mouse mommy can buy the NNOVE Brand fitness pants available in Mogu Street via ezbuy, and shhh… the pants price ONLY RM20.47 that I cannot get it here with multiple colour to choose from. Mouse mommy loves the green and violet colour fitness pants, must be fit and comfortable for me to jog and run with family and kids! A great website to suggest to runner friends and mommies! is also known as Jing Dong and its well-known of their quality of products, express delivery, good customer care and the most important - authenticity of products and trustable by shoppers. Mouse mommy can find everything in , just like a hypermarket from household, computing, parenting, fitness, gadget, electrical to garments, for whole family. Many ongoing super deal and promotion right now.   

Chinese New Year just around the corner, mouse mommy also looking for Chinese New Year (CNY) clothes for our family. I browse ezbuy and spotted have many different brands and design choices for CNY. The average price range from RM10 to RM50 and the premium price range from RM100 – RM300 which is quite reasonable. 

One of it is the Korean short sleeve family dress stripe T-shirt that just looks vibrant and trendy for our family. MR and baby MH must be love it too! Is time to start my CNY shopping with money spending in wisely! Cool! We really can buy global via ezbuy locally! 

Ezbuy would like to take this opportunity to rewards the NEW users with RM15 cash off voucher along with a 15% shipping fee discount (automatically upon registration). Just click this unique link to register will do.

Every successfully registration is stands a chance to win RM500 cash voucher for this campaign. Drum rolls... As for the winner will automatically be credit RM500 in the ezbuy account for you to shop! 

Good Luck ! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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A Must Gather Spot At Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Feast! Mom Said.

Gathering always come with good food. We always find a good place to eat with term and condition- to fulfil everyone taste buds as we can, mouse mommy likes udon with vegetables, parents love BBQ fish and seafood, MR likes to have ice cream and waffle and baby MH loves steam bun and steam sweet corn corn. Hmm… the best is we go for steamboat and BBQ!

Mouse mommy and family were having feast at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ as in they serve urban cuisine consists of the most on-trend modern food yet reinvented into magnificent subtle creations that sum up as a one of a kind genre. All in one and suites everyone taste buds! No more arguments on where to go for dining for our family.

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ was located at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, nearby The Symphony Walk. Many food outlets available there, but, Pak John was eye-catching with its varieties of food ranges. We can have steamboat and BBQ at the same time. 

Ops! They are using their own products of CB Surimi series to serve in the restaurant too such as filament crab sticks, yellow stuff fish roll, Thai seafood tofu, vege fish ball and so on. If you likes it, varies of CB Surimi series are available to sell in the supermarket. 

Besides that, many fresh seafood available such as crabs, fish, fish head, lala, octopus, bamboo clams, prawn and so on. My parents love to BBQ the fresh fish fillets and octopus instead of steamboat it as in it tastes nicer. 

They are also having the fish with different dipping sauces such as Thai chili sauce, green chili, garlic, chili with soy sauce.

A wide range buffet of marinated meats, vegetables, mushrooms and surimi were served. No need to worry about run out of stocks as in the friendly waiters was refill it immediately once empty. 

Mouse mommy was happy with the varieties of vegetables to choose from, I love the freshness of the vegetables and mushrooms especially enoki! Yum… yum… perfectly match with BBQ marinated chicken, a nutrition and balance diet!

MR was aiming on his favorite ice cream and waffle. There are 5 types of ice cream available such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 

Waffle was cook immediately and serves for each time ordering. There are 6 jams available to choose from chocolate, raspberry, peanut, strawberry, butter and kaya. We can even mix and match!

MR was scooping himself chocolate ice cream and ordered a chocolate waffle as his dessert. He was enjoying so much! The waffle was crunchy and nice to eat together with ice cream. Ops! MR was refills another bowl of ice cream too!

Baby MH also enjoy his food... yum... yum...

Free flow drinks available for refill too! Mango juice, ice lemon tea, coffee, tea, soft drinks and so on.  

Baby MH was eager to have his own cutlery set ready to eat dimsum, steam bun and steam sweet corn (his favourite). 

Mouse mommy was putting some butter and salt into the hot steam corn, perfect match and yummy!

Not forget to mention, there are 5 soup bases that we can choose, chicken soup, miso soup, tomyam soup, curry soup and prawn soup. 

We come in family and have to consider the kids, so we choose chicken soup as our soup base and it taste nice. Mouse mommy would loves to have a bowl of udon chicken soup. 

Smoked duck, Abalone slice, Australia beef and New Zealand lamb slice is a must-eat items! Slightly BBQ it will do and dip with my favourite Thai chili sauce with garlic. Delicious!

Last but not least, eventually we are already feeling full. But, must savor the ABC ice kacang, multiple of beans and jelly with sweet corn, brown sugar and rose syrup. Yum... yum... 

Mom said we are going to Pak John Steamboat and BBQ for family gathering during this CNY! Ahha... good suggestion indeed! A great place for family and friends gathering, birthday party or events celebration. 

Pak John Steamboat and BBQ price list included for your reference. Many more photos can click here to view

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Having Fun | Play | Water | Bubbles | Toy With CARRIE JUNIOR 'Sukan Ria' Collection!

MR and baby MH loves to take bath and water play. Fun with water is also something that kids look forward to and what better way to have a good time playing with water than during bath time with bath toys. Although toys are seen as fun and games, it is definitely more than that. 

Toys can provide at least some opportunity for children to learn in all developmental areas. It provides opportunities for children to strengthen their physical skills, advance their social and emotional skills and enhance language development.

CARRIE JUNIOR’s range of toiletries are formulated with Fruito–E, a combination of natural fruit extracts rich in nutrients and vitamins to help nourish, moisturise and protect children’s delicate skin and hair. Within CARRIE JUNIOR’s range, there are various choices of fruity scents available to keep children smelling fresh and clean all day long. Carrie Junior cleans gently yet effectively and is suitable for everyday use. Mouse mommy loves the fruity cherry smell and it does not caused eyes irritation to baby MH while he is enjoying his bath. Great!

Setting out to bring splashing happiness to the children, CARRIE JUNIOR designed 6 cute toy figurines called ‘Sukan Ria’ to help develop their imaginative minds. As CARRIE JUNIOR defines the fun of bath time, it also encourages children to learn to embrace the positive value of social interaction as they play with the toys in creative and imaginative ways.  

A total of 6 toy figurines which consists of CARRIE JUNIOR the elephant that loves football, SPEEDY TOMMY the fastest tortoise on the running tracks, TUFFY TEDDY the toughest bear, DRIBBLY MINKY the skilful raccoon in hockey, SMASHY MACKY the agile monkey that returns every shot and a Sports Trophy will each be randomly packed in every 700ml CARRIE JUNIOR product.

Similar to the previous packaging of CARRIE JUNIOR, the new toy collectibles will be hidden in a “secret chamber” which will house the “mystery” collectible toy figurine. The excitement of unravelling the “mystery” toy would encourage kids to explore, to stimulate their curiosity and offer them fun. With the introduction of the new CARRIE JUNIOR Sukan Ria toy collectibles, every bath session will be an adventure for the children as they unleash their imaginative minds.

MR and baby MH got a surprise gift of Sport Trophy toy behind the CARRIE JUNIOR bottle and he loves it! Both MR and baby MH play together and have fun!  

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Grab Ang Pow And CNY Shop At 11street 'Gong Xi Wang Wang'!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 11street recently conducted a nationwide survey to better understand the psyche of online shoppers during festive Lunar New Year. In total, 1,854 respondents took part, in which the findings revealed that Malaysians are prone to last-minute shopping, and concurred that family and friends mattered most. On that note, 11street launches its Chinese New Year campaign Gong Xi Wang Wang – which aims to accommodate their shopping needs.

Bruce Lim, Vice President of Merchandising at 11street said: “It is no secret that we have a large and growing pool of online shoppers in Malaysia, and typically, during festive periods such as Chinese New Year, we see a peak in online sales.”

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, 11street’s Gong Xi Wang Wang campaign will be giving away over RM20 million worth of Ang Pow coupons applicable to more than 10 million products with overall discounts up to 88%. Other offers include ‘good luck flash deals’ with selected products for as low as RM0.88.

Mouse mommy would like to share this 11street great news to you in order we can shop smart and wisely! Mouse mommy has browse through groceries, clothes, hampers and great deals to shop for our family. Gentle reminder : Do grab the Ang Pow coupon!

During the campaign period, 11street will also be selling PETRONAS e-vouchers at up to 30% discount off the original price value allowing Malaysians to gather with family and friends for visiting, dining and outing, on top of a plethora of gift hampers and Chinese New Year dining deals.  

“We understand that with today’s busy schedule, there will be limited time to make preparations, so we endeavour to be their best shopping partner and help them invest more productive time into shopping, and save the extra time in preparation for a meaningful Chinese New Year celebration with their loved ones,” Lim concluded.

Participating brands include Caring Pharmacy, ELBA, Empire Hamper, Fujiaire, HETCH, Kinohimitsu, Mamy Poko, NIVEA, NONG SHIM, SONY, Super, Tesco and Total Image. During the campaign period, the highly-anticipated SONY Xperia XA2 Ultra smartphone is available for pre-order on 11street from 20 to 31 January 2018.

From the survey, 11street also found that at least 96% of survey participants intended to shop online for the upcoming festivity, driven by better prices, discounts and promotions. Lim added: “This is only natural as Internet-savvy consumers will head online to search for deals and promotions, so to evolve our offering in tandem with consumer demands, 11street has tailored more bespoke offering for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.”

Conducted between 22 December 2017 to 3 January 2018, 11street’s online survey revealed that almost 60% of respondents only began Chinese New Year preparation 14 days before – a figure that tripled those who started prepping 28 days prior to the festivity. More interestingly, almost half of this majority admitted to only planning three days before the big day.

Having understood the shopping behaviour of Malaysian consumers, 11street’s Gong Xi Wang Wang campaign will appeal to last-minute shoppers, with a 48-hour delivery to those in Klang Valley, and a ‘Click & Collect’ service to enable shoppers to eliminate wait time for shipment and collect their purchases themselves at selected physical stores nationwide.  

Lim elaborated: “These two services are off the back of 11street’s survey and will be featured as a part of our last minute promotion under the Gong Xi Wang Wang campaign. We hope that this convenience that we offer will continue to spur shoppers to see online marketplaces as the go-to channels when they want to shop for necessities, especially with the festive season around the corner.”

“It is heart-warming to know that our Malaysian consumers hold such great values, and to give them greater convenience to shopping on our platform, we have ensured that our Gong Xi Wang Wang campaign has a variety of gift hampers, e-vouchers for restaurants, even travel deals. Our survey has helped us understand the needs of these shoppers, so we will continue to procure offerings that meet their demands,” Lim added.

At the same time, 77% of the respondents confessed that they would buy clothes and shoes online – a figure that was three times more than food. Meanwhile, a pool of participants acknowledged that the top three categories they would purchase online are fashion items such as Chinese traditional wear, cheongsam, and groceries including food and beverages, as well as home and living items as they prepared for the festivity.

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